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Baseball Dope Player Index - L
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Players Beginning with L

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Tommy La StellaThomas F. La Stella2014 to 2020
Chet LaabsChester Peter Laabs1937 to 1947
Josh LabandeiraJohn Joshua Labandeira2004 to 2004
Clem LabineClement Walter Labine1950 to 1962
Jairo LabourtJairo Snaider Labourt2017 to 2017
Coco LaboyJose Alberto Laboy1969 to 1973
Bob LaceyRobert Joseph Lacey1977 to 1984
Candy LaChanceGeorge Joseph LaChance1893 to 1905
Marcel LachemannMarcel Ernest Lachemann1969 to 1971
Rene LachemannRene George Lachemann1965 to 1968
Al LachowiczAllen Robert Lachowicz1983 to 1983
John LackeyJohn Derran Lackey2002 to 2017
William LackeyWilliam D. Lackey1890 to 1890
Pete LaCockRalph Pierre LaCock1972 to 1980
Frank LaCorteFrank Joseph LaCorte1975 to 1984
Mike LaCossMichael James LaCoss1978 to 1991
Guy LacyOsceola Guy Lacy1926 to 1926
Kerry LacyKerry Ardeen Lacy1996 to 1997
Lee LacyLeondaus Lacy1972 to 1987
Hi LaddArthur Clifford Ladd1898 to 1898
Pete LaddPeter Linwood Ladd1979 to 1986
Doyle LadeDoyle Marion Lade1946 to 1950
Tyler LadendorfTyler James Ladendorf2015 to 2016
Steve LadewStephen Ladew1889 to 1889
Joe LafataJoseph Joseph Lafata1947 to 1949
Flip LaffertyFrank Bernard Lafferty1876 to 1877
Aaron LaffeyAaron Steven Laffey2007 to 2015
Ed LafitteEdward Francis Lafitte1909 to 1912
Pete LaForestPierre Luc LaForest2003 to 2007
Ty LaForestByron Joseph LaForest1945 to 1945
Roger LaFrancoisRoger Victor LaFrancois1982 to 1982
Bobby LaFromboiseRobert Joseph LaFromboise2013 to 2015
Mike LagaMichael Russell Laga1982 to 1990
Juan LagaresJuan Osvaldo Lagares2013 to 2020
Ed LaggerEdwin Joseph Lagger1934 to 1934
Lerrin LaGrowLerrin Harris LaGrow1970 to 1980
Bryan LaHairBryan Allan LaHair2008 to 2012
Joe LahoudJoseph Michael Lahoud1968 to 1978
Jeff LahtiJeffrey Allen Lahti1982 to 1986
Brady LailBrady Joe Lail2019 to 2020
Brandon LairdBrandon John Laird2011 to 2013
Gerald LairdGerald Lee Laird2003 to 2015
Dick LajeskieRichard Edward Lajeskie1946 to 1946
Nap LajoieNapoleon Lajoie1896 to 1916
Eddie LakeEdward Erving Lake1939 to 1950
Fred LakeFrederick Lovett Lake1891 to 1910
Joe LakeJoseph Henry Lake1908 to 1913
Junior LakeJunior Osvaldo Lake2013 to 2016
Steve LakeSteven Michael Lake1983 to 1993
Al LakemanAlbert Wesley Lakeman1942 to 1954
Tim LakerTimothy John Laker1992 to 2006
Travis LakinsTravis Clay Lakins2019 to 2020
Blake LalliBlake Thomas Lalli2012 to 2016
Dan LallyDaniel J. Lally1891 to 1897
Jack LamabeJohn Alexander Lamabe1962 to 1968
Al LaMacchiaAlfred Anthony LaMacchia1943 to 1946
Hank LaMannaFrank LaManna1940 to 1942
Ray LamannoRaymond Simond Lamanno1941 to 1948
Frank LamanskeFrank James Lamanske1935 to 1935
Bill LamarWilliam Harmong Lamar1917 to 1927
Ryan LaMarreRyan M. LaMarre2015 to 2019
Wayne LaMasterNoble Wayne LaMaster1937 to 1938
David LambDavid Christian Lamb1999 to 2002
Jake LambJacob Ryan Lamb2014 to 2020
John LambJohn Michael Lamb2015 to 2018
John LambJohn Andrew Lamb1970 to 1973
Laymon LambLaymon Raymond Lamb1920 to 1921
Mike LambMichael Robert Lamb2000 to 2010
Ray LambRaymond Richard Lamb1969 to 1973
Chris LambertChristopher Raymond Lambert2008 to 2009
Clayton LambertClayton Patrick Lambert1946 to 1947
Gene LambertEugene Marion Lambert1941 to 1942
Jimmy LambertJames Michael Lambert2020 to 2020
Peter LambertPeter Joseph Lambert2019 to 2019
Otis LambethOtis Samuel Lambeth1916 to 1918
Andrew LamboAndrew Francis Lambo2013 to 2016
Pete LamersPierre Lamers1902 to 1907
Dinelson LametDinelson (Hernandez) Lamet2017 to 2020
Fred LamleinFrederick Arthur Lamlein1912 to 1915
Gene LamontGene William Lamont1970 to 1975
Bobby LaMotteRobert Eugene LaMotte1920 to 1926
Dennis LampDennis Patrick Lamp1977 to 1992
Keith LampardChristopher Keith Lampard1969 to 1970
Henry LampeHenry Joseph Lampe1894 to 1895
Tom LampkinThomas Michael Lampkin1988 to 2002
Dick LanahanRichard Anthony Lanahan1935 to 1941
Les LancasterLester Wayne Lancaster1987 to 1993
Gary LanceGary Dean Lance1977 to 1977
Rick LancellottiRichard Anthony Lancellotti1982 to 1990
Doc LandWilliam Gilbert Land1929 to 1929
Grover LandGrover Cleveland Land1908 to 1913
Ken LandenbergerKenneth Henry Landenberger1952 to 1952
Rafael LandestoyRafael Silvaldo (Santana) Landestoy1977 to 1984
Bill LandisWilliam Henry Landis1963 to 1969
Doc LandisSamuel H. Landis1882 to 1882
Jim LandisJames Henry Landis1957 to 1967
Ken LandreauxKenneth Francis Landreaux1977 to 1987
Larry LandrethLarry Robert Landreth1976 to 1977
Hobie LandrithHobart Neal Landrith1950 to 1963
Bill LandrumThomas William Landrum1986 to 1993
Ced LandrumCedric Bernard Landrum1991 to 1993
Don LandrumDonald Leroy Landrum1957 to 1966
Jesse LandrumJesse Glenn Landrum1938 to 1938
Joe LandrumJoseph Butler Landrum1950 to 1952
Tito LandrumTerry Lee Landrum1980 to 1988
Chappy LaneGeorge M. Lane1882 to 1884
Dick LaneRichard Harrison Lane1949 to 1949
Hunter LaneJames Hunter Lane1924 to 1924
Jason LaneJason Dean Lane2002 to 2014
Jerry LaneJerald Hal Lane1953 to 1955
Marvin LaneMarvin Lane1971 to 1976
Sam LanfordLewis Grover Lanford1907 to 1907
Walt LanfranconiWalter Oswald Lanfranconi1941 to 1947
Chip LangRobert David Lang1975 to 1976
Don LangDonald Charles Lang1938 to 1948
Marty LangMartin John Lang1930 to 1930
Bill LangeWilliam Alexander Lange1893 to 1899
Dick LangeRichard Otto Lange1972 to 1975
Erv LangeErwin Henry Lange1914 to 1914
Frank LangeFrank Herman Lange1910 to 1913
Ryan LangerhansRyan David Langerhans2002 to 2013
Rick LangfordJames Rick Langford1976 to 1986
Sam LangfordElton Langford1926 to 1928
Bob LangsfordRobert William Langsford1899 to 1899
Mark LangstonMark Edward Langston1984 to 1999
Matt LangwellMatthew August Langwell2013 to 2013
Hal LanierHarold Clifton Lanier1964 to 1973
Max LanierHubert Max Lanier1938 to 1953
Rimp LanierLorenzo Lanier1971 to 1971
Frank LankfordFrank Greenfield Lankford1998 to 1998
Ray LankfordRaymond Lewis Lankford1990 to 2004
John LannanJohn E. Lannan2007 to 2014
Johnny LanningJohn Young Lanning1936 to 1947
Red LanningLester Alfred Lanning1916 to 1916
Tom LanningThomas Newton Lanning1938 to 1938
Carney LansfordCarney Ray Lansford1978 to 1992
Joe LansfordJoseph Dale Lansford1982 to 1983
Gene LansingEugene Hewitt Lansing1922 to 1922
Mike LansingMichael Thomas Lansing1993 to 2001
Paul LaPalmePaul Edmore LaPalme1951 to 1957
Pete LapanPeter Nelson Lapan1922 to 1923
Andy LapihuskaAndrew Lapihuska1942 to 1943
Dave LaPointDavid Jeffrey LaPoint1980 to 1991
Ralph LaPointeRalph Robert LaPointe1947 to 1948
Matt LaPortaMatthew Vincent LaPorta2009 to 2012
Frank LaPorteFrank Breyfogle LaPorte1905 to 1913
Jack LappJohn Walker Lapp1908 to 1916
Juan LaraJuan Manuel Lara2006 to 2007
Yovanny LaraYovanny B. Lara2000 to 2000
Jeff LarishJeffrey David Larish2008 to 2010
Norm LarkerNorman Howard John Larker1958 to 1963
LarkinLarkin1884 to 1884
Andy LarkinAndrew Dane Larkin1996 to 2000
Barry LarkinBarry Louis Larkin1986 to 2004
Ed LarkinEdward Francis Larkin1909 to 1909
Gene LarkinEugene Thomas Larkin1987 to 1993
Henry LarkinHenry E. Larkin1884 to 1893
Pat LarkinPatrick Cliborn Larkin1983 to 1983
Stephen LarkinStephen Karari Larkin1998 to 1998
Steve LarkinStephen Patrick Larkin1934 to 1934
Terry LarkinFrank S. Larkin1876 to 1884
Bob LarmoreRobert McKahan Larmore1918 to 1918
Greg LaRoccaGregory Mark LaRocca2000 to 2003
Adam LaRocheDavid Adam LaRoche2004 to 2015
Andy LaRocheAndrew Christian LaRoche2007 to 2013
Dave LaRocheDavid Eugene LaRoche1970 to 1983
Sam LaRocqueSimeon Henry Jean LaRocque1888 to 1891
John LaRoseHenry John LaRose1978 to 1978
Vic LaRoseVictor Raymond LaRose1968 to 1968
Harry LaRossHarry Raymond LaRoss1914 to 1914
Don LarsenDon James Larsen1953 to 1967
Swede LarsenErling Adell Larsen1936 to 1936
Brandon LarsonBrandon John Larson2001 to 2004
Dan LarsonDaniel James Larson1976 to 1982
Jason LaRueMichael Jason LaRue1999 to 2010
Tony LaRussaAnthony LaRussa1963 to 1973
Al LaryAlfred Allen Lary1954 to 1962
Frank LaryFrank Strong Lary1954 to 1965
Lyn LaryLynford Hobart Lary1929 to 1940
Fred LasherFrederick Walter Lasher1963 to 1971
Bill LaskeyWilliam Alan Laskey1982 to 1988
Bill LasleyWillard Almond Lasley1924 to 1924
Tom LasordaThomas Charles Lasorda1954 to 1956
Don LassetterDonald O'Neal Lassetter1957 to 1957
Arlie LathamWalter Arlington Latham1880 to 1909
Bill LathamWilliam Carol Latham1985 to 1986
Chris LathamChristopher Joseph Latham1997 to 2003
Jumbo LathamGeorge Warren Latham1875 to 1884
Chick LathersCharles Ten Eyck Lathers1910 to 1911
Bill LathropWilliam George Lathrop1913 to 1914
Tacks LatimerClifford Wesley Latimer1898 to 1902
Barry LatmanArnold Barry Latman1957 to 1967
Mat LatosMathew A. Latos2009 to 2017
Bill LattimoreWilliam Hershel Lattimore1908 to 1908
Charlie LauCharles Richard Lau1956 to 1967
Billy LauderWilliam Lauder1898 to 1903
Tim LaudnerTimothy Jon Laudner1981 to 1989
Chuck LauerJohn Charles Lauer1884 to 1890
Eric LauerEric Lance Lauer2018 to 2020
Ben LaughlinBenjamin Laughlin1873 to 1873
Ramon LaureanoRamon Laureano2018 to 2020
Bill LauterbornWilliam Bernard Lauterborn1904 to 1905
George LauzeriqueGeorge Albert Lauzerique1967 to 1970
Cookie LavagettoHarry Arthur Lavagetto1934 to 1947
Mike LaValliereMichael Eugene LaValliere1984 to 1995
Doc LavanJohn Leonard Lavan1913 to 1924
Ryan LavarnwayRyan Cole Lavarnway2011 to 2020
Gary LavelleGary Robert Lavelle1974 to 1987
Jimmy LavenderJames Sanford Lavender1912 to 1917
Art LaVigneArthur David LaVigne1914 to 1914
Johnny LavinJohn Lavin1884 to 1884
Derek LawDerek Robert Law2016 to 2019
Ron LawRonald David Law1969 to 1969
Rudy LawRudy Karl Law1978 to 1986
Vance LawVance Aaron Law1980 to 1991
Vern LawVernon Sanders Law1950 to 1967
Garland LawingGarland Frederick Lawing1946 to 1946
Tom LawlessThomas James Lawless1982 to 1990
Mike LawlorMichael H. Lawlor1880 to 1880
Bill LawrenceWilliam Henry Lawrence1932 to 1932
Bob LawrenceRobert Andrew Lawrence1924 to 1924
Brian LawrenceBrian Michael Lawrence2001 to 2007
Brooks LawrenceBrooks Ulysses Lawrence1954 to 1960
Casey LawrenceCasey Lee Lawrence2017 to 2018
Jim LawrenceJames Ross Lawrence1963 to 1963
Joe LawrenceJoseph Dudley Lawrence2002 to 2002
Sean LawrenceSean Christopher Lawrence1998 to 1998
Brett LawrieBrett R. Lawrie2011 to 2016
Otis LawryOtis Carroll Lawry1916 to 1917
Al LawsonAlfred William Lawson1890 to 1890
Bob LawsonRobert Baker Lawson1901 to 1902
Roxie LawsonAlfred Voyle Lawson1930 to 1940
Steve LawsonSteven George Lawson1972 to 1972
Marcus LawtonMarcus Dwayne Lawton1989 to 1989
Matt LawtonMatthew Lawton1995 to 2006
Bill LaxtonWilliam Henry Laxton1970 to 1977
Brett LaxtonBrett William Laxton1999 to 2000
Tim LayanaTimothy Joseph Layana1990 to 1993
Gene LaydenEugene Francis Layden1915 to 1915
Pete LaydenPeter John Layden1948 to 1948
Herman LayneHerman Layne1927 to 1927
Hillis LayneIvoria Hillis Layne1941 to 1945
Tommy LayneThomas Kevin Layne2012 to 2017
Les LaytonLester Lee Layton1948 to 1948
Danny LazarJohn Daniel Lazar1968 to 1969
Raudel LazoRaudel (Blanco) Lazo2015 to 2015
Johnny LazorJohn Paul Lazor1943 to 1946
Jack LazorkoJack Thomas Lazorko1984 to 1988
Tony LazzeriAnthony Michael Lazzeri1926 to 1939
Charlie LeaCharles William Lea1980 to 1988
Brent LeachBrent Allen Leach2009 to 2009
Freddy LeachFrederick Leach1923 to 1932
Jalal LeachJalal Donnell Leach2001 to 2001
Rick LeachRichard Max Leach1981 to 1990
Terry LeachTerry Hester Leach1981 to 1993
Tommy LeachThomas William Leach1898 to 1918
Brandon LeagueBrandon Paul League2004 to 2014
Dan LeahyDaniel C. Leahy1896 to 1896
Tom LeahyThomas Joseph Leahy1897 to 1905
Mike LeakeMichael Raymond Leake2010 to 2019
Luis LealLuis Enrique (Alvarado) Leal1980 to 1985
Fred LearFrederick Francis Lear1915 to 1920
King LearCharles Bernard Lear1914 to 1915
Bill LeardWilliam Wallace Leard1917 to 1917
Frank LearyFrancis Patrick Leary1907 to 1907
Jack LearyJohn J. Leary1880 to 1883
John LearyJohn Louis Leary1914 to 1915
Tim LearyTimothy James Leary1981 to 1994
Hal LeathersHarold Langford Leathers1920 to 1920
Jack LeathersichJohn Victor Leathersich2015 to 2017
Emil LeberEmil Bohmiel Leber1905 to 1905
Wade LeBlancWade Matthew LeBlanc2008 to 2020
Bevo LeBourveauDeWitt Wiley LeBourveau1919 to 1929
George LeClairGeorge Lewis LeClair1914 to 1915
Jose LeclercJose Ramon Leclerc2016 to 2020
Matt LeCroyMatthew Hanks LeCroy2000 to 2007
Sam LeCureSamuel R. LeCure2010 to 2015
Razor LedbetterRalph Overton Ledbetter1915 to 1915
Ricky LedeeRicardo Alberto Ledee1998 to 2007
Aaron LedesmaAaron David Ledesma1995 to 2000
Wil LedezmaWilfredo Jose Ledezma2003 to 2011
Mike LedwithMichael Ledwith1874 to 1874
Bill LeeWilliam Francis Lee1969 to 1982
Bill LeeWilliam Crutcher Lee1934 to 1947
Billy LeeWilliam Joseph Lee1915 to 1916
Bob LeeRobert Dean Lee1964 to 1968
Braxton LeeBraxton Russell Lee2018 to 2018
C.C. LeeChen-Chang Lee2013 to 2015
Carlos LeeCarlos (Noriel) Lee1999 to 2012
Cliff LeeClifton Phifer Lee2002 to 2014
Cliff LeeClifford Walker Lee1919 to 1926
Corey LeeCorey Wayne Lee1999 to 1999
Dae-ho LeeDae-ho Lee2016 to 2016
David LeeDavid Emmer Lee1999 to 2004
Derek LeeDerek Gerald Lee1993 to 1993
Derrek LeeDerrek Leon Lee1997 to 2011
Don LeeDonald Edward Lee1957 to 1966
Dud LeeErnest Holford Lee1920 to 1926
Hal LeeHarold Burnham Lee1930 to 1936
Leonidas LeeLeonidas Pyrrhus Lee1877 to 1877
Leron LeeLeron Lee1969 to 1976
Manuel LeeManuel Lora Lee1985 to 1995
Mark LeeMark Owen Lee1988 to 1995
Mark LeeMark Linden Lee1978 to 1981
Mike LeeMichael Randall Lee1960 to 1963
Roy LeeRoy Edwin Lee1945 to 1945
Sang-Hoon LeeSang-Hoon Lee2000 to 2000
Terry LeeTerry James Lee1990 to 1991
Thornton LeeThornton Starr Lee1933 to 1948
Tom LeeThomas Frank Lee1884 to 1884
Travis LeeTravis Reynolds Lee1998 to 2006
Watty LeeWyatt Arnold Lee1901 to 1904
Zach LeeZachary Stephen Lee2015 to 2017
Gene LeekEugene Harold Leek1959 to 1962
Dave LeeperDavid Dale Leeper1984 to 1985
George LeesGeorge Edward Lees1921 to 1921
Charles LeesmanCharles James Leesman2013 to 2014
Sam LeeverSamuel Leever1898 to 1910
Bill LeFebvreWilfred Henry LeFebvre1938 to 1944
Jim LefebvreJames Kenneth Lefebvre1965 to 1972
Joe LefebvreJoseph Henry Lefebvre1980 to 1986
Al LefevreAlfred Modesto Lefevre1920 to 1920
Craig LeffertsCraig Lindsay Lefferts1983 to 1994
Wade LeflerWade Hampton Lefler1924 to 1924
Ron LeFloreRonald LeFlore1974 to 1982
Phil LeftwichPhillip Dale Leftwich1993 to 1996
Lou LegettLouis Alfred Legett1929 to 1935
Greg LeggGregory Lynn Legg1986 to 1987
James LehanJames Lehan1884 to 1884
Mike LehaneMichael Patrick Lehane1890 to 1891
Regis LehenyRegis Francis Leheny1932 to 1932
Jim LehewJames Anthony Lehew1961 to 1962
Ken LehmanKenneth Karl Lehman1952 to 1961
Paul LehnerPaul Eugene Lehner1946 to 1952
Clarence LehrClarence Emanuel Lehr1911 to 1911
Justin LehrCharles Larry Lehr2004 to 2009
Norm LehrNorman Carl Michael Lehr1926 to 1926
Hank LeiberHenry Edward Leiber1933 to 1942
Nemo LeiboldHarry Loran Leibold1913 to 1925
Brandon LeibrandtBrandon Charles Leibrandt2020 to 2020
Charlie LeibrandtCharles Louis Leibrandt1979 to 1993
Jon LeicesterJonathan David Leicester2004 to 2007
Elmer LeiferElmer Edwin Leifer1921 to 1921
Lefty LeifieldAlbert Peter Leifield1905 to 1920
John LeightonJohn Atkinson Leighton1890 to 1890
Bill LeinhauserWilliam Charles Leinhauser1912 to 1912
Ed LeipEdgar Ellsworth Leip1939 to 1942
Dave LeiperDavid Paul Leiper1984 to 1996
Jack LeiperJohn Henry Thomas Leiper1891 to 1891
John LeisterJohn William Leister1987 to 1990
Al LeiterAlois Terry Leiter1987 to 2005
Mark LeiterMark Edward Leiter1990 to 2001
Mark LeiterMark Edward, Jr. Leiter2017 to 2018
Bill LeithWilliam Leith1899 to 1899
Doc LeitnerGeorge Aloysius Leitner1887 to 1887
Dummy LeitnerGeorge Michael Leitner1901 to 1902
Scott LeiusScott Thomas Leius1990 to 1999
Frank LejaFrank John Leja1954 to 1962
Larry LeJeuneSheldon Aldenbert LeJeune1911 to 1915
Don LeJohnDonald Everett LeJohn1965 to 1965
Bill LeliveltWilliam John Lelivelt1909 to 1910
Jack LeliveltJohn Frank Lelivelt1909 to 1914
D.J. LeMahieuDavid John LeMahieu2011 to 2020
Dave LemanczykDavid Lawrence Lemanczyk1973 to 1980
Denny LemasterDenver Clayton Lemaster1962 to 1972
Johnnie LeMasterJohnnie Lee LeMaster1975 to 1987
Dick LeMayRichard Paul LeMay1961 to 1963
Steve LemboStephen Neal Lembo1950 to 1952
Mark LemkeMark Alan Lemke1988 to 1998
Bob LemonRobert Granville Lemon1941 to 1958
Chet LemonChester Earl Lemon1975 to 1990
Jim LemonJames Robert Lemon1950 to 1963
Dave LemondsDavid Lee Lemonds1969 to 1972
Mark LemongelloMark Lemongello1976 to 1979
Don LenhardtDonald Eugene Lenhardt1950 to 1954
Bill LennonWilliam H. Lennon1871 to 1873
Bob LennonRobert Albert Lennon1954 to 1957
Ed LennonEdward Francis Lennon1928 to 1928
Pat LennonPatrick Orlando Lennon1991 to 1999
Ed LennoxJames Edgar Lennox1906 to 1912
Jim LentineJames Matthew Lentine1978 to 1980
David LenzDavid Lenz1872 to 1872
Arcenio LeonArcenio Leon2017 to 2017
Arnold LeonAlex Arnold Leon2015 to 2016
Danny LeonDanilo Enrique (Lineco) Leon1992 to 1992
Eddie LeonEduardo Antonio Leon1968 to 1975
Izzy LeonIsidoro (Becerra) Leon1945 to 1945
Jose LeonJose Geraldo (Vega) Leon2002 to 2004
Max LeonMaximino (Molino) Leon1973 to 1978
Sandy LeonSandy David (Balan) Leon2012 to 2020
LeonardLeonard1892 to 1892
Andy LeonardAndrew Jackson Leonard1871 to 1880
Dennis LeonardDennis Patrick Leonard1974 to 1986
Dutch LeonardEmil John Leonard1933 to 1953
Dutch LeonardHubert Benjamin Leonard1913 to 1925
Elmer LeonardElmer Ellsworth Leonard1911 to 1911
Jeffrey LeonardJeffrey Leonard1977 to 1990
Joe LeonardJoseph Howard Leonard1914 to 1920
Mark LeonardMark David Leonard1990 to 1995
Dominic LeoneDominic Joseph Leone2014 to 2020
Justin LeoneJustin Paul Leone2004 to 2006
Dave LeonhardDavid Paul Leonhard1967 to 1972
Rudy LeopoldRudolph Matas Leopold1928 to 1928
John LeovichJohn Joseph Leovich1941 to 1941
Ted LepcioThaddeus Stanley Lepcio1952 to 1961
Pete LePineLouis Joseph LePine1902 to 1902
Don LeppertDon Eugene Leppert1955 to 1955
Don LeppertDonald George Leppert1961 to 1964
Randy LerchRandy Louis Lerch1975 to 1986
Dutch LerchenBertram Roe Lerchen1910 to 1910
George LerchenGeorge Edward Lerchen1952 to 1953
Anthony LerewAnthony Allen Lerew2005 to 2010
Walt LerianWalter Irvin Lerian1928 to 1929
Chris LerouxChristopher A. Leroux2009 to 2014
John LeRoyJohn Michael LeRoy1997 to 1997
Louis LeRoyLouis Paul LeRoy1905 to 1910
Barry LerschBarry Lee Lersch1969 to 1974
Steven LerudSteven James Lerud2012 to 2013
Brian LesherBrian Herbert Lesher1996 to 2002
Don LeshnockDonald Lee Leshnock1972 to 1972
Curt LeskanicCurtis John Leskanic1993 to 2004
Brad LesleyBradley Jay Lesley1982 to 1985
Roy LeslieRoy Reid Leslie1917 to 1922
Sam LeslieSamuel Andrew Leslie1929 to 1938
Jon LesterJonathan Tyler Lester2006 to 2020
Charlie LetchasCharlie Letchas1939 to 1946
Tom LetcherFrederick Thomas Letcher1891 to 1891
Jesse LevanJesse Roy Levan1947 to 1955
Walt LeverenzWalter Fred Leverenz1913 to 1915
Dixie LeverettGorham Vance Leverett1922 to 1929
Hod LeveretteHorace Wilbur Leverette1920 to 1920
Jim LeveyJames Julius Levey1930 to 1933
Al LevineAlan Brian Levine1996 to 2005
Charlie LevisCharles H. Levis1884 to 1885
Jesse LevisJesse Levis1992 to 2001
Allen LevraultAllen Harry Levrault2000 to 2003
Dutch LevsenEmil Henry Levsen1923 to 1928
Ed LevyEdward Clarence Levy1940 to 1944
Dennis LewallynDennis Dale Lewallyn1975 to 1982
Dan LewandowskiDaniel William Lewandowski1951 to 1951
Artie LewickiArthur Michael Lewicki2017 to 2020
LewisLewis1890 to 1890
Allan LewisAllan Sydney Lewis1967 to 1973
Bert LewisWilliam Burton Lewis1924 to 1924
Bill LewisWilliam Henry Lewis1933 to 1936
Buddy LewisJohn Kelly Lewis1935 to 1949
Colby LewisColby Preston Lewis2002 to 2016
Darren LewisDarren Joel Lewis1990 to 2002
Duffy LewisGeorge Edward Lewis1910 to 1921
Fred LewisFrederick Miller Lewis1881 to 1886
Fred LewisFrederick Deshaun Lewis2006 to 2012
Jack LewisJohn David Lewis1911 to 1911
Jensen LewisJensen Daniel Lewis2007 to 2010
Jim LewisJames Martin Lewis1979 to 1985
Jim LewisJames Steven Lewis1991 to 1991
Johnny LewisJohnny Joe Lewis1964 to 1967
Kyle LewisKyle Alexander Lewis2019 to 2020
Mark LewisMark David Lewis1991 to 2001
Phil LewisPhilip Lewis1905 to 1908
Richie LewisRichie Todd Lewis1992 to 1998
Rommie LewisRommie Lee Lewis2010 to 2011
Scott LewisScott Edwin Lewis2008 to 2009
Scott LewisScott Allen Lewis1990 to 1994
Ted LewisEdward Morgan Lewis1896 to 1901
Terry LeyTerrance Richard Ley1971 to 1971
Domingo LeybaDomingo Junior Leyba2019 to 2019
Robinson LeyerRobinson Leyer2020 to 2020
Jim LeyritzJames Joseph Leyritz1990 to 2000
Carlos LezcanoCarlos Manuel (Rubio) Lezcano1980 to 1981
Sixto LezcanoSixto Joaquin (Curras) Lezcano1974 to 1985
Steve LibbyStephen Augustus Libby1879 to 1879
Adam LiberatoreAdam Joseph Liberatore2015 to 2018
Al LibkeAlbert Walter Libke1945 to 1946
Frankie LibranFrancisco (Rosas) Libran1969 to 1969
John LickertJohn Wilbur Lickert1981 to 1981
Dave LiddellDavid Alexander Liddell1990 to 1990
Alex LiddiAlessandro Liddi2011 to 2013
Don LiddleDonald Eugene Liddle1953 to 1956
Brad LidgeBradley Thomas Lidge2002 to 2012
Cory LidleCory Fulton Lidle1997 to 2006
Dutch LieberCharles Edwin Lieber1935 to 1936
Jon LieberJonathan Ray Lieber1994 to 2008
Mike LieberthalMichael Scott Lieberthal1994 to 2007
Glenn LiebhardtGlenn John Liebhardt1906 to 1909
Glenn LiebhardtGlenn Ignatius Liebhardt1930 to 1938
Jeff LieferJeffrey David Liefer1999 to 2005
Fred LieseFrederick Richard Liese1910 to 1910
Pat LightPatrick James Light2016 to 2016
Kerry LigtenbergKerry Dale Ligtenberg1997 to 2005
Bill LillardWilliam Beverly Lillard1939 to 1940
Gene LillardRobert Eugene Lillard1936 to 1940
Brent LillibridgeBrent Stuart Lillibridge2008 to 2013
Jim LillieJames J. Lillie1883 to 1886
Derek LilliquistDerek Jansen Lilliquist1989 to 1996
Bob LillisRobert Perry Lillis1958 to 1967
Ted LillyTheodore Roosevelt Lilly1999 to 2013
Chang-Yong LimChang-Yong Lim2013 to 2013
Jose LimaJose Desiderio Rodriguez Lima1994 to 2006
Lou LimmerLouis Limmer1951 to 1954
Che-Hsuan LinChe-Hsuan Lin2012 to 2012
Tzu-Wei LinTzu-Wei Lin2017 to 2020
Rufino LinaresRufino de la Cruz Linares1981 to 1985
Tim LincecumTimothy LeRoy Lincecum2007 to 2016
Brad LincolnBrad Eric Lincoln2010 to 2014
Ezra LincolnEzra Perry Lincoln1890 to 1890
Mike LincolnMichael George Lincoln1999 to 2010
Adam LindAdam Alan Lind2006 to 2017
Carl LindHenry Carl Lind1927 to 1930
Jack LindJackson Hugh Lind1974 to 1975
Jose LindJose (Salgado) Lind1987 to 1995
Vive LindamanVivan Alexander Lindaman1906 to 1909
Em LindbeckEmerit Desmond Lindbeck1960 to 1960
Paul LindbladPaul Aaron Lindblad1965 to 1978
Josh LindblomJoshua William Lindblom2011 to 2020
Lyman LindeLyman Gilbert Linde1947 to 1948
Johnny LindellJohn Harlan Lindell1941 to 1954
Jim LindemanJames William Lindeman1986 to 1994
Bob LindemannJohn Frederick Mann Lindemann1901 to 1901
Ernie LindemannErnest Theodore Lindemann1907 to 1907
Todd LindenTodd Anthony Linden2003 to 2007
Walt LindenWalter Charles Linden1950 to 1950
Jacob LindgrenJacob Stephen Lindgren2015 to 2015
Francisco LindorFrancisco Miguel Lindor2015 to 2020
Carl LindquistCarl Emil Lindquist1943 to 1944
Bill LindsayWilliam Gibbons Lindsay1911 to 1911
Chris LindsayChristian Haller Lindsay1905 to 1906
Shane LindsayShane Anthony Lindsay2011 to 2011
Bill LindseyWilliam Donald Lindsey1987 to 1987
Doug LindseyMichael Douglas Lindsey1991 to 1993
Jim LindseyJames Kendrick Lindsey1922 to 1937
John LindseyJohn William Lindsey2010 to 2010
Rod LindseyRodney Lee Lindsey2000 to 2000
Axel LindstromAxel Olaf Lindstrom1916 to 1916
Charlie LindstromCharles William Lindstrom1958 to 1958
Freddie LindstromFrederick Charles Lindstrom1924 to 1936
Matt LindstromMatthew James Lindstrom2007 to 2014
Scott LinebrinkScott Cameron Linebrink2000 to 2011
Dick LinesRichard George Lines1966 to 1967
Carl LinhartCarl James Linhart1952 to 1952
Cole LiniakCole Edward Liniak1999 to 2000
Fred LinkFrederick Theodore Link1910 to 1910
Jon LinkJon Paul Link2010 to 2010
Ed LinkeEdward Karl Linke1933 to 1938
Royce LintRoyce James Lint1954 to 1954
Bob LintonClaud Clarence Linton1929 to 1929
Doug LintonDouglas Warren Linton1992 to 2003
Larry LintzLarry Lintz1973 to 1978
Phil LinzPhilip Francis Linz1962 to 1968
Frank LinzyFrank Alfred Linzy1963 to 1974
Angelo LiPetriMichael Angelo LiPetri1956 to 1958
Johnny LiponJohn Joseph Lipon1942 to 1954
Tom LippThomas Charles Lipp1897 to 1897
Nig LipscombGerard Lipscomb1937 to 1937
Bob LipskiRobert Peter Lipski1963 to 1963
Felipe LiraAntonio Felipe Lira1995 to 2001
Francisco LirianoFrancisco Casillas Liriano2005 to 2019
Nelson LirianoNelson Arturo (Bonilla) Liriano1987 to 1998
Pedro LirianoPedro Antonio Liriano2004 to 2005
Rymer LirianoRymer Omar Liriano2014 to 2017
Joe LisJoseph Anthony Lis1970 to 1977
Hod LisenbeeHorace Milton Lisenbee1927 to 1945
Rick LisiRicardo Patrick Emilio Lisi1981 to 1981
Ad LiskaAdolph James Liska1929 to 1933
Pat ListachPatrick Alan Listach1992 to 1997
Pete ListerMorris Elmer Lister1907 to 1907
Jesse LitschJesse Allen Litsch2007 to 2011
Mark LittellMark Alan Littell1973 to 1982
Zack LittellZack Stuart Littell2018 to 2020
Bryan LittleRichard Bryan Little1982 to 1986
Harry LittleHarry Alexander Little1877 to 1877
Jack LittleWilliam Arthur Little1912 to 1912
Jeff LittleDonald Jeffrey Little1980 to 1982
Mark LittleMark Travis Little1998 to 2004
Scott LittleDennis Scott Little1989 to 1989
Dick LittlefieldRichard Bernard Littlefield1950 to 1958
John LittlefieldJohn Andrew Littlefield1980 to 1981
Carlisle LittlejohnCharles Carlisle Littlejohn1927 to 1928
Dennis LittlejohnDennis Gerald Littlejohn1978 to 1980
Larry LittletonLarry Marvin Littleton1981 to 1981
Wes LittletonWes Avi Littleton2006 to 2008
Greg LittonJon Gregory Litton1989 to 1994
Jack LittrellJack Napier Littrell1952 to 1957
Danny LitwhilerDaniel Webster Litwhiler1940 to 1951
Ben LivelyEdward Bennett Lively2017 to 2019
Buddy LivelyEverett Adrian Lively1947 to 1949
Jack LivelyHenry Everett Lively1911 to 1911
Wes LivengoodWesley Amos Livengood1939 to 1939
Bobby LivingstonRobert James Livingston2006 to 2007
Mickey LivingstonThompson Orville Livingston1938 to 1951
Paddy LivingstonPatrick Joseph Livingston1901 to 1917
Jake LivingstoneJacob M. Livingstone1901 to 1901
Scott LivingstoneScott Louis Livingstone1991 to 1998
Radhames LizRadhames Corey Liz2007 to 2015
Abel LizotteAbel Lizotte1896 to 1896
Winston LlenasWinston Enriquillo (Davilla) Llenas1968 to 1975
Clem LlewellynClement Manly Llewellyn1922 to 1922
Mauricio LloveraMauricio Alejandro Llovera2020 to 2020
Graeme LloydGraeme John Lloyd1993 to 2003
Kyle LloydKyle Christopher Lloyd2017 to 2017
Chia-Jen LoChia-Jen Lo2013 to 2013
Paul Lo DucaPaul Anthony Lo Duca1998 to 2008
Jonathan LoaisigaJonathan Stanley Loaisiga2018 to 2020
Esteban LoaizaEsteban Antonio Veyna Loaiza1995 to 2008
Mike LoanWilliam Joseph Loan1912 to 1912
Bob LoaneRobert Kenneth Loane1939 to 1940
Jose LobatonJose Manuel Lobaton2009 to 2018
Frank LobertFrank John Lobert1914 to 1914
Hans LobertJohn Bernard Lobert1903 to 1917
Kyle LobsteinKyle Eric Lobstein2014 to 2016
Tim LocastroTimothy Donald Locastro2017 to 2020
Harry LochheadRobert Henry Lochhead1899 to 1901
Don LockDon Wilson Lock1962 to 1969
Bobby LockeLawrence Donald Locke1959 to 1968
Chuck LockeCharles Edward Locke1955 to 1955
Jeff LockeJeffrey Alan Locke2011 to 2017
Marshall LockeMarshall Pinkney Wilder Locke1884 to 1884
Ron LockeRonald Thomas Locke1964 to 1964
Bob LockerRobert Awtry Locker1965 to 1975
Walker LockettAndrew Walker Lockett2018 to 2020
Keith LockhartKeith Virgil Lockhart1994 to 2003
Gene LocklearGene Locklear1973 to 1977
Stu LocklinStuart Carlton Locklin1955 to 1956
Whitey LockmanCarroll Walter Lockman1945 to 1960
Milo LockwoodMilo Hathaway Lockwood1884 to 1884
Skip LockwoodClaude Edward Lockwood1965 to 1980
Dario LodigianiDario Antonio Lodigiani1938 to 1946
Kameron LoeKameron David Loe2004 to 2013
George LoeppGeorge Herbert Loepp1928 to 1930
Billy LoesWilliam Loes1950 to 1961
Adam LoewenAdam Alexander Loewen2006 to 2016
Carlton LoewerCarlton Ernest Loewer1998 to 2003
James LoftonJames O'Neal Lofton2001 to 2001
Kenny LoftonKenneth Lofton1991 to 2007
Dick LoftusRichard Joseph Loftus1924 to 1925
Frank LoftusFrancis Patrick Loftus1926 to 1926
Tom LoftusThomas Joseph Loftus1877 to 1883
Bob LoganRobert Dean Logan1935 to 1945
Boone LoganBoone Logan2006 to 2018
Johnny LoganJohn Logan1951 to 1963
Nook LoganExavier Prente Logan2004 to 2007
Pete LohmanGeorge F. Lohman1891 to 1891
Howard LohrHoward Sylvester Lohr1914 to 1916
Jack LohrkeJack Wayne Lohrke1947 to 1953
Bill LohrmanWilliam Leroy Lohrman1934 to 1944
Kyle LohseKyle Matthew Lohse2001 to 2016
Alberto LoisAlberto Lois1978 to 1979
Rich LoiselleRichard Frank Loiselle1996 to 2001
Mickey LolichMichael Stephen Lolich1963 to 1979
Ron LolichRonald John Lolich1971 to 1973
Sherm LollarJohn Sherman Lollar1946 to 1963
Tim LollarWilliam Timothy Lollar1980 to 1986
Ryan LollisRyan Matthew Lollis2015 to 2015
Doug LomanDouglas Edward Loman1984 to 1985
Steve LomasneySteven James Lomasney1999 to 1999
George LombardGeorge Paul Lombard1998 to 2006
Ernie LombardiErnesto Natali Lombardi1931 to 1947
Phil LombardiPhillip Arden Lombardi1986 to 1989
Vic LombardiVictor Alvin Lombardi1945 to 1950
Lou LombardoLouis Lombardo1948 to 1948
Stephen LombardozziStephen Lombardozzi2011 to 2017
Steve LombardozziStephen Paul Lombardozzi1985 to 1990
Kevin LomonKevin Dale Lomon1995 to 1996
Jim LonborgJames Reynold Lonborg1965 to 1979
Walter LonerganWalter E. Lonergan1911 to 1911
James LoneyJames Anthony Loney2006 to 2016
LongLong1888 to 1888
Bill LongWilliam Douglas Long1985 to 1991
Bob LongRobert Earl Long1981 to 1985
Dale LongRichard Dale Long1951 to 1963
Dan LongDaniel W. Long1890 to 1890
Herman LongHerman C. Long1889 to 1904
Jeoff LongJeoffrey Keith Long1963 to 1964
Jim LongJames M. Long1891 to 1893
Jimmie LongJames Albert Long1922 to 1922
Joey LongJoey J. Long1997 to 1997
Lep LongLester Long1911 to 1911
Red LongNelson Long1902 to 1902
Ryan LongRyan Marcus Long1997 to 1997
Shed LongShedric Bernard Long2019 to 2020
Terrence LongTerrence Deon Long1999 to 2006
Tom LongThomas Francis Long1924 to 1924
Tom LongThomas Augustus Long1911 to 1917
Tony LongmireAnthony Eugene Longmire1993 to 1995
Evan LongoriaEvan Michael Longoria2008 to 2020
Joe LonnettJoseph Paul Lonnett1956 to 1959
Bruce LookBruce Michael Look1968 to 1968
Dean LookDean Zachary Look1961 to 1961
Brian LooneyBrian James Looney1993 to 1995
Aaron LooperAaron Joseph Looper2003 to 2003
Braden LooperBraden LaVern Looper1998 to 2009
Pete LoosIvan Loos1901 to 1901
Eddie LopatEdmund Walter Lopat1944 to 1955
Stan LopataStanley Edward Lopata1948 to 1960
Art LopatkaArthur Joseph Lopatka1945 to 1946
Davey LopesDavid Earl Lopes1972 to 1987
Tim LopesTimothy A. Lopes2019 to 2020
Al LopezAlfonso Ramon Lopez1928 to 1947
Albie LopezAlbert Anthony Lopez1993 to 2003
Aquilino LopezAquilino (Roa) Lopez2003 to 2008
Art LopezArturo (Rodriguez) Lopez1965 to 1965
Arturo LopezJavier Arturo Lopez2009 to 2009
Aurelio LopezAurelio Alejandro (Rios) Lopez1974 to 1987
Carlos LopezCarlos Antonio (Morales) Lopez1976 to 1978
Felipe LopezFelipe Lopez2001 to 2011
Hector LopezHector Headley (Swainson) Lopez1955 to 1966
Javier LopezJavier Alfonso Lopez2003 to 2016
Javy LopezJavier (Torres) Lopez1992 to 2006
Jorge LopezJorge Y. (Ramos) Lopez2015 to 2020
Jose LopezJose Celestino Lopez2004 to 2012
Luis LopezLuis Lopez2001 to 2004
Luis LopezLuis Antonio Lopez1990 to 1991
Luis LopezLuis Manuel (Santos) Lopez1993 to 2005
Marcelino LopezMarcelino Pons Lopez1963 to 1972
Mendy LopezMendy (Aude) Lopez1998 to 2004
Mickey LopezRaymond Michael Lopez2004 to 2004
Nicky LopezNicholas Lopez2019 to 2020
Pablo LopezPablo Jose Lopez2018 to 2020
Pedro LopezPedro Michel Lopez2005 to 2007
Rafael LopezRafael Manuel Lopez2014 to 2018
Ramon LopezJose Ramon (Hevia) Lopez1966 to 1966
Reynaldo LopezReynaldo Starling (Kely) Lopez2016 to 2020
Rodrigo LopezRodrigo (Munoz) Lopez2000 to 2012
Wilton LopezWilton Lopez2009 to 2014
Yoan LopezYoan Lopez2018 to 2020
Bris LordBristol Robotham Lord1905 to 1913
Carlton LordWilliam Carlton Lord1923 to 1923
Harry LordHarry Donald Lord1907 to 1914
Lefty LorenzenAdolph Andreas Lorenzen1913 to 1913
Michael LorenzenMichael Clifton Lorenzen2015 to 2020
Mark LorettaMark David Loretta1995 to 2009
Andrew LorraineAndrew Jason Lorraine1994 to 2002
Joe LotzJoseph Peter Lotz1916 to 1916
Scott LoucksScott Gregory Loucks1980 to 1985
Art LoudellArthur Loudell1910 to 1910
Baldy LoudenWilliam P. Louden1907 to 1916
Charlie LoudenslagerCharles Edward Loudenslager1904 to 1904
David LoughDavid Dennis Lough2012 to 2016
Bill Loughlin Loughlin1884 to 1884
Larry LoughlinLarry John Loughlin1967 to 1967
William LoughranWilliam H. Loughran1883 to 1883
Don LounDonald Nelson Loun1964 to 1964
Aaron LoupAaron Christopher Loup2012 to 2020
Shane LouxShane A. Loux2002 to 2012
Slim LoveEdward Haughton Love1913 to 1920
Tom LovelaceThomas Rivers Lovelace1922 to 1922
Vance LovelaceVance Odell Lovelace1988 to 1990
Richard LoveladyRichard Tyler Lovelady2019 to 2020
Lynn LovenguthLynn Richard Lovenguth1955 to 1957
John LovettJohn Lovett1903 to 1903
Len LovettLeonard Walker Lovett1873 to 1875
Mem LovettMerritt Marwood Lovett1933 to 1933
Tom LovettThomas Joseph Lovett1885 to 1894
Jay LoviglioJohn Paul Loviglio1980 to 1983
Joe LovittoJoseph Lovitto1972 to 1975
Pete LovrichPeter Lovrich1963 to 1963
Torey LovulloSalvatore Anthony Lovullo1988 to 1999
Fletcher LowFletcher Low1915 to 1915
Grover LowdermilkGrover Cleveland Lowdermilk1909 to 1920
Lou LowdermilkLouis Bailey Lowdermilk1911 to 1912
Bobby LoweRobert Lincoln Lowe1890 to 1907
Brandon LoweBrandon Norman Lowe2018 to 2020
Charlie LoweCharles Lowe1872 to 1872
Derek LoweDerek Christopher Lowe1997 to 2013
Dick LoweRichard Alvern Lowe1884 to 1884
George LoweGeorge Wesley Lowe1920 to 1920
Mark LoweMark Christopher Lowe2006 to 2016
Nate LoweDavid Nathaniel Lowe2019 to 2020
Sean LoweJonathan Sean Lowe1997 to 2003
Mike LowellMichael Averett Lowell1998 to 2010
John LowensteinJohn Lee Lowenstein1970 to 1985
Devon LoweryDevon Eugene Lowery2008 to 2008
Terrell LoweryQuenton Terrell Lowery1997 to 2000
Turk LownOmar Joseph Lown1951 to 1962
Peanuts LowreyHarry Lee Lowrey1942 to 1955
Jed LowrieJed Carlson Lowrie2008 to 2019
Dwight LowryDwight Lowry1984 to 1988
John LowryJohn D. Lowry1875 to 1875
Noah LowryNoah Ryan Lowry2003 to 2007
Sam LowrySamuel Joseph Lowry1942 to 1943
Mike LoyndMichael Wallace Loynd1986 to 1987
Willie LozadoWilliam Lozado1984 to 1984
Steve LubratichSteven George Lubratich1981 to 1983
Hal LubyHugh Max Luby1936 to 1944
Pat LubyJohn Perkins Luby1890 to 1895
Johnny LucadelloJohn Lucadello1938 to 1947
Ed LucasEdward Lee Lucas2013 to 2014
Fred LucasFrederick Warrington Lucas1935 to 1935
Gary LucasGary Paul Lucas1980 to 1987
Johnny LucasJohn Charles Lucas1931 to 1932
Josh LucasJoshua Timothy Lucas2017 to 2019
Ray LucasRay Wesley Lucas1929 to 1934
Red LucasCharles Fred Lucas1923 to 1938
Joey LucchesiJoseph George Lucchesi2018 to 2020
Frank LuceFrank Edward Luce1923 to 1923
Joe LuceyJoseph Earl Lucey1920 to 1925
Elvis LucianoElvis Enmanuel Luciano2019 to 2019
Con LucidCornelius Cecil Lucid1893 to 1897
Lou LucierLouis Joseph Lucier1943 to 1945
Jonathan LucroyJonathan Charles Lucroy2010 to 2020
Donny LucyDonald Hassett Lucy2007 to 2011
Fred LuderusFrederick William Luderus1909 to 1920
Willie LudolphWilliam Francis Ludolph1924 to 1924
Eric LudwickEric David Ludwick1996 to 1999
Ryan LudwickRyan Andrew Ludwick2002 to 2014
Bill LudwigWilliam Lawrence Ludwig1908 to 1908
Roy LuebbeRoy John Luebbe1925 to 1925
Steve LuebberStephen Lee Luebber1971 to 1981
Larry LuebbersLarry Christopher Luebbers1993 to 2000
Cory LuebkeCory Robert Luebke2010 to 2016
Dick LuebkeRichard Raymond Luebke1962 to 1962
Rick LueckenRichard Fred Luecken1989 to 1990
Josh LuekeJoshua William Lueke2011 to 2014
Lucas LuetgeLucas Lester Luetge2012 to 2015
Henry LuffHenry T. Luff1875 to 1883
Dawel LugoDawel Leoner Lugo2018 to 2020
Julio LugoJulio Cesar Lugo2000 to 2011
Ruddy LugoRuddy Joraider Lugo2006 to 2007
Seth LugoJacob Seth Lugo2016 to 2020
Urbano LugoRafael Urbano (Colina) Lugo1985 to 1990
Rob LukachykRobert James Lukachyk1996 to 1996
Mark LukasiewiczMark Francis Lukasiewicz2001 to 2002
Matt LukeMatthew Clifford Luke1996 to 1999
Al LukensAlbert P. Lukens1894 to 1894
Eddie LukonEdward Paul Lukon1941 to 1947
Mike LumMichael Ken-Wai Lum1967 to 1981
Ralph LumentiRaphael Anthony Lumenti1957 to 1959
Harry LumleyHarry G. Lumley1904 to 1910
Jerry LumpeJerry Dean Lumpe1956 to 1967
Hector LunaHector R. Luna2004 to 2012
Memo LunaGuillermo Romero Luna1954 to 1954
Fernando LunarFernando Jose Lunar2000 to 2002
Don LundDonald Andrew Lund1945 to 1954
Gordy LundGordon Thomas Lund1967 to 1969
Jack LundbomJohn Frederick Lundbom1902 to 1902
Carl LundgrenCarl Leonard Lundgren1902 to 1909
Del LundgrenEbin Delmer Lundgren1924 to 1927
David LundquistDavid Bruce Lundquist1999 to 2002
Tom LundstedtThomas Robert Lundstedt1973 to 1975
Trey LunsfordJames Lewis Lunsford2002 to 2003
Harry LunteHarry August Lunte1919 to 1920
Tony LupienUlysses John Lupien1940 to 1948
Al LuplowAlvin David Luplow1961 to 1967
Jordan LuplowJordan Thomas Luplow2017 to 2020
Dolf LuqueAdolfo Domingo de Guzman Luque1914 to 1935
Scott LusaderScott Edward Lusader1987 to 1991
Billy LushWilliam Lucas Lush1895 to 1904
Ernie LushErnest Benjamin Lush1910 to 1910
Johnny LushJohn Charles Lush1904 to 1910
Charlie LuskeyCharles Melton Luskey1901 to 1901
Luke LutenbergCharles William Lutenberg1894 to 1894
Lyle LuttrellLyle Kenneth Luttrell1956 to 1957
Donald LutzDonald Thomas Lutz2013 to 2014
Joe LutzRollin Joseph Lutz1951 to 1951
Red LutzLouis William Lutz1922 to 1922
Zach LutzZachary Craig Lutz2012 to 2013
Rube LutzkeWalter John Lutzke1923 to 1927
Keith LuuloaKeith H. M. Luuloa2000 to 2000
Gavin LuxGavin Thomas Lux2019 to 2020
Jesus LuzardoJesus G. Luzardo2019 to 2020
Greg LuzinskiGregory Michael Luzinski1970 to 1984
Mitch LydenMitchell Scott Lyden1993 to 1993
Scott LydyDonald Scott Lydy1993 to 1993
Jim LyleJames Charles Lyle1925 to 1925
Sparky LyleAlbert Walter Lyle1967 to 1982
Jordan LylesJordan Horton Lyles2011 to 2020
Adrian LynchAdrian Ryan Lynch1920 to 1920
Dummy LynchMatthew Daniel Lynch1948 to 1948
Ed LynchEdward Francis Lynch1980 to 1987
Henry LynchHenry W. Lynch1893 to 1893
Jack LynchJohn H. Lynch1881 to 1890
Jerry LynchGerald Thomas Lynch1954 to 1966
Mike LynchMichael Joseph Lynch1904 to 1907
Mike LynchMichael Joseph Lynch1902 to 1902
Thomas LynchThomas S. Lynch1884 to 1884
Tom LynchThomas James Lynch1884 to 1885
Walt LynchWalter Edward Lynch1922 to 1922
Byrd LynnByrd Lynn1916 to 1920
Fred LynnFredric Michael Lynn1974 to 1990
Jerry LynnJerome Edward Lynn1937 to 1937
Lance LynnMichael Lance Lynn2011 to 2020
Red LynnJaphet Monroe Lynn1939 to 1944
Brandon LyonBrandon James Lyon2001 to 2013
Russ LyonRussell Mayo Lyon1944 to 1944
Al LyonsAlbert Harold Lyons1944 to 1948
Barry LyonsBarry Stephen Lyons1986 to 1995
Bill LyonsWilliam Allen Lyons1983 to 1984
Curt LyonsCurt Russell Lyons1996 to 1996
Denny LyonsDennis Patrick Aloysius Lyons1885 to 1897
Ed LyonsEdward Hoyte Lyons1947 to 1947
George LyonsGeorge Tony Lyons1920 to 1924
Harry LyonsHarry Pratt Lyons1887 to 1893
Hersh LyonsHerschel Englebert Lyons1941 to 1941
Pat LyonsPatrick Jerry Lyons1890 to 1890
Steve LyonsStephen John Lyons1985 to 1993
Ted LyonsTheodore Amar Lyons1923 to 1946
Terry LyonsTerence Hilbert Lyons1929 to 1929
Toby LyonsThomas Arthur Lyons1890 to 1890
Tyler LyonsTyler William Lyons2013 to 2020
Rick LysanderRichard Eugene Lysander1980 to 1985
John LystonJohn Michael Lyston1891 to 1894
Dad LytleEdward Benson Lytle1890 to 1890
Jim LyttleJames Lawrence Lyttle1969 to 1976
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