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Baseball Dope Player Index - A
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Players Beginning with A

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NameGiven NameYears Played
David AardsmaDavid Allan Aardsma2004 to 2015
Hank AaronHenry Louis Aaron1954 to 1976
Tommie AaronTommie Lee Aaron1962 to 1971
Don AaseDonald William Aase1977 to 1990
Andy AbadFausto Andres Abad2001 to 2006
Fernando AbadFernando A. Abad2010 to 2019
John AbadieJohn Abadie1875 to 1875
Ed AbbaticchioEdward James Abbaticchio1897 to 1910
Bert AbbeyBert Wood Abbey1892 to 1896
Charlie AbbeyCharles S. Abbey1893 to 1897
Dan AbbottLeander Franklin Abbott1890 to 1890
Fred AbbottHarry Frederick Abbott1903 to 1905
Glenn AbbottWilliam Glenn Abbott1973 to 1984
Jeff AbbottJeffrey William Abbott1997 to 2001
Jim AbbottJames Anthony Abbott1989 to 1999
Kurt AbbottKurt Thomas Abbott1993 to 2001
Kyle AbbottLawrence Kyle Abbott1991 to 1996
Ody AbbottOdy Cleon Abbott1910 to 1910
Paul AbbottPaul David Abbott1990 to 2004
Al AberAlbert Julius Aber1950 to 1957
Frank AbercrombieFrancis Patterson Abercrombie1871 to 1871
Reggie AbercrombieReginald Damascus Abercrombie2006 to 2008
Bill AbernathieWilliam Edward Abernathie1952 to 1952
Brent AbernathyMichael Brent Abernathy2001 to 2005
Ted AbernathyTalmadge Lafayette Abernathy1942 to 1944
Ted AbernathyTheodore Wade Abernathy1955 to 1972
Woody AbernathyVirgil Woodrow Abernathy1946 to 1947
Cliff AbersonClifford Alexander Aberson1947 to 1949
Harry AblesHarry Terrell Ables1905 to 1911
Shawn AbnerShawn Wesley Abner1987 to 1992
Cal AbramsCalvin Ross Abrams1949 to 1956
George AbramsGeorge Allen Abrams1923 to 1923
Johnny AbregoJohnny Ray Abrego1985 to 1985
Albert AbreuAlbert Enmanuel Abreu2020 to 2020
Bobby AbreuBob Kelly Abreu1996 to 2014
Bryan AbreuBryan Enrique Abreu2019 to 2020
Joe AbreuJoseph Lawrence Abreu1942 to 1942
Jose AbreuJose Dariel (Correa) Abreu2014 to 2020
Juan AbreuJuan De Dios Abreu2011 to 2011
Tony AbreuEtanislao Toni Abreu2007 to 2014
Winston AbreuWinston Leonardo Abreu2006 to 2009
Bill AbsteinWilliam Henry Abstein1906 to 1910
Jeremy AccardoJeremy Lee Accardo2005 to 2012
Jose AcevedoJose Omar Acevedo2001 to 2005
Juan AcevedoJuan Carlos Acevedo1995 to 2003
Alfredo AcevesAlfredo Aceves2008 to 2014
A.J. AchterAdam Joseph Achter2014 to 2016
Jim AckerJames Justin Acker1983 to 1992
Tom AckerThomas James Acker1956 to 1959
Dustin AckleyDustin Michael Ackley2011 to 2016
Fritz AckleyFlorian Frederick Ackley1963 to 1964
Cy AcostaCecilio (Miranda) Acosta1972 to 1975
Ed AcostaEduardo Elixbet (Lopez) Acosta1970 to 1972
Jose AcostaJose Acosta1920 to 1922
Manny AcostaManuel Alcides (Molina) Acosta2007 to 2012
Merito AcostaBaldomero Pedro (Fernandez) Acosta1913 to 1918
Mark AcreMark Robert Acre1994 to 1997
Ronald AcunaRonald Jose Acuna2018 to 2020
Jerry AdairKenneth Jerry Adair1958 to 1970
Jimmy AdairJames Audrey Adair1931 to 1931
Jason AdamJason Kendall Adam2018 to 2020
Cristhian AdamesCristhian Pascual Adames2014 to 2019
Willy AdamesWilly Rafael Adames2018 to 2020
Ace AdamsAce Townsend Adams1941 to 1946
Austin AdamsAustin David Adams2014 to 2019
Austin AdamsAustin Lance Adams2017 to 2020
Babe AdamsCharles Benjamin Adams1906 to 1926
Bert AdamsJohn Bertram Adams1910 to 1919
Bob AdamsRobert Melvin Adams1977 to 1977
Bob AdamsRobert Burdette Adams1925 to 1925
Bob AdamsRobert Andrew Adams1931 to 1932
Bobby AdamsRobert Henry Adams1946 to 1959
Buster AdamsElvin Clark Adams1939 to 1947
Chance AdamsChance Adams2018 to 2020
Dan AdamsDaniel Leslie Adams1914 to 1915
David AdamsDavid Lee Adams2013 to 2013
Dick AdamsRichard Leroy Adams1947 to 1947
Doug AdamsHarold Douglas Adams1969 to 1969
George AdamsGeorge Adams1879 to 1879
Glenn AdamsGlenn Charles Adams1975 to 1982
Herb AdamsHerbert Loren Adams1948 to 1950
Jim AdamsJames J. Adams1890 to 1890
Joe AdamsJoseph Edward Adams1902 to 1902
Karl AdamsKarl Tutwiler Adams1914 to 1915
Lane AdamsLane Weston Adams2014 to 2018
Matt AdamsMatthew James Adams2012 to 2020
Mike AdamsJon Michael Adams2004 to 2014
Mike AdamsRobert Michael Adams1972 to 1978
Red AdamsCharles Dwight Adams1946 to 1946
Rick AdamsReuben Alexander Adams1905 to 1905
Ricky AdamsRicky Lee Adams1982 to 1985
Russ AdamsRuss Moore Adams2004 to 2009
Ryan AdamsRyan Scott Adams2011 to 2011
Sparky AdamsEarl John Adams1922 to 1934
Spencer AdamsSpencer Dewey Adams1923 to 1927
Terry AdamsTerry Wayne Adams1995 to 2005
Willie AdamsJames Irvin Adams1912 to 1919
Willie AdamsWilliam Edward Adams1996 to 1997
Joel AdamsonJoel Lee Adamson1996 to 1998
Mike AdamsonJohn Michael Adamson1967 to 1969
Joe AdcockJoseph Wilbur Adcock1950 to 1966
Nathan AdcockNathan Masler Adcock2011 to 2015
Bob AddisRobert Gordon Addis1950 to 1953
Jim AdduciJames David Adduci1983 to 1989
Jim AdduciJim Charles Adduci2013 to 2019
Bob AddyRobert Edward Addy1871 to 1877
Jo AdellJordon Scott Adell2020 to 2020
Nick AdenhartNicholas James Adenhart2008 to 2009
Morrie AderholtMorris Woodrow Aderholt1939 to 1945
Dewey AdkinsJohn Dewey Adkins1942 to 1949
Dick AdkinsRichard Earl Adkins1942 to 1942
Doc AdkinsMerle Theron Adkins1902 to 1903
Grady AdkinsGrady Emmett Adkins1928 to 1929
Jon AdkinsJonathan Scott Adkins2003 to 2008
Steve AdkinsSteven Thomas Adkins1990 to 1990
Henry AdkinsonHenry Magee Adkinson1895 to 1895
Tim AdlemanTimothy Max Adleman2016 to 2017
Dave AdleshDavid George Adlesh1963 to 1968
Ehire AdrianzaEhire Enrique (Palma) Adrianza2013 to 2020
Troy AfenirMichael Troy Afenir1987 to 1992
Jeremy AffeldtJeremy David Affeldt2002 to 2015
Benny AgbayaniBenny Peter Agbayani1998 to 2002
Tommie AgeeTommie Lee Agee1962 to 1973
Harry AgganisHarry Agganis1954 to 1955
Joe AglerJoseph Abram Agler1912 to 1912
Sam AgnewSamuel Lester Agnew1913 to 1919
Juan AgostoJuan Roberto (Gonzalez) Agosto1981 to 1993
Dario AgrazalDario Abdiel Agrazal2019 to 2019
Luis AguayoLuis (Muriel) Aguayo1980 to 1989
Chris AguilaChristopher Louis Aguila2004 to 2008
Jesus AguilarJesus Alexander Aguilar2014 to 2020
Rick AguileraRichard Warren Aguilera1985 to 2000
Hank AguirreHenry John Aguirre1955 to 1970
Charlie AhearnCharles Ahearn1880 to 1880
Pat AhearnePatrick Howard Ahearne1995 to 1995
Nick AhmedNicholas Mark Ahmed2014 to 2020
Willie AikensWillie Mays Aikens1977 to 1985
Danny AingeDaniel Ray Ainge1979 to 1981
Eddie AinsmithEdward Wilbur Ainsmith1910 to 1924
Kurt AinsworthKurt Harold Ainsworth2001 to 2004
Raleigh AitchisonRaleigh Leonidas Aitchison1911 to 1915
George AitonGeorge Wilson Aiton1912 to 1912
John AkeJohn Leckie Ake1884 to 1884
Jack AkerJackie Delane Aker1964 to 1974
Darrel AkerfeldsDarrel Wayne Akerfelds1986 to 1991
Bill AkersWilliam G. Akers1929 to 1932
Jerry AkersAlbert Earl Akers1912 to 1912
Keegan AkinKeegan Lee Akin2020 to 2020
Shogo AkiyamaShogo Akiyama2020 to 2020
R.J. AlanizRuben Alaniz2019 to 2019
Gibson AlbaGibson Alberto (Rosado) Alba1988 to 1988
Jonathan AlbaladejoJonathan (Santana) Albaladejo2007 to 2012
Joe AlbaneseJoseph Peter Albanese1958 to 1958
Jose AlberroJose Edgardo Alberro1995 to 1997
Andrew AlbersAndrew Albers2013 to 2017
Matt AlbersMatthew James Albers2006 to 2019
Hanser AlbertoHanser Joel (Pena) Alberto2015 to 2020
Butch AlbertsFrancis Burt Alberts1978 to 1978
Cy AlbertsFrederick Joseph Alberts1910 to 1910
Gus AlbertsAugustus Peter Alberts1884 to 1891
Ozzie AlbiesOzhaino Jurdy Jiandro Albies2017 to 2020
Ed AlbostaEdward John Albosta1941 to 1946
Ed AlbrechtEdward Arthur Albrecht1949 to 1950
Jack AlbrightHarold John Albright1947 to 1947
Al AlburquerqueAlberto Jose Albuquerque2011 to 2017
Vic AlburyVictor Albury1973 to 1976
Jorge AlcalaJorge Luis Alcala2019 to 2020
Santo AlcalaSanto Alcala1976 to 1977
Arismendy AlcantaraArismendy Alcantara2014 to 2017
Israel AlcantaraIsrael (Cristosomo) Alcantara2000 to 2002
Raul AlcantaraRaul Alcantara2016 to 2017
Sandy AlcantaraSandy (Montero) Alcantara2017 to 2020
Sergio AlcantaraSergio Junior Alcantara2020 to 2020
Victor AlcantaraVictor Alfonso Alcantara2017 to 2019
Luis AlcarazAngel Luis (Acosta) Alcaraz1967 to 1970
Scotty AlcockJohn Forbes Alcock1914 to 1914
Dale AldersonDale Leonard Alderson1943 to 1944
Scott AldredScott Phillip Aldred1990 to 2000
Mike AldreteMichael Peter Aldrete1986 to 1996
Jay AldrichJay Robert Aldrich1987 to 1990
Cory AldridgeCory Jerome Aldridge2001 to 2010
Vic AldridgeVictor Aldridge1917 to 1928
Chuck AlenoCharles Aleno1941 to 1944
Bob AlexanderRobert Somerville Alexander1955 to 1957
Dale AlexanderDavid Dale Alexander1929 to 1933
Doyle AlexanderDoyle Lafayette Alexander1971 to 1989
Gary AlexanderGary Wayne Alexander1975 to 1981
Gerald AlexanderGerald Paul Alexander1990 to 1992
Hugh AlexanderHugh Alexander1937 to 1937
Manny AlexanderManuel de Jesus Alexander1992 to 2006
Matt AlexanderMatthew Alexander1973 to 1981
Nin AlexanderWilliam Henry Alexander1884 to 1884
Pete AlexanderGrover Cleveland Alexander1911 to 1930
Scott AlexanderScott Alain Alexander2015 to 2020
Tyler AlexanderTyler John Alexander2019 to 2020
Walt AlexanderWalter Ernest Alexander1912 to 1917
Jason AlfaroJason Alfaro2004 to 2004
Jorge AlfaroJorge Mario (Buelvas) Alfaro2016 to 2020
Antonio AlfonsecaAntonio Alfonseca1997 to 2007
Edgardo AlfonzoEdgardo Antonio Alfonzo1995 to 2006
Eliezer AlfonzoEliezer Jesus Alfonzo2006 to 2011
Anthony AlfordAnthony Joseph Alford2017 to 2020
Luis AliceaLuis Rene (de Jesus) Alicea1988 to 2002
Andy AllansonAndrew Neal Allanson1986 to 1995
Brian AllardBrian Marshall Allard1979 to 1981
Kolby AllardKolby Kenneth Allard2018 to 2020
Austin AllenAustin Michael Allen2019 to 2020
Bernie AllenBernard Keith Allen1962 to 1973
Bob AllenRobert Gray Allen1961 to 1967
Bob AllenRobert Gilman Allen1890 to 1900
Bob AllenRobert Earl Allen1937 to 1937
Bob AllenRobert Allen1919 to 1919
Brandon AllenBrandon Durell Allen2009 to 2012
Chad AllenJohn Chad Allen1999 to 2005
Cody AllenCody Edward Allen2012 to 2019
Dick AllenRichard Anthony Allen1963 to 1977
Dusty AllenDustin R. Allen2000 to 2000
Ethan AllenEthan Nathan Allen1926 to 1938
Frank AllenFrank Leon Allen1912 to 1917
Greg AllenGregory Lomack Allen2017 to 2020
Ham AllenFrank Erwin Allen1872 to 1872
Hank AllenHarold Andrew Allen1966 to 1973
Hezekiah AllenHezekiah Allen1884 to 1884
Horace AllenHorace Tanner Allen1919 to 1919
Jack AllenCyrus Alban Allen1879 to 1879
Jamie AllenJames Bradley Allen1983 to 1983
John AllenJohn Marshall Allen1914 to 1914
Johnny AllenJohn Thomas Allen1932 to 1944
Kim AllenKim Bryant Allen1980 to 1981
Lloyd AllenLloyd Cecil Allen1969 to 1975
Logan AllenLogan Shane Allen2019 to 2020
Luke AllenLucas Gale Allen2002 to 2003
Myron AllenMyron Smith Allen1883 to 1888
Neil AllenNeil Patrick Allen1979 to 1989
Nick AllenArtemus Ward Allen1916 to 1920
Pete AllenJesse Hall Allen1893 to 1893
Rod AllenRoderick Bernet Allen1983 to 1988
Ron AllenRonald Frederick Allen1972 to 1972
Sled AllenFletcher Manson Allen1910 to 1910
Gary AllensonGary Martin Allenson1979 to 1985
Jermaine AllensworthJermaine LaMont Allensworth1996 to 1999
Gene AlleyLeonard Eugene Alley1963 to 1973
Gair AllieGair Roosevelt Allie1954 to 1954
Bob AlliettaRobert George Allietta1975 to 1975
Andy AllisonAndrew K. Allison1872 to 1872
Art AllisonArthur Algernon Allison1871 to 1876
Bill AllisonWilliam Andrew Allison1872 to 1872
Bob AllisonWilliam Robert Allison1958 to 1970
Dana AllisonDana Eric Allison1991 to 1991
Doug AllisonDouglas L. Allison1871 to 1883
Mack AllisonMack Pendleton Allison1911 to 1913
Milo AllisonMilo Henry Allison1913 to 1917
Beau AllredDale LeBeau Allred1989 to 1991
Mel AlmadaBaldomero Melo (Quiros) Almada1933 to 1939
Armando AlmanzaArmando Almanza1999 to 2005
Carlos AlmanzarCarlos Manuel (Giron) Almanzar1997 to 2005
Rafael AlmeidaRafael D. Almeida1911 to 1913
Bill AlmonWilliam Francis Almon1974 to 1988
Abraham AlmonteAbraham Almonte2013 to 2020
Edwin AlmonteEdwin Almonte2003 to 2003
Erick AlmonteErick R. Almonte2001 to 2011
Hector AlmonteHector Radhames (Moreta) Almonte1999 to 2003
Miguel AlmonteMiguel Emilio Almonte2015 to 2018
Yency AlmonteYency Almonte2018 to 2020
Zoilo AlmonteZoilo Almonte2013 to 2014
Albert AlmoraReinaldo Albert Almora2016 to 2020
Luis AlomaLuis (Barba) Aloma1950 to 1953
Roberto AlomarRoberto (Velazquez) Alomar1988 to 2004
Sandy Alomar Jr.Santos (Velazquez) Alomar1988 to 2007
Sandy AlomarSantos (Conde) Alomar1964 to 1978
Pete AlonsoPeter Morgan Alonso2019 to 2020
Yonder AlonsoYonder Alonso2010 to 2019
Felipe AlouFelipe Rojas Alou1958 to 1974
Jesus AlouJesus Maria Rojas Alou1963 to 1979
Matty AlouMateo Rojas Alou1960 to 1974
Moises AlouMoises Rojas Alou1990 to 2008
Whitey AlpermanCharles Augustus Alperman1906 to 1909
Dell AlstonWendell Alston1977 to 1980
Garvin AlstonGarvin James Alston1996 to 1996
Tom AlstonThomas Edison Alston1954 to 1957
Walter AlstonWalter Emmons Alston1936 to 1936
Porfi AltamiranoPorfirio (Ramirez) Altamirano1982 to 1984
Dan AltavillaDaniel Altavilla2016 to 2020
Ernie AltenErnest Matthias Alten1920 to 1920
Jesse AltenburgJesse Howard Altenburg1916 to 1917
Aaron AltherrAaron Samuel Altherr2014 to 2019
Dave AltizerDavid Tilden Altizer1906 to 1911
George AltmanGeorge Lee Altman1959 to 1967
Joe AltobelliJoseph Salvatore Altobelli1955 to 1961
Nick AltrockNicholas Altrock1898 to 1933
Jose AltuveJose Carlos Altuve2011 to 2020
George AlusikGeorge Joseph Alusik1958 to 1964
Jose AlvaradoJose Antonio (Lizarzabal) Alvarado2017 to 2020
Luis AlvaradoLuis Cesar (Martinez) Alvarado1968 to 1977
Abe AlvarezAbraham Alvarez2004 to 2006
Clemente AlvarezClemente Rafael Alvarez2000 to 2000
Dariel AlvarezDariel (Camejo) Alvarez2015 to 2016
Dario AlvarezDario Rafael (Espinal) Alvarez2014 to 2017
Eddy AlvarezEduardo Cortes Alvarez2020 to 2020
Gabe AlvarezGabriel de Jesus Alvarez1998 to 2000
Henderson AlvarezHenderson Javier Alvarez2011 to 2017
Jose AlvarezJose Ricardo Alvarez2013 to 2020
Jose AlvarezJose Lino Alvarez1981 to 1989
Juan AlvarezJuan M. Alvarez1999 to 2003
Orlando AlvarezJesus Manuel Orlando (Monge) Alvarez1973 to 1976
Ossie AlvarezOswaldo (Gonzalez) Alvarez1958 to 1959
Pedro AlvarezPedro Manuel Alvarez2010 to 2018
R.J. AlvarezRoy Emilio Alvarez2014 to 2015
Rogelio AlvarezRogelio (Hernandez) Alvarez1960 to 1962
Tavo AlvarezCesar Octavio Alvarez1995 to 1996
Tony AlvarezAntonio Enrique Alvarez2002 to 2004
Victor AlvarezVictor Aurelio Alvarez2002 to 2003
Wilson AlvarezWilson Eduardo (Fuenmayor) Alvarez1989 to 2005
Yordan AlvarezYordan Ruben Alvarez2019 to 2020
Max AlvisRoy Maxwell Alvis1962 to 1970
Billy AlvordWilliam Crawford Alvord1885 to 1893
Brant AlyeaGarrabrant Ryerson Alyea1965 to 1972
Adbert AlzolayAdbert Marcelo Alzolay2019 to 2020
Joey AmalfitanoJohn Joseph Amalfitano1954 to 1967
Rich AmaralRichard Louis Amaral1991 to 2000
Alexi AmaristaAlexi Jose (Azocar) Amarista2011 to 2017
Ruben AmaroRuben (Mora) Amaro1958 to 1969
Ruben Amaro Jr.Ruben Amaro Jr.1991 to 1998
Wayne AmblerWayne Harper Ambler1937 to 1939
Chip AmbresRaymond Payne Ambres2005 to 2008
Hector AmbrizHector Ambriz2010 to 2014
Ed AmelungEdward Allen Amelung1984 to 1986
Red AmesLeon Kessling Ames1903 to 1919
Steve AmesSteven C. Ames2013 to 2013
Alfredo AmezagaAlfredo (Delgado) Amezaga2002 to 2011
Doc AmoleMorris George Amole1897 to 1898
Vicente AmorVicente (Alvarez) Amor1955 to 1957
Sandy AmorosEdmundo (Isasi) Amoros1952 to 1960
Walter AnckerWalter Ancker1915 to 1915
Larry AndersenLarry Eugene Andersen1975 to 1994
Alf AndersonAlfred Walton Anderson1941 to 1946
Allan AndersonAllan Lee Anderson1986 to 1991
Andy AndersonAndy Holm Anderson1948 to 1949
Bill AndersonWilliam Anderson1889 to 1889
Bill AndersonWilliam Edward Anderson1925 to 1925
Bob AndersonRobert Carl Anderson1957 to 1963
Brady AndersonBrady Kevin Anderson1988 to 2002
Brett AndersonBrett F. Anderson2009 to 2020
Brian AndersonBrian Wade Anderson2017 to 2020
Brian AndersonBrian James Anderson1993 to 2005
Brian AndersonBrian Nikola Anderson2005 to 2009
Bryan AndersonBryan Douglas Anderson2010 to 2015
Bud AndersonKarl Adam Anderson1982 to 1983
Chase AndersonRobert Chase Anderson2014 to 2020
Cody AndersonCody Andrew Anderson2015 to 2019
Craig AndersonNorman Craig Anderson1961 to 1964
Dave AndersonDavid S. Anderson1889 to 1890
Dave AndersonDavid Carter Anderson1983 to 1992
Drew AndersonDrew Thomas Anderson2006 to 2006
Drew AndersonAndrew James Anderson2017 to 2020
Dwain AndersonDwain Cleaven Anderson1971 to 1974
Ferrell AndersonFerrell Jack Anderson1946 to 1953
Fred AndersonJohn Frederick Anderson1909 to 1918
Garret AndersonGarret Joseph Anderson1994 to 2010
George AndersonGeorge Jendrus Anderson1918 to 1918
Goat AndersonEdward John Anderson1907 to 1907
Hal AndersonHarold Anderson1932 to 1932
Harry AndersonHarry Walter Anderson1957 to 1961
Ian AndersonIan Theodore Anderson2020 to 2020
Jason AndersonJason Roger Anderson2003 to 2005
Jim AndersonJames Lea Anderson1978 to 1984
Jimmy AndersonJames Drew Anderson1999 to 2004
John AndersonJohn Charles Anderson1958 to 1962
John AndersonJohn Joseph Anderson1894 to 1908
Josh AndersonJoshua Aaron Anderson2007 to 2009
Justin AndersonJustin Charles Anderson2018 to 2019
Kent AndersonKent McKay Anderson1989 to 1990
Larry AndersonLawrence Dennis Anderson1974 to 1977
Lars AndersonLars Eric Anderson2010 to 2012
Marlon AndersonMarlon Ordell Anderson1998 to 2009
Matt AndersonMatthew Jason Anderson1998 to 2005
Mike AndersonMichael James Anderson1993 to 1993
Mike AndersonMichael Allen Anderson1971 to 1979
Nick AndersonNick Paul Anderson2019 to 2020
Red AndersonArnold Revola Anderson1937 to 1941
Rick AndersonRichard Arlen Anderson1986 to 1988
Rick AndersonRichard Lee Anderson1979 to 1980
Scott AndersonScott Richard Anderson1987 to 1995
Shaun AndersonShaun Anderson2019 to 2020
Sparky AndersonGeorge Lee Anderson1959 to 1959
Tanner AndersonTanner Ackley Anderson2018 to 2019
Tim AndersonTimothy Devon Anderson2016 to 2020
Tyler AndersonTyler John Anderson2016 to 2020
Varney AndersonVarney Samuel Anderson1889 to 1896
Walter AndersonWalter Carl Anderson1917 to 1919
Wingo AndersonWingo Charlie Anderson1910 to 1910
Robert AndinoRobert Lazaro Andino2005 to 2016
Steve AndradeStephen Michael Andrade2006 to 2006
John AndreJohn Edward Andre1955 to 1955
John AndreoliJohn Francis Andreoli2018 to 2018
Ernie AndresErnest Henry Andres1946 to 1946
Kim AndrewKim Darrell Andrew1975 to 1975
Clayton AndrewsClayton John Andrews2000 to 2000
Ed AndrewsGeorge Edward Andrews1884 to 1891
Elbert AndrewsElbert DeVore Andrews1925 to 1925
Fred AndrewsFred Andrews1976 to 1977
Hub AndrewsHerbert Carl Andrews1947 to 1948
Ivy AndrewsIvy Paul Andrews1931 to 1938
Jim AndrewsJames Pratt Andrews1890 to 1890
John AndrewsJohn Richard Andrews1973 to 1973
Mike AndrewsMichael Jay Andrews1966 to 1973
Nate AndrewsNathan Hardy Andrews1937 to 1946
Rob AndrewsRobert Patrick Andrews1975 to 1979
Shane AndrewsDarrell Shane Andrews1995 to 2002
Stan AndrewsStanley Joseph Andrews1939 to 1945
Wally AndrewsWilliam Walter Andrews1884 to 1888
Matt AndrieseMatthew Lee Andriese2015 to 2020
Bill AndrusWilliam Morgan Andrus1931 to 1937
Elvis AndrusElvis Augusto Andrus2009 to 2020
Fred AndrusFrederick Hotham Andrus1876 to 1884
Wyman AndrusWilliam Wiman Andrus1885 to 1885
Joaquin AndujarJoaquin Andujar1976 to 1988
Luis AndujarLuis (Sanchez) Andujar1995 to 1998
Miguel AndujarMiguel Enrique Andujar2017 to 2020
Norm AngeliniNorman Stanley Angelini1972 to 1973
Matt AngleMatthew Ryan Angle2011 to 2011
Tom AngleyThomas Samuel Angley1929 to 1929
Pat AnkenmanFrederick Norman Ankenman1936 to 1944
Rick AnkielRichard Alexander Ankiel1999 to 2013
Dean AnnaDean William Anna2014 to 2015
Bill AnnisWilliam Perley Annis1884 to 1884
Cap AnsonAdrian Constantine Anson1871 to 1897
Eric AnthonyEric Todd Anthony1989 to 1997
Joe AntolickJoseph Antolick1944 to 1944
Dustin AntolinDustin Kamakana Mai Ku'u Makualani Antolin2016 to 2016
Tejay AntoneTejay Anthony Antone2020 to 2020
John AntonelliJohn Lawrence Antonelli1944 to 1945
Johnny AntonelliJohn August Antonelli1948 to 1961
Matt AntonelliMatthew Antonio Antonelli2008 to 2008
Bill AntonelloWilliam James Antonello1953 to 1953
Norichika AokiNorichika Aoki2012 to 2017
Luis AparicioLuis Ernesto (Montiel) Aparicio1956 to 1973
Bob ApodacaRobert John Apodaca1973 to 1977
Luis AponteLuis Eduardo (Yuripe) Aponte1980 to 1984
Sherten ApostelSherten Wimbert Ramiro Apostel2020 to 2020
Kevin AppierRobert Kevin Appier1989 to 2004
Fred ApplegateFrederick Romaine Applegate1904 to 1904
Ed AppletonEdward Samuel Appleton1915 to 1916
Pete AppletonPeter William Appleton1927 to 1945
Luke ApplingLucius Benjamin Appling1930 to 1950
Aristides AquinoAristides Aquino2018 to 2020
Greg AquinoGregori Emilio Aquino2004 to 2009
Jayson AquinoJayson Julio (Felix) Aquino2016 to 2017
Luis AquinoLuis Antonio (Colon) Aquino1986 to 1995
Angel AragonAngel (Valdes) Aragon1914 to 1917
Jack AragonAngel Valdes (Reyes) Aragon1941 to 1941
Victor AranoVictor Teodoro (Armas) Arano2017 to 2019
Elvis AraujoElvis Alejandro Araujo2015 to 2016
Pedro AraujoPedro Araujo2018 to 2019
Jonathan ArauzJonathan Aldair Arauz2020 to 2020
Maurice ArchdeaconMaurice John Archdeacon1923 to 1925
Chris ArcherChristopher Alan Archer2012 to 2019
Fred ArcherFrederick Marvin Archer1936 to 1937
Jim ArcherJames William Archer1961 to 1962
Jimmy ArcherJames Patrick Archer1904 to 1918
George ArchieGeorge Albert Archie1938 to 1946
Francisco ArciaFrancisco Antonio Arcia2018 to 2018
Jose ArciaJose Raimundo (Orta) Arcia1968 to 1970
Orlando ArciaOrlando Jesus Arcia2016 to 2020
Oswaldo ArciaOswaldo Celestino Arcia2013 to 2016
Dan ArdellDaniel Miers Ardell1961 to 1961
Rugger ArdizoiaRinaldo Joseph Ardizoia1947 to 1947
Joe ArdnerJoseph A. Ardner1884 to 1890
Danny ArdoinDaniel Wayne Ardoin2000 to 2008
Frank ArellanesFrank Julian Arellanes1908 to 1910
Nolan ArenadoNolan James Arenado2013 to 2020
J.P. ArencibiaJonathan Paul Arencibia2010 to 2015
Hank ArftHenry Irven Arft1948 to 1952
Alberto AriasAlberto A. Arias2007 to 2009
Alex AriasAlejandro Arias1992 to 2002
George AriasGeorge Alberto Arias1996 to 1999
Joaquin AriasJoaquin Arias2006 to 2015
Rudy AriasRodolfo (Martinez) Arias1959 to 1959
Buzz ArlettRussell Loris Arlett1931 to 1931
Don ArlichDonald Louis Arlich1965 to 1966
Steve ArlinStephen Ralph Arlin1969 to 1974
Marcos ArmasMarcos Rafael (Ruiz) Armas1993 to 1993
Tony Armas Jr.Antonio Jose Armas1999 to 2008
Tony ArmasAntonio Rafael (Machado) Armas1976 to 1989
Ed ArmbristerEdison Rosanda Armbrister1973 to 1977
Orville ArmbrustOrville Martin Armbrust1934 to 1934
Charlie ArmbrusterCharles Anthony Armbruster1905 to 1907
Harry ArmbrusterHarry Armbruster1906 to 1906
Rogelio ArmenterosRogelio Armenteros2019 to 2019
George ArmstrongNoble George Armstrong1946 to 1946
Howard ArmstrongHoward Elmer Armstrong1911 to 1911
Jack ArmstrongJack William Armstrong1988 to 1994
Mike ArmstrongMichael Dennis Armstrong1980 to 1987
Robert ArmstrongRobert Armstrong1871 to 1871
Shawn ArmstrongShawn Michael Armstrong2015 to 2020
Harry ArndtHarry John Arndt1902 to 1907
Larry ArndtLarry Wayne Arndt1989 to 1989
Billy ArnoldWillis S. Arnold1872 to 1872
Chris ArnoldChristopher Paul Arnold1971 to 1976
Jamie ArnoldJames Lee Arnold1999 to 2000
Scott ArnoldScott Gentry Arnold1988 to 1988
Tony ArnoldTony Dale Arnold1986 to 1987
Morrie ArnovichMorris Arnovich1936 to 1946
Brad ArnsbergBradley James Arnsberg1986 to 1992
Orie ArntzenOrie Edgar Arntzen1943 to 1943
Jonathan AroJonathan Arturo (Roman) Aro2015 to 2016
Rene ArochaRene (Magaly) Arocha1993 to 1997
Randy ArozarenaRandy Arozarena2019 to 2020
Luis ArraezLuis Sangel Arraez2019 to 2020
Jose ArredondoJose Juan Arredondo2008 to 2012
Jake ArrietaJacob Joseph Arrieta2010 to 2020
Gerry ArrigoGerald William Arrigo1961 to 1970
Rolando ArrojoLuis Rolando Arrojo1998 to 2002
Bronson ArroyoBronson Anthony Arroyo2000 to 2017
Christian ArroyoChristian Israel Arroyo2017 to 2020
Fernando ArroyoFernando Arroyo1975 to 1986
Luis ArroyoLuis Enrique Arroyo1955 to 1963
Rudy ArroyoRudolph Arroyo1971 to 1971
Erisbel ArruebarrenaBarbaro Erisbel (Escalante) Arruebarrena2014 to 2014
Humberto ArteagaHumberto Jose Arteaga2019 to 2019
Harry ArundelHarry Arundel1875 to 1884
Tug ArundelJohn Thomas Arundel1882 to 1888
Randy AsadoorRandall Carl Asadoor1986 to 1986
Jim AsbellJames Marion Asbell1938 to 1938
Casper AsbjornsonRobert Anthony Asbjornson1928 to 1932
Jose AscanioJose Eleazar Ascanio2007 to 2011
Cody AscheCody James Asche2013 to 2017
Miguel AsencioMiguel (DePaula) Asencio2002 to 2006
Ken AshKenneth Lowther Ash1925 to 1930
Richie AshburnDon Richard Ashburn1948 to 1962
Alan AshbyAlan Dean Ashby1973 to 1989
Andy AshbyAndrew Jason Ashby1991 to 2004
Alec AsherAlec Edward Asher2015 to 2018
Tucker AshfordThomas Steven Ashford1976 to 1984
Billy AshleyBilly Manual Ashley1992 to 1998
Nevin AshleyNevin Robert Ashley2015 to 2015
Tom AsmussenThomas William Asmussen1907 to 1907
Bob AspromonteRobert Thomas Aspromonte1956 to 1971
Ken AspromonteKenneth Joseph Aspromonte1957 to 1963
Brian AsselstineBrian Hanly Asselstine1976 to 1981
Paul AssenmacherPaul Andre Assenmacher1986 to 1999
Ezequiel AstacioEzequiel F. Astacio2005 to 2006
Pedro AstacioPedro Julio (Pura) Astacio1992 to 2006
Barrett AstinBarrett Astin2017 to 2017
Joe AstrothJoseph Henry Astroth1945 to 1956
Willians AstudilloWillians Jose Astudillo2018 to 2020
Carlos AsuajeCarlos A. Asuaje2016 to 2018
Scott AtchisonScott Barham Atchison2004 to 2015
Justin AtchleyJustin Scott Atchley2001 to 2001
Charlie AthertonCharles Morgan Herbert Atherton1899 to 1899
Keith AthertonKeith Rowe Atherton1983 to 1989
Luis AtilanoLuis A. Atilano2010 to 2010
Garrett AtkinsGarrett Bernard Atkins2003 to 2010
James AtkinsJames Curtis Atkins1950 to 1952
Mitch AtkinsMitchell Shane Atkins2009 to 2011
Tommy AtkinsFrancis Montgomery Atkins1909 to 1910
Al AtkinsonAlbert Wright Atkinson1884 to 1887
Bill AtkinsonWilliam Cecil Glenn Atkinson1976 to 1979
Ed AtkinsonEdward Atkinson1873 to 1873
Lefty AtkinsonHubert Burley Atkinson1927 to 1927
Dick AttreauRichard Gilbert Attreau1926 to 1927
Toby AtwellMaurice Dailey Atwell1952 to 1956
Bill AtwoodWilliam Franklin Atwood1936 to 1940
John AtzJacob Henry Atz1902 to 1909
Chub AubreyHarry Herbert Aubrey1903 to 1903
Michael AubreyRobert Michael Aubrey2008 to 2009
Derek AucoinDerek Alfred Aucoin1996 to 1996
Rich AudeRichard Thomas Aude1993 to 1996
Rick AuerbachFrederick Steven Auerbach1971 to 1981
Bryan AugensteinBryan C. Augenstein2009 to 2011
Don AugustDonald Glenn August1988 to 1991
Dave AugustineDavid Ralph Augustine1973 to 1974
Jerry AugustineGerald Lee Augustine1975 to 1984
Elden AukerElden LeRoy Auker1933 to 1942
Tex AuldsLeycester Doyle Aulds1947 to 1947
Doug AultDouglas Reagan Ault1976 to 1980
Phillippe AumontPhillippe Aumont2012 to 2015
Rich AuriliaRichard Santo Aurilia1995 to 2009
Joe AusanioJoseph John Ausanio1994 to 1995
Brad AusmusBradley David Ausmus1993 to 2010
Dennis AustDennis Kay Aust1965 to 1966
Henry AustinHenry C. Austin1873 to 1873
Jeff AustinJeffrey Wellington Austin2001 to 2003
Jim AustinJames Parker Austin1991 to 1993
Jimmy AustinJames Philip Austin1909 to 1929
Rick AustinRick Gerald Austin1970 to 1976
Tyler AustinChristopher Tyler Austin2016 to 2019
Al AutryAlbert Autry1976 to 1976
Chick AutryMartin Gordon Autry1924 to 1930
Chick AutryWilliam Askew Autry1907 to 1909
Abiatal AvelinoAbiatal Avelino2018 to 2019
Bruce AvenDavid Bruce Aven1997 to 2002
Earl AverillEarl Douglas Averill1956 to 1963
Earl AverillHoward Earl Averill1929 to 1941
Steve AverySteven Thomas Avery1990 to 2003
Xavier AveryXavier Tyrone Avery2012 to 2012
Alex AvilaAlexander Thomas Avila2009 to 2020
Bobby AvilaRoberto Francisco (Gonzalez) Avila1949 to 1959
Pedro AvilaPedro Manuel Avila2019 to 2019
Luis AvilanLuis Armando Avilan2012 to 2020
Mike AvilesMichael Anthony Aviles2008 to 2017
Ramon AvilesRamon Antonio (Miranda) Aviles1977 to 1981
Jay AvreaJames Epherium Avrea1950 to 1950
Dylan AxelrodDylan Davis Haines Axelrod2011 to 2015
John AxfordJohn B. Axford2009 to 2018
Benny AyalaBenigno (Felix) Ayala1974 to 1985
Bobby AyalaRobert Joseph Ayala1992 to 1999
Luis AyalaLuis Ignacio Ayala2003 to 2013
Erick AybarErick Johan Aybar2006 to 2017
Manny AybarManuel Antonio Aybar1997 to 2005
Willy AybarWilly Del Jesus Aybar2005 to 2010
Jake AydelottJacob Stuart Aydelott1884 to 1886
Bill AyersWilliam Oscar Ayers1947 to 1947
Doc AyersYancey Wyatt Ayers1913 to 1921
Dick AylwardRichard John Aylward1953 to 1953
Bob AyraultRobert Cunningham Ayrault1992 to 1993
Joe AyraultJoseph Allen Ayrault1996 to 1996
Joe AzcueJose Joaquin (Lopez) Azcue1960 to 1972
Oscar AzocarOscar Gregorio (Azocar) Azocar1990 to 1992
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