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Baseball Dope Player Index - M
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Players Beginning with M

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Duke MaasDuane Frederick Maas1955 to 1961
Kevin MaasKevin Christian Maas1990 to 1995
Bob MabeRobert Lee Mabe1958 to 1960
Chris MabeusChristopher Eugene Mabeus2006 to 2006
John MabryJohn Steven Mabry1994 to 2007
Mac MacArthurMalcolm M. MacArthur1884 to 1884
Frank MacCormackFrank Louis MacCormack1976 to 1977
Bill MacdonaldWilliam Paul Macdonald1950 to 1953
Bob MacdonaldRobert Joseph Macdonald1990 to 1996
Harvey MacDonaldHarvey Forsyth MacDonald1928 to 1928
Mike MacDougalRobert Meiklejohn MacDougal2001 to 2012
Harry MaceHarry F. Mace1891 to 1891
MaceyMacey1890 to 1890
Mike MacfarlaneMichael Andrew Macfarlane1987 to 1999
Danny MacFaydenDaniel Knowles MacFayden1926 to 1943
Ed MacGamwellEdward M. MacGamwell1905 to 1905
Ken MachaKenneth Edward Macha1974 to 1981
Mike MachaMichael William Macha1979 to 1980
Alejandro MachadoAlejandro Jose Machado2005 to 2005
Anderson MachadoAnderson Javier Machado2003 to 2005
Andres MachadoAndres Eduardo Machado2017 to 2017
Dixon MachadoDixon Javier (Moreno) Machado2015 to 2018
Julio MachadoJulio Segundo (Rondon) Machado1989 to 1991
Manny MachadoManuel Arturo Machado2012 to 2020
Robert MachadoRobert Alexis Machado1996 to 2004
Chuck MachemehlCharles Walter Machemehl1971 to 1971
Dave MachemerDavid Ritchie Machemer1978 to 1979
Jean MachiJean Manuel Machi2012 to 2017
Vimael MachinVimael Machin2020 to 2020
Drew MaciasAndres Apolomo Macias2007 to 2009
Jose MaciasJose Prado (Salazar) Macias1999 to 2005
Bill MackWilliam Francis Mack1908 to 1908
Connie MackCornelius Alexander Mack1886 to 1896
Denny MackDennis Joseph Mack1871 to 1883
Earle MackEarle Thaddeus Mack1910 to 1914
Frank MackFrank George Mack1922 to 1925
Joe MackJoseph John Mack1945 to 1945
Quinn MackQuinn David Mack1994 to 1994
Ray MackRaymond James Mack1938 to 1947
Reddy MackJoseph Mack1885 to 1890
Shane MackShane Lee Mack1987 to 1998
Tony MackTony Lynn Mack1985 to 1985
Pete MackaninPeter Mackanin1973 to 1981
Eric MacKenzieEric Hugh MacKenzie1955 to 1955
Gordon MacKenzieHenry Gordon MacKenzie1961 to 1961
Ken MacKenzieKenneth Purvis MacKenzie1960 to 1965
Felix MackiewiczFelix Thaddeus Mackiewicz1941 to 1947
John MackinsonJohn Joseph Mackinson1953 to 1955
Steve MackoSteven Joseph Macko1979 to 1980
Rob MackowiakRobert William Mackowiak2001 to 2008
Evan MacLaneEvan Alan MacLane2010 to 2010
Billy MacLeodWilliam Daniel MacLeod1962 to 1962
Lonnie MaclinLonnie Lee Maclin1993 to 1993
Max MaconMax Cullen Macon1938 to 1947
Waddy MacPheeWalter Scott MacPhee1922 to 1922
Harry MacPhersonHarry William MacPherson1944 to 1944
Scott MacRaeScott Patrick MacRae2001 to 2001
Matt MacriMatthew Michael Macri2008 to 2008
Jimmy MacullarJames F. Macullar1879 to 1886
Keith MacWhorterKeith MacWhorter1980 to 1980
Bunny MaddenThomas Francis Madden1909 to 1911
Frank MaddenFrancis A. Madden1914 to 1914
Gene MaddenEugene Madden1916 to 1916
Kid MaddenMichael Joseph Madden1887 to 1891
Len MaddenLeonard Joseph Madden1912 to 1912
Mike MaddenMichael Anthony Madden1983 to 1986
Morris MaddenMorris DeWayne Madden1987 to 1989
Tommy MaddenThomas Joseph Madden1906 to 1910
Clarence MaddernClarence James Maddern1946 to 1951
Austin MaddoxAustin D. Maddox2017 to 2017
Elliott MaddoxElliott Maddox1970 to 1980
Garry MaddoxGarry Lee Maddox1972 to 1986
Jerry MaddoxJerry Glenn Maddox1978 to 1978
Nick MaddoxNicholas Maddox1907 to 1910
Greg MadduxGregory Alan Maddux1986 to 2008
Mike MadduxMichael Ausley Maddux1986 to 2000
Tony MadiganWilliam J. Madigan1886 to 1886
Art MadisonArthur M. Madison1895 to 1899
Dave MadisonDavid Pledger Madison1950 to 1953
Scotti MadisonCharles Scott Madison1985 to 1989
Ed MadjeskiEdward William Madjeski1932 to 1937
Bill MadlockBill Madlock1973 to 1987
Alex MadridAlexander Madrid1987 to 1989
Sal MadridSalvator Madrid1947 to 1947
Nick MadrigalNicklaus M. Madrigal2020 to 2020
Warner MadrigalWarner Antonio Madrigal2008 to 2009
Bobby MadritschRobert Allen Madritsch2004 to 2005
Ryan MadsonRyan Michael Madson2003 to 2018
Calvin MaduroCalvin Gregory Maduro1996 to 2002
Kenta MaedaKenta Maeda2016 to 2020
Hector MaestriHector Anibal (Garcia) Maestri1960 to 1961
Dave MagadanDavid Joseph Magadan1986 to 2001
Ever MagallanesEverardo (Espinoza) Magallanes1991 to 1991
Bill MageeWilliam J. Magee1897 to 1902
Lee MageeLeo Christopher Magee1911 to 1919
Sherry MageeSherwood Robert Magee1904 to 1919
Wendell MageeWendell Errol Magee1996 to 2002
Harl MaggertHarl Vestin Maggert1907 to 1912
Harl MaggertHarl Warren Maggert1938 to 1938
Matt MagillMatthew W. Magill2013 to 2020
Sal MaglieSalvatore Anthony Maglie1945 to 1958
Mike MagnanteMichael Anthony Magnante1991 to 2002
John MagnerJohn T. Magner1879 to 1879
Stubby MagnerEdmund Burke Magner1911 to 1911
Damien MagnificoDamien Jack Magnifico2016 to 2017
Jim MagnusonJames Robert Magnuson1970 to 1973
Trystan MagnusonTrystan Stewart Gwyn Magnuson2011 to 2011
George MagoonGeorge Henry Magoon1898 to 1903
Joe MagraneJoseph David Magrane1987 to 1996
Tom MagrannThomas Joseph Magrann1989 to 1989
Pete MagriniPeter Alexander Magrini1966 to 1966
Chris MagruderChristopher James Magruder2001 to 2005
Freddie MaguireFrederick Edward Maguire1922 to 1931
Jack MaguireJack Maguire1950 to 1951
Jim MahadyJames Bernard Mahady1921 to 1921
Art MahaffeyArthur Mahaffey1960 to 1966
Lou MahaffeyLouis Wood Mahaffey1898 to 1898
Roy MahaffeyLee Roy Mahaffey1926 to 1936
Art MahanArthur Leo Mahan1940 to 1940
Frank MaharFrank Edward Mahar1902 to 1902
Kevin MaharKevin Eric Mahar2007 to 2007
Billy MahargWilliam Joseph Maharg1912 to 1916
Ron MahayRonald Matthew Mahay1995 to 2010
Tom MaherThomas Francis Maher1902 to 1902
Greg MahlbergGregory John Mahlberg1978 to 1979
Greg MahleGregory Norman Mahle2016 to 2016
Tyler MahleTyler Fermin Mahle2017 to 2020
Mickey MahlerMichael James Mahler1977 to 1986
Rick MahlerRichard Keith Mahler1979 to 1991
Paul MaholmPaul Gurner Maholm2005 to 2014
Pat MahomesPatrick Lavon Mahomes1992 to 2003
Al MahonAlfred Gwinn Mahon1930 to 1930
Bob MahoneyRobert Paul Mahoney1951 to 1952
Chris MahoneyChristopher John Mahoney1910 to 1910
Dan MahoneyDaniel J. Mahoney1892 to 1895
Danny MahoneyDaniel Joseph Mahoney1911 to 1911
Jim MahoneyJames Thomas Mahoney1959 to 1965
Joe MahoneyJoseph Edward Mahoney2012 to 2013
Mike MahoneyGeorge W. Mahoney1897 to 1898
Mike MahoneyMichael John Mahoney2000 to 2005
Mikie MahtookMichael Anthony Mahtook2015 to 2019
Bob MaierRobert Phillip Maier1945 to 1945
Mitch MaierMitchell William Maier2006 to 2012
Luke MaileLuke Richard Maile2015 to 2019
Emil MailhoEmil Pierre Mailho1936 to 1936
Duster MailsJohn Walter Mails1915 to 1926
Alex MainMiles Grant Main1914 to 1918
Woody MainForrest Harry Main1948 to 1953
John MaineJohn Kevin Maine2004 to 2013
Scott MaineScott Maine2010 to 2012
Jim MainsJames Royal Mains1943 to 1943
Willard MainsWillard Eben Mains1888 to 1896
Oswaldo MairenaOswaldo Antonio Mairena2000 to 2002
Charlie MaiselCharles Louis Maisel1915 to 1915
Fritz MaiselFrederick Charles Maisel1913 to 1918
George MaiselGeorge John Maisel1913 to 1922
Hank MajeskiHenry Majeski1939 to 1955
Gary MajewskiGary Wayne Majewski2004 to 2010
Val MajewskiWalter Val Majewski2004 to 2004
Kazuhisa MakitaKazuhisa Makita2018 to 2018
Frank MakoskyFrank Makosky1937 to 1937
Tom MakowskiThomas Anthony Makowski1975 to 1975
Mike MaksudianMichael Bryant Maksudian1992 to 1994
Bill MalarkeyWilliam John Malarkey1908 to 1908
John MalarkeyJohn S. Malarkey1894 to 1903
Mark MalaskaDennis Mark Malaska2003 to 2004
Jose MalaveJose Francisco Malave1996 to 1997
Charlie MalayCharles Francis Malay1905 to 1905
Joe MalayJoseph Charles Malay1933 to 1935
Candy MaldonadoCandido (Guadarrama) Maldonado1981 to 1995
Carlos MaldonadoCarlos Luis Maldonado2006 to 2012
Carlos MaldonadoCarlos Cesar (Delgado) Maldonado1990 to 1993
Martin MaldonadoMartin Benjamin (Valdes) Maldonado2011 to 2020
Jim MalerJames Michael Maler1981 to 1983
Tony MalinoskyAnthony Francis Malinosky1937 to 1937
Cy MalisCyrus Sol Malis1934 to 1934
Bobby MalkmusRobert Edward Malkmus1957 to 1962
Jerry MallettGerald Gordon Mallett1959 to 1959
Brian MalletteBrian Drew Mallette2002 to 2002
Mal MalletteMalcolm Francis Mallette1950 to 1950
Rob MallicoatRobbin Dale Mallicoat1987 to 1992
Les MallonLeslie Clyde Mallon1931 to 1935
Ben MalloneeHoward Bennett Mallonee1921 to 1921
Jule MalloneeJulius Norris Mallonee1925 to 1925
Jim MalloryJames Baugh Mallory1940 to 1945
Sheldon MallorySheldon Mallory1977 to 1977
Alex MalloyArchibald Alexander Malloy1910 to 1910
Bob MalloyRobert Paul Malloy1943 to 1949
Bob MalloyRobert William Malloy1987 to 1990
Herm MalloyJohn Herman Malloy1907 to 1908
Marty MalloyMarty Thomas Malloy1998 to 2002
Harry MalmbergHarry William Malmberg1955 to 1955
Chuck MaloneCharles Ray Malone1990 to 1990
Eddie MaloneEdward Russell Malone1949 to 1950
Fergy MaloneFergus G. Malone1871 to 1876
Lew MaloneLewis Aloysius Malone1915 to 1919
Martin MaloneMartin Malone1872 to 1872
Pat MalonePerce Leigh Malone1928 to 1937
Billy MaloneyWilliam Alphonse Maloney1901 to 1908
Charlie MaloneyCharles Michael Maloney1908 to 1908
Jim MaloneyJames William Maloney1960 to 1971
John MaloneyJohn Maloney1876 to 1877
Matt MaloneyMatthew M. Maloney2009 to 2012
Pat MaloneyPatrick William Maloney1912 to 1912
Sean MaloneySean Patrick Maloney1997 to 1998
Paul MaloyPaul Augustus Maloy1913 to 1913
Gordon MaltzbergerGordon Ralph Maltzberger1943 to 1947
Frank MalzoneFrank James Malzone1955 to 1966
Al MamauxAlbert Leon Mamaux1913 to 1924
Sean ManaeaSean Anthony Manaea2016 to 2020
Trey ManciniJoseph Anthony Mancini2016 to 2019
Frank MancusoFrank Octavius Mancuso1944 to 1947
Gus MancusoAugust Rodney Mancuso1928 to 1945
Carl MandaCarl Alan Manda1914 to 1914
Hal MandersHarold Carl Manders1941 to 1946
Seth ManessMichael Seth Maness2013 to 2017
Vincent ManeyStephen Vincent Maney1912 to 1912
Jim ManganJames Daniel Mangan1952 to 1956
Matt ManginiMatthew Steven Mangini2010 to 2010
Angel MangualAngel Luis (Guilbe) Mangual1969 to 1976
Pepe MangualJose Manuel (Guilbe) Mangual1972 to 1977
Leo MangumLeo Allan Mangum1924 to 1935
George MangusGeorge Graham Mangus1912 to 1912
Clyde ManionClyde Jennings Manion1920 to 1934
Phil MankowskiPhilip Anthony Mankowski1976 to 1982
Charlie ManloveCharles Henry Weeks Manlove1884 to 1884
Brandon MannBrandon Michael Mann2018 to 2018
Fred MannFred J. Mann1882 to 1887
Garth MannBen Garth Mann1944 to 1944
Jim MannJames Joseph Mann2000 to 2003
Johnny MannJohn Leo Mann1928 to 1928
Kelly MannKelly John Mann1989 to 1990
Les MannLeslie Mann1913 to 1928
Charlie ManningCharles Nelson Manning2008 to 2008
David ManningDavid Anthony Manning2003 to 2003
Ernie ManningErnest Devon Manning1914 to 1914
Jack ManningJohn E. Manning1873 to 1886
Jim ManningJames Benjamin Manning1962 to 1962
Jim ManningJames H. Manning1884 to 1889
Rick ManningRichard Eugene Manning1975 to 1987
Rube ManningWalter S. Manning1907 to 1910
Tim ManningTimothy Edward Manning1882 to 1885
Don MannoDonald D. Manno1940 to 1941
Julio ManonJulio Alberto Manon2003 to 2006
Ramon ManonRamon (Reyes) Manon1990 to 1990
Fred ManriqueFred Eloy (Reyes) Manrique1981 to 1991
John MansellJohn Mansell1882 to 1882
Mike MansellMichael R. Mansell1879 to 1884
Tom MansellThomas E. Mansell1879 to 1884
Jeff ManshipJeffrey Michael Manship2009 to 2016
Lou ManskeLouis Hugo Manske1906 to 1906
Matt ManteiMatthew Bruce Mantei1995 to 2005
Felix MantillaFelix (Lamela) Mantilla1956 to 1966
Joe MantiplyJoseph Newman Mantiply2016 to 2020
Mickey MantleMickey Charles Mantle1951 to 1968
Jeff MantoJeffrey Paul Manto1990 to 2000
Barry ManuelBarry Paul Manuel1991 to 1998
Charlie ManuelCharles Fuqua Manuel1969 to 1975
Jerry ManuelJerry Manuel1975 to 1982
Moxie ManuelMark Garfield Manuel1905 to 1908
Robert ManuelRobert J. Manuel2009 to 2010
Frank ManushFrank Henry Benjamin Manush1908 to 1908
Heinie ManushHenry Emmett Manush1923 to 1939
Dick ManvilleRichard Wesley Manville1950 to 1952
Kirt ManwaringKirt Dean Manwaring1987 to 1999
Josias ManzanilloJosias (Adams) Manzanillo1991 to 2004
Ravelo ManzanilloRavelo (Adams) Manzanillo1988 to 1995
Tommy ManzellaThomas Samuel Manzella2009 to 2010
Rolla MapelRolla Hamilton Mapel1919 to 1919
Cliff MapesClifford Franklin Mapes1948 to 1952
Howard MapleHoward Albert Maple1932 to 1932
Dillon MaplesDillon Sean Maples2017 to 2020
George MappesGeorge Richard Mappes1885 to 1886
Paul MarakPaul Patrick Marak1990 to 1990
Georges MarandaGeorges Henri Maranda1960 to 1962
Rabbit MaranvilleWalter James Vincent Maranville1912 to 1935
Firpo MarberryFrederick Marberry1923 to 1936
Walt MarbetWalter William Marbet1913 to 1913
Rafael MarchanRafael Alejandro Marchan2020 to 2020
Phil MarchildonPhilip Joseph Marchildon1940 to 1950
Johnny MarcumJohn Alfred Marcum1933 to 1939
Shaun MarcumShaun Michal Marcum2005 to 2015
Leo MarentetteLeo John Marentette1965 to 1969
Nick MargeviciusNicholas Margevicius2019 to 2020
Joe MargoneriJoseph Emanuel Margoneri1956 to 1957
Manuel MargotManuel (Gomez) Margot2016 to 2020
Juan MarichalJuan Antonio (Sanchez) Marichal1960 to 1975
Sugar Ray MarimonSugar Ray Marimon2015 to 2015
Jhan MarinezJhan Carlos Marinez2010 to 2018
Dan MarionDonald George Marion1914 to 1915
Marty MarionMartin Whiteford Marion1940 to 1953
Red MarionJohn Wyeth Marion1935 to 1943
Michael MariotMichael Ryan Mariot2014 to 2016
Roger MarisRoger Eugene Maris1957 to 1968
Jake MarisnickJacob Shawn Marisnick2013 to 2020
Mike MarjamaMichael Gregory Marjama2017 to 2018
Nick MarkakisNicholas William Markakis2006 to 2020
Parker MarkelParker Michael Markel2019 to 2019
Duke MarkellHarry Duquesne Markell1951 to 1951
Gene MarklandCleneth Eugene Markland1950 to 1950
Cliff MarkleClifford Monroe Markle1915 to 1924
Justin MarksJustin Michael Marks2014 to 2017
Matt MarksberryMatthew Gates Marksberry2015 to 2016
Dick MarloweRichard Burton Marlowe1951 to 1956
Carlos MarmolCarlos Agustin Marmol2006 to 2014
Jose MarmolejosJose Ramon Marmolejos2020 to 2020
Hal MarnieHarry Sylvester Marnie1940 to 1942
Fred MarolewskiFred Daniel Marolewski1953 to 1953
Nick MarondeJohn Nicholas Maronde2012 to 2014
Lou MaroneLouis Stephen Marone1969 to 1970
Mike MarothMichael Warren Maroth2002 to 2007
Rube MarquardRichard William Marquard1908 to 1925
Ollie MarquardtAlbert Ludwig Marquardt1931 to 1931
Brailyn MarquezBrailyn Marquez2020 to 2020
German MarquezGerman Andres Marquez2016 to 2020
Gonzalo MarquezGonzalo Enrique (Moya) Marquez1972 to 1974
Isidro MarquezIsidro (Espinoza) Marquez1995 to 1995
Jeff MarquezJeffrey Joseph Marquez2010 to 2011
Luis MarquezLuis Angel (Sanchez) Marquez1951 to 1954
Bob MarquisRobert Rudolph Marquis1953 to 1953
Jason MarquisJason Scott Marquis2000 to 2015
Jim MarquisJames Milburn Marquis1925 to 1925
Roger MarquisRoger Julian Marquis1955 to 1955
Lefty MarrCharles W. Marr1886 to 1891
Chris MarreroChristopher Marrero2011 to 2017
Connie MarreroConrado Eugenio (Ramos) Marrero1950 to 1954
Deven MarreroDeven Sommer Marrero2015 to 2019
Eli MarreroElieser Marrero1997 to 2006
Oreste MarreroOreste Vilato (Vazquez) Marrero1993 to 1996
William MarriottWilliam Earl Marriott1917 to 1927
Buck MarrowCharles Kennon Marrow1932 to 1938
Ed MarsEdward M. Mars1890 to 1890
Armando MarsansArmando Marsans1911 to 1918
Fred MarshFred Francis Marsh1949 to 1956
Tom MarshThomas Owen Marsh1992 to 1995
Bill MarshallWilliam Henry Marshall1931 to 1934
Brett MarshallBrett Edward Marshall2013 to 2013
Chip MarshallCharles Anthony Marshall1941 to 1941
Cuddles MarshallClarence Westly Marshall1946 to 1950
Dave MarshallDavid Lewis Marshall1967 to 1973
Doc MarshallEdward Harbert Marshall1929 to 1932
Doc MarshallWilliam Riddle Marshall1904 to 1909
Evan MarshallEvan Patrick Marshall2014 to 2020
Jay MarshallJay William Marshall2007 to 2009
Jim MarshallRufus James Marshall1958 to 1962
Joe MarshallJoseph Hanley Marshall1903 to 1906
Keith MarshallKeith Alan Marshall1973 to 1973
Max MarshallMilo May Marshall1942 to 1944
Mike MarshallMichael Allen Marshall1981 to 1991
Mike MarshallMichael Grant Marshall1967 to 1981
Rube MarshallRoy DeVerne Marshall1912 to 1914
Sean MarshallSean Christopher Marshall2006 to 2014
Willard MarshallWillard Warren Marshall1942 to 1955
Lou MarsonLouis Glenn Marson2008 to 2013
Sam MarsonekSamuel R. Marsonek2004 to 2004
Alfredo MarteAlfredo Marte2013 to 2015
Andy MarteAndy Manuel Marte2005 to 2014
Damaso MarteDamaso (Sabinon) Marte1999 to 2010
Jefry MarteJefry Leonal (Paulino) Marte2015 to 2018
Kelvin MarteKelvin (Aquino) Marte2016 to 2016
Ketel MarteKetel Ricardo (Valdez) Marte2015 to 2020
Luis MarteLuis Alfredo Marte2011 to 2012
Starling MarteStarling Javier Marte2012 to 2020
Victor MarteVictor Manuel Marte2009 to 2013
Doc MartelLeon Alphonse Martel1909 to 1910
Francis MartesFrancis Euclides (Suazo) Martes2017 to 2017
Al MartinAlbert DeGroot Martin1872 to 1875
Al MartinAlbert Lee Martin1992 to 2003
Babe MartinBoris Michael Martin1944 to 1953
Barney MartinBarnes Robertson Martin1953 to 1953
Billy MartinWilliam Gloyd Martin1914 to 1914
Billy MartinAlfred Manuel Martin1950 to 1961
Brett MartinBrett Ryan Martin2019 to 2020
Chris MartinChristopher Riley Martin2014 to 2020
Cody MartinCody Matthew Martin2015 to 2017
Corbin MartinCorbin Montgomery Martin2019 to 2019
Doc MartinHarold Winthrop Martin1908 to 1912
Ethan MartinEthan Cash Martin2013 to 2014
Frank MartinFrank Martin1897 to 1899
Fred MartinFred Turner Martin1946 to 1950
Gene MartinThomas Eugene Martin1968 to 1968
Hersh MartinHershel Ray Martin1937 to 1945
J.C. MartinJoseph Clifton Martin1959 to 1972
J.D. MartinJohn Dale Martin2009 to 2010
Jack MartinJohn Christopher Martin1912 to 1914
Jason MartinJason Martin2019 to 2020
Jerry MartinJerry Lindsey Martin1974 to 1984
Joe MartinJoseph Samuel Martin1903 to 1903
Joe MartinWilliam Joseph Martin1936 to 1938
John MartinJohn Robert Martin1980 to 1983
Kyle MartinKyle Jared Martin2017 to 2017
Leonys MartinLeonys (Tapanes) Martin2011 to 2019
Mike MartinJoseph Michael Martin1986 to 1986
Morrie MartinMorris Webster Martin1949 to 1959
Norberto MartinNorberto Enrique (McDonald) Martin1993 to 1999
Pat MartinPatrick Francis Martin1919 to 1920
Paul MartinPaul Charles Martin1955 to 1955
Pepper MartinJohnny Leonard Roosevelt Martin1928 to 1944
Phonney MartinAlphonse Case Martin1872 to 1873
Rafael MartinRafael (Romero) Martin2015 to 2016
Ray MartinRaymond Joseph Martin1943 to 1948
Renie MartinDonald Renie Martin1979 to 1984
Richie MartinRichard Allen Martin2019 to 2019
Russell MartinRussell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin Jr.2006 to 2019
Speed MartinElwood Good Martin1917 to 1922
Stu MartinStuart McGuire Martin1936 to 1943
Tom MartinThomas Edgar Martin1997 to 2007
John MartinaJohn Joseph Martina1924 to 1924
Alfredo MartinezAlfredo Martinez1980 to 1981
Anastacio MartinezAnastacio Euclides Martinez2004 to 2004
Buck MartinezJohn Albert Martinez1969 to 1986
Carlos MartinezCarlos Alberto Escobar Martinez1988 to 1995
Carlos MartinezCarlos M. Martinez2006 to 2009
Carlos MartinezCarlos Ernesto Martinez2013 to 2020
Carmelo MartinezCarmelo (Salgado) Martinez1983 to 1991
Chito MartinezReyenaldo Ignacio Martinez1991 to 1993
Cristhian MartinezCristhian A. Martinez2009 to 2013
Dave MartinezDavid Martinez1986 to 2001
David MartinezDavid Jose Martinez2013 to 2014
Dennis MartinezJose Dennis Ortiz Martinez1976 to 1998
Domingo MartinezDomingo Emilio (LaFontaine) Martinez1992 to 1993
Edgar MartinezEdgar Martinez1987 to 2004
Felix MartinezFelix (Mata) Martinez1997 to 2001
Fernando MartinezJesus Fernando Martinez2009 to 2013
Greg MartinezGregory Alfred Martinez1998 to 1998
Hector MartinezRodolfo Hector Martinez1962 to 1963
J.D. MartinezJ.D. Martinez2011 to 2020
Javier MartinezJavier Antonio Martinez1998 to 1998
Joe MartinezJoseph A. Martinez2009 to 2013
Jose MartinezJose Alberto Martinez2016 to 2020
Jose MartinezJose (Azcuiz) Martinez1969 to 1970
Jose MartinezJose Miguel (Martinez) Martinez1994 to 1994
Luis MartinezLuis Martinez2003 to 2003
Luis MartinezLuis M. Martinez2011 to 2012
Manny MartinezManuel (de Jesus) Martinez1996 to 1999
Marty MartinezOrlando (Oliva) Martinez1962 to 1972
Michael MartinezMichael Gabriel (Tiburcio) Martinez2011 to 2017
Nick MartinezNicholas Martinez2014 to 2017
Ozzie MartinezOsvaldo Martinez2010 to 2011
Pablo MartinezPablo Made (Valera) Martinez1996 to 1996
Pedro A. MartinezPedro (Aquino) Martinez1993 to 1997
Pedro MartinezPedro Jaime Martinez1992 to 2009
Ramon MartinezRamon Jaime Martinez1988 to 2001
Ramon MartinezRamon E. Martinez1998 to 2009
Rogelio MartinezRogelio (Ulloa) Martinez1950 to 1950
Sandy MartinezAngel Sandy (Martinez) Martinez1995 to 2004
Silvio MartinezSilvio Ramon (Cabrera) Martinez1977 to 1981
Ted MartinezTeodoro Noel (Encarnacion) Martinez1970 to 1979
Tino MartinezConstantino Martinez1990 to 2005
Tippy MartinezFelix Anthony Martinez1974 to 1988
Tony MartinezGabriel Antonio (Diaz) Martinez1963 to 1966
Victor MartinezVictor Jesus Martinez2002 to 2018
Willie MartinezWilliam Jose Martinez2000 to 2000
Nick MartiniNicholas Scott Martini2018 to 2019
Wedo MartiniGuido Joe Martini1935 to 1935
Shairon MartisShairon B. Martis2008 to 2013
Joe MartyJoseph Anton Marty1937 to 1941
Bob MartynRobert Gordon Martyn1957 to 1959
Gary MartzGary Arthur Martz1975 to 1975
Randy MartzRandy Carl Martz1980 to 1983
James MarvelJames Michael Marvel2019 to 2019
John MarzanoJohn Robert Marzano1987 to 1998
Onan MasaokaOnan Kainoa Satoshi Masaoka1999 to 2000
Clyde MashoreClyde Wayne Mashore1969 to 1973
Damon MashoreDamon Wayne Mashore1996 to 1998
Phil MasiPhilip Samuel Masi1939 to 1952
Harry MaskreyHarry H. Maskrey1882 to 1882
Leech MaskreySamuel Leech Maskrey1882 to 1886
Charlie MasonCharles E. Mason1875 to 1883
Del MasonAdelbert William Mason1904 to 1907
Don MasonDonald Stetson Mason1966 to 1973
Ernie MasonErnest Mason1894 to 1894
Hank MasonHenry Mason1958 to 1960
Jim MasonJames Percy Mason1971 to 1979
Mike MasonMichael Paul Mason1982 to 1988
Roger MasonRoger Leroy Mason1984 to 1994
Gordon MassaGordon Richard Massa1957 to 1958
Nick MassetNicholas Allen Masset2006 to 2015
Bill MasseyWilliam Henry Massey1894 to 1894
Mike MasseyWilliam Herbert Massey1917 to 1917
Red MasseyRoy Hardee Massey1918 to 1918
Dan MastellerDan Patrick Masteller1995 to 1995
Walt MastersWalter Thomas Masters1931 to 1939
Justin MastersonJustin Daniel Masterson2008 to 2015
Paul MastersonPaul Nicholas Masterson1940 to 1942
Walt MastersonWalter Edward Masterson1939 to 1956
Tom MastnyThomas Raymond Mastny2006 to 2008
Darin MastroianniDarin Paul Mastroianni2011 to 2016
Frank MataFrank Jesus Mata2010 to 2010
Victor MataVictor Jose (Abreu) Mata1984 to 1985
Len MatarazzoLeonard Matarazzo1952 to 1952
Tommy MatchickJohn Thomas Matchick1967 to 1972
Henry MateoHenry Antonio (Valera) Mateo2001 to 2006
Jorge MateoJorge Luis Mateo2020 to 2020
Juan MateoJuan Manuel Mateo2006 to 2006
Julio MateoJulio Cesar Mateo2002 to 2007
Marcos MateoMarcos Aurelio Mateo2010 to 2015
Ruben MateoRuben Amaury Mateo1999 to 2004
Mike MathenyMichael Scott Matheny1994 to 2006
Joe MatherJoseph T. Mather2008 to 2012
Joe MathesJoseph John Mathes1912 to 1916
Bobby MathewsRobert T. Mathews1871 to 1887
Eddie MathewsEdwin Lee Mathews1952 to 1968
Greg MathewsGregory Inman Mathews1986 to 1992
Nelson MathewsNelson Elmer Mathews1960 to 1965
T.J. MathewsTimothy Jay Mathews1995 to 2002
Terry MathewsTerry Alan Mathews1991 to 1999
Christy MathewsonChristopher Mathewson1900 to 1916
Henry MathewsonHenry Mathewson1906 to 1907
Carl MathiasCarl Lynwood Mathias1960 to 1961
Mark MathiasMark Andrew Mathias2020 to 2020
Scott MathiesonScott William Mathieson2006 to 2011
Doug MathisDouglas Alan Mathis2008 to 2010
Jeff MathisJeffrey Stephen Mathis2005 to 2020
Ron MathisRonald Vance Mathis1985 to 1987
Wyatt MathisenWyatt Lane Mathisen2020 to 2020
Jimmy MathisonJames Michael Ignatius Mathison1902 to 1902
John MatiasJohn Roy Matias1970 to 1970
Jon MatlackJonathan Trumpbour Matlack1971 to 1983
Phil MatonPhillip Louis Maton2017 to 2020
Francisco MatosFrancisco Aguirre (Mancebo) Matos1994 to 1994
Julius MatosJulius Matos2002 to 2003
Luis MatosLuis David Matos2000 to 2006
Osiris MatosOsiris G. Matos2008 to 2009
Pascual MatosPascual (Cuevas) Matos1999 to 1999
Dave MatrangaDavid Michael Matranga2003 to 2005
Hideki MatsuiHideki Matsui2003 to 2012
Kazuo MatsuiKazuo Matsui2004 to 2010
Daisuke MatsuzakaDaisuke Matsuzaka2007 to 2014
Al MatternAlonzo Albert Mattern1908 to 1912
Troy MattesTroy Walter Mattes2001 to 2001
C.V. MattesonClifford Virgil Matteson1884 to 1884
Eddie MattesonHenry Edson Matteson1914 to 1918
Ryan MattheusRyan Brent Mattheus2011 to 2015
Charles MatthewsCharles Matthews1891 to 1891
Gary Matthews Jr.Gary Nathaniel Matthews Jr.1999 to 2010
Gary MatthewsGary Nathaniel Matthews Sr.1972 to 1987
Joe MatthewsJohn Joseph Matthews1922 to 1922
Mike MatthewsMichael Scott Matthews2000 to 2005
Wid MatthewsWid Curry Matthews1923 to 1925
William MatthewsWilliam Calvin Matthews1909 to 1909
Dale MatthewsonDale Wesley Matthewson1943 to 1944
Steve MatthiasStephen J. Matthias1884 to 1884
Bobby MattickRobert James Mattick1938 to 1942
Wally MattickWalter Joseph Mattick1912 to 1918
Mike MattimoreMichael Joseph Mattimore1887 to 1890
Don MattinglyDonald Arthur Mattingly1982 to 1995
Earl MattinglyLaurence Earl Mattingly1931 to 1931
Ralph MattisRalph Mattis1914 to 1914
Kevin MattisonKevin Robert Mattison2012 to 2012
Cloy MattoxCloy Mitchell Mattox1929 to 1929
Jim MattoxJames Powell Mattox1922 to 1923
Rick MatulaRichard Carlton Matula1979 to 1981
Brian MatuszBrian Robert Matusz2009 to 2016
Len MatuszekLeonard James Matuszek1981 to 1987
Harry MatuzakHarry George Matuzak1934 to 1936
Steven MatzSteven Jakob Matz2015 to 2020
Tyler MatzekTyler Alexander Matzek2014 to 2020
Gene MauchGene William Mauch1944 to 1957
Hal MauckAlfred Maris Mauck1893 to 1893
Joe MauerJoseph Patrick Mauer2004 to 2018
Al MaulAlbert Joseph Maul1887 to 1901
Mark MauldinMarshall Reese Mauldin1934 to 1934
Ernie MaunErnest Gerald Maun1924 to 1926
Dick MauneyRichard Mauney1945 to 1947
Harry MaupinHarry Carr Maupin1898 to 1899
Brandon MaurerBrandon Eugene Maurer2013 to 2018
Dave MaurerDavid Charles Maurer2000 to 2004
Rob MaurerRobert John Maurer1991 to 1992
Ralph MaurielloRalph Mauriello1958 to 1958
Carmen MauroCarmen Louis Mauro1948 to 1953
Tim MauserTimothy Edward Mauser1991 to 1995
Bob MavisRobert Henry Mavis1949 to 1949
Brian MaxcyDavid Brian Maxcy1995 to 1996
Larry MaxieLarry Hans Maxie1969 to 1969
Dal MaxvillCharles Dallan Maxvill1962 to 1975
Bert MaxwellJames Albert Maxwell1906 to 1911
Bruce MaxwellBruce Tyrone Maxwell2016 to 2018
Charlie MaxwellCharles Richard Maxwell1950 to 1964
Jason MaxwellJason Ramond Maxwell1998 to 2001
Justin MaxwellJustin Adam Maxwell2007 to 2015
Buckshot MayWilliam Herbert May1924 to 1924
Carlos MayCarlos May1968 to 1977
Darrell MayDarrell Kevin May1995 to 2005
Dave MayDavid LaFrance May1967 to 1978
Derrick MayDerrick Brant May1990 to 1999
Dustin MayDustin Jake May2019 to 2020
Jacob MayJacob Alexander May2017 to 2017
Jakie MayFrank Spruiell May1917 to 1932
Jerry MayJerry Lee May1964 to 1973
Lee MayLee Andrew May1965 to 1982
Lucas MayLucas James May2010 to 2010
Milt MayMilton Scott May1970 to 1984
Pinky MayMerrill Glend May1939 to 1943
Rudy MayRudolph May1965 to 1983
Scott MayScott Francis May1988 to 1991
Trevor MayTrevor J. May2014 to 2020
Yunesky MayaYunesky Maya2010 to 2013
John Mayberry Jr.John Claiborn Mayberry Jr.2009 to 2015
John MayberryJohn Claiborn Mayberry1968 to 1982
Cameron MaybinCameron Keith Maybin2007 to 2020
Lee MayeArthur Lee Maye1959 to 1971
Ed MayerEdward H. Mayer1890 to 1891
Ed MayerEdwin David Mayer1957 to 1958
Erskine MayerJacob Erskine Mayer1912 to 1919
Sam MayerSamuel Frankel Mayer1915 to 1915
Wally MayerWalter A. Mayer1911 to 1919
Mike MayersMichael Christopher Mayers2016 to 2020
Paddy MayesAdair Bushyhead Mayes1911 to 1911
Jack MayfieldDavid Jack Mayfield2019 to 2020
Buster MaynardJames Walter Maynard1940 to 1946
Chick MaynardLeroy Evans Maynard1922 to 1922
Brent MayneBrent Danem Mayne1990 to 2004
Eddie MayoEdward Joseph Mayo1936 to 1948
Jackie MayoJohn Lewis Mayo1948 to 1953
Al MaysAlbert C. Mays1885 to 1890
Carl MaysCarl William Mays1915 to 1929
Joe MaysJoseph Emerson Mays1999 to 2006
Willie MaysWillie Howard Mays1951 to 1973
Matt MayseyMatthew Samuel Maysey1992 to 1993
Edwin MaysonetEdwin Maysonet2008 to 2012
Tim MayzaTimothy Gerard Mayza2017 to 2019
Luis MazaLuis Alberto Maza2008 to 2008
Nomar MazaraNomar Shamir (Jiminian) Mazara2016 to 2020
Bill MazeroskiWilliam Stanley Mazeroski1956 to 1972
Chris MazzaChris James Mazza2019 to 2020
Vin MazzaroVincent Michael Mazzaro2009 to 2016
Mel MazzeraMelvin Leonard Mazzera1935 to 1940
Lee MazzilliLee Louis Mazzilli1976 to 1989
Cory MazzoniCory Mitchell Mazzoni2015 to 2018
Jack McAdamsGeorge Decalve McAdams1911 to 1911
Bill McAfeeWilliam Fort McAfee1930 to 1934
Jimmy McAleerJames Robert McAleer1889 to 1907
Jack McAleeseJohn James McAleese1901 to 1909
Bill McAllesterWilliam Lusk McAllester1913 to 1913
Sport McAllisterLewis William McAllister1896 to 1903
Zach McAllisterZachary Taylor McAllister2011 to 2018
Ernie McAnallyErnest Lee McAnally1971 to 1974
Jim McAnanyJames McAnany1958 to 1962
Jamie McAndrewJames Brian McAndrew1995 to 1997
Jim McAndrewJames Clement McAndrew1968 to 1974
Paul McAnultyPaul Michael McAnulty2005 to 2010
Dixie McArthurOland Alexander McArthur1914 to 1914
Bub McAteeMichael James McAtee1871 to 1872
Ike McAuleyJames Earl McAuley1914 to 1925
Dick McAuliffeRichard John McAuliffe1960 to 1975
Gene McAuliffeEugene Leo McAuliffe1904 to 1904
George McAvoyGeorge Robert McAvoy1914 to 1914
Tom McAvoyThomas John McAvoy1959 to 1959
Wickey McAvoyJames Eugene McAvoy1913 to 1919
Al McBeanAlvin O'Neal McBean1961 to 1970
Pryor McBeePryor Edward McBee1926 to 1926
Marcus McBethMarcus Andre McBeth2007 to 2007
McBrideMcBride1890 to 1890
Algie McBrideAlgernon Griggs McBride1896 to 1901
Bake McBrideArnold Ray McBride1973 to 1983
Dick McBrideJohn Dickson McBride1871 to 1876
George McBrideGeorge Florian McBride1901 to 1920
Ken McBrideKenneth Faye McBride1959 to 1965
Macay McBrideJoseph Macay McBride2005 to 2007
Matt McBrideMatthew Hagerty McBride2012 to 2016
Pete McBridePeter William McBride1898 to 1899
Tom McBrideThomas Raymond McBride1943 to 1948
Ryan McBroomRyan P. McBroom2019 to 2020
Bill McCabeWilliam Francis McCabe1918 to 1920
Dick McCabeRichard James McCabe1918 to 1922
Joe McCabeJoseph Robert McCabe1964 to 1965
Ralph McCabeRalph Herbert McCabe1946 to 1946
Swat McCabeJames Arthur McCabe1909 to 1910
Tim McCabeTimothy J. McCabe1915 to 1918
McCafferyMcCaffery1885 to 1885
Harry McCafferyHarry Charles McCaffery1882 to 1883
Sparrow McCaffreyCharles P. McCaffrey1889 to 1889
Bill McCahanWilliam Glenn McCahan1946 to 1949
Brian McCallBrian Allen McCall1962 to 1963
Dutch McCallRobert Leonard McCall1948 to 1948
Larry McCallLarry Stephen McCall1977 to 1979
Windy McCallJohn William McCall1948 to 1957
Randy McCamentLarry Randall McCament1989 to 1990
Jack McCandlessScott Cook McCandless1914 to 1915
Brian McCannBrian Michael McCann2005 to 2019
Emmett McCannRobert Emmett McCann1920 to 1926
Gene McCannHenry Eugene McCann1901 to 1902
James McCannJames Thomas McCann2014 to 2020
Roger McCardellRoger Morton McCardell1959 to 1959
Bill McCarrenWilliam Joseph McCarren1923 to 1923
Alex McCarthyAlexander George McCarthy1910 to 1917
Arch McCarthyArchibald Joseph McCarthy1902 to 1902
Bill McCarthyWilliam John McCarthy1905 to 1907
Brandon McCarthyBrandon Patrick McCarthy2005 to 2018
Greg McCarthyGregory O'Neil McCarthy1996 to 1998
Jack McCarthyJohn Arthur McCarthy1893 to 1907
Jerry McCarthyJerome Francis McCarthy1948 to 1948
Joe McCarthyJoseph N. McCarthy1905 to 1906
Joe McCarthyJoseph Edward McCarthy2020 to 2020
Johnny McCarthyJohn Joseph McCarthy1934 to 1948
Kevin McCarthyKevin Edward McCarthy2016 to 2020
Tom McCarthyThomas Michael McCarthy1985 to 1989
Tom McCarthyThomas Patrick McCarthy1908 to 1909
Tommy McCarthyThomas Francis Michael McCarthy1885 to 1896
William McCarthyWilliam Thomas McCarthy1906 to 1906
Frank McCartonFrancis McCarton1872 to 1872
Dave McCartyDavid Andrew McCarty1993 to 2005
John McCartyJohn A. McCarty1889 to 1889
Lew McCartyGeorge Lewis McCarty1913 to 1921
Tim McCarverJames Timothy McCarver1959 to 1980
Kirk McCaskillKirk Edward McCaskill1985 to 1996
Steve McCattySteven Earl McCatty1977 to 1985
Al McCauleyAllen A. McCauley1884 to 1891
Bill McCauleyWilliam H. McCauley1895 to 1895
Jim McCauleyJames Adelbert McCauley1884 to 1886
Pat McCauleyPatrick F. McCauley1893 to 1903
Harry McChesneyHarry Vincent McChesney1904 to 1904
Joe McClainJoseph Fred McClain1961 to 1962
Reggie McClainReginald Kristen McClain2019 to 2020
Scott McClainScott Michael McClain1998 to 2008
Pete McClanahanRobert Hugh McClanahan1931 to 1931
Shane McClanahanShane McClanahan2020 to 2020
Bill McClellanWilliam Henry McClellan1878 to 1888
Harvey McClellanHarvey McDowell McClellan1919 to 1924
Kyle McClellanKyle William McClellan2008 to 2013
Paul McClellanPaul William McClellan1990 to 1991
Zach McClellanZachary Daniel McClellan2007 to 2007
Lloyd McClendonLloyd Glenn McClendon1987 to 1994
Michael McClendonMichael M. McClendon2010 to 2012
Jeff McCleskeyJefferson Lamar McCleskey1913 to 1913
McCloskeyMcCloskey1875 to 1875
Bill McCloskeyWilliam George McCloskey1884 to 1884
Jim McCloskeyJames Ellwood McCloskey1936 to 1936
John McCloskeyJames John McCloskey1906 to 1907
Seth McClungMichael Seth McClung2003 to 2009
Bob McClureRobert Craig McClure1975 to 1993
Hal McClureHarold Murray McClure1882 to 1882
Larry McClureLawrence Ledwith McClure1910 to 1910
Harry McCluskeyHarry Robert McCluskey1915 to 1915
Alex McCollAlexander Boyd McColl1933 to 1934
Ralph McConnaugheyRalph Jennison McConnaughey1914 to 1914
Amby McConnellAmbrose Moses McConnell1908 to 1911
George McConnellGeorge Neely McConnell1909 to 1916
Sam McConnellJohn Samuel McConnell2004 to 2004
Sam McConnellSamuel Faulkner McConnell1915 to 1915
Billy McCoolWilliam John McCool1964 to 1970
Don McCormackDonald Ross McCormack1980 to 1981
Barry McCormickWilliam J. McCormick1895 to 1904
Frank McCormickFrank Andrew McCormick1934 to 1948
Harry McCormickPatrick Henry McCormick1879 to 1883
Jerry McCormickJames J. McCormick1883 to 1883
Jim McCormickJames Ambrose McCormick1892 to 1892
Jim McCormickJames McCormick1878 to 1887
Mike McCormickMichael Francis McCormick1956 to 1971
Mike McCormickMichael J. McCormick1904 to 1904
Mike McCormickMyron Winthrop McCormick1940 to 1951
Moose McCormickHarry Elwood McCormick1904 to 1913
Bill McCorryWilliam Charles McCorry1909 to 1909
Barney McCoskyWilliam Barney McCosky1939 to 1953
Willie McCoveyWillie Lee McCovey1959 to 1980
Art McCoyArthur Gray McCoy1889 to 1889
Benny McCoyBenjamin Jenison McCoy1938 to 1941
Mike McCoyMichael H. McCoy2009 to 2012
Pat McCoyPatrick James McCoy2014 to 2014
Les McCrabbLester William McCrabb1939 to 1950
Quinton McCrackenQuinton Antoine McCracken1995 to 2006
Tommy McCrawTommy Lee McCraw1963 to 1975
Rodney McCrayRodney Duncan McCray1990 to 1992
Frank McCreaFrancis William McCrea1925 to 1925
Judge McCredieWalter Henry McCredie1903 to 1903
Adam McCreeryAdam Glenn McCreery2018 to 2018
Ed McCreeryEsley Porterfield McCreery1914 to 1914
Tom McCreeryThomas Livingston McCreery1895 to 1903
Bob McCroryRobert Glenn McCrory2008 to 2009
Frank McCueFrank Aloysius McCue1922 to 1922
Lance McCullersLance Graye McCullers1985 to 1992
Lance McCullersLance Graye, Jr. McCullers2015 to 2020
Charlie McCulloughCharles F. McCullough1890 to 1890
Clyde McCulloughClyde Edward McCullough1940 to 1956
Paul McCulloughPaul Willard McCullough1929 to 1929
Phil McCulloughPinson Lamar McCullough1942 to 1942
Harry McCurdyHarry Henry McCurdy1922 to 1934
Jeff McCurryJeffrey Dee McCurry1995 to 1999
Andrew McCutchenAndrew Stefan McCutchen2009 to 2020
Daniel McCutchenDaniel Thomas McCutchen2009 to 2014
Lindy McDanielLyndall Dale McDaniel1955 to 1975
Terry McDanielTerrence Keith McDaniel1991 to 1991
Von McDanielMax Von McDaniel1957 to 1958
Ray McDavidRay Darnell McDavid1994 to 1995
Joe McDermottJoseph McDermott1871 to 1872
Michael McDermottMichael H. McDermott1889 to 1889
Mickey McDermottMaurice Joseph McDermott1948 to 1961
Mike McDermottMichael Joseph McDermott1895 to 1897
Red McDermottFrank A. McDermott1912 to 1912
Sandy McDermottThomas Nathaniel McDermott1885 to 1885
Terry McDermottTerrance Michael McDermott1972 to 1972
Danny McDevittDaniel Eugene McDevitt1957 to 1962
Allen McDillAllen Gabriel McDill1997 to 2001
Ben McDonaldLarry Benard McDonald1989 to 1997
Darnell McDonaldDarnell Tyrone McDonald2004 to 2013
Dave McDonaldDavid Bruce McDonald1969 to 1971
Donzell McDonaldDonzell McDonald2001 to 2002
Ed McDonaldEdward Cyril McDonald1911 to 1913
Hank McDonaldHenry Monroe McDonald1931 to 1933
Jack McDonaldDaniel McDonald1872 to 1872
James McDonaldJames Zell McDonald2008 to 2013
Jason McDonaldJason Adam McDonald1997 to 2000
Jim McDonaldJames McDonald1902 to 1902
Jim McDonaldJames Augustus McDonald1884 to 1885
Jim McDonaldJimmie LeRoy McDonald1950 to 1958
Joe McDonaldMalcolm Joseph McDonald1910 to 1910
John McDonaldJohn Joseph McDonald1907 to 1907
John McDonaldJohn Joseph McDonald1999 to 2014
Keith McDonaldWilliam Keith McDonald2000 to 2001
Tex McDonaldCharles C. McDonald1912 to 1913
Jim McDonnellJames William McDonnell1943 to 1945
Ed McDonoughEdward Sebastian McDonough1909 to 1910
McDoolanMcDoolan1873 to 1873
Dewey McDougalJames H. McDougal1895 to 1896
Sandy McDougalJohn Auchanbolt McDougal1895 to 1905
Gil McDougaldGilbert James McDougald1951 to 1960
Marshall McDougallMarshall James McDougall2005 to 2005
Jack McDowellJack Burns McDowell1987 to 1999
Oddibe McDowellOddibe McDowell1985 to 1994
Roger McDowellRoger Alan McDowell1985 to 1996
Sam McDowellSamuel Edward McDowell1961 to 1975
Chuck McElroyCharles Dwayne McElroy1989 to 2001
Jim McElroyJames D. McElroy1884 to 1884
Pryor McElveenPryor Mynatt McElveen1909 to 1911
Lee McElweeLeland Stanford McElwee1916 to 1916
Frank McElyeaFrank McElyea1942 to 1942
Will McEnaneyWilliam Henry McEnaney1974 to 1979
Lou McEvoyLouis Anthony McEvoy1930 to 1931
Joe McEwingJoseph Earl McEwing1998 to 2006
Barney McFaddenBernard Joseph McFadden1901 to 1902
Guy McFaddenGuy G. McFadden1895 to 1895
Leon McFaddenLeon McFadden1968 to 1970
Alex McFarlanAlexander Shepard McFarlan1892 to 1892
Dan McFarlanAnderson Daniel McFarlan1895 to 1899
Chappie McFarlandCharles A. McFarland1902 to 1906
Chris McFarlandChristopher McFarland1884 to 1884
Ed McFarlandEdward William McFarland1893 to 1908
Herm McFarlandHermas Walter McFarland1896 to 1903
Howie McFarlandHoward Alexander McFarland1945 to 1945
Monte McFarlandLamont Amos McFarland1895 to 1896
T.J. McFarlandTimothy J. McFarland2013 to 2020
Orlando McFarlaneOrlando de Jesus (Quesada) McFarlane1962 to 1968
Jack McFetridgeJohn Reed McFetridge1890 to 1903
Andy McGaffiganAndrew Joseph McGaffigan1981 to 1991
Patsy McGaffiganMark Andrew McGaffigan1917 to 1918
Eddie McGahEdward Joseph McGah1946 to 1947
Ambrose McGannAmbrose J. McGann1895 to 1895
Dan McGannDennis Lawrence McGann1896 to 1908
Chippy McGarrJames B. McGarr1886 to 1896
Jim McGarrJames Vincent McGarr1912 to 1912
Dan McGarveyDaniel Francis McGarvey1912 to 1912
Jack McGeacheyJohn Charles McGeachey1886 to 1891
Mike McGearyMichael Henry McGeary1871 to 1882
Bill McGeeWilliam Henry McGee1935 to 1942
Dan McGeeDaniel Aloysius McGee1934 to 1934
Frank McGeeFrancis D. McGee1925 to 1925
Jake McGeeJacob Daniel McGee2010 to 2020
Pat McGeePatrick McGee1874 to 1875
Willie McGeeWillie Dean McGee1982 to 1999
Connie McGeehanCornelius Bernard McGeehan1903 to 1903
Dan McGeehanDaniel DeSales McGeehan1911 to 1911
Casey McGeheeCasey Michael McGehee2008 to 2016
Kevin McGeheeGeorge Kevin McGehee1993 to 1993
Pat McGeheePatrick Henry McGehee1912 to 1912
Bill McGheeWilliam Mac McGhee1944 to 1945
Ed McGheeWarren Edward McGhee1950 to 1955
Randy McGilberryRandall Kent McGilberry1977 to 1978
Bill McGillWilliam Jacob McGill1907 to 1907
Willie McGillWilliam Vaness McGill1891 to 1896
John McGillenJohn Joseph McGillen1944 to 1944
Bill McGilvrayWilliam Alexander McGilvray1908 to 1908
Jim McGinleyJames William McGinley1904 to 1905
Tim McGinleyTimothy S. McGinley1875 to 1876
Dan McGinnDaniel Michael McGinn1968 to 1972
Frank McGinnFrank J. McGinn1890 to 1890
Gus McGinnisGus McGinnis1893 to 1893
Jumbo McGinnisGeorge Washington McGinnis1882 to 1887
Russ McGinnisRussell Brent McGinnis1992 to 1995
Joe McGinnityJoseph Jerome McGinnity1899 to 1908
Kevin McGlinchyKevin Michael McGlinchy1999 to 2000
John McGloneJohn T. McGlone1886 to 1888
Lynn McGlothenLynn Everett McGlothen1972 to 1982
Pat McGlothinEzra Mac McGlothin1949 to 1950
Jim McGlothlinJames Milton McGlothlin1965 to 1973
Stoney McGlynnUlysses Simpson Grant McGlynn1906 to 1908
Scott McGoughScott Thomas McGough2015 to 2015
Art McGovernArthur John McGovern1905 to 1905
Beauty McGowanFrank Bernard McGowan1922 to 1937
Dustin McGowanDustin Michael McGowan2005 to 2017
Kevin McGowanKevin Michael McGowan2017 to 2017
Mickey McGowanTullis Earl McGowan1948 to 1948
Kyle McGowinKyle Keston McGowin2018 to 2020
Howard McGranerHoward McGraner1912 to 1912
Kyle McGrathKyle Daniel McGrath2017 to 2018
Bob McGrawRobert Emmett McGraw1917 to 1929
John McGrawJohn McGraw1914 to 1914
John McGrawJohn Joseph McGraw1891 to 1906
Tom McGrawThomas Virgil McGraw1997 to 1997
Tug McGrawFrank Edwin McGraw1965 to 1984
Scott McGregorScott Houston McGregor1976 to 1988
Slim McGrewWalter Howard McGrew1922 to 1924
Fred McGriffFrederick Stanley McGriff1986 to 2004
Terry McGriffTerence Roy McGriff1987 to 1994
Mark McGrillisMark Anthony McGrillis1892 to 1892
Joe McGuckinJoseph W. McGuckin1890 to 1890
Chris McGuinessChristopher Ryan McGuiness2013 to 2013
John McGuinnessJohn J. McGuinness1876 to 1879
McGuireMcGuire1894 to 1894
Bill McGuireWilliam Patrick McGuire1988 to 1989
Deacon McGuireJames Thomas McGuire1884 to 1912
Deck McGuireWilliam Deck McGuire2017 to 2018
Jim McGuireJames A. McGuire1901 to 1901
Mickey McGuireMickey C. McGuire1962 to 1967
Reese McGuireReese Jackson McGuire2018 to 2020
Ryan McGuireRyan Byron McGuire1997 to 2002
Tom McGuireThomas Patrick McGuire1919 to 1919
Bill McGunnigleWilliam Henry McGunnigle1879 to 1882
Mark McGwireMark David McGwire1986 to 2001
Bob McHaleRobert Emmet McHale1898 to 1898
Jim McHaleJames Bernard McHale1908 to 1908
John McHaleJohn Joseph McHale1943 to 1948
Marty McHaleMartin Joseph McHale1910 to 1916
Austin McHenryAustin Bush McHenry1918 to 1922
Vance McHenryVance Loren McHenry1981 to 1982
Collin McHughCollin Alexander McHugh2012 to 2019
Vance McIlreeVance Elmer McIlree1921 to 1921
Irish McIlveenHenry Cooke McIlveen1906 to 1909
Stover McIlwainStover William McIlwain1957 to 1958
Stuffy McInnisJohn Phalen McInnis1909 to 1927
Harry McIntireJohn Reid McIntire1905 to 1913
Joe McIntoshJoseph Anthony McIntosh1974 to 1975
Tim McIntoshTimothy Allen McIntosh1990 to 1996
Frank McIntyreFrank W. McIntyre1883 to 1883
Matty McIntyreMatthew Martin McIntyre1901 to 1912
Otto McIvorEdward Otto McIvor1911 to 1911
Doc McJamesJames McCutchen McJames1895 to 1901
Archie McKainArchie Richard McKain1937 to 1943
Hal McKainHarold Leroy McKain1927 to 1932
Brendan McKayBrendan Joel McKay2019 to 2019
Cody McKayCody Dean McKay2002 to 2004
Dave McKayDavid Lawrence McKay1975 to 1982
David McKayDavid McKay2019 to 2020
Reeve McKayReeve Stewart McKay1915 to 1915
Ed McKeanEdwin John McKean1887 to 1899
Bill McKechnieWilliam Boyd McKechnie1907 to 1920
Frank McKeeFrank McKee1884 to 1884
Jim McKeeJames Marion McKee1972 to 1973
Red McKeeRaymond Ellis McKee1913 to 1916
Rogers McKeeRogers Hornsby McKee1943 to 1944
Walt McKeelWalter Thomas McKeel1996 to 2002
Jim McKeeverJames McKeever1884 to 1884
Tim McKeithanEmmett James McKeithan1932 to 1934
John McKelveyJohn Wellington McKelvey1875 to 1875
Russ McKelvyRussell Errett McKelvy1878 to 1882
Ed McKennaEdward J. McKenna1874 to 1877
Kit McKennaJames William McKenna1898 to 1899
Limb McKenryFrank Gordon McKenry1915 to 1916
Michael McKenryMichael Charles McKenry2010 to 2016
Triston McKenzieTriston Andrew McKenzie2020 to 2020
Joel McKeonJoel Jacob McKeon1986 to 1987
Larry McKeonLawrence G. McKeon1884 to 1886
Dave McKeoughDavid J. McKeough1890 to 1891
Billy McKinneyWilliam Landis McKinney2018 to 2020
Bob McKinneyRobert Francis McKinney1901 to 1901
Rich McKinneyCharles Richard McKinney1970 to 1977
Alex McKinnonAlexander J. McKinnon1884 to 1887
Zach McKinstryZachary McKinstry2020 to 2020
Andrew McKirahanAndrew David McKirahan2015 to 2015
Jeff McKnightJefferson Alan McKnight1989 to 1994
Jim McKnightJames Arthur McKnight1960 to 1962
Tony McKnightTony Mark McKnight2000 to 2001
Denny McLainDennis Dale McLain1963 to 1972
Ed McLaneEdward Cameron McLane1907 to 1907
Art McLarneyArthur James McLarney1932 to 1932
Polly McLarryHoward Zell McLarry1912 to 1915
Barney McLaughlinBernard McLaughlin1887 to 1890
Bo McLaughlinMichael Duane McLaughlin1976 to 1982
Byron McLaughlinByron Scott McLaughlin1977 to 1983
Frank McLaughlinFrancis Edward McLaughlin1882 to 1883
Jim McLaughlinJames Robert McLaughlin1932 to 1932
Jim McLaughlinJames Thomas McLaughlin1884 to 1884
Joey McLaughlinJoey Richard McLaughlin1977 to 1984
Jud McLaughlinJustin Theodore McLaughlin1931 to 1933
Kid McLaughlinJames Anson McLaughlin1914 to 1914
Pat McLaughlinPatrick Elmer McLaughlin1937 to 1945
Tom McLaughlinThomas McLaughlin1883 to 1891
Warren McLaughlinWarren A. McLaughlin1900 to 1903
William McLaughlinWilliam McLaughlin1884 to 1884
Ralph McLaurinRalph Edgar McLaurin1908 to 1908
Al McLeanAlbert Eldon McLean1935 to 1935
Larry McLeanJohn Bannerman McLean1901 to 1915
Marty McLearyMarty Lee McLeary2004 to 2007
Wayne McLelandWayne Gaffney McLeland1951 to 1952
Mark McLemoreMark Steven McLemore2007 to 2007
Mark McLemoreMark Tremell McLemore1986 to 2004
Jim McLeodSoule James McLeod1930 to 1933
Ralph McLeodRalph Alton McLeod1938 to 1938
Cal McLishCalvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish1944 to 1964
Nate McLouthNathan Richard McLouth2005 to 2014
Sam McMackinSamuel McMackin1902 to 1902
Jack McMahanJack Wally McMahan1956 to 1956
Doc McMahonHenry John McMahon1908 to 1908
Don McMahonDonald John McMahon1957 to 1974
Jack McMahonJohn Henry McMahon1892 to 1893
Ryan McMahonRyan Patrick McMahon2017 to 2020
Sadie McMahonJohn Joseph McMahon1889 to 1897
John McMakinJohn Weaver McMakin1902 to 1902
Frank McManusFrancis E. McManus1899 to 1904
Jim McManusJames Michael McManus1960 to 1960
Joe McManusJoab Logan McManus1913 to 1913
Marty McManusMartin Joseph McManus1920 to 1934
Pat McManusPatrick A. McManus1879 to 1879
Jimmy McMathJimmy Lee McMath1968 to 1968
Greg McMichaelGregory Winston McMichael1993 to 2000
George McMillanGeorge A. McMillan1890 to 1890
Norm McMillanNorman Alexis McMillan1922 to 1929
Roy McMillanRoy David McMillan1951 to 1966
Tom McMillanThomas Erwin McMillan1977 to 1977
Tommy McMillanThomas Law McMillan1908 to 1912
Billy McMillonWilliam Edward McMillon1996 to 2004
George McMullenGeorge McMullen1887 to 1887
Hugh McMullenHugh Raphael McMullen1925 to 1929
Ken McMullenKenneth Lee McMullen1962 to 1977
Fred McMullinFred Drury McMullin1914 to 1920
John McMullinJohn F. McMullin1871 to 1875
Craig McMurtryJoe Craig McMurtry1983 to 1995
Carl McNabbCarl Mack McNabb1945 to 1945
Edgar McNabbEdgar J. McNabb1893 to 1893
Eric McNairDonald Eric McNair1929 to 1942
Dave McNallyDavid Arthur McNally1962 to 1975
Mike McNallyMichael Joseph McNally1915 to 1925
Bob McNamaraRobert Maxey McNamara1939 to 1939
Dinny McNamaraJohn Raymond McNamara1927 to 1928
George McNamaraGeorge Francis McNamara1922 to 1922
Jim McNamaraJames Patrick McNamara1992 to 1993
Tim McNamaraTimothy Augustine McNamara1922 to 1926
Tom McNamaraThomas Henry McNamara1922 to 1922
Gordon McNaughtonGordon Joseph McNaughton1932 to 1932
Harry McNealJohn Harley McNeal1901 to 1901
Rusty McNealyRobert Lee McNealy1983 to 1983
Earl McNeelyGeorge Earl McNeely1924 to 1931
Jeff McNeelyJeffrey Lavern McNeely1993 to 1993
Jeff McNeilJeff McNeil2018 to 2020
Norm McNeilNorman Francis McNeil1919 to 1919
Jerry McNertneyGerald Edward McNertney1964 to 1973
Brian McNicholBrian David McNichol1999 to 1999
Ed McNicholEdwin Briggs McNichol1904 to 1904
Bill McNultyWilliam Francis McNulty1969 to 1972
Pat McNultyPatrick Howard McNulty1922 to 1927
Frank McPartlinFrank McPartlin1899 to 1899
Bid McPheeJohn Alexander McPhee1882 to 1899
Dallas McPhersonDallas Lyle McPherson2004 to 2011
John McPhersonJohn Jacob McPherson1901 to 1904
Kyle McPhersonKyle Landon McPherson2012 to 2012
Herb McQuaidHerbert George McQuaid1923 to 1926
Mart McQuaidMortimer Martin McQuaid1891 to 1898
Jerry McQuaigGerald Joseph McQuaig1934 to 1934
Mike McQueenMichael Robert McQueen1969 to 1974
Mox McQueryWilliam Thomas McQuery1885 to 1891
George McQuillanGeorge Watt McQuillan1907 to 1918
Hugh McQuillanHugh A. McQuillan1918 to 1927
Glenn McQuillenGlenn Richard McQuillen1938 to 1947
George McQuinnGeorge Hartley McQuinn1936 to 1948
Alex McRaeAlex James McRae2018 to 2020
Brian McRaeBrian Wesley McRae1990 to 1999
Hal McRaeHarold Abraham McRae1968 to 1987
Norm McRaeNorman McRae1969 to 1970
McRemerMcRemer1884 to 1884
Kevin McReynoldsWalter Kevin McReynolds1983 to 1994
Pete McShannicPeter Robert McShannic1888 to 1888
Trick McSorleyJohn Bernard McSorley1875 to 1886
Paul McSweeneyPaul A. McSweeney1891 to 1891
Jim McTamanyJames Edward McTamany1885 to 1891
Bill McTigueWilliam Patrick McTigue1911 to 1916
Cal McVeyCalvin Alexander McVey1871 to 1879
George McVeyGeorge W. McVey1885 to 1885
Doug McWeenyDouglas Lawrence McWeeny1921 to 1930
Bill McWilliamsWilliam Henry McWilliams1931 to 1931
Larry McWilliamsLarry Dean McWilliams1978 to 1990
Bob MeachamRobert Andrew Meacham1983 to 1988
Rusty MeachamRussell Loren Meacham1991 to 2001
Charlie MeadCharles Richard Mead1943 to 1945
Johnny MeadorJohn Davis Meador1920 to 1920
Austin MeadowsAustin Wade Meadows2018 to 2020
Brian MeadowsMatthew Brian Meadows1998 to 2006
Lee MeadowsHenry Lee Meadows1915 to 1929
Louie MeadowsMichael Ray Meadows1986 to 1990
Rufus MeadowsRufus Rivers Meadows1926 to 1926
Dave MeadsDavid Donald Meads1987 to 1988
George MeakimGeorge Clinton Meakim1890 to 1895
John MeansJohn Alan Means2018 to 2020
Charlie MearaCharles Edward Meara1914 to 1914
Pat MearesPatrick James Meares1993 to 2001
Chris MearsChristopher Peter Mears2003 to 2003
Nick MearsNicolaus Tanner Mears2020 to 2020
Gil MecheGilbert Allen Meche1999 to 2010
Jim MecirJames Jason Mecir1995 to 2005
Brandon MeddersBrandon Edward Medders2005 to 2010
Ray MedeirosRay Antone Medeiros1945 to 1945
Tommy MedicaThomas Anthony Medica2013 to 2014
Doc MedichGeorge Francis Medich1972 to 1982
Adonis MedinaAdonis Medina2020 to 2020
Luis MedinaLuis Main Medina1988 to 1991
Rafael MedinaRafael Eduardo Medina1998 to 1999
Yoervis MedinaYoervis Jose Medina2013 to 2015
Kris MedlenKristopher A. Medlen2009 to 2018
Irv MedlingerIrving John Medlinger1949 to 1951
Scott MedvinScott Howard Medvin1988 to 1990
Joe MedwickJoseph Michael Medwick1932 to 1948
Tommy MeeThomas William Mee1910 to 1910
Pete MeeganPeter James Meegan1884 to 1885
Bill MeehanWilliam Thomas Meehan1915 to 1915
Dad MeekFrank J. Meek1889 to 1890
Evan MeekEvan David Meek2008 to 2014
Roy MeekerCharles Roy Meeker1923 to 1926
Jouett MeekinGeorge Jouett Meekin1891 to 1900
Sammy MeeksSamuel Mack Meeks1948 to 1951
Phil MeelerCharles Philip Meeler1972 to 1972
Russ MeersRussell Harlan Meers1941 to 1947
Dave MeierDavid Keith Meier1984 to 1988
Dutch MeierArthur Ernst Meier1906 to 1906
Heinie MeineHenry William Meine1922 to 1934
Walt MeinertWalter Henry Meinert1913 to 1913
Bob MeinkeRobert Bernard Meinke1910 to 1910
Frank MeinkeFrank Louis Meinke1884 to 1885
Ryan MeisingerRyan Thomas Meisinger2018 to 2020
George MeisterGeorge B. Meister1884 to 1884
John MeisterJohn F. Meister1886 to 1887
Karl MeisterKarl Daniel Meister1913 to 1913
Moxie MeixellMerton Merrill Meixell1912 to 1912
Adalberto MejiaAdalberto Mejia2016 to 2019
Alex MejiaAlejandro DeJesus Mejia2017 to 2017
Erick MejiaErick Augusto Mejia2019 to 2020
Francisco MejiaFrancisco Jose Mejia2017 to 2020
Humberto MejiaHumberto Albert Mejia2020 to 2020
Jenrry MejiaJenrry Manuel Mejia2010 to 2015
Miguel MejiaMiguel Mejia1996 to 1996
Roberto MejiaRoberto Antonio (Diaz) Mejia1993 to 1997
Roman MejiasRoman (Gomez) Mejias1955 to 1964
Sam MejiasSamuel Elias Mejias1976 to 1981
Seth Mejias-BreanSeth Wayne Mejias-Brean2019 to 2019
Mark MelanconMark D. Melancon2009 to 2020
Dutch MeleAlbert Ernest Mele1937 to 1937
Sam MeleSabath Anthony Mele1947 to 1956
Francisco MelendezFrancisco Javier (Villegas) Melendez1984 to 1989
Jose MelendezJose Luis (Garcia) Melendez1990 to 1994
Luis MelendezLuis Antonio (Santana) Melendez1970 to 1977
Adam MelhuseAdam Michael Melhuse2000 to 2008
Kevin MelilloKevin Michael Melillo2007 to 2007
Ski MelilloOscar Donald Melillo1926 to 1937
Keury MellaKeury Mella2017 to 2020
Joe MellanaJoseph Peter Mellana1927 to 1927
Bill MellorWilliam Harpin Mellor1902 to 1902
Juan MeloJuan Esteban Melo2000 to 2000
Jonathan MeloanJonathan Michael Meloan2007 to 2009
Paul MeloanPaul B. Meloan1910 to 1911
Steve MelterStephen Blasius Melter1909 to 1909
Bill MeltonWilliam Edwin Melton1968 to 1977
Cliff MeltonClifford George Melton1937 to 1944
Dave MeltonDavid Olin Melton1956 to 1958
Rube MeltonReuben Franklin Melton1941 to 1947
Mitch MeluskeyMitchell Wade Meluskey1998 to 2003
Tim MelvilleTimothy Macgill Melville2016 to 2019
Bob MelvinRobert Paul Melvin1985 to 1994
Kevin MenchKevin Ford Mench2002 to 2010
Adalberto MendezAdalberto Mendez2010 to 2010
Carlos MendezCarlos Alberto (Castillo) Mendez2003 to 2003
Donaldo MendezDonaldo Alfonso Mendez2001 to 2003
Roman MendezRoman Junior (Perez) Mendez2014 to 2015
Yohander MendezYohander Manuel (Ortega) Mendez2016 to 2019
Danny MendickDaniel Mendick2019 to 2020
Carlos MendozaCarlos Ramon Mendoza1997 to 2000
Luis MendozaLuis Alonso (Rodriguez) Mendoza2007 to 2013
Mario MendozaMario (Aizpuru) Mendoza1974 to 1982
Mike MendozaMichael Joseph Mendoza1979 to 1979
Minnie MendozaCristobal Rigoberto (Carreras) Mendoza1970 to 1970
Ramiro MendozaRamiro Mendoza1996 to 2005
Frank MenechinoFrank Menechino1999 to 2005
Jock MenefeeJohn Menefee1892 to 1903
Tony MenendezAntonio Gustavo (Remon) Menendez1992 to 1994
Conner MenezConner Scott Menez2019 to 2020
Daniel MengdenDaniel Joseph Mengden2016 to 2020
Paul MenhartPaul Gerard Menhart1995 to 1997
Denis MenkeDenis John Menke1962 to 1974
Mike MenoskyMichael William Menosky1916 to 1923
Ed MensorEdward Mensor1912 to 1914
Ted MenzeTheodore Charles Menze1918 to 1918
Mike MeolaEmile Michael Meola1933 to 1936
Rudy MeoliRudolph Bartholomew Meoli1971 to 1979
Hector MercadoHector Luis Mercado2000 to 2003
Orlando MercadoOrlando (Rodriguez) Mercado1982 to 1990
Oscar MercadoOscar M. Mercado2019 to 2020
Orlando MercedOrlando Luis (Villanueva) Merced1990 to 2003
Henry MercedesHenry Felipe (Perez) Mercedes1992 to 1997
Jose MercedesJose Miguel (Santana) Mercedes1994 to 2003
Luis MercedesLuis Roberto (Santana) Mercedes1991 to 1993
Melvin MercedesMelvin Mercedes2014 to 2014
Yermin MercedesYermin Francisco Mercedes2020 to 2020
Jack MercerHarry Vernon Mercer1910 to 1910
John MercerJohn Locke Mercer1912 to 1912
Jordy MercerJordy Joe Mercer2012 to 2020
Mark MercerMark Kenneth Mercer1981 to 1981
Win MercerGeorge Barclay Mercer1894 to 1902
Andy MerchantJames Anderson Merchant1975 to 1976
Kent MerckerKent Franklin Mercker1989 to 2008
Cla MeredithOlise Claiborne Meredith III2005 to 2010
Spike MerenaJohn Joseph Merena1934 to 1934
Art MerewetherArthur Francis Merewether1922 to 1922
Ron MeridithRonald Knox Meridith1984 to 1987
Fred MerkleCarl Frederick Rudolf Merkle1907 to 1926
Lou MerloniLouis William Merloni1998 to 2006
Whit MerrifieldWhitley David Merrifield2016 to 2020
Ed MerrillEdward Mason Merrill1882 to 1884
Brett MerrimanBrett Alan Merriman1993 to 1994
Lloyd MerrimanLloyd Archer Merriman1949 to 1955
Bill MerrittWilliam Henry Merritt1891 to 1899
George MerrittGeorge Washington Merritt1901 to 1903
Herm MerrittHerman G. Merritt1921 to 1921
Jim MerrittJames Joseph Merritt1965 to 1975
John MerrittJohn Howard Merritt1913 to 1913
Lloyd MerrittLloyd Wesley Merritt1957 to 1957
Ryan MerrittRyan Adam Merritt2016 to 2017
Julian MerryweatherJulian Christopher Merryweather2020 to 2020
Jack MersonJohn Warren Merson1951 to 1953
Sam MertesSamuel Blair Mertes1896 to 1906
Jim MertzJames Verlin Mertz1943 to 1943
Lennie MerulloLeonard Richard Merullo1941 to 1947
Matt MerulloMatthew Bates Merullo1989 to 1995
Jose MesaJose Ramon Nova Mesa1987 to 2007
Melky MesaMelquisedec Mesa2012 to 2013
Steve MesnerStephen Mathias Mesner1938 to 1945
Devin MesoracoDevin Douglas Mesoraco2011 to 2018
Bobby MessengerCharles Walter Messenger1909 to 1914
Bud MessengerAndrew Warren Messenger1924 to 1924
Randy MessengerRandall Jerome Messenger2005 to 2009
Andy MessersmithJohn Alexander Messersmith1968 to 1979
Tom MessittThomas John Messitt1899 to 1899
Tom MetcalfThomas John Metcalf1963 to 1963
Travis MetcalfTravis A. Metcalf2007 to 2008
Alfred MetcalfeAlfred Tristram Metcalfe1875 to 1875
Mike MetcalfeMichael Henry Metcalfe1998 to 2000
Scat MethaFrank Joseph Metha1940 to 1940
Bud MethenyArthur Beauregard Metheny1943 to 1946
Dewey MetivierGeorge Dewey Metivier1922 to 1924
George MetkovichGeorge Michael Metkovich1943 to 1954
Charlie MetroCharles Metro1943 to 1945
Lenny MetzLeonard Ray Metz1923 to 1925
Butch MetzgerClarence Edward Metzger1974 to 1978
Roger MetzgerRoger Henry Metzger1970 to 1980
William MetzigWilliam Andrew Metzig1944 to 1944
Alex MetzlerAlexander Metzler1925 to 1930
Hensley MeulensHensley Filemon Acasio Meulens1989 to 1998
Bob MeuselRobert William Meusel1920 to 1930
Irish MeuselEmil Frederick Meusel1914 to 1927
Alex MeyerAlex John Meyer2015 to 2017
Ben MeyerBenjamin K. Meyer2018 to 2018
Benny MeyerBernhard Meyer1913 to 1925
Billy MeyerWilliam Adam Meyer1913 to 1917
Bob MeyerRobert Bernard Meyer1964 to 1970
Brian MeyerBrian Scott Meyer1988 to 1990
Dan MeyerDaniel Thomas Meyer1974 to 1985
Dan MeyerDaniel Livingston Meyer2004 to 2010
Drew MeyerDrew Edward Meyer2006 to 2006
Dutch MeyerLambert Daniel Meyer1937 to 1946
George MeyerGeorge Francis Meyer1938 to 1938
Jack MeyerJohn Robert Meyer1955 to 1961
Joey MeyerTanner Joe Meyer1988 to 1989
Leo MeyerLeo Meyer1909 to 1909
Russ MeyerRussell Charles Meyer1946 to 1959
Scott MeyerScott William Meyer1978 to 1978
Levi MeyerleLevi Samuel Meyerle1871 to 1877
Chad MeyersChad William Meyers1999 to 2003
Chief MeyersJohn Tortes Meyers1909 to 1917
Henry MeyersHenry L. Meyers1890 to 1890
Lou MeyersLewis Henry Meyers1884 to 1884
Bart MiadichJohn Barton Miadich2001 to 2003
Dan MiceliDaniel Miceli1993 to 2006
Mickey MicelottaRobert Peter Micelotta1954 to 1955
Gene MichaelEugene Richard Michael1966 to 1975
Cass MichaelsCasimir Eugene Michaels1943 to 1954
Jason MichaelsJason Drew Michaels2001 to 2011
John MichaelsJohn Joseph Michaels1932 to 1932
Ralph MichaelsRalph Joseph Michaels1924 to 1926
John MichaelsonJohn August Michaelson1921 to 1921
Chris MichalakChristian Matthew Michalak1998 to 2006
Ed MickelsonEdward Allen Mickelson1950 to 1957
Glenn MickensGlenn Roger Mickens1953 to 1953
Kam MickolioKameron Kraig Mickolio2008 to 2011
Jason MiddlebrookJason Douglas Middlebrook2001 to 2003
Will MiddlebrooksWilliam Scott Middlebrooks2012 to 2017
Jim MiddletonJames Blaine Middleton1917 to 1921
John MiddletonJohn Wayne Middleton1922 to 1922
Keynan MiddletonKeynan Anthony Middleton2017 to 2020
Dick MidkiffRichard James Midkiff1938 to 1938
Ezra MidkiffEzra Millington Midkiff1909 to 1913
Gary MielkeGary Roger Mielke1987 to 1990
Doug MientkiewiczDouglas Andrew Mientkiewicz1998 to 2009
Ed MierkowiczEdward Frank Mierkowicz1945 to 1950
Matt MieskeMatthew Todd Mieske1993 to 2000
Larry MigginsLawrence Edward Miggins1948 to 1952
John MihalicJohn Michael Mihalic1935 to 1937
Jose MijaresJose Manuel Mijares2008 to 2013
Pete MikkelsenPeter James Mikkelsen1964 to 1972
Hank MiklosJohn Joseph Miklos1944 to 1944
Miles MikolasMiles Tice Mikolas2012 to 2019
Eddie MiksisEdward Thomas Miksis1944 to 1958
Bob MilackiRobert Milacki1988 to 1996
Clyde MilanJesse Clyde Milan1907 to 1922
Horace MilanHorace Robert Milan1915 to 1917
Larry MilbourneLawrence William Milbourne1974 to 1984
Mike MilchinMichael Wayne Milchin1996 to 1996
Aaron MilesAaron Wade Miles2003 to 2011
Carl MilesCarl Thomas Miles1940 to 1940
Dee MilesWilson Daniel Miles1935 to 1943
Don MilesDonald Ray Miles1958 to 1958
Jim MilesJames Charlie Miles1968 to 1969
Mike MileyMichael Wilfred Miley1975 to 1976
Wade MileyWade A. Miley2011 to 2020
Sam MilitelloSam Salvatore Militello1992 to 1993
Johnny MiljusJohn Kenneth Miljus1917 to 1929
Felix MillanFelix Bernardo (Martinez) Millan1966 to 1977
Kevin MillarKevin Charles Millar1998 to 2009
Frank MillardFrank E. Millard1890 to 1890
Lastings MilledgeLastings Darnell Milledge2006 to 2011
Adam MillerAdam Wayne Miller2016 to 2019
Andrew MillerAndrew Mark Miller2006 to 2020
Bert MillerHerbert A. Miller1897 to 1897
Bill MillerWilliam Paul Miller1952 to 1955
Bill MillerWilliam Francis Miller1937 to 1937
Bill MillerWilliam Alexander Miller1902 to 1902
Bing MillerEdmund John Miller1921 to 1936
Bob MillerRobert W. Miller1890 to 1891
Bob MillerRobert Lane Miller1957 to 1974
Bob MillerRobert John Miller1949 to 1958
Bob MillerRobert Gerald Miller1953 to 1962
Brad MillerBradley Austin Miller2013 to 2020
Bruce MillerCharles Bruce Miller1973 to 1976
Charlie MillerCharles Elmer Miller1912 to 1912
Charlie MillerCharles Hess Miller1915 to 1915
Chuck MillerCharles Marion Miller1913 to 1914
Corky MillerAbraham Philip Miller2001 to 2013
Cyclone MillerJoseph H. Miller1884 to 1886
Damian MillerDamian Donald Miller1997 to 2007
Darrell MillerDarrell Keith Miller1984 to 1988
Doc MillerRoy Oscar Miller1910 to 1914
Doggie MillerGeorge Frederick Miller1884 to 1896
Dots MillerJohn Barney Miller1909 to 1921
Dusty MillerCharles Bradley Miller1889 to 1899
Dusty MillerDakin Evans Miller1902 to 1902
Dyar MillerDyar K Miller1975 to 1981
Ed MillerEdwin Collins Miller1912 to 1918
Ed MillerL. Edward Miller1884 to 1884
Eddie MillerEdward Lee Miller1977 to 1984
Eddie MillerEdward Robert Miller1936 to 1950
Elmer MillerElmer Joseph Miller1929 to 1929
Elmer MillerElmer Miller1912 to 1922
Frank MillerFrank Lee Miller1913 to 1923
Fred MillerFrederick Holman Miller1910 to 1910
George MillerGeorge C. Miller1877 to 1884
Hack MillerLaurence H. Miller1916 to 1925
Hack MillerJames Eldridge Miller1944 to 1945
Hughie MillerHugh Stanley Miller1911 to 1911
Ian MillerIan Andrew Miller2019 to 2020
Jai MillerRandall Jai Miller2008 to 2011
Jake MillerJacob George Miller1922 to 1922
Jake MillerWalter Miller1924 to 1933
Jason MillerJason Douglas Miller2007 to 2007
Jim MillerJames McCurdy Miller1901 to 1901
Jim MillerJames Matthew Miller2008 to 2014
Joe MillerJoseph A. Miller1884 to 1885
Joe MillerJoseph Wick Miller1872 to 1875
John MillerJohn Allen Miller1966 to 1969
John MillerJohn Ernest Miller1962 to 1967
Justin MillerJustin Mark Miller2002 to 2010
Justin MillerJustin Ryan Miller2014 to 2019
Keith MillerNeal Keith Miller1988 to 1989
Keith MillerKeith Alan Miller1987 to 1995
Kohly MillerFrank Aloyvisous Miller1892 to 1897
Kurt MillerKurt Everett Miller1994 to 1999
Larry MillerLarry Don Miller1964 to 1966
Lemmie MillerLemmie Earl Miller1984 to 1984
Matt MillerMatt Jacob Miller2003 to 2007
Matt MillerMatthew Lincoln Miller2001 to 2002
Mike MillerMichael Ryan Miller2016 to 2016
Norm MillerNorman Calvin Miller1965 to 1974
Orlando MillerOrlando (Salmon) Miller1994 to 1997
Otto MillerLowell Otto Miller1910 to 1922
Otto MillerOtis Louis Miller1927 to 1932
Ox MillerJohn Anthony Miller1943 to 1947
Paul MillerPaul Robert Miller1991 to 1993
Ralph MillerRalph Joseph Miller1920 to 1924
Ralph MillerRalph Henry Miller1921 to 1921
Ralph MillerRalph Darwin Miller1898 to 1899
Randy MillerRandall Scott Miller1977 to 1978
Ray MillerRaymond Peter Miller1917 to 1917
Red MillerLeo Alphonso Miller1923 to 1923
Rick MillerRichard Alan Miller1971 to 1985
Rod MillerRodney Carter Miller1957 to 1957
Roger MillerRoger Wesley Miller1974 to 1974
Ronny MillerRoland Arthur Miller1941 to 1941
Roscoe MillerRoscoe Clyde Miller1901 to 1904
Rudy MillerRudel Charles Miller1929 to 1929
Russ MillerRussell Lewis Miller1927 to 1928
Shelby MillerShelby Charles Miller2012 to 2019
Stu MillerStuart Leonard Miller1952 to 1968
Tom MillerThomas P. Miller1874 to 1875
Tom MillerThomas Royall Miller1918 to 1919
Travis MillerTravis Eugene Miller1996 to 2002
Trever MillerTrever Douglas Miller1996 to 2011
Tyson MillerTyson Marcus Miller2020 to 2020
Wade MillerWade Thomas Miller1999 to 2007
Walt MillerWalter W. Miller1911 to 1911
Ward MillerWard Taylor Miller1909 to 1917
Warren MillerWarren Lemuel Miller1909 to 1911
Whitey MillerKenneth Albert Miller1944 to 1944
Joe MilletteJoseph Anthony Millette1992 to 1993
Ralph MilliardRalph Gregory Milliard1996 to 1998
Wally MilliesWalter Louis Millies1934 to 1941
Billy MilliganWilliam Joseph Milligan1901 to 1904
Jocko MilliganJohn Milligan1884 to 1893
John MilliganJohn Alexander Milligan1928 to 1934
Randy MilliganRandy Andre Milligan1987 to 1994
Bob MillikenRobert Fogle Milliken1953 to 1954
Alan MillsAlan Bernard Mills1990 to 2001
Alec MillsAlec Thomas Mills2020 to 2020
Art MillsArthur Grant Mills1927 to 1928
Bill MillsWilliam Henry Mills1944 to 1944
Brad MillsJames Bradley Mills1980 to 1983
Brad MillsBradley Aaron Mills2009 to 2015
Buster MillsColonel Buster Mills1934 to 1946
Charlie MillsCharles F. Mills1871 to 1872
Dick MillsRichard Alan Mills1970 to 1970
Everett MillsEverett Mills1871 to 1876
Frank MillsFrank LeMoyne Mills1914 to 1914
Jack MillsAbbott Paige Mills1911 to 1911
Lefty MillsHoward Robinson Mills1934 to 1940
Rupert MillsRupert Frank Mills1915 to 1915
Willie MillsWilliam Grant Mills1901 to 1901
Kevin MillwoodKevin Austin Millwood1997 to 2012
Al MilnarAlbert Joseph Milnar1936 to 1946
Pete MilneWilliam James Milne1948 to 1950
Brian MilnerBrian Tate Milner1978 to 1978
Eddie MilnerEdward James Milner1980 to 1988
Hoby MilnerHoby Trey Milner2017 to 2020
John MilnerJohn David Milner1971 to 1982
Tom MiloneTomaso Anthony Malone2011 to 2020
Mike MilosevichMichael Milosevich1944 to 1945
George MilsteadGeorge Earl Milstead1924 to 1926
Eric MiltonEric Robert Milton1998 to 2009
Larry MiltonSamuel Lawrence Milton1903 to 1903
Mike MimbsMichael Randall Mimbs1995 to 1997
Cotton MinahanEdmund Joseph Minahan1907 to 1907
Rudy MinarcinRudolph Anthony Minarcin1955 to 1957
Juan MinayaJuan Gustavo Minaya2016 to 2019
Don MincherDonald Ray Mincher1960 to 1972
Ed MincherEdward M. Mincher1871 to 1872
Nate MincheyNathan Derek Minchey1993 to 1997
Ray MinerRaymond Theodore Miner1921 to 1921
Zach MinerZachary Charles Miner2006 to 2013
Craig MinettoCraig Stephen Minetto1978 to 1981
Steve MingoriStephen Bernard Mingori1970 to 1979
Dan MinnehanDaniel Joseph Minnehan1895 to 1895
Paul MinnerPaul Edison Minner1946 to 1956
Don MinnickDonald Athey Minnick1957 to 1957
Blas MinorBlas Minor1992 to 1997
Damon MinorDamon Reed Minor2000 to 2004
Mike MinorMichael D. Minor2010 to 2020
Ryan MinorRyan Dale Minor1998 to 2001
Minnie MinosoSaturnino Orestes Armas (Arrieta) Minoso1949 to 1980
Jim MinshallJames Edward Minshall1974 to 1975
A.J. MinterAlex Jordan Minter2017 to 2020
Greg MintonGregory Brian Minton1975 to 1990
Steve MintzStephen Wayne Mintz1995 to 1999
Gino MinutelliGino Michael Minutelli1990 to 1993
Paul MirabellaPaul Thomas Mirabella1978 to 1990
Doug MirabelliDouglas Anthony Mirabelli1996 to 2007
Angel MirandaAngel Luis (Andujar) Miranda1993 to 1997
Ariel MirandaAriel (Gil) Miranda2016 to 2018
Juan MirandaJuan Miguel Miranda2008 to 2011
Willie MirandaGuillermo (Perez) Miranda1951 to 1959
Patrick MischPatrick Theodore Joseph Misch2006 to 2011
Anthony MisiewiczAnthony Misiewicz2020 to 2020
John MisseJohn Beverly Misse1914 to 1914
Mike MisuracaMichael William Misuraca1997 to 1997
Bobby MitchellRobert Vance Mitchell1970 to 1975
Bobby MitchellRobert Van Mitchell1980 to 1983
Bobby MitchellRobert McKasha Mitchell1877 to 1882
Bryan MitchellBryan Bedford Mitchell2014 to 2018
Charlie MitchellCharles Ross Mitchell1984 to 1985
Clarence MitchellClarence Elmer Mitchell1911 to 1932
Craig MitchellCraig Seton Mitchell1975 to 1977
D.J. MitchellWilliam Douglas Mitchell2012 to 2012
Dale MitchellLoren Dale Mitchell1946 to 1956
Fred MitchellFrederick Francis Mitchell1901 to 1913
John MitchellJohn Kyle Mitchell1986 to 1990
Johnny MitchellJohn Franklin Mitchell1921 to 1925
Keith MitchellKeith Alexander Mitchell1991 to 1998
Kevin MitchellKevin Darnell Mitchell1984 to 1998
Larry MitchellLarry Paul Mitchell1996 to 1996
Mike MitchellMichael Francis Mitchell1907 to 1914
Monroe MitchellMonroe Barr Mitchell1923 to 1923
Paul MitchellPaul Michael Mitchell1975 to 1980
Roy MitchellAlbert Roy Mitchell1910 to 1919
Russ MitchellRussell Lance Mitchell2010 to 2011
Willie MitchellWilliam Mitchell1909 to 1919
Sergio MitreSergio Armando Mitre2003 to 2011
Ralph MitterlingRalph Mitterling1916 to 1916
George MitterwaldGeorge Eugene Mitterwald1966 to 1977
Casey MizeCasey A. Mize2020 to 2020
Johnny MizeJohn Robert Mize1936 to 1953
Vinegar Bend MizellWilmer David Bend Mizell1952 to 1962
John MizerockJohn Joseph Mizerock1983 to 1989
Bill MizeurWilliam Francis Mizeur1923 to 1924
Dave MlickiDavid John Mlicki1992 to 2002
Kevin MmahatKevin Paul Mmahat1989 to 1989
Dave MoatesDavid Allen Moates1974 to 1976
Garrett MockGarrett Lee Mock2008 to 2010
Mike ModakMichael Modak1945 to 1945
Brian MoehlerBrian Merritt Moehler1996 to 2010
Chad MoellerChad Edward Moeller2000 to 2010
Danny MoellerDaniel Edward Moeller1907 to 1916
Dennis MoellerDennis Michael Moeller1992 to 1993
Joe MoellerJoseph Douglas Moeller1962 to 1971
Ron MoellerRonald Ralph Moeller1956 to 1963
Joe MoffettJoseph William Moffett1884 to 1884
Sam MoffettSamuel R. Moffett1884 to 1888
Randy MoffittRandall James Moffitt1972 to 1983
Herb MofordHerbert Moford1955 to 1962
George MogridgeGeorge Anthony Mogridge1911 to 1927
John MohardtJohn Henry Mohardt1922 to 1922
George MohartGeorge Benjamin Mohart1920 to 1921
Kid MohlerErnest Follette Mohler1894 to 1894
Mike MohlerMichael Ross Mohler1993 to 2001
Dale MohorcicDale Robert Mohorcic1986 to 1990
Dustan MohrDustan Kyle Mohr2001 to 2007
Bill MoisanWilliam Joseph Moisan1953 to 1953
Johnny MokanJohn Leo Mokan1921 to 1927
Fenton MoleFenton Leroy Mole1949 to 1949
Carlton MolesworthCarlton Molesworth1895 to 1895
Bengie MolinaBenjamin Jose Molina1998 to 2010
Gabe MolinaCruz Gabriel Molina1999 to 2003
Gustavo MolinaGustavo Eduardo Molina2007 to 2011
Izzy MolinaIslay Molina1996 to 2002
Jose MolinaJose Benjamin (Matta) Molina1999 to 2014
Yadier MolinaYadier B. Molina2004 to 2020
Bob MolinaroRobert Joseph Molinaro1975 to 1983
Paul MolitorPaul Leo Molitor1978 to 1998
Sam MollSamuel John Moll2017 to 2017
Dustin MollekenDustin Douglas Molleken2016 to 2016
Fred MollenkampFrederick Henry Mollenkamp1914 to 1914
Fritz MollwitzFrederick August Mollwitz1913 to 1919
Richie MoloneyRichard Henry Moloney1970 to 1970
Vince MolyneauxVincent Leo Molyneaux1917 to 1918
Blas MonacoBlas Monaco1937 to 1946
Rinty MonahanEdward Francis Monahan1953 to 1953
Shane MonahanShane Hartland Monahan1998 to 1999
Carlos MonasteriosCarlos Monasterios2010 to 2010
Bill MonbouquetteWilliam Charles Monbouquette1958 to 1968
Yoan MoncadaYoan Manuel (Olivera) Moncada2016 to 2020
Freddie MoncewiczFrederick Alfred Moncewicz1928 to 1928
Alex MonchakAlex Monchak1940 to 1940
Carlos MoncriefCarlos Antwan Moncrief2017 to 2017
Rick MondayRobert James Monday1966 to 1984
Raul MondesiRaul Ramon (Avelino) Mondesi1993 to 2005
Raul MondesiRaul Adalberto Mondesi2016 to 2020
Johnny MonellJohnny Monell2013 to 2015
Don MoneyDonald Wayne Money1968 to 1983
Sid MongeIsidro Pedroza Monge1975 to 1984
Mickey MoniakMcKenzie Matthew Moniak2020 to 2020
Craig MonroeCraig Keystone Monroe2001 to 2009
Ed MonroeEdward Oliver Monroe1917 to 1918
Frank MonroeFrank W. Monroe1884 to 1884
John MonroeJohn Allen Monroe1921 to 1921
Larry MonroeLawrence James Monroe1976 to 1976
Zach MonroeZachary Charles Monroe1958 to 1959
Ed MontagueEdward Francis Montague1928 to 1932
John MontagueJohn Evans Montague1973 to 1980
Rafael MontalvoRafael Edgardo (Torres) Montalvo1986 to 1986
Luis MontanezLuis Anibal Montanez2008 to 2011
Willie MontanezGuillermo (Naranjo) Montanez1966 to 1982
Frankie MontasFrancelis (Luna) Montas2015 to 2020
Aurelio MonteagudoAurelio Faustino (Cintra) Monteagudo1963 to 1973
Rene MonteagudoRene (Miranda) Monteagudo1938 to 1945
John MontefuscoJohn Joseph Montefusco1974 to 1986
Manny MontejoManuel (Bofill) Montejo1961 to 1961
Rich MonteleoneRichard Monteleone1987 to 1996
Felipe MontemayorFelipe Angel Montemayor1953 to 1955
Agustin MonteroAgustin Alcantara Montero2006 to 2006
Jesus MonteroJesus Montero2011 to 2015
Miguel MonteroMiguel Angel Montero2006 to 2018
Rafael MonteroRafael (Quezada) Montero2014 to 2020
Al MontgomeryAlvin Atlas Montgomery1941 to 1941
Bob MontgomeryRobert Edward Montgomery1970 to 1979
Jeff MontgomeryJeffrey Thomas Montgomery1987 to 1999
Jordan MontgomeryJordan Blackmon Montgomery2017 to 2020
Mike MontgomeryMichael Paul Montgomery2015 to 2020
Monty MontgomeryMonty Bryson Montgomery1971 to 1972
Ray MontgomeryRaymond James Montgomery1996 to 1998
Steve MontgomerySteven Lewis Montgomery1996 to 2000
Charlie MontoyoJose Carlos (Diaz) Montoyo1993 to 1993
Al MontreuilAllan Arthur Montreuil1972 to 1972
Luke MontzLuke Montz2008 to 2013
Ramon MonzantRamon Segundo (Espino) Monzant1954 to 1960
Dan MonzonDaniel Francisco Monzon1972 to 1973
Joe MoockJoseph Geoffrey Moock1967 to 1967
Eric MoodyEric Lane Moody1997 to 1997
George MoolicGeorge Henry Moolic1886 to 1886
Leo MoonLeo Moon1932 to 1932
Wally MoonWallace Wade Moon1954 to 1965
Blue Moon OdomJohnny Lee Moon Odom1964 to 1976
Jim MooneyJim Irving Mooney1931 to 1934
Bill MooneyhamWilliam Craig Mooneyham1986 to 1986
Adam MooreAdam Ross Moore2009 to 2018
Al MooreAlbert James Moore1925 to 1926
Andrew MooreAndrew George Moore2017 to 2019
Anse MooreAnselm Winn Moore1946 to 1946
Archie MooreArchie Francis Moore1964 to 1965
Balor MooreBalor Lilbon Moore1970 to 1980
Barry MooreRobert Barry Moore1965 to 1970
Bill MooreWilliam Christopher Moore1925 to 1925
Bill MooreWilliam Henry Moore1926 to 1927
Bill MooreWilliam Ross Moore1986 to 1986
Bobby MooreRobert Vincent Moore1991 to 1991
Bobby MooreRobert Devell Moore1985 to 1985
Brad MooreBradley Alan Moore1988 to 1990
Carlos MooreCarlos Whitman Moore1930 to 1930
Charley MooreCharles Wesley Moore1912 to 1912
Charlie MooreCharles William Moore1973 to 1987
Cy MooreWilliam Austin Moore1929 to 1934
Dee MooreD C Moore1936 to 1946
Donnie MooreDonnie Ray Moore1975 to 1988
Dylan MooreDylan Moore2019 to 2020
Earl MooreAlonzo Earl Moore1901 to 1913
Eddie MooreGraham Edward Moore1923 to 1934
Euel MooreEuel Walton Moore1934 to 1936
Ferdie MooreFerdinand De Paige Moore1914 to 1914
Frank MooreFrank J. Moore1905 to 1905
Gary MooreGary Douglas Moore1970 to 1970
Gene MooreEugene Moore Jr.1931 to 1945
Gene MooreEugene Moore Sr.1909 to 1912
Henry MooreHenry S. Moore1884 to 1884
Jackie MooreJackie Spencer Moore1965 to 1965
Jeremy MooreJeremy Jerome Moore2011 to 2011
Jerry MooreJeremiah S. Moore1884 to 1885
Jim MooreJames Stanford Moore1928 to 1932
Jimmy MooreJames William Moore1930 to 1931
Jo-Jo MooreJoseph Gregg Moore1930 to 1941
Johnny MooreJohn Francis Moore1928 to 1945
Junior MooreAlvin Earl Moore1976 to 1980
Kelvin MooreKelvin Orlando Moore1981 to 1983
Kerwin MooreKerwin Lamar Moore1996 to 1996
Marcus MooreMarcus Braymont Moore1993 to 1996
Matt MooreMatthew Cody Moore2011 to 2019
Mike MooreMichael Wayne Moore1982 to 1995
Molly MooreMaurice Moore1875 to 1875
Randy MooreRandolph Edward Moore1927 to 1937
Ray MooreRaymond Leroy Moore1952 to 1963
Roy MooreRoy Daniel Moore1920 to 1923
Scott MooreScott Alanboyd Moore2006 to 2012
Scrappy MooreWilliam Allen Moore1917 to 1917
Terry MooreTerry Bluford Moore1935 to 1948
Tommy MooreTommy Joe Moore1972 to 1977
Trey MooreWarren Neal Moore1998 to 2001
Tyler MooreTyler Michael Moore2012 to 2017
Whitey MooreLloyd Albert Moore1936 to 1942
Wilcy MooreWilliam Wilcy Moore1927 to 1933
Bob MoorheadCharles Robert Moorhead1962 to 1965
Bob MooseRobert Ralph Moose1967 to 1976
Jake MootyJake T. Mooty1936 to 1944
Andres MoraAndres (Ibarra) Mora1976 to 1980
Melvin MoraMelvin Mora1999 to 2011
David MoragaDavid Michael Moraga2000 to 2000
Franklin MoralesFranklin Miguel Morales2007 to 2016
Jerry MoralesJulio Ruben (Torres) Morales1969 to 1983
Jose MoralesJose Guillermo Morales2007 to 2011
Jose MoralesJose Manuel Morales1973 to 1984
Kendrys MoralesKendrys Morales2006 to 2019
Osmer MoralesOsmer Eduardo Morales2018 to 2018
Rich MoralesRichard Angelo Morales1967 to 1974
Willie MoralesWilliam Anthony Morales2000 to 2000
Al MoranRichard Alan Moran1963 to 1964
Bill MoranCarl William Moran1974 to 1974
Bill MoranWilliam L. Moran1892 to 1895
Billy MoranWilliam Nelson Moran1958 to 1965
Brian MoranBrian William Moran2019 to 2020
Charles MoranCharles Vincent Moran1903 to 1905
Charlie MoranCharles Barthell Moran1903 to 1908
Colin MoranColin Richard Moran2016 to 2020
Harry MoranHarry Edwin Moran1912 to 1912
Herbie MoranJohn Herbert Moran1908 to 1915
Hiker MoranAlbert Thomas Moran1938 to 1939
Pat MoranPatrick Joseph Moran1901 to 1914
Roy MoranRoy Ellis Moran1912 to 1912
Sam MoranSamuel Moran1895 to 1895
Mickey MorandiniMichael Robert Morandini1990 to 2000
Jose MorbanJose Morban2003 to 2003
Mike MordecaiMichael Howard Mordecai1994 to 2005
Forrest MoreForrest Thedore More1909 to 1909
Ray MorehartRaymond Anderson Morehart1924 to 1927
Dave MoreheadDavid Michael Morehead1963 to 1970
Seth MoreheadSeth Marvin Morehead1957 to 1961
Adrian MorejonAdrian Morejon2019 to 2020
Danny MorejonDaniel (Torres) Morejon1958 to 1958
Brent MorelBrent Morel2010 to 2015
Ramon MorelRamon Rafael Morel1995 to 1997
Keith MorelandBobby Keith Moreland1978 to 1989
Mitch MorelandMitchell Austin Moreland2010 to 2020
Harry MorelockA. Harry Morelock1891 to 1892
Lew MorenLewis Howard Moren1903 to 1910
Angel MorenoAngel (Veneroso) Moreno1981 to 1982
Diego MorenoDiego Rafael Moreno2015 to 2017
Edwin MorenoEdwin A. Moreno2009 to 2009
Jose MorenoJose de los Santos Mauricio Moreno1980 to 1982
Juan MorenoJuan Carlos (Vegas) Moreno2001 to 2002
Julio MorenoJulio (Gonzalez) Moreno1950 to 1953
Omar MorenoOmar Renan (Quintero) Moreno1975 to 1986
Orber MorenoOrber (Aquiles) Moreno1999 to 2004
Roger MoretRogelio (Torres) Moret1970 to 1978
Dave MoreyDavid Beale Morey1913 to 1913
Adam MorganAdam Christopher Morgan2015 to 2020
Bill MorganHenry William Morgan1882 to 1884
Bill MorganWilliam Morgan1883 to 1884
Bobby MorganRobert Morris Morgan1950 to 1958
Chet MorganChester Collins Morgan1935 to 1938
Cy MorganCyril Arlon Morgan1921 to 1922
Cy MorganHarry Richard Morgan1903 to 1913
Ed MorganEdward Carre Morgan1928 to 1934
Eddie MorganEdwin Willis Morgan1936 to 1937
Joe MorganJoseph Michael Morgan1959 to 1964
Joe MorganJoe Leonard Morgan1963 to 1984
Kevin MorganKevin Lee Morgan1997 to 1997
Mike MorganMichael Thomas Morgan1978 to 2002
Nyjer MorganNyjer Jamid Morgan2007 to 2014
Pidgey MorganDaniel Morgan1875 to 1878
Ray MorganRaymond Caryll Morgan1911 to 1918
Red MorganJames Edward Morgan1906 to 1906
Tom MorganTom Stephen Morgan1951 to 1963
Vern MorganVernon Thomas Morgan1954 to 1955
Moe MorhardtMeredith Goodwin Morhardt1961 to 1962
Shinji MoriShinji Mori2016 to 2016
Gene MoriarityEugene John Moriarity1884 to 1892
Bill MoriartyWilliam Joseph Moriarty1909 to 1909
Ed MoriartyEdward Jerome Moriarty1935 to 1936
George MoriartyGeorge Joseph Moriarty1903 to 1916
Mike MoriartyMichael Thomas Moriarty2002 to 2002
Juan MorilloJuan Bautista Morillo2006 to 2009
Mike MorinMichael William Morin2014 to 2020
John MorlanJohn Glen Morlan1973 to 1974
Bill MorleyWilliam M. Morley1913 to 1913
Alvin MormanAlvin Morman1996 to 1999
Russ MormanRussell Lee Morman1986 to 1997
Justin MorneauJustin Ernest George Morneau2003 to 2016
Max MoroffMaxwell Anthony Moroff2016 to 2019
Dan MorogielloDaniel Joseph Morogiello1983 to 1983
Jim MoroneyJames Francis Moroney1906 to 1912
Jeff MoronkoJeffrey Robert Moronko1984 to 1987
Reyes MorontaReyes Armando Moronta2017 to 2019
Bill MorrellWillard Blackmer Morrell1926 to 1931
John MorrillJohn Francis Morrill1876 to 1889
A.J. MorrisAnthony Joseph Morris2016 to 2016
Akeel MorrisAkeel J. Morris2015 to 2018
Bryan MorrisAvery Bryan Morris2012 to 2017
Danny MorrisDanny Walker Morris1968 to 1969
Doyt MorrisDoyt Theodore Morris1937 to 1937
Ed MorrisEdward Morris1884 to 1889
Ed MorrisWalter Edward Morris1922 to 1931
Hal MorrisWilliam Harold Morris1988 to 2000
Jack MorrisJohn Scott Morris1977 to 1994
James MorrisJames A. Morris1884 to 1884
Jim MorrisJames Samuel Morris1999 to 2000
John MorrisJohn Daniel Morris1986 to 1992
John MorrisJohn Wallace Morris1966 to 1974
Matt MorrisMatthew Christian Morris1997 to 2008
Pete MorrisPeter R. Morris1884 to 1884
Walter MorrisJohn Walter Morris1908 to 1908
Warren MorrisWarren Randall Morris1999 to 2003
Bill MorrisetteWilliam Lee Morrisette1915 to 1920
Guy MorrisonWalter Guy Morrison1927 to 1928
Hank MorrisonStephen Henry Morrison1887 to 1887
Jim MorrisonJames Forrest Morrison1977 to 1988
Johnny MorrisonJohn Dewey Morrison1920 to 1930
Jon MorrisonJonathan W. Morrison1884 to 1887
Logan MorrisonLogan Morrison2010 to 2020
Mike MorrisonMichael Morrison1887 to 1890
Phil MorrisonPhilip Melvin Morrison1921 to 1921
Tom MorrisonThomas J. Morrison1895 to 1896
Frank MorrisseyMichael Joseph Morrissey1901 to 1902
Jack MorrisseyJohn Albert Morrissey1902 to 1903
Jo-Jo MorrisseyJoseph Anselm Morrissey1932 to 1936
John MorrisseyJohn J. Morrissey1881 to 1881
Tom MorrisseyThomas J. Morrissey1882 to 1882
Brandon MorrowBrandon John Morrow2007 to 2018
Bud MorseNewell Obediah Morse1929 to 1929
Hap MorsePeter Raymond Morse1911 to 1911
Mike MorseMichael John Morse2005 to 2017
Clayton MortensenClayton Grant Mortensen2009 to 2013
Bubba MortonWycliffe Nathaniel Morton1961 to 1969
Carl MortonCarl Wendle Morton1969 to 1976
Charlie MortonCharles Hazen Morton1882 to 1885
Charlie MortonCharles A. Morton2008 to 2020
Colt MortonKristopher Colt Morton2007 to 2008
Guy MortonGuy Sr. Morton1914 to 1924
Kevin MortonKevin Joseph Morton1991 to 1991
Moose MortonGuy Morton Jr.1954 to 1954
Sparrow MortonWilliam P. Morton1884 to 1884
Walt MorynWalter Joseph Moryn1954 to 1961
Ross MoschittoRosaire Allen Moschitto1965 to 1967
Guillermo MoscosoGuillermo A. Moscoso2009 to 2013
Jon MoscotJonathan Solomon Moscot2015 to 2016
Robert MosebachRobert Mosebach2009 to 2009
Lloyd MosebyLloyd Anthony Moseby1980 to 1991
Dustin MoseleyDustin Aaron Moseley2006 to 2012
Earl MoseleyEarl Victor Moseley1913 to 1916
Arnie MoserArnold Robert Moser1937 to 1937
Walter MoserWalter Frederick Moser1906 to 1911
Jerry MosesGerald Braheen Moses1965 to 1975
John MosesJohn William Moses1982 to 1992
Wally MosesWallace Moses1935 to 1951
Paul MoskauPaul Richard Moskau1977 to 1983
Doc MoskimanWilliam Bankhead Moskiman1910 to 1910
Danny MoskosDaniel Ross Moskos2011 to 2011
Jim MosolfJames Frederick Mosolf1929 to 1933
Julio MosqueraJulio Alberto (Cervantes) Mosquera1996 to 2005
Brandon MossBrandon Douglas Moss2007 to 2017
Charlie MossCharles Crosby Moss1934 to 1936
Damian MossDamian Joseph Moss2001 to 2004
Howie MossHoward Glenn Moss1942 to 1946
Les MossJohn Lester Moss1946 to 1958
Mal MossCharles Malcolm Moss1930 to 1930
Ray MossRaymond Earl Moss1926 to 1931
Don MossiDonald Louis Mossi1954 to 1965
Earl MossorEarl Dalton Mossor1951 to 1951
Johnny MostilJohn Anthony Mostil1918 to 1929
Andy MotaAndres Alberto (Matos) Mota1991 to 1991
Danny MotaDaniel Avila Mota2000 to 2000
Guillermo MotaGuillermo Mota1999 to 2012
Jose MotaJose Manuel (Matos) Mota1991 to 1995
Manny MotaManuel Rafael (Geronimo) Mota1962 to 1982
Darryl MotleyDarryl DeWayne Motley1981 to 1987
Bitsy MottElisha Matthew Mott1945 to 1945
Jason MotteJason Louis Motte2008 to 2017
Taylor MotterTaylor Davis Motter2016 to 2018
Chad MottolaCharles Edward Mottola1996 to 2006
Curt MottonCurtell Howard Motton1967 to 1974
Frank MotzFrank H. Motz1890 to 1894
Glen MoulderGlen Hubert Moulder1946 to 1948
Allie MoultonAlbert Theodore Moulton1911 to 1911
Tony MounceAnthony David Mounce2003 to 2003
Frank MountainFrank Henry Mountain1880 to 1886
Ryan MountcastleRyan Lee Mountcastle2020 to 2020
Bill MountjoyWilliam Henry Mountjoy1883 to 1885
Mike MoustakasMichael Christopher Moustakas2011 to 2020
James MoutonJames Raleigh Mouton1994 to 2001
Lyle MoutonLyle Joseph Mouton1995 to 2001
Ray MoweRaymond Benjamin Mowe1913 to 1913
Mike MowreyHarry Harlan Mowrey1905 to 1917
Joe MowryJoseph Aloysius Mowry1933 to 1935
Gabriel MoyaGabriel Jose (Barrios) Moya2017 to 2018
Steven MoyaSteven Moya2014 to 2016
Ed MoyerCharles Edward Moyer1910 to 1910
Jamie MoyerJamie Moyer1986 to 2012
Peter MoylanPeter Michael Moylan2006 to 2018
Mike MoynahanMichael Moynahan1880 to 1884
Ron MrozinskiRonald Frank Mrozinski1954 to 1955
Phil MudrockPhilip Ray Mudrock1963 to 1963
Bill MuellerWilliam Lawrence Mueller1942 to 1945
Bill MuellerWilliam Richard Mueller1996 to 2006
Don MuellerDonald Frederick Mueller1948 to 1959
Gordie MuellerJoseph Gordon Mueller1950 to 1950
Heinie MuellerEmmett Jerome Mueller1938 to 1941
Heinie MuellerClarence Francis Mueller1920 to 1935
Les MuellerLeslie Clyde Mueller1941 to 1945
Ray MuellerRay Coleman Mueller1935 to 1951
Walter MuellerWalter John Mueller1922 to 1926
Willie MuellerWillard Lawrence Mueller1978 to 1981
Billy MuffettBilly Arnold Muffett1957 to 1962
Joe MuichIgnatius Andrew Muich1924 to 1924
Joe MuirJoseph Allen Muir1951 to 1952
Edward MujicaEdward Jose Mujica2006 to 2017
Jose MujicaJose Angel Mujica2020 to 2020
Hugh MulcahyHugh Noyes Mulcahy1935 to 1947
Mark MulderMark Alan Mulder2000 to 2008
Mike MuldoonMichael D. Muldoon1882 to 1886
Terry MulhollandTerence John Mulholland1986 to 2006
Tony MullaneAnthony John Mullane1881 to 1894
Greg MulleavyGregory Thomas Mulleavy1930 to 1933
Conor MulleeConor Joseph Mullee2016 to 2016
Billy MullenWilliam John Mullen1920 to 1928
Charlie MullenCharles George Mullen1910 to 1916
John MullenJohn Mullen1876 to 1876
Martin MullenMartin Mullen1872 to 1872
Moon MullenFord Parker Mullen1944 to 1944
Scott MullenKenneth Scott Mullen2000 to 2003
Freddie MullerFrederick William Muller1933 to 1934
Dick MulliganRichard Charles Mulligan1941 to 1947
Joe MulliganEdward Joseph Mulligan1915 to 1928
Joe MulliganJoseph Ignatius Mulligan1934 to 1934
John MulliganJohn Mulligan1884 to 1884
Sean MulliganSean Patrick Mulligan1996 to 1996
George MullinGeorge Joseph Mullin1902 to 1913
Henry MullinHenry J. Mullin1884 to 1884
Jim MullinJames Henry Mullin1904 to 1905
Pat MullinPatrick Joseph Mullin1940 to 1953
Rance MulliniksSteven Rance Mulliniks1977 to 1992
Cedric MullinsBoyce Cedric Mullins2018 to 2020
Fran MullinsFrancis Joseph Mullins1980 to 1986
Greg MullinsGregory Eugene Mullins1998 to 1998
Dominic MulrenanDominic Joseph Mulrenan1921 to 1921
Frank MulroneyFrancis Joseph Mulroney1930 to 1930
Joe MulveyJoseph H. Mulvey1883 to 1895
Kevin MulveyKevin John Mulvey2009 to 2010
Jerry MumphreyJerry Wayne Mumphrey1974 to 1988
John MunceJohn Lewis Munce1884 to 1884
Jake MunchJacob Ferdinand Munch1918 to 1918
Bob MuncriefRobert Cleveland Muncrief1937 to 1951
Max MuncyMaxwell Steven Muncy2015 to 2020
George MundingerGeorge Mundinger1884 to 1884
Bill MundyWilliam Edward Mundy1913 to 1913
Red MungerGeorge David Munger1943 to 1956
Van MungoVan Lingle Mungo1931 to 1945
Carlos MunizCarlos Javier Muniz2007 to 2008
Manny MunizManuel (Rodriguez) Muniz1971 to 1971
Horatio MunnHoratio Brinsmade Munn1875 to 1875
Scott MunninghoffScott Andrew Munninghoff1980 to 1980
Les MunnsLeslie Ernest Munns1934 to 1936
Daniel MunoDaniel Joseph Muno2015 to 2015
Andres MunozAndres Clemente Munoz2019 to 2019
Arnie MunozArnaldo Rafel Munoz2004 to 2007
Bobby MunozRoberto (Sbert) Munoz1993 to 2001
Jose MunozJose Luis Munoz1996 to 1996
Mike MunozMichael Anthony Munoz1989 to 2000
Noe MunozNoe Munoz1995 to 1995
Oscar MunozJuan Oscar Munoz1995 to 1995
Pedro MunozPedro Javier (Gonzalez) Munoz1990 to 1996
Yairo MunozYairo Munoz2018 to 2020
Peter MunroPeter Daniel Munro1999 to 2004
Eric MunsonEric Walter Munson2000 to 2009
Joe MunsonJoseph Martin Napoleon Munson1925 to 1926
Red MunsonClarence Hanford Munson1905 to 1905
Thurman MunsonThurman Lee Munson1969 to 1979
Scott MunterScott Michael Munter2005 to 2007
John MunyanJohn Baird Munyan1887 to 1891
Steve MuraStephen Andrew Mura1978 to 1985
Masanori MurakamiMasanori Murakami1964 to 1965
Toru MurataToru Murata2015 to 2015
Bobby MurcerBobby Ray Murcer1965 to 1983
Simmy MurchSimeon Augustus Murch1904 to 1908
Tim MurchisonThomas Malcolm Murchison1917 to 1920
Wilbur MurdochWilbur Edwin Murdoch1908 to 1908
Red MurffJohn Robert Murff1956 to 1957
Tim MurnaneTimothy Hayes Murnane1872 to 1878
MurphyMurphy1884 to 1884
Bill MurphyWilliam R.W. Murphy2007 to 2009
Billy MurphyWilliam Eugene Murphy1966 to 1966
Bob MurphyRobert J. Murphy1890 to 1890
Buzz MurphyRobert R. Murphy1918 to 1919
Clarence MurphyClarence Murphy1886 to 1886
Con MurphyCornelius B. Murphy1884 to 1884
Connie MurphyCornelius David Murphy1893 to 1894
Dale MurphyDale Bryan Murphy1976 to 1993
Dan MurphyDaniel Lee Murphy1989 to 1989
Daniel MurphyDaniel Thomas Murphy2008 to 2020
Danny MurphyDaniel Francis Murphy1900 to 1913
Danny MurphyDaniel Francis Murphy1960 to 1970
Danny MurphyDaniel Joseph Murphy1892 to 1892
Dave MurphyDavid Francis Murphy1905 to 1905
David MurphyDavid Matthew Murphy2006 to 2015
Dick MurphyRichard Lee Murphy1954 to 1954
Donnie MurphyDonald Rex Murphy2004 to 2014
Dummy MurphyHerbert Courtland Murphy1914 to 1914
Dwayne MurphyDwayne Keith Murphy1978 to 1989
Ed MurphyEdward J. Murphy1898 to 1903
Ed MurphyEdward Joseph Murphy1942 to 1942
Eddie MurphyJohn Edward Murphy1912 to 1926
Frank MurphyFrancis Patrick Murphy1901 to 1901
Howard MurphyHoward Murphy1909 to 1909
J.R. MurphyJohn Ryan Murphy2013 to 2020
Joe MurphyJoseph Akin Murphy1886 to 1887
John MurphyJohn Henry Murphy1884 to 1884
John MurphyJohn Patrick Murphy1902 to 1903
Johnny MurphyJohn Joseph Murphy1932 to 1947
Larry MurphyPatrick Lawrence Murphy1891 to 1891
Leo MurphyLeo Joseph Murphy1915 to 1915
Mike MurphyMichael Jerome Murphy1912 to 1916
Morgan MurphyMorgan Edward Murphy1891 to 1901
Pat MurphyPatrick J. Murphy1887 to 1890
Patrick MurphyPatrick Brian Murphy2020 to 2020
Rob MurphyRobert Albert Murphy1985 to 1995
Sean MurphySean Michael Murphy2019 to 2020
Tom MurphyThomas James Murphy2015 to 2019
Tom MurphyThomas Andrew Murphy1968 to 1979
Tommy MurphyThomas Christian Murphy2006 to 2007
Tony MurphyFrancis J. Murphy1884 to 1884
Walter MurphyWalter Joseph Murphy1931 to 1931
Willie MurphyWilliam H. Murphy1884 to 1884
Yale MurphyWilliam Henry Murphy1894 to 1897
A.J. MurrayArlington John Murray2007 to 2008
Amby MurrayAmbrose Joseph Murray1936 to 1936
Bill MurrayWilliam Allenwood Murray1917 to 1917
Bobby MurrayRobert Hayes Murray1923 to 1923
Calvin MurrayCalvin Duane Murray1999 to 2004
Colton MurrayColton James Murray2015 to 2016
Dale MurrayDale Albert Murray1974 to 1985
Dan MurrayDaniel Saffle Murray1999 to 2000
Ed MurrayEdward Francis Murray1917 to 1917
Eddie MurrayEddie Clarence Murray1977 to 1997
George MurrayGeorge King Murray1922 to 1933
Glenn MurrayGlenn Everett Murray1996 to 1996
Heath MurrayHeath Robertson Murray1997 to 2002
Jim MurrayJames Francis Murray1922 to 1922
Jim MurrayJames Oscar Murray1902 to 1914
Joe MurrayJoseph Ambrose Murray1950 to 1950
Larry MurrayLarry Murray1974 to 1979
Matt MurrayMatthew Michael Murray1995 to 1995
Miah MurrayJeremiah J. Murray1884 to 1891
Pat MurrayPatrick Joseph Murray1919 to 1919
Ray MurrayRaymond Lee Murray1948 to 1954
Red MurrayJohn Joseph Murray1906 to 1917
Rich MurrayRichard Dale Murray1980 to 1983
Tom MurrayThomas W. Murray1894 to 1894
Tony MurrayAnthony Joseph Murray1923 to 1923
Ivan MurrellIvan Augustus (Peters) Murrell1963 to 1974
Danny MurtaughDaniel Edward Murtaugh1941 to 1951
Matt MurtonMatthew Henry Murton2005 to 2009
Tony MuserAnthony Joseph Muser1969 to 1978
Harrison MusgraveHarrison Scott Musgrave2018 to 2019
Dennis MusgravesDennis Eugene Musgraves1965 to 1965
Joseph MusgroveJoseph Anthony Musgrove2016 to 2020
Stan MusialStanley Frank Musial1941 to 1963
Jeff MusselmanJeffrey Joseph Musselman1986 to 1990
Ron MusselmanRalph Ronald Musselman1982 to 1985
Danny MusserWilliam Daniel Musser1932 to 1932
Neal MusserNeal Gordon Musser2007 to 2008
Paul MusserPaul Musser1912 to 1919
Barney MussillBernard James Mussill1944 to 1944
Mike MussinaMichael Cole Mussina1991 to 2008
Alex MustaikisAlexander Dominick Mustaikis1940 to 1940
Jeff MutisJeffrey Thomas Mutis1991 to 1994
George MyattGeorge Edward Myatt1938 to 1947
Glenn MyattGlenn Calvin Myatt1920 to 1936
Buddy MyerCharles Solomon Myer1925 to 1941
Al MyersJames Albert Myers1885 to 1891
Bert MyersJames Albert Myers1896 to 1900
Billy MyersWilliam Harrison Myers1935 to 1941
Brett MyersBrett Allen Myers2002 to 2013
Elmer MyersElmer Glenn Myers1915 to 1922
George MyersGeorge D. Myers1884 to 1889
Greg MyersGregory Richard Myers1987 to 2005
Hap MyersRalph Edward Myers1910 to 1913
Henry MyersHenry C. Myers1881 to 1882
Hi MyersHenry Harrison Myers1909 to 1925
Jimmy MyersJames Xavier Myers1996 to 1996
Joseph MyersJoseph William Myers1905 to 1905
Lynn MyersLynnwood Lincoln Myers1938 to 1939
Mike MyersMichael Stanley Myers1995 to 2007
Randy MyersRandall Kirk Myers1985 to 1998
Richie MyersRichard Myers1956 to 1956
Rod MyersRoderick Demond Myers1996 to 1997
Rodney MyersRodney Luther Myers1996 to 2004
Wil MyersWilliam Bradford Myers2013 to 2020
Aaron MyetteAaron Kenneth Myette1999 to 2004
Bob MyrickRobert Howard Myrick1976 to 1978
Brian MyrowBrian Shawn Myrow2005 to 2008
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