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Baseball Dope Player Index - P
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Players Beginning with P

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Charlie PaborCharles Henry Pabor1871 to 1875
Ed PabstEdward D. A. Pabst1890 to 1890
John PacellaJohn Lewis Pacella1977 to 1986
Cristian PacheCristian Rafael Pache2020 to 2020
Alex PachecoAlexander Melchor (Lara) Pacheco1996 to 1996
Jordan PachecoJordan Patrick Pacheco2011 to 2016
Pat PacilloPatrick Michael Pacillo1987 to 1988
Jim PaciorekJames Joseph Paciorek1987 to 1987
John PaciorekJohn Francis Paciorek1963 to 1963
Tom PaciorekThomas Marian Paciorek1970 to 1987
Frankie PackFrank Pack1949 to 1949
Gene PackardEugene Milo Packard1912 to 1919
Joe PactwaJoseph Martin Pactwa1975 to 1975
Chris PaddackChristopher Joseph Paddack2019 to 2020
Dick PaddenRichard Joseph Padden1896 to 1905
Tom PaddenThomas Francis Padden1932 to 1943
Del PaddockDelmer Harold Paddock1912 to 1912
Don PadgettDon Wilson Padgett1937 to 1948
Ernie PadgettErnest Kitchen Padgett1923 to 1927
Jorge PadillaJorge Rafael Padilla2009 to 2009
Juan PadillaJuan Miguel Padilla2004 to 2005
Vicente PadillaVicente de la Cruz Padilla1999 to 2012
Dennis PaepkeDennis Ray Paepke1969 to 1974
Andy PafkoAndrew Pafko1943 to 1959
Angel PaganAngel Anthony Pagan2006 to 2016
Dave PaganDavid Percy Pagan1973 to 1977
Emilio PaganEmilio Enrique Pagan2017 to 2020
Jose PaganJose Antonio (Rodriguez) Pagan1959 to 1973
Joe PageJoseph Francis Page1944 to 1954
Mike PageMichael Randy Page1968 to 1968
Mitchell PageMitchell Otis Page1977 to 1984
Phil PagePhilippe Rausac Page1928 to 1934
Sam PageSamuel Walter Page1939 to 1939
Vance PageVance Linwood Page1938 to 1941
Karl PagelKarl Douglas Pagel1978 to 1983
Jim PagliaroniJames Vincent Pagliaroni1955 to 1969
Mike PagliaruloMichael Timothy Pagliarulo1984 to 1995
Matt PagnozziMatthew Thomas Pagnozzi2009 to 2014
Tom PagnozziThomas Alan Pagnozzi1987 to 1998
Pat PaigeGeorge Lynn Paige1911 to 1911
Satchel PaigeLeroy Robert Paige1948 to 1965
Phil PainePhillips Steere Paine1951 to 1958
Lance PainterLance Telford Painter1993 to 2003
Rey PalaciosRobert Rey Palacios1988 to 1990
Vicente PalaciosVicente (Diaz) Palacios1987 to 2000
Mike PalagyiMichael Raymond Palagyi1939 to 1939
Erv PalicaErvin Martin Palica1945 to 1956
Daniel PalkaDaniel Bennett Palka2018 to 2019
Donn PallDonn Steven Pall1988 to 1998
Mike PalmRichard Paul Palm1948 to 1948
Orlando PalmeiroOrlando Palmeiro1995 to 2007
Rafael PalmeiroRafael (Corrales) Palmeiro1986 to 2005
Billy PalmerBilly Palmer1885 to 1885
David PalmerDavid William Palmer1978 to 1989
Dean PalmerDean William Palmer1989 to 2003
Eddie PalmerEdwin Henry Palmer1917 to 1917
Jim PalmerJames Alvin Palmer1965 to 1984
Lowell PalmerLowell Raymond Palmer1969 to 1974
Matt PalmerJonathan Matt Palmer2008 to 2012
Emilio PalmeroEmilio Antonio Palmero1915 to 1928
Joe PalmisanoJoseph Palmisano1931 to 1931
Ed PalmquistEdwin Lee Palmquist1960 to 1961
Joe PalumboJoseph Palumbo2019 to 2020
Stan PalysStanley Francis Palys1953 to 1956
Jose PaniaguaJose Luis (Sanchez) Paniagua1996 to 2003
Joe PanikJoseph Matthew Panik2014 to 2020
Jim PankovitsJames Franklin Pankovits1984 to 1990
Thomas PannoneThomas Edward Pannone2018 to 2019
Jim PantherJames Edward Panther1971 to 1973
John PapaJohn Paul Papa1961 to 1962
Al PapaiAlfred Thomas Papai1948 to 1955
Ken PapeKenneth Wayne Pape1976 to 1976
Larry PapeLaurence Albert Pape1909 to 1912
Jonathan PapelbonJonathan Robert Papelbon2005 to 2016
Stan PapiStanley Gerard Papi1974 to 1981
Frank PapishFrank Richard Papish1945 to 1950
John PappalauJohn Joseph Pappalau1897 to 1897
Erik PappasErik Daniel Pappas1991 to 1994
Milt PappasMilton Stephen Pappas1957 to 1973
Craig PaquetteCraig Harold Paquette1993 to 2003
Al PardoAlberto Judas Pardo1985 to 1989
Eduardo ParedesEduardo Jose (Duran) Paredes2017 to 2018
Edward ParedesEdward Miguel (Cruz) Paredes2017 to 2018
Enoli ParedesEnoli Norverto Paredes2020 to 2020
Isaac ParedesIsaac Edgardo Paredes2020 to 2020
Jimmy ParedesJimmy Santiago (Terrero) Paredes2011 to 2016
Johnny ParedesJohnny Alfonso (Isambert) Paredes1988 to 1991
Freddy ParentFrederick Alfred Parent1899 to 1911
Mark ParentMark Alan Parent1986 to 1998
Kelly ParisKelly Jay Paris1982 to 1988
Mike ParisiMichael Richard Parisi2008 to 2008
Tony ParisseLouis Peter Parisse1943 to 1944
Byung Ho ParkByung Ho Park2016 to 2016
Chan Ho ParkChan Ho Park1994 to 2010
Jim ParkJames Park1915 to 1917
Ace ParkerClarence McKay Parker1937 to 1938
Billy ParkerWilliam David Parker1971 to 1973
Blake ParkerRichard Blake Parker2012 to 2020
Christian ParkerChristian Michael Parker2001 to 2001
Clay ParkerJames Clayton Parker1987 to 1992
Dave ParkerDavid Gene Parker1973 to 1991
Dixie ParkerDouglas Wooley Parker1923 to 1923
Doc ParkerHarley Park Parker1893 to 1901
Harry ParkerHarry William Parker1970 to 1976
Jarrett ParkerJarrett Paul Parker2015 to 2019
Jarrod ParkerJarrod Brent Parker2011 to 2013
Jay ParkerJay Parker1899 to 1899
Kyle ParkerKyle James Parker2014 to 2015
Pat ParkerClarence Perkins Parker1915 to 1915
Rick ParkerRichard Alan Parker1990 to 1996
Roy ParkerRoy William Parker1919 to 1919
Salty ParkerFrancis James Parker1936 to 1936
Wes ParkerMaurice Wesley Parker1964 to 1972
Frank ParkinsonFrank Joseph Parkinson1921 to 1924
Art ParksArtie William Parks1937 to 1939
Bill ParksWilliam Robert Parks1875 to 1876
Derek ParksDerek Gavin Parks1992 to 1994
Slicker ParksVernon Henry Parks1921 to 1921
Chris ParmeleeChristopher Matthew Parmelee2011 to 2016
Roy ParmeleeLeroy Earl Parmelee1929 to 1939
Ian ParmleyIan Gene Parmley2017 to 2017
Bobby ParnellRobert Allen Parnell2008 to 2016
Mel ParnellMelvin Lloyd Parnell1947 to 1956
Rube ParnhamJames Arthur Parnham1916 to 1917
Chad ParontoChad Michael Paronto2001 to 2009
Jim ParqueJim Vo Parque1998 to 2003
James ParrJames R. Parr2008 to 2009
Gerardo ParraGerardo Enrique Parra2009 to 2019
Jose ParraJose Miguel Parra1995 to 2004
Manny ParraManuel Alex Parra2007 to 2015
Jeff ParrettJeffrey Dale Parrett1986 to 1996
Sam ParrillaSamuel (Monge) Parrilla1970 to 1970
Andy ParrinoAndrew B. Parrino2011 to 2015
Steve ParrisSteven Michael Parris1995 to 2003
John ParrishJohn Henry Parrish2000 to 2010
Lance ParrishLance Michael Parrish1977 to 1995
Larry ParrishLarry Alton Parrish1974 to 1988
Jiggs ParrottWalter Edward Parrott1892 to 1895
Mike ParrottMichael Everett Parrott1977 to 1981
Tom ParrottThomas William Parrott1893 to 1896
Jiggs ParsonWilliam Edwin Parson1910 to 1911
Bill ParsonsWilliam Raymond Parsons1971 to 1974
Casey ParsonsCasey Robert Parsons1981 to 1987
Charlie ParsonsCharles James Parsons1886 to 1890
Dixie ParsonsEdward Dixon Parsons1939 to 1943
Tom ParsonsThomas Anthony Parsons1963 to 1965
Wes ParsonsArthur Wesley Parsons2018 to 2019
Curtis PartchCurtis Partch2013 to 2016
Roy ParteeRoy Robert Partee1943 to 1948
Stan PartenheimerStanwood Wendell Partenheimer1944 to 1945
Steve PartenheimerHarold Philip Partenheimer1913 to 1913
Jay PartridgeJames Bugg Partridge1927 to 1928
Ben PaschalBenjamin Edwin Paschal1915 to 1929
Bill PaschallWilliam Herbert Paschall1978 to 1981
Camilo PascualCamilo Alberto (Lus) Pascual1954 to 1971
Carlos PascualCarlos Alberto (Lus) Pascual1950 to 1950
Val PascucciValentino Martin Pascucci2004 to 2011
Johnny PasekJohn Paul Pasek1933 to 1934
Larry PashnickLarry John Pashnick1982 to 1984
Dode PaskertGeorge Henry Paskert1907 to 1921
Kevin PasleyKevin Patrick Pasley1974 to 1978
Dan PasquaDaniel Anthony Pasqua1985 to 1994
Mike PasquellaMichael John Pasquella1919 to 1919
Claude PasseauClaude William Passeau1935 to 1947
Frank PastoreFrank Enrico Pastore1979 to 1986
Jim PastoriusJames Washington Pastorius1906 to 1909
Cliff PastornickyClifford Scot Pastornicky1983 to 1983
Tyler PastornickyTyler Brock Pastornicky2012 to 2014
Bob PateRobert Wayne Pate1980 to 1981
Joe PateJoseph William Pate1926 to 1927
Freddie PatekFrederick Joseph Patek1968 to 1981
Joe PatersonJoseph Michael Paterson2011 to 2014
Luis PatinoLuis Fernando Patino2020 to 2020
Bob PatrickRobert Lee Patrick1941 to 1942
Bronswell PatrickBronswell Dante Patrick1998 to 1999
Harry PatteeHarry Ernest Pattee1908 to 1908
Casey PattenCase Lyman Patten1901 to 1908
Bob PattersonRobert Chandler Patterson1985 to 1998
Clare PattersonLorenzo Clare Patterson1909 to 1909
Corey PattersonDonald Corey Patterson2000 to 2011
Danny PattersonDanny Shane Patterson1996 to 2004
Daryl PattersonDaryl Alan Patterson1968 to 1974
Dave PattersonDavid Glenn Patterson1979 to 1979
Eric PattersonEric Scott Patterson2007 to 2011
George PattersonGeorge Patterson1884 to 1884
Gil PattersonGilbert Thomas Patterson1977 to 1977
Ham PattersonHamilton Patterson1909 to 1909
Hank PattersonHenry Joseph Patterson1932 to 1932
Jarrod PattersonJarrod Lane Patterson2001 to 2003
Jeff PattersonJeffrey Simmons Patterson1995 to 1995
John PattersonJohn Allen Patterson1992 to 1995
John PattersonJohn Hollis Patterson2002 to 2007
Jordan PattersonJordan Andrew Patterson2016 to 2016
Ken PattersonKenneth Brian Patterson1988 to 1994
Mike PattersonMichael Lee Patterson1981 to 1982
Pat PattersonWilliam Jennings Bryan Patterson1921 to 1921
Red PattersonJohn William Patterson2014 to 2014
Reggie PattersonReginald Allen Patterson1981 to 1985
Roy PattersonRoy Lewis Patterson1901 to 1907
Scott PattersonScott Robert Patterson2008 to 2008
Tom PattersonThomas W.H. Patterson1871 to 1875
Marty PattinMartin William Pattin1968 to 1980
Jimmy PattisonJames Wells Pattison1929 to 1929
Bill PattonGeorge William Patton1935 to 1935
David PattonDavid Christopher Patton2009 to 2009
Gene PattonGene Tunney Patton1944 to 1944
Harry PattonHarry Claude Patton1910 to 1910
Spencer PattonSpencer Burdette Patton2014 to 2016
Tom PattonTommy Allen Patton1957 to 1957
Troy PattonTroy Jamieson Patton2007 to 2014
Josh PaulJoshua William Paul1999 to 2007
Lou PaulLouis Paul1876 to 1876
Mike PaulMichael George Paul1968 to 1974
Xavier PaulXavier Brooks Paul2009 to 2014
Carlos PaulaCarlos (Conill) Paula1954 to 1956
Gene PauletteEugene Edward Paulette1911 to 1920
David PauleyDavid Wayne Pauley2006 to 2012
David PaulinoDavid Confesor Paulino2016 to 2018
Felipe PaulinoFelipe A. (del Guidice) Paulino2007 to 2014
Ronny PaulinoRonny Leonel Paulino2005 to 2012
Ben PaulsenBenjamin Michael Paulsen2014 to 2016
Gil PaulsenGuilford Paul Hans Paulsen1925 to 1925
Si PauxtisSimon Francis Pauxtis1909 to 1909
Carl PavanoCarl Anthony Pavano1998 to 2012
Dave PavlasDavid Lee Pavlas1990 to 1996
Don PavletichDonald Stephen Pavletich1957 to 1971
Roger PavlikRoger Allen Pavlik1992 to 1998
Ted PawelekTheodore John Pawelek1946 to 1946
Stan PawloskiStanley Walter Pawloski1955 to 1955
John PawlowskiJohn Pawlowski1987 to 1988
James PaxtonJames Alston Paxton2013 to 2020
Mike PaxtonMichael DeWayne Paxton1977 to 1980
Joel PayampsJoel Elias Payamps2019 to 2020
Pedro PayanoPedro Julio Payano2019 to 2019
Fred PayneFrederick Thomas Payne1906 to 1911
George PayneGeorge Washington Payne1920 to 1920
Harley PayneHarley Fenwick Payne1896 to 1899
Mike PayneMichael Earl Payne1984 to 1984
George PaynterGeorge Washington Paynter1894 to 1894
Jay PaytonJason Lee Payton1998 to 2010
Mark PaytonMark D. Payton2020 to 2020
Mike PazikMichael Joseph Pazik1975 to 1977
James PazosJames Manuel Pazos2015 to 2020
Brad PeacockBradley J. Peacock2011 to 2020
Johnny PeacockJohn Gaston Peacock1937 to 1945
Elias PeakElias Peak1884 to 1884
Bunny PearceWilliam Charles Pearce1908 to 1909
Dickey PearceRichard J. Pearce1871 to 1877
Frank PearceFranklin Johnson Pearce1876 to 1876
Frank PearceFranklin Thomas Pearce1933 to 1935
Harry PearceHarry James Pearce1917 to 1919
Jim PearceJames Madison Pearce1949 to 1955
Josh PearceJoshua Ray Pearce2002 to 2004
Steve PearceSteven Wayne Pearce2007 to 2019
Frank PearsFrank H. Pears1889 to 1893
Albie PearsonAlbert Gregory Pearson1958 to 1966
Alex PearsonAlexander Franklin Pearson1902 to 1903
Ike PearsonIsaac Overton Pearson1939 to 1948
Jason PearsonJason John Pearson2002 to 2003
Monte PearsonMontgomery Marcellus Pearson1932 to 1941
Nate PearsonNathan Alexander Pearson2020 to 2020
Terry PearsonTerry Bobby Gene Pearson2002 to 2002
Marv PeasleyMarvin Warren Peasley1910 to 1910
Jake PeavyJacob Edward Peavy2002 to 2016
George PechineyGeorge Adolphe Pechiney1885 to 1887
Charlie PechousCharles Edward Pechous1916 to 1917
Hal PeckHarold Arthur Peck1943 to 1949
Roger PeckinpaughRoger Thorpe Peckinpaugh1910 to 1927
Bill PecotaWilliam Joseph Pecota1986 to 1994
Les PedenLeslie Earl Peden1953 to 1953
Joc PedersonJoc Russell Pederson2014 to 2020
Stu PedersonStuart Russell Pederson1985 to 1985
Jorge PedreJorge Enrique Pedre1991 to 1992
Al PedriqueAlfredo Jose (Garcia) Pedrique1987 to 1989
Chick PedroCharles F. Pedro1902 to 1902
Dustin PedroiaDustin Luis Pedroia2006 to 2019
Steve PeekStephen George Peek1941 to 1941
Homer PeelHomer Hefner Peel1927 to 1934
Jack PeersonJack Chiles Peerson1935 to 1936
Red PeeryGeorge Allan Peery1927 to 1929
Charlie PeeteCharles Peete1956 to 1956
Carlos PegueroCarlos Angel (d'Oleo) Peguero2011 to 2015
Francisco PegueroFrancisco Peguero2012 to 2013
Jailen PegueroJailen Alphonso (Lorenzo) Peguero2007 to 2008
Julio PegueroJulio Cesar (Santana) Peguero1992 to 1992
Steve PeguesSteven Antone Pegues1994 to 1995
Heinie PeitzHenry Clement Peitz1892 to 1913
Joe PeitzJoseph Peitz1894 to 1894
Alex PelaezAlejandro Pelaez2002 to 2002
Mike PelfreyMichael Alan Pelfrey2006 to 2017
C.D. PelhamChristian Devont'a Pelham2018 to 2018
Eddie PellagriniEdward Charles Pellagrini1946 to 1954
Kit PellowKit Donovan Pellow2002 to 2004
Louis PelouzeLouis Henri Pelouze1886 to 1886
Dan PeltierDaniel Edward Peltier1992 to 1996
Barney PeltyBarney Pelty1903 to 1912
John PeltzJohn Peltz1884 to 1890
Dave PemberDavid Joseph Pember2002 to 2002
Brock PembertonBrock Pemberton1974 to 1975
Rudy PembertonRudy Hector (Perez) Pemberton1995 to 1997
Alejandro PenaAlejandro (Vasquez) Pena1981 to 1996
Angel PenaAngel Maria Pena1998 to 2001
Ariel PenaAriel (Mora) Pena2015 to 2016
Bert PenaAdalberto (Rivera) Pena1981 to 1987
Brayan PenaBrayan Eduardo Pena2005 to 2016
Carlos PenaCarlos Felipe Pena2001 to 2014
Elvis PenaElvis (Mendez) Pena2000 to 2001
Felix PenaFelix Ricardo Pena2016 to 2020
Francisco PenaFrancisco Antonio Pena2014 to 2018
Geronimo PenaGeronimo (Martinez) Pena1990 to 1996
Hipolito PenaHipolito (Concepcion) Pena1986 to 1988
Jesus PenaJesus Pena1999 to 2000
Jim PenaJames Patrick Pena1992 to 1992
Jose PenaJose (Gutierrez) Pena1969 to 1972
Juan PenaJuan Francisco Pena1999 to 1999
Orlando PenaOrlando Gregorio (Quevara) Pena1958 to 1975
Ramiro PenaRamiro Gauna Pena2009 to 2016
Ramon PenaRamon Arturo (Padilla) Pena1989 to 1989
Roberto PenaRoberto Cesar Pena1965 to 1971
Tony Pena Jr.Tony Francisco Pena2006 to 2009
Tony PenaRamon Antonio Pena2006 to 2011
Tony PenaAntonio Francesco (Padilla) Pena1980 to 1997
Wily Mo PenaWily Modesto Pena2002 to 2011
Elmer PenceElmer Clair Pence1922 to 1922
Hunter PenceHunter Andrew Pence2007 to 2020
Rusty PenceRussell William Pence1921 to 1921
Jim PendletonJames Edward Pendleton1953 to 1962
Lance PendletonLance Michael Pendleton2011 to 2011
Terry PendletonTerry Lee Pendleton1984 to 1998
Hayden PennHayden Andrew Penn2005 to 2010
Shannon PennShannon Dion Penn1995 to 1996
Ken PennerKenneth William Penner1916 to 1929
Brad PenningtonBrad Lee Pennington1993 to 1998
Cliff PenningtonClifton Randoulph Pennington2008 to 2018
Kewpie PenningtonGeorge Louis Pennington1917 to 1917
Herb PennockHerbert Jefferis Pennock1912 to 1934
Brad PennyBradley Wayne Penny2000 to 2014
Will PennyfeatherWilliam Nathaniel Pennyfeather1992 to 1994
Paul PensonPaul Eugene Penson1954 to 1954
Gene PentzEugene David Pentz1975 to 1978
Jimmy PeoplesJames Elsworth Peoples1884 to 1889
Joe PepitoneJoseph Anthony Pepitone1962 to 1973
Henry PeploskiHenry Stephen Peploski1929 to 1929
Pepper PeploskiJoseph Aloysius Peploski1913 to 1913
Bob PepperRobert Ernest Pepper1915 to 1915
Don PepperDonald Hoyte Pepper1966 to 1966
Laurin PepperHugh McLaurin Pepper1954 to 1957
Ray PepperRaymond Watson Pepper1932 to 1936
Harrison PeppersWilliam Harrison Peppers1894 to 1894
David PeraltaSenger David (Guerrero) Peralta2014 to 2020
Freddy PeraltaFreddy Peralta2018 to 2020
Jhonny PeraltaJhonny Antonio Peralta2003 to 2017
Joel PeraltaJoel (Gutierrez) Peralta2005 to 2016
Wandy PeraltaWandy Luis Peralta2016 to 2020
Wily PeraltaWily Peralta2012 to 2019
Jose PerazaJose Francisco (Polo) Peraza2015 to 2020
Luis PerazaLuis (Rios) Peraza1969 to 1969
Oswaldo PerazaOswald Jose Peraza1988 to 1988
Troy PercivalTroy Eugene Percival1995 to 2009
Jack PerconteJohn Patrick Perconte1980 to 1986
Angel PerdomoAngel David Perdomo2020 to 2020
Luis PerdomoLuis David Perdomo2016 to 2020
Luis PerdomoLuis M. Perdomo2009 to 2012
Hub PerdueHerbert Rodney Perdue1911 to 1915
Antonio PerezAntonio Miguel Perez2003 to 2006
Audry PerezAudris Joel Perez2013 to 2014
Beltran PerezBeltran Ogilbio Perez2006 to 2006
Carlos PerezCarlos Gross Perez1995 to 2000
Carlos PerezCarlos Eduardo (Alvarez) Perez2015 to 2018
Chris PerezChristopher Ralph Perez2008 to 2014
Cionel PerezCionel Felix Perez2018 to 2020
Danny PerezDaniel Perez1996 to 1996
Eddie PerezEduardo Rafael Perez1995 to 2005
Eduardo PerezEduardo Atanacio Perez1993 to 2006
Eury PerezEury Eduardo Perez2012 to 2015
Fernando PerezFernando Perez2008 to 2009
George PerezGeorge Thomas Perez1958 to 1958
Hector PerezHector Antonio Perez2020 to 2020
Hernan PerezHernan Alejandro Perez2012 to 2020
Juan PerezJuan Carlos Perez2013 to 2015
Juan PerezJuan P. Perez2006 to 2013
Luis PerezLuis Manuel (Gonzalez) Perez2011 to 2013
Martin PerezMartin (Jimenez) Perez2012 to 2020
Marty PerezMartin Roman Perez1969 to 1978
Melido PerezMelido Turpen Gross Perez1987 to 1995
Michael PerezMichael Perez2018 to 2020
Miguel PerezMiguel Angel Perez2005 to 2005
Mike PerezMichael Irvin (Ortega) Perez1990 to 1997
Neifi PerezNeifi Neftali (Diaz) Perez1996 to 2007
Odalis PerezOdalis Amadol Perez1998 to 2008
Oliver PerezOliver (Martinez) Perez2002 to 2020
Pascual PerezPascual Gross Perez1980 to 1991
Rafael PerezRafael Jerome Perez2006 to 2012
Robert PerezRobert Alexander (Jimenez) Perez1994 to 2001
Roberto PerezRoberto Perez2014 to 2020
Salvador PerezSalvador Johan (Diaz) Perez2011 to 2020
Santiago PerezSantiago Alberto Perez2000 to 2001
Timo PerezTimoniel Perez2000 to 2007
Tomas PerezTomas Orlando Perez1995 to 2008
Tony PerezAtanasio (Rigal) Perez1964 to 1986
Williams PerezWilliams David (Montes) Perez2015 to 2016
Yefri PerezYefri (Martinez) Perez2016 to 2016
Yorkis PerezYorkis Miguel Vargas Perez1991 to 2002
Tony PerezchicaAntonio Llamas (Gonzales) Perezchica1988 to 1992
Matt PerishoMatthew Alan Perisho1997 to 2005
Broderick PerkinsBroderick Phillip Perkins1978 to 1984
Cameron PerkinsCameron Edward Perkins2017 to 2017
Cecil PerkinsCecil Boyce Perkins1967 to 1967
Charlie PerkinsCharles Sullivan Perkins1930 to 1934
Cy PerkinsRalph Foster Perkins1915 to 1934
Dan PerkinsDaniel Lee Perkins1999 to 1999
Glen PerkinsGlen Weston Perkins2006 to 2017
John PerkovichJohn Joseph Perkovich1950 to 1950
Harry PerkowskiHarry Walter Perkowski1947 to 1955
Jon PerlmanJonathan Samuel Perlman1985 to 1988
Sam PerlozzoSamuel Benedict Perlozzo1977 to 1979
Len PermeLeonard John Perme1942 to 1946
Hub PernollHenry Huston Pernoll1910 to 1912
Ron PerranoskiRonald Peter Perranoski1961 to 1973
Bill PerrinWilliam Joseph Perrin1934 to 1934
John PerrinJohn Stephenson Perrin1921 to 1921
Nig PerrineJohn Grover Perrine1907 to 1907
George PerringGeorge Wilson Perring1908 to 1910
Pol PerrittWilliam Dayton Perritt1912 to 1921
Bob PerryMelvin Gray Perry1963 to 1964
Boyd PerryBoyd Glenn Perry1941 to 1941
Chan PerryChan Everett Perry2000 to 2002
Clay PerryClayton Shields Perry1908 to 1908
Gaylord PerryGaylord Jackson Perry1962 to 1983
Gerald PerryGerald June Perry1983 to 1995
Hank PerryWilliam Henry Perry1912 to 1912
Herbert PerryHerbert Edward Perry1994 to 2004
Jason PerryJason Kyle Perry2008 to 2008
Jim PerryJames Evan Perry1959 to 1975
Pat PerryWilliam Patrick Perry1985 to 1990
Ryan PerryRyan Keith Perry2009 to 2012
Scott PerryHerbert Scott Perry1915 to 1921
Parson PerrymanEmmett Key Perryman1915 to 1915
Robert PersonRobert Alan Person1995 to 2003
Bill PerticaWilliam Andrew Pertica1918 to 1923
Stan PerzanowskiStanley Perzanowski1971 to 1978
Johnny PeskyJohn Michael Pesky1942 to 1954
Vinnie PestanoVincent William Pestano2010 to 2015
Roberto PetagineRoberto Antonio (Guerra) Petagine1994 to 2006
Jeff PeterekJeffrey Allen Peterek1989 to 1989
Bill PetermanWilliam David Peterman1942 to 1942
Chris PetersChristopher Michael Peters1996 to 2001
Dillon PetersDillon James Peters2017 to 2020
Gary PetersGary Charles Peters1959 to 1972
John PetersJohn William Peters1915 to 1922
John PetersJohn Paul Peters1874 to 1884
Ray PetersRaymond James Peters1970 to 1970
Rick PetersRichard Devin Peters1979 to 1986
Rube PetersOtto Casper Peters1912 to 1912
Rusty PetersRussell Dixon Peters1936 to 1947
Steve PetersSteven Bradley Peters1987 to 1988
Bryan PetersenBryan E. Petersen2010 to 2012
Chris PetersenChristopher Ronald Petersen1999 to 1999
Adam PetersonAdam Charles Peterson1987 to 1991
Adam PetersonAdam L. Peterson2004 to 2004
Bob PetersonRobert Andrew Peterson1906 to 1907
Brock PetersonBrock Alan Peterson2013 to 2013
Buddy PetersonCarl Francis Peterson1955 to 1957
Cap PetersonCharles Andrew Peterson1962 to 1969
David PetersonDavid John Peterson2020 to 2020
Dustin PetersonDustin Allen Peterson2018 to 2019
Fritz PetersonFred Ingles Peterson1966 to 1976
Hardy PetersonHarding William Peterson1955 to 1959
Jace PetersonJace Ryan Peterson2014 to 2020
Jim PetersonJames Niels Peterson1931 to 1937
Kent PetersonKent Franklin Peterson1944 to 1953
Kyle PetersonKyle Johnathan Peterson1999 to 2001
Shane PetersonShane Aaron Peterson2013 to 2017
Sid PetersonSidney Herbert Peterson1943 to 1943
Tim PetersonTimothy Louis Peterson2018 to 2019
Gregorio PetitGregorio Jesus Petit2008 to 2018
Yusmeiro PetitYusmeiro Alberto Petit2006 to 2020
Mark PetkovsekMark Joseph Petkovsek1991 to 2001
Ted PetoskeyFrederick Lee Petoskey1934 to 1935
Geno PetralliEugene James Petralli1982 to 1993
Ben PetrickBenjamin Wayne Petrick1999 to 2003
Billy PetrickWilliam John Petrick III2007 to 2007
Jake PetrickaJacob Steven Petricka2013 to 2019
Rico PetrocelliAmerico Peter Petrocelli1963 to 1976
Dan PetryDaniel Joseph Petry1979 to 1991
Pat PetteePatrick E. Pettee1891 to 1891
Jay PettiboneHarry Jonathan Pettibone1983 to 1983
Jonathan PettiboneHarry Jonathan Pettibone2013 to 2014
Ned PettigrewJim Ned Pettigrew1914 to 1914
Joe PettiniJoseph Paul Pettini1980 to 1983
Gary PettisGary George Pettis1982 to 1992
Bob PettitRobert Henry Pettit1887 to 1891
Chris PettitChristopher Michael Pettit2009 to 2011
Leon PettitLeon Arthur Pettit1935 to 1937
Paul PettitGeorge William Paul Pettit1951 to 1953
Andy PettitteAndrew Eugene Pettitte1995 to 2013
Charlie PettyCharles E. Petty1889 to 1894
Jesse PettyJesse Lee Petty1921 to 1930
Adam PettyjohnAdam Christopher Pettyjohn2001 to 2008
Marty PeveyMarty Ashley Pevey1989 to 1989
Larry PezoldLorenz Johannes Pezold1914 to 1914
Pretzel PezzulloJohn Pezzullo1935 to 1936
Bill PfannWilliam F. Pfann1894 to 1894
Fred PfefferNathaniel Frederick Pfeffer1882 to 1897
Jeff PfefferEdward Joseph Pfeffer1911 to 1924
Monte PfefferMonte Pfeffer1913 to 1913
Bobby PfeilRobert Raymond Pfeil1969 to 1971
Jack PfiesterJohn Albert Pfiester1903 to 1911
Dan PfisterDaniel Albin Pfister1961 to 1964
George PfisterGeorge Edward Pfister1941 to 1941
Lee PfundLeroy Herbert Pfund1945 to 1945
Monty PfylMeinhard Charles Pfyl1907 to 1907
Tommy PhamThomas James Pham2014 to 2020
Bill PhebusRaymond William Phebus1936 to 1938
Josh PhegleyJoshua Aaron Phegley2013 to 2020
Art PhelanArthur Thomas Phelan1910 to 1915
Dan PhelanDaniel T. Phelan1890 to 1890
Dick PhelanJames Dickson Phelan1885 to 1885
Babe PhelpsErnest Gordon Phelps1931 to 1942
Cord PhelpsRobert Cord Phelps2011 to 2014
David PhelpsDavid Edward Phelps2012 to 2020
Ed PhelpsEdward Jaykill Phelps1902 to 1913
Josh PhelpsJoshua Lee Phelps2000 to 2008
Ken PhelpsKenneth Allen Phelps1980 to 1990
Nealy PhelpsCornelius Carmen Phelps1871 to 1876
Ray PhelpsRaymond Clifford Phelps1930 to 1936
Tommy PhelpsThomas Allen Phelps2003 to 2005
Travis PhelpsTravis Howard Phelps2001 to 2004
Dave PhilleyDavid Earl Philley1941 to 1962
Deacon PhillippeCharles Louis Phillippe1899 to 1911
Adolfo PhillipsAdolfo Emilio (Lopez) Phillips1964 to 1972
Andy PhillipsGeorge Andrew Phillips2004 to 2008
Bill PhillipsWilliam B. Phillips1879 to 1888
Bill PhillipsWilliam Corcoran Phillips1890 to 1903
Brandon PhillipsBrandon Emil Phillips2002 to 2018
Brett PhillipsBrett Maverick Phillips2017 to 2020
Bubba PhillipsJohn Melvin Phillips1955 to 1964
Buz PhillipsAlbert Abernathy Phillips1930 to 1930
Dee PhillipsDamon Roswell Phillips1942 to 1946
Dick PhillipsRichard Eugene Phillips1962 to 1966
Ed PhillipsNorman Edwin Phillips1970 to 1970
Eddie PhillipsEdward David Phillips1924 to 1935
Eddie PhillipsHoward Edward Phillips1953 to 1953
Evan PhillipsEvan John Phillips2018 to 2020
Heath PhillipsHeath Michael Phillips2007 to 2007
J.R. PhillipsCharles Gene Phillips1993 to 1999
Jack PhillipsJohn Stephen Phillips1945 to 1945
Jack PhillipsJack Dorn Phillips1947 to 1957
Jason PhillipsJason Charles Phillips1999 to 2003
Jason PhillipsJason Lloyd Phillips2001 to 2007
Kyle PhillipsKyle Ray Phillips2009 to 2011
Marr PhillipsMarr B. Phillips1884 to 1890
Mike PhillipsMichael Dwaine Phillips1973 to 1983
Paul PhillipsPaul Anthony Phillips2004 to 2010
Red PhillipsClarence Lemuel Phillips1934 to 1936
Taylor PhillipsWilliam Taylor Phillips1956 to 1963
Tom PhillipsThomas Gerard Phillips1915 to 1922
Tony PhillipsKeith Anthony Phillips1982 to 1999
Zach PhillipsZachary David Phillips2011 to 2016
Denis PhippsDenis Phipps2012 to 2012
Tom PhoebusThomas Harold Phoebus1966 to 1972
Steve PhoenixSteven Robert Phoenix1994 to 1995
Bill PhyleWilliam Joseph Phyle1898 to 1906
Adam PiattAdam David Piatt2000 to 2003
Doug PiattDouglas William Piatt1991 to 1991
Wiley PiattWiley Harold Piatt1898 to 1903
Mike PiazzaMichael Joseph Piazza1992 to 2007
Rob PiccioloRobert Michael Picciolo1977 to 1985
Nick PicciutoNicholas Thomas Picciuto1945 to 1945
Hipolito PichardoHipolito Antonio (Balbina) Pichardo1992 to 2002
Ron PicheRonald Jacques Piche1960 to 1966
Val PicinichValentine John Picinich1916 to 1933
Charlie PickCharles Thomas Pick1914 to 1920
Eddie PickEdgar Everett Pick1923 to 1927
Calvin PickeringCalvin Elroy Pickering1998 to 2005
Ollie PickeringOliver Daniel Pickering1896 to 1908
Urbane PickeringUrbane Henry Pickering1931 to 1932
Charlie PickettCharles Albert Pickett1910 to 1910
Dave PickettDavid Pickett1898 to 1898
John PickettJohn Thomas Pickett1889 to 1892
Ricky PickettCecil Lee Pickett1998 to 1998
Kevin PickfordKevin Patrick Pickford2002 to 2002
Clarence PickrelClarence Douglas Pickrel1933 to 1934
Ty PickupClarence William Pickup1918 to 1918
Jeff PicoJeffrey Mark Pico1988 to 1990
Mario PiconeMario Peter Picone1947 to 1954
Felix PieFelix Pie2007 to 2013
Al PiechotaAloysius Edward Piechota1940 to 1941
Jorge PiedraJorge Moises Piedra2004 to 2006
Cy PiehEdwin John Pieh1913 to 1915
Billy PierceWalter William Pierce1945 to 1964
Ed PierceEdward John Pierce1992 to 1992
George PierceGeorge Thomas Pierce1912 to 1917
Gracie PierceGrayson S. Pierce1882 to 1884
Jack PierceLavern Jack Pierce1973 to 1975
Jeff PierceJeffrey Charles Pierce1995 to 1995
Maury PiercePreston Maurice Pierce1884 to 1884
Ray PierceRaymond Lester Pierce1924 to 1926
Tony PierceTony Michael Pierce1967 to 1968
Andy PiercyAndrew J. Piercy1881 to 1881
Bill PiercyWilliam Benton Piercy1917 to 1926
Marino PierettiMarino Paul Pieretti1945 to 1950
Al PierottiAlbert Felix Pierotti1920 to 1921
Juan PierreJuan D'Vaughn Pierre2000 to 2013
Bill PierroWilliam Leonard Pierro1950 to 1950
Jim PiersallJames Anthony Piersall1950 to 1967
Chris PiersollChristopher Earl Piersoll2001 to 2001
Dave PiersonDavid P. Pierson1876 to 1876
Dick PiersonEdmund Dana Pierson1885 to 1885
William PiersonWilliam Morris Pierson1918 to 1924
A.J. PierzynskiAnthony John Pierzynski1998 to 2016
Tony PietAnthony Francis Piet1931 to 1938
Sandy PiezCharles William Piez1914 to 1914
Joe PignatanoJoseph Benjamin Pignatano1957 to 1962
Carmen PignatielloCarmen Peter Pignatiello2007 to 2008
Jay PikeJacob Emanuel Pike1877 to 1877
Jess PikeJess Willard Pike1946 to 1946
Lip PikeLipman Emanuel Pike1871 to 1887
George PiktuzisGeorge Richard Piktuzis1956 to 1956
Al PilarcikAlfred James Pilarcik1956 to 1961
Brett PillBrett Michael Pill2011 to 2013
Tyler PillTyler Stephen Pill2017 to 2017
Kevin PillarKevin Andrew Pillar2013 to 2020
Duane PilletteDuane Xavier Pillette1949 to 1956
Herman PilletteHerman Polycarp Pillette1917 to 1924
Squiz PillionCecil Randolph Pillion1915 to 1915
Andy PilneyAntone James Pilney1936 to 1936
Stolmy PimentelStolmy Ramon Pimentel2013 to 2015
Horacio PinaHoracio (Garcia) Pina1968 to 1978
Manny PinaManuel Elias (Reyes) Pina2011 to 2020
Branden PinderBranden Henry Pinder2015 to 2016
Chad PinderChadwick Hudson Pinder2016 to 2020
Luis PinedaLuis A. Pineda2001 to 2002
Michael PinedaMichael Francisco Pineda2011 to 2020
Joel PineiroJoel Alberto Pineiro2000 to 2011
Babe PinelliRalph Arthur Pinelli1918 to 1927
Lou PiniellaLouis Victor Piniella1964 to 1984
Ed PinkhamEdwin B. Pinkham1871 to 1871
George PinkneyGeorge Burton Pinkney1884 to 1893
Ed PinnanceElijah Edward Pinnance1903 to 1903
Yohan PinoYohan Jose (Alana) Pino2014 to 2015
Vada PinsonVada Edward Pinson1958 to 1975
Josmil PintoJosmil Oswaldo Pinto2013 to 2016
Lerton PintoWilliam Lerton Pinto1922 to 1924
Renyel PintoRenyel Eligio Pinto2006 to 2010
Ricardo PintoRicardo Antonio (Valera) Pinto2017 to 2019
Ed PipgrasEdward John Pipgras1932 to 1932
George PipgrasGeorge William Pipgras1923 to 1935
Wally PippWalter Clement Pipp1913 to 1928
Cotton PippenHenry Harold Pippen1936 to 1940
Jose PirelaJose Manuel Pirela2014 to 2019
James PirieJames Moir Pirie1883 to 1883
Greg PirklGregory Daniel Pirkl1993 to 1996
Gerry PirtleGerald Eugene Pirtle1978 to 1978
Marc PisciottaMarc George Pisciotta1997 to 1999
Stephen PiscottyStephen Edward Piscotty2015 to 2020
Jim PisoniJames Peter Pisoni1953 to 1960
Alex PitkoAlexander Pitko1938 to 1939
Jake PitlerJacob Albert Pitler1917 to 1918
Skip PitlockLee Patrick Thomas Pitlock1970 to 1975
Chris PittaroChristopher Francis Pittaro1985 to 1987
Pinky PittengerClarke Alonzo Pittenger1921 to 1929
Togie PittingerCharles Reno Pittinger1900 to 1907
Joe PittmanJoseph Wayne Pittman1981 to 1984
Gaylen PittsGaylen Richard Pitts1974 to 1975
Jim PittsleyJames Michael Pittsley1995 to 1999
Stan PitulaStanley Pitula1957 to 1957
Herman PitzHerman Pitz1890 to 1890
Nick PivettaNicholas Johncarlo Pivetta2017 to 2020
Juan PizarroJuan Roman (Cordova) Pizarro1957 to 1974
Gordie PladsonGordon Cecil Pladson1979 to 1982
Emil PlanetaEmil Joseph Planeta1931 to 1931
Ed PlankEdward Arthur Plank1978 to 1979
Eddie PlankEdward Stewart Plank1901 to 1917
Erik PlantenbergErik John Plantenberg1993 to 1997
Phil PlantierPhillip Alan Plantier1990 to 1997
Don PlarskiDonald Joseph Plarski1955 to 1955
Elmo PlaskettElmo Alexander Plaskett1962 to 1963
Whitey PlattMizell George Platt1942 to 1949
Al PlatteAlfred Frederick Joseph Platte1913 to 1913
Kevin PlaweckiKevin Jeffrey Plawecki2015 to 2020
Bill PleisWilliam Pleis1961 to 1966
Dan PlesacDaniel Thomas Plesac1986 to 2003
Zach PlesacZach Robert Plesac2019 to 2020
Rance PlessRance Pless1956 to 1956
Herb PlewsHerbert Eugene Plews1956 to 1959
Norman PlittNorman William Plitt1918 to 1927
Walter PlockWalter S. Plock1891 to 1891
Tim PlodinecTimothy Alfred Plodinec1972 to 1972
Trevor PlouffeTrevor Patrick Plouffe2010 to 2018
Bill PlummerWilliam Francis Plummer1968 to 1978
Eric PlunkEric Vaughn Plunk1986 to 1999
Adam PlutkoAdam Gregory Plutko2016 to 2020
Jeff PlymptonJeffrey Hunter Plympton1991 to 1991
Ray PoatRaymond Willis Poat1942 to 1949
Colin PocheColin Michael Poche2019 to 2019
Biff PocorobaBiff Benedict Pocoroba1975 to 1984
Bud PodbielanClarence Anthony Podbielan1949 to 1959
Johnny PodgajnyJohn Sigmund Podgajny1940 to 1946
Johnny PodresJohn Joseph Podres1953 to 1969
Scott PodsednikScott Eric Podsednik2001 to 2012
Mike PoeppingMichael Harold Poepping1975 to 1975
Joe PoetzJoseph Frank Poetz1926 to 1926
Jimmy PofahlJames Willard Pofahl1940 to 1942
John PoffJohn William Poff1979 to 1980
Boots PoffenbergerCletus Elwood Poffenberger1937 to 1939
Tom PoholskyThomas George Poholsky1950 to 1957
Jennings PoindexterChester Jennings Poindexter1936 to 1939
Aaron PointerAaron Elton Pointer1963 to 1967
Gregory PolancoGregory Polanco2014 to 2020
Jorge PolancoJorge Luis (Pacheco) Polanco2014 to 2020
Placido PolancoPlacido Enrique Polanco1998 to 2013
Hugh PolandHugh Reid Poland1943 to 1948
Lou PolchowLouis William Polchow1902 to 1902
Kevin PolcovichKevin Michael Polcovich1997 to 1998
Dick PoleRichard Henry Pole1973 to 1978
Mark PolhemusMark S. Polhemus1887 to 1887
Gus PolidorGustavo Adolfo (Gonzalez) Polidor1985 to 1993
Cliff PolitteClifford Anthony Politte1998 to 2006
Ken PolivkaKenneth Lyle Polivka1947 to 1947
Howie PolletHoward Joseph Pollet1941 to 1956
Dale PolleyEzra Dale Polley1996 to 1996
Lou PolliLouis Americo Polli1932 to 1944
A.J. PollockAllen Lorenz Pollock2012 to 2020
Nick PollyNicholas Polly1937 to 1945
John PoloniJohn Paul Poloni1977 to 1977
Luis PoloniaLuis Andrew (Almonte) Polonia1987 to 2000
Drew PomeranzThomas Andrew Pomeranz2011 to 2020
Stuart PomeranzStuart Michael Pomeranz2012 to 2012
John PomorskiJohn Leon Pomorski1934 to 1934
Dalton PompeyDalton Kenrick Pompey2014 to 2018
Carlos PonceCarlos Antonio (Diaz) Ponce1985 to 1985
Cody PonceCody Joe Ponce2020 to 2020
Daniel PoncedeleonDaniel Robert Poncedeleon2018 to 2020
Arlie PondErasmus Arlington Pond1895 to 1898
Ralph PondRalph Benjamin Pond1910 to 1910
Simon PondSimon Emilio Pond2004 to 2004
Elmer PonderCharles Elmer Ponder1917 to 1921
Sidney PonsonSidney Alton Ponson1998 to 2009
Harlin PoolHarlin Welty Pool1934 to 1935
Ed PooleEdward Isaih Poole1900 to 1904
Jim PooleJames Richard Poole1990 to 2000
Jim PooleJames Robert Poole1925 to 1927
Ray PooleRaymond Herman Poole1941 to 1947
Tom PoormanThomas Iverson Poorman1880 to 1888
Dave PopeDavid Pope1952 to 1956
Paul PopovichPaul Edward Popovich1964 to 1975
Bill PoppWilliam Peter Popp1902 to 1902
Sean PoppenSean R. Poppen2019 to 2020
George PoppleinGeorge J. Popplein1873 to 1873
Tom PoquetteThomas Arthur Poquette1973 to 1982
Rick PorcelloFrederick Alfred Porcello2009 to 2020
Aaron PoredaAaron Andermon Poreda2009 to 2014
Ed PorrayEdmund Joseph Porray1914 to 1914
Bo PorterMarquis Donnell Porter1999 to 2001
Bob PorterRobert Lee Porter1981 to 1982
Chuck PorterCharles William Porter1981 to 1985
Colin PorterColin Frederick Porter2003 to 2004
Dan PorterDaniel Edward Porter1951 to 1951
Darrell PorterDarrell Ray Porter1971 to 1987
Dick PorterRichard Twilley Porter1929 to 1934
Henry PorterWalter Henry Porter1885 to 1889
Irv PorterIrving Marble Porter1914 to 1914
JW PorterJ W Porter1952 to 1959
Matthew PorterMatthew Sheldon Porter1884 to 1884
Ned PorterNed Swindell Porter1926 to 1927
Odie PorterOdie Oscar Porter1902 to 1902
Bob PorterfieldErwin Cooledge Porterfield1948 to 1959
Al PortoAlfred Porto1948 to 1948
Arnie PortocarreroArnold Mario Portocarrero1954 to 1960
Mark PortugalMark Steven Portugal1985 to 1999
Mike PorzioLawrence Michael Porzio1999 to 2003
Jorge PosadaJorge Rafael (Villeta) Posada1995 to 2011
Leo PosadaLeopoldo Jesus (Hernandez) Posada1960 to 1962
Scott PoseScott Vernon Pose1993 to 2000
Bill PosedelWilliam John Posedel1938 to 1946
Bob PoserJohn Falk Poser1932 to 1935
Buster PoseyGerald Demp Posey2009 to 2019
Lou PossehlLouis Thomas Possehl1946 to 1952
Lew PostLewis George Post1902 to 1902
Sam PostSamuel Gilbert Post1922 to 1922
Wally PostWalter Charles Post1949 to 1964
Lou PoteLouis William Pote1999 to 2004
Nellie PottNelson Adolph Pott1922 to 1922
Dykes PotterMaryland Dykes Potter1938 to 1938
Mike PotterMichael Gary Potter1976 to 1977
Nels PotterNelson Thomas Potter1936 to 1949
Squire PotterRobert Potter1923 to 1923
Dan PottsVivian Potts1892 to 1892
John PottsJohn Frederick Potts1914 to 1914
Mike PottsMichael Larry Potts1996 to 1996
Ken PoulsenKen Sterling Poulsen1967 to 1967
Brooks PoundersBrooks Casey Pounders2016 to 2019
Bill PoundsJeared Wells Pounds1903 to 1903
Max PovseMax Walter Povse2017 to 2017
Abner PowellAbner Charles Powell1886 to 1886
Alonzo PowellAlonzo Sidney Powell1987 to 1991
Bill PowellWilliam Burris Powell1909 to 1913
Bob PowellRobert Leroy Powell1955 to 1957
Boog PowellJohn Wesley Powell1961 to 1977
Boog PowellHerschel Mack Powell2017 to 2018
Brian PowellWilliam Brian Powell1998 to 2004
Dante PowellLeJon Dante Powell1997 to 2001
Dennis PowellDennis Clay Powell1985 to 1993
Grover PowellGrover David Powell1963 to 1963
Hosken PowellHosken Powell1978 to 1983
Jack PowellJohn Joseph Powell1897 to 1912
Jack PowellReginald Bertrand Powell1913 to 1913
Jake PowellAlvin Jacob Powell1930 to 1945
Jay PowellJames Willard Powell1995 to 2005
Jeremy PowellJeremy Robert Powell1998 to 2000
Jim PowellJames Edwin Powell1884 to 1885
Landon PowellLandon Reed Powell2009 to 2011
Martin PowellMartin J. Powell1881 to 1883
Paul PowellPaul Ray Powell1971 to 1975
Ray PowellRaymond Raeth Powell1913 to 1924
Ross PowellRoss John Powell1993 to 1995
Ted PowerTed Henry Power1981 to 1993
Tom PowerThomas E. Power1890 to 1890
Vic PowerVictor Pellot Power1954 to 1965
Doc PowersMichael Riley Powers1898 to 1909
Ike PowersJohn Lloyd Powers1927 to 1928
Jim PowersJames T. Powers1890 to 1890
John PowersJohn Calvin Powers1955 to 1960
Les PowersLeslie Edwin Powers1938 to 1939
Mike PowersEllis Foree Powers1932 to 1933
Phil PowersPhilip J. Powers1878 to 1885
Carl PowisCarl Edgar Powis1957 to 1957
Bobby PoynerRobert William Poyner2018 to 2019
Arquimedez PozoArquimedez (Ortiz) Pozo1995 to 1997
Martin PradoMartin Manuel Prado2006 to 2019
Willie PrallWilfred Anthony Prall1975 to 1975
Johnny PramesaJohn Steven Pramesa1949 to 1952
Al PrattAlbert G. Pratt1871 to 1872
Andy PrattAndrew Elias Pratt2002 to 2004
Del PrattDerrill Burnham Pratt1912 to 1924
Frank PrattFrancis Bruce Pratt1921 to 1921
Larry PrattLester John Pratt1914 to 1914
Todd PrattTodd Alan Pratt1992 to 2006
Tom PrattThomas Jefferson Pratt1871 to 1871
John PregenzerJohn Arthur Pregenzer1963 to 1964
Mel PreibischMelvin Aloysius Preibisch1940 to 1941
Jim PrendergastJames Bartholomew Prendergast1948 to 1948
Mike PrendergastMichael Thomas Prendergast1916 to 1919
George PrentissGeorge Pepper Prentiss1901 to 1902
Bobby PrescottGeorge Bertrand Prescott1961 to 1961
Joe PreskoJoseph Edward Presko1951 to 1958
Alex PresleyAlexander C. Presley2010 to 2017
Jim PresleyJames Arthur Presley1984 to 1991
Ryan PresslyThomas Ryan Pressly2013 to 2020
Tot PressnellForest Charles Pressnell1938 to 1942
Walt PrestonWalter B. Preston1895 to 1895
Bill PriceWilliam Price1890 to 1890
Bryan PriceBryan Cole Price2014 to 2014
David PriceDavid Taylor Price2008 to 2019
Jackie PriceJohn Thomas Reid Price1946 to 1946
Jim PriceJimmie William Price1967 to 1971
Joe PriceJoseph Preston Price1928 to 1928
Joe PriceJoseph Walter Price1980 to 1990
Bob PrichardRobert Alexander Prichard1939 to 1939
Bob PriddyRobert Simpson Priddy1962 to 1971
Jerry PriddyGerald Edward Priddy1941 to 1953
Curtis PrideCurtis John Pride1993 to 2006
Jason PridieJason Orville Pridie2008 to 2015
Eddie PriestEddie Lee Priest1998 to 1998
Johnny PriestJohn Gooding Priest1911 to 1912
Alex PrietoAlejandro Antonio Prieto2003 to 2004
Ariel PrietoAriel Prieto1995 to 2001
Chris PrietoChristian Michael Prieto2005 to 2005
Ray PrimRaymond Lee Prim1933 to 1946
Don PrinceDonald Mark Prince1962 to 1962
Josh PrinceJoshua Cole Prince2013 to 2013
Tom PrinceThomas Albert Prince1987 to 2003
Walter PrinceWalter Farr Prince1883 to 1884
Bret PrinzBret Randolph Prinz2001 to 2007
Mark PriorMark William Prior2002 to 2006
Buddy PritchardHarold William Pritchard1957 to 1957
Chris PritchettChristopher Davis Pritchett1996 to 2000
Jim ProctorJames Arthur Proctor1959 to 1959
Red ProctorNoah Richard Proctor1923 to 1923
Scott ProctorScott Christopher Proctor2004 to 2011
George ProeserGeorge Proeser1888 to 1890
Jurickson ProfarJurickson Barthelomeus Profar2012 to 2020
Luke ProkopecKenneth Luke Prokopec2000 to 2002
Mike ProlyMichael James Proly1976 to 1983
Jake PropstWilliam Jacob Propst1923 to 1923
Doc ProthroJames Thompson Prothro1920 to 1926
Bill ProughHerschel Clinton Prough1912 to 1912
Augie PrudhommeJohn Olgus Prudhomme1929 to 1929
Earl PruessEarl Henry Pruess1920 to 1920
Hub PruettHubert Shelby Pruett1922 to 1932
Jim PruettJames Calvin Pruett1944 to 1945
Tex PruiettCharles Leroy Pruiett1907 to 1908
Austin PruittAustin Daniel Pruitt2017 to 2019
Ron PruittRonald Ralph Pruitt1975 to 1983
Greg PryorGregory Russell Pryor1976 to 1986
Stephen PryorStephen Michael Pryor2012 to 2014
George PuccinelliGeorge Lawrence Puccinelli1930 to 1936
Kirby PuckettKirby Puckett1984 to 1995
Troy PuckettTroy Levi Puckett1911 to 1911
Cesar PuelloCesar David (Santana) Puello2017 to 2020
Migel PuenteMigel Antonio (Aguilar) Puente1970 to 1970
Brandon PufferBrandon Duane Puffer2002 to 2005
Tim PughTimothy Dean Pugh1992 to 1997
John PuhlJohn G. Puhl1898 to 1899
Terry PuhlTerry Stephen Puhl1977 to 1991
Rich PuigRichard Gerald Puig1974 to 1974
Yasiel PuigYasiel (Valdes) Puig2013 to 2019
Albert PujolsJose Alberto Pujols2001 to 2020
Luis PujolsLuis Bienvenido (Toribio) Pujols1977 to 1985
A.J. PukAndrew Jacob Puk2019 to 2019
Charlie PuleoCharles Michael Puleo1981 to 1989
Alfonso PulidoAlfonso (Manzo) Pulido1983 to 1986
Carlos PulidoJuan Carlos (Valera) Pulido1994 to 2004
Harvey PulliamHarvey Jerome Pulliam1991 to 1997
Bill PulsipherWilliam Thomas Pulsipher1995 to 2005
Spencer PumpellySpencer Armstrong Pumpelly1925 to 1925
Nick PuntoNicholas Paul Punto2001 to 2014
Blondie PurcellWilliam Aloysius Purcell1879 to 1890
David PurceyDavid Kent Purcey2008 to 2013
John PurdinJohn Nolan Purdin1964 to 1969
Pid PurdyEverett Virgil Purdy1926 to 1929
Matt PurkeMatthew Taylor Purke2016 to 2016
Bob PurkeyRobert Thomas Purkey1954 to 1966
Jesse PurnellJesse Rhoades Purnell1904 to 1904
Oscar PurnerOscar E. Purner1895 to 1895
Billy PurtellWilliam Patrick Purtell1908 to 1914
Luke PutkonenLuke Webber Putkonen2012 to 2014
Ed PutmanEddy William Putman1976 to 1979
Danny PutnamDaniel Christopher Putnam2007 to 2007
Pat PutnamPatrick Edward Putnam1977 to 1984
Zach PutnamSteven Zachary Putnam2011 to 2017
Ambrose PuttmannAmbrose Nicholas Puttmann1903 to 1906
J.J. PutzJoseph Jason Putz2003 to 2014
Jim PyburnJames Edward Pyburn1955 to 1957
Eddie PyeRobert Edward Pye1994 to 1995
John PyechaJohn Nicholas Pyecha1954 to 1954
Ewald PyleEwald Pyle1939 to 1945
Harlan PyleHarlan Albert Pyle1928 to 1928
Shadow PyleHarry Thomas Pyle1884 to 1887
Frankie PytlakFrank Anthony Pytlak1932 to 1946
Tim PyznarskiTimothy Matthew Pyznarski1986 to 1986
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