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Baseball Dope Player Index - H
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Players Beginning with H

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Yamid HaadYamid Salcedo Haad1999 to 2005
Bert HaasBerthold John Haas1937 to 1951
Bruno HaasBruno Philip Haas1915 to 1915
Dave HaasRobert David Haas1991 to 1993
Eddie HaasGeorge Edwin Haas1957 to 1960
Moose HaasBryan Edmund Haas1976 to 1987
Mule HaasGeorge William Haas1925 to 1938
Eric HaaseEric Michael Haase2018 to 2020
Bob HabenichtRobert Julius Habenicht1951 to 1953
Emil HabererEmil Karl Haberer1901 to 1909
John HabyanJohn Gabriel Habyan1985 to 1996
Irv HachIrvin William Hach1897 to 1897
Stan HackStanley Camfield Hack1932 to 1947
Eric HackerEric Lynn Hacker2009 to 2012
Rich HackerRichard Warren Hacker1971 to 1971
Warren HackerWarren Louis Hacker1948 to 1961
Jim HackettJames Joseph Hackett1902 to 1903
Mert HackettMortimer Martin Hackett1883 to 1887
Walter HackettWalter Henry Hackett1885 to 1885
Luther HackmanLuther Gean Hackman1999 to 2003
Harvey HaddixHarvey Haddix1952 to 1965
George HaddockGeorge Silas Haddock1888 to 1894
Josh HaderJosh Ronald Hader2017 to 2020
Bump HadleyIrving Darius Hadley1926 to 1941
Kent HadleyKent William Hadley1958 to 1960
Bill HaeffnerWilliam Bernard Haeffner1915 to 1928
Mickey HaefnerMilton Arnold Haefner1943 to 1950
Charlie HaegerCharles Wallis Haeger2006 to 2010
Bud HafeyDaniel Albert Hafey1935 to 1939
Chick HafeyCharles James Hafey1924 to 1937
Tom HafeyThomas Francis Hafey1939 to 1944
Leo HaffordLeo Edgar Hafford1906 to 1906
Frank HafnerFrancis R. Hafner1888 to 1888
Travis HafnerTravis Lee Hafner2002 to 2013
Nick HagadoneNicholas Michael Hagadone2011 to 2015
Art HaganArthur Charles Hagan1883 to 1884
Casey HagemanKurt Moritz Hageman1911 to 1914
Kevin HagenKevin Eugene Hagen1983 to 1984
Bradin HagensBradin Carl Hagens2014 to 2014
Rip HagermanZerah Zequiel Hagerman1909 to 1916
Sam HaggertySamuel Onofrio Haggerty2019 to 2020
Bill HagueWilliam L. Hague1875 to 1879
Joe HagueJoe Clarence Hague1968 to 1973
Matt HagueMatthew Donald Hague2012 to 2015
Dick HahnRichard Frederick Hahn1940 to 1940
Don HahnDonald Antone Hahn1969 to 1975
Ed HahnWilliam Edgar Hahn1905 to 1910
Fred HahnFrederick Aloys Hahn1952 to 1952
Jesse HahnJesse Allen Hahn2014 to 2020
Noodles HahnFrank George Hahn1899 to 1906
Hal HaidHarold Augustine Haid1919 to 1933
Ed HaighEdward E. Haigh1892 to 1892
Hinkey HainesHenry Luther Haines1923 to 1923
Jesse HainesJesse Joseph Haines1918 to 1937
Jerry Hairston Jr.Jerry Wayne Hairston Jr.1998 to 2013
Jerry HairstonJerry Wayne Hairston Sr.1973 to 1989
John HairstonJohn Louis Hairston1969 to 1969
Sam HairstonSamuel Harding Hairston1951 to 1951
Scott HairstonScott Alexander Hairston2004 to 2014
Jim HaislipJames Clifton Haislip1913 to 1913
Chet HajdukChester Hajduk1941 to 1941
Dave HajekDavid Vincent Hajek1995 to 1996
John HalamaJohn Thadeuz Halama1998 to 2006
George HalasGeorge Stanley Halas1919 to 1919
Ed HalbriterEdward L. Halbriter1882 to 1882
John HaldemanJohn Avery Haldeman1877 to 1877
Bob HaleRobert Houston Hale1955 to 1961
Chip HaleWalter William Hale1989 to 1997
Dad HaleRay Luther Hale1902 to 1902
David HaleDavid E. Hale2013 to 2020
George HaleGeorge Wagner Hale1914 to 1918
John HaleJohn Steven Hale1974 to 1979
Odell HaleArvel Odell Hale1931 to 1941
Sammy HaleSamuel Douglas Hale1920 to 1930
J HaleyJ. Haley1880 to 1880
Justin HaleyJustin Case Haley2017 to 2018
Richard HaleyRichard Timothy Haley1915 to 1917
Ed HalickiEdward Louis Halicki1974 to 1980
Al HallArchibald W. Hall1879 to 1880
Albert HallAlbert Hall1981 to 1989
Bert HallHerbert Earl Hall1911 to 1911
Bill HallWilliam Lemuel Hall1954 to 1958
Bill HallWilliam Bernard Hall1913 to 1913
Bill HallWilliam Hall2002 to 2012
Bob HallRobert Louis Hall1949 to 1953
Bob HallRobert Prill Hall1904 to 1905
Charley HallCharles Louis Hall1906 to 1918
Charlie HallCharles Walter Hall1887 to 1887
Cody HallCody Kevin Hall2015 to 2016
Darren HallMichael Darren Hall1994 to 1998
Dick HallRichard Wallace Hall1952 to 1971
Drew HallAndrew Clark Hall1986 to 1990
George HallGeorge William Hall1871 to 1877
Herb HallHerbert Silas Hall1918 to 1918
Irv HallIrvin Gladstone Hall1943 to 1946
Jim HallJames Hall1872 to 1875
Jimmie HallJimmie Randolph Hall1963 to 1970
Joe HallJoseph Geroy Hall1994 to 1997
John HallJohn Sylvester Hall1948 to 1948
Josh HallJoshua Alan Hall2003 to 2003
Marc HallMarcus Hall1910 to 1914
Matt HallMatthew Thomas Hall2018 to 2020
Mel HallMelvin Hall1981 to 1996
Russ HallRobert Russell Hall1898 to 1901
Toby HallToby Jason Hall2000 to 2008
Tom HallTom Edward Hall1968 to 1977
John HallaJohn Arthur Halla1905 to 1905
Roy HalladayHarry Leroy Halladay1998 to 2013
Bill HallahanWilliam Anthony Hallahan1925 to 1938
Tom HallerThomas Frank Haller1961 to 1972
Jack HallettJack Price Hallett1940 to 1948
Newt HallidayNewton Schurz Halliday1916 to 1916
Jocko HalliganWilliam E. Halligan1891 to 1892
Ed HallinanEdward S. Hallinan1911 to 1912
Jimmy HallinanJames H. Hallinan1871 to 1878
Bill HallmanWilliam Wilson Hallman1888 to 1903
Bill HallmanWilliam Harry Hallman1901 to 1907
Charlie HallstromCharles E. Hallstrom1885 to 1885
Greg HalmanGregory Anthony Halman2010 to 2011
Jim HalpinJames Nathaniel Halpin1882 to 1885
Brad HalseyBradford Alexander Halsey2004 to 2006
Al HaltAlva William Halt1918 to 1918
Shane HalterShane David Halter1997 to 2004
Sean HaltonSean Michael Halton2013 to 2013
Ralph HamRalph A. Ham1871 to 1871
Doc HamannElmer Joseph Hamann1922 to 1922
Roger HambrightRoger Dee Hambright1971 to 1971
Charlie HamburgCharles H. Hamburg1890 to 1890
Mark HamburgerMark John Hamburger2011 to 2011
Jim HambyJames Sanford Hamby1926 to 1927
Bob HamelinRobert James Hamelin1993 to 1998
Cole HamelsColbert Richard Hamels2006 to 2020
John HamillJohn Alexander Charles Hamill1884 to 1884
Billy HamiltonWilliam Robert Hamilton1888 to 1901
Billy HamiltonBilly R. Hamilton2013 to 2020
Darryl HamiltonDarryl Quinn Hamilton1988 to 2001
Dave HamiltonDavid Edward Hamilton1972 to 1980
Earl HamiltonEarl Andrew Hamilton1911 to 1924
Ian HamiltonIan Francis Hamilton2018 to 2020
Jack HamiltonJack Edwin Hamilton1962 to 1969
Jeff HamiltonJeffrey Robert Hamilton1986 to 1991
Joey HamiltonJohns Joseph Hamilton1994 to 2003
Josh HamiltonJoshua Holt Hamilton2007 to 2015
Mark HamiltonMark Alan Hamilton2010 to 2011
Steve HamiltonSteven Absher Hamilton1961 to 1972
Tom HamiltonThomas Bail Hamilton1952 to 1953
Ken HamlinKenneth Lee Hamlin1957 to 1966
Luke HamlinLewis Dennison Hamlin1933 to 1944
Pete HammPeter Whitfield Hamm1970 to 1971
Atlee HammakerCharlton Atlee Hammaker1981 to 1995
Jason HammelJason Aaron Hammel2006 to 2018
J.D. HammerJohn Dale Hammer2019 to 2019
Robby HammockRobert Wade Hammock2003 to 2011
Chris HammondChristopher Andrew Hammond1990 to 2006
Jack HammondWalter Charles Hammond1915 to 1922
Steve HammondSteven Benjamin Hammond1982 to 1982
Jeffrey HammondsJeffrey Bryan Hammonds1993 to 2005
Garvin HamnerWesley Garvin Hamner1945 to 1945
Granny HamnerGranville Wilbur Hamner1944 to 1962
Ralph HamnerRalph Conant Hamner1946 to 1949
Garrett HampsonGarrett Reese Hampson2018 to 2020
Justin HampsonJustin Michael Hampson2006 to 2012
Ike HamptonIsaac Bernard Hampton1974 to 1979
Mike HamptonMichael William Hampton1993 to 2010
Erik HamrenErik Kendall Hamren2011 to 2011
Bert HamricOdbert Herman Hamric1955 to 1958
Ray HamrickRaymond Bernard Hamrick1943 to 1944
Tim HamulackTimothy William Hamulack2005 to 2006
Buddy HanckenMorris Medlock Hancken1940 to 1940
Fred HancockFred James Hancock1949 to 1949
Garry HancockRonald Garry Hancock1978 to 1984
Josh HancockJoshua Morgan Hancock2002 to 2007
Justin HancockJustin D. Hancock2018 to 2018
Lee HancockLeland David Hancock1995 to 1996
Ryan HancockRyan Lee Hancock1996 to 1996
Brad HandBradley Richard Hand2011 to 2020
Donovan HandDonovan Jay Hand2013 to 2015
Rich HandRichard Allen Hand1970 to 1973
Jim HandiboeJames Edward Handiboe1886 to 1886
Mike HandiboeAloysius James Handiboe1911 to 1911
Gene HandleyEugene Louis Handley1946 to 1947
Lee HandleyLee Elmer Handley1936 to 1947
Vern HandrahanJames Vernon Handrahan1964 to 1966
Bill HandsWilliam Alfred Hands1965 to 1975
Harry HanebrinkHarry Aloysius Hanebrink1953 to 1959
Chris HaneyChristopher Deane Haney1991 to 2002
Fred HaneyFred Girard Haney1922 to 1929
Larry HaneyWallace Larry Haney1966 to 1978
Todd HaneyTodd Michael Haney1992 to 1998
Charlie HanfordCharles Joseph Hanford1914 to 1915
Eric HanholdEric Dru Hanhold2018 to 2018
Ryan HaniganRyan M. Hanigan2007 to 2017
Mitch HanigerMitchell Evan Haniger2016 to 2019
Don HankinsDonald Wayne Hankins1927 to 1927
Jay HankinsJay Nelson Hankins1961 to 1963
Frank HankinsonFrank Edward Hankinson1878 to 1888
Jim HanleyJames Patrick Hanley1913 to 1913
Bill HanlonWilliam Joseph Hanlon1903 to 1903
Ned HanlonEdward Hugh Hanlon1880 to 1892
John HannaJohn Hanna1884 to 1884
Preston HannaPreston Lee Hanna1975 to 1982
Truck HannahJames Harrison Hannah1918 to 1920
Jack HannahanJohn Joseph Hannahan2006 to 2014
Gerry HannahsGerald Ellis Hannahs1976 to 1979
Jim HannanJames John Hannan1962 to 1971
Jacob HannemannJacob Howard Hannemann2017 to 2017
Jack HannifinJohn Joseph Hannifin1906 to 1908
Loy HanningLoy Vernon Hanning1939 to 1942
Pat HannivanPatrick James Hannivan1897 to 1897
Joel HanrahanJoel Ryan Hanrahan2007 to 2013
Devern HansackDevern M. Hansack2006 to 2008
Greg HansellGregory Michael Hansell1995 to 1999
Andy HansenAndrew Viggo Hansen1944 to 1953
Bob HansenRobert Joseph Hansen1974 to 1976
Craig HansenCraig Robert Hansen2005 to 2009
Dave HansenDavid Andrew Hansen1990 to 2005
Doug HansenDouglas William Hansen1951 to 1951
Jed HansenJed Ramon Hansen1997 to 1999
Ron HansenRonald Lavern Hansen1958 to 1972
Roy HansenRoy Inglof Hansen1918 to 1918
Snipe HansenRoy Emil Frederick Hansen1930 to 1935
Frank HansfordFrank Cicero Hansford1898 to 1898
Don HanskiDonald Thomas Hanski1943 to 1944
Alen HansonAlen Rery (Michel) Hanson2016 to 2019
Erik HansonErik Brian Hanson1988 to 1998
Harry HansonHarry Francis Hanson1913 to 1913
Ollie HansonEarl Sylvester Hanson1921 to 1921
Tommy HansonThomas J. Hanson2009 to 2013
Ed HanyzewskiEdward Michael Hanyzewski1942 to 1946
Ian HappIan Edward Happ2017 to 2020
J.A. HappJames Anthony Happ2007 to 2020
John HappennyJohn Clifford Happenny1923 to 1923
Aaron HarangAaron Michael Harang2002 to 2015
Bill HarbridgeWilliam Arthur Harbridge1875 to 1883
Rich HardenJames Richard Harden2003 to 2011
Mel HarderMelvin Leroy Harder1928 to 1947
Scott HardestyScott Durbin Hardesty1899 to 1899
Pat HardgroveWilliam Henry Hardgrove1918 to 1918
Lou HardieLewis W. Hardie1884 to 1891
Bud HardinWilliam Edgar Hardin1952 to 1952
Jim HardinJames Warren Hardin1967 to 1972
Charlie HardingCharles Harold Harding1913 to 1913
Jason HardtkeJason Robert Hardtke1996 to 1998
Alex HardyDavid Alexander Hardy1902 to 1903
Blaine HardyBlaine Patrick Hardy2014 to 2019
Carroll HardyCarroll William Hardy1958 to 1967
Harry HardyHarry Hardy1905 to 1906
J.J. HardyJames Jerry Hardy2005 to 2017
Jack HardyJohn Graydon Hardy1989 to 1989
Jack HardyJohn Doolittle Hardy1903 to 1910
Larry HardyHoward Lawrence Hardy1974 to 1976
Red HardyFrancis Joseph Hardy1951 to 1951
Shawn HareShawn Robert Hare1991 to 1995
Dan HarenDaniel John Haren2003 to 2015
Steve HarganSteven Lowell Hargan1965 to 1977
Alan HargesheimerAlan Robert Hargesheimer1980 to 1986
Gary HargisGary Lynn Hargis1979 to 1979
Bubbles HargraveEugene Franklin Hargrave1913 to 1930
Pinky HargraveWilliam McKinley Hargrave1923 to 1933
Charlie HargreavesCharles Russell Hargreaves1923 to 1930
Mike HargroveDudley Michael Hargrove1974 to 1985
Tim HarikkalaTimothy Allan Harikkala1995 to 2007
Mike HarkeyMichael Anthony Harkey1988 to 1997
John HarkinsJohn Joseph Harkins1884 to 1888
Spec HarknessFrederick Harvey Harkness1910 to 1911
Tim HarknessThomas William Harkness1961 to 1964
Dick HarleyHenry Risk Harley1905 to 1905
Dick HarleyRichard Joseph Harley1897 to 1903
Larry HarlowLarry Duane Harlow1975 to 1981
Bill HarmanWilliam Bell Harman1941 to 1941
Brad HarmanBradley Christopher Harman2008 to 2008
Bob HarmonRobert Green Harmon1909 to 1918
Chuck HarmonCharles Byron Harmon1954 to 1957
Terry HarmonTerry Walter Harmon1967 to 1977
Pete HarnischPeter Thomas Harnisch1988 to 2001
Bill HarperWilliam Homer Harper1911 to 1911
Brandon HarperBrandon Scott Harper2006 to 2006
Brian HarperBrian David Harper1979 to 1995
Bryce HarperBryce Aron Max Harper2012 to 2020
George HarperGeorge B. Harper1894 to 1896
George HarperGeorge Washington Harper1916 to 1929
Harry HarperHarry Clayton Harper1913 to 1923
Jack HarperJohn Wesley Harper1915 to 1915
Jack HarperCharles William Harper1899 to 1906
Ryne HarperRyne Richard Harper2019 to 2020
Terry HarperTerry Joe Harper1980 to 1987
Tommy HarperTommy Harper1962 to 1976
Travis HarperTravis Boyd Harper2000 to 2006
Toby HarrahColbert Dale Harrah1969 to 1986
Billy HarrellWilliam Harrell1955 to 1961
John HarrellJohn Robert Harrell1969 to 1969
Lucas HarrellLucas William Bradley Harrell2010 to 2017
Ray HarrellRaymond James Harrell1935 to 1945
Slim HarrellOscar Martin Harrell1912 to 1912
Bill HarrelsonWilliam Charles Harrelson1968 to 1968
Bud HarrelsonDerrel McKinley Harrelson1965 to 1980
Ken HarrelsonKenneth Smith Harrelson1963 to 1971
Denny HarrigerDennis Scott Harriger1998 to 1998
Andy HarringtonAndrew Francis Harrington1913 to 1913
Andy HarringtonAndrew Matthew Harrington1925 to 1925
Bill HarringtonWilliam Womble Harrington1953 to 1956
Jerry HarringtonJeremiah Peter Harrington1890 to 1893
Joe HarringtonJoseph C. Harrington1895 to 1896
Mickey HarringtonCharles Michael Harrington1963 to 1963
Ben HarrisBen Franklin Harris1914 to 1915
Bill HarrisWilliam Thomas Harris1957 to 1959
Bill HarrisWilliam Milton Harris1923 to 1938
Billy HarrisJames William Harris1968 to 1969
Bob HarrisRobert Arthur Harris1938 to 1942
Brendan HarrisBrendan Michael Harris2004 to 2013
Bubba HarrisCharles Harris1948 to 1951
Bucky HarrisStanley Raymond Harris1919 to 1931
Buddy HarrisWalter Francis Harris1970 to 1971
Candy HarrisAlonzo Harris1967 to 1967
Charlie HarrisCharles Jenkins Harris1899 to 1899
Dave HarrisDavid Stanley Harris1925 to 1934
Donald HarrisDonald Harris1991 to 1993
Frank HarrisFrank Walter Harris1884 to 1884
Gail HarrisBoyd Gail Harris1955 to 1960
Gene HarrisTyrone Eugene Harris1989 to 1995
Greg HarrisGreg Allen Harris1981 to 1995
Greg HarrisGregory Wade Harris1988 to 1995
Herb HarrisHerbert Benjamin Harris1936 to 1936
Jeff HarrisJeffrey Austin Harris2005 to 2006
Joe HarrisJoseph Harris1914 to 1928
Joe HarrisJoseph White Harris1905 to 1907
John HarrisJohn Thomas Harris1979 to 1981
Lenny HarrisLeonard Anthony Harris1988 to 2005
Lum HarrisChalmer Luman Harris1941 to 1947
Mickey HarrisMaurice Charles Harris1940 to 1952
Mitch HarrisMitchell Andrew Harris2015 to 2015
Ned HarrisRobert Ned Harris1941 to 1946
Pep HarrisHernando Petrocelli Harris1996 to 1998
Reggie HarrisReginald Allen Harris1990 to 1999
Spence HarrisAnthony Spencer Harris1925 to 1930
Vic HarrisVictor Lanier Harris1972 to 1980
Will HarrisWilliam Taylor Harris2012 to 2020
Willie HarrisWilliam Charles Harris2001 to 2012
Ben Harrison Harrison1901 to 1901
Bob HarrisonRobert Lee Harrison1955 to 1956
Chuck HarrisonCharles William Harrison1965 to 1971
Josh HarrisonJoshua Isaiah Harrison2011 to 2020
Matt HarrisonMatthew Reid Harrison2008 to 2015
Monte HarrisonMonte Fitzgerald Harrison2020 to 2020
Rit HarrisonWashington Ritter Harrison1875 to 1875
Roric HarrisonRoric Edward Harrison1972 to 1978
Tom HarrisonThomas James Harrison1965 to 1965
Slim HarrissWilliam Jennings Bryan Harriss1920 to 1928
Earl HarristEarl Harrist1945 to 1953
Sam HarshaneySamuel Harshaney1937 to 1940
Jack HarshmanJohn Elvin Harshman1948 to 1960
Oscar HarstadOscar Theander Harstad1915 to 1915
Bill HartWilliam Franklin Hart1886 to 1901
Bill HartWilliam Woodrow Hart1943 to 1945
Billy HartRobert Lee Hart1890 to 1890
Bo HartBodhi J. Hart2003 to 2004
Burt HartJames Burton Hart1901 to 1901
Corey HartJon Corey Hart2004 to 2015
Donnie HartDonnie Scott Hart2016 to 2019
Hub HartJames Henry Hart1905 to 1907
Jason HartJason Wyatt Hart2002 to 2002
Jim Ray HartJames Ray Ray Hart1963 to 1974
Kevin HartKevin R. Hart2007 to 2009
Kyle HartKyle Patrick Hart2020 to 2020
Mike HartJames Michael Hart1980 to 1980
Mike HartMichael Lawrence Hart1984 to 1987
Tom HartThomas Henry Hart1891 to 1891
Chuck HartensteinCharles Oscar Hartenstein1965 to 1977
Frank HarterFranklin Pierce Harter1912 to 1913
Bruce HartfordBruce Daniel Hartford1914 to 1914
Dean HartgravesDean Charles Hartgraves1995 to 1998
Jumbo HartingEdward Harting1886 to 1886
Chris HartjeChristian Henry Hartje1939 to 1939
Chick HartleyWalter Scott Hartley1902 to 1902
Grover HartleyGrover Allen Hartley1911 to 1934
Mike HartleyMichael Edward Hartley1989 to 1995
Geoff HartliebGeoffery Thomas Hartlieb2019 to 2020
Bob HartmanRobert Louis Hartman1959 to 1962
Charlie HartmanCharles Otto Hartman1908 to 1908
Fred HartmanFrederick Orrin Hartman1894 to 1902
J.C. HartmanJ C Hartman1962 to 1963
Gabby HartnettCharles Leo Hartnett1922 to 1941
Pat HartnettPatrick J. Hartnett1890 to 1890
Ray HartranftRaymond Joseph Hartranft1913 to 1913
Greg HartsGregory Rudolph Harts1973 to 1973
Topsy HartselTully Frederick Hartsel1898 to 1911
Roy HartsfieldRoy Thomas Hartsfield1950 to 1952
Jeff HartsockJeffrey Roger Hartsock1992 to 1992
Clint HartungClinton Clarence Hartung1947 to 1952
Paul HartzellPaul Franklin Hartzell1976 to 1984
Roy HartzellRoy Allen Hartzell1906 to 1916
Luther HarvelLuther Raymond Harvel1928 to 1928
Bryan HarveyBryan Stanley Harvey1987 to 1995
Hunter HarveyHunter Luke Harvey2019 to 2020
Joe HarveyJoseph Robert Harvey2019 to 2020
Ken HarveyKenneth Eugene Harvey2001 to 2005
Matt HarveyMatthew Edward Harvey2012 to 2020
Zaza HarveyErvin King Harvey1900 to 1902
Chad HarvilleChad Ashley Harville1999 to 2006
Ziggy HasbrookRobert Lyndon Hasbrook1916 to 1917
Shigetoshi HasegawaShigetoshi Hasegawa1997 to 2005
Adam HaseleyAdam Donald Haseley2019 to 2020
Bill HaselmanWilliam Joseph Haselman1990 to 2003
Don HasenmayerDonald Irvin Hasenmayer1945 to 1946
Herb HashHerbert Howard Hash1940 to 1941
Mickey HaslinMichael Joseph Haslin1933 to 1938
Pete HasneyPeter James Hasney1890 to 1890
Bill HassamaerWilliam Louis Hassamaer1894 to 1896
Alex HassanAlexander Edward Hassan2014 to 2014
Buddy HassettJohn Aloysius Hassett1936 to 1942
Ron HasseyRonald William Hassey1978 to 1991
Andy HasslerAndrew Earl Hassler1971 to 1985
Joe HasslerJoseph Frederick Hassler1928 to 1930
Gene HassonCharles Eugene Hasson1937 to 1938
Charlie HastingsCharles Morton Hastings1893 to 1898
Scott HastingsWinfield Scott Hastings1871 to 1877
Bob HastyRobert Keller Hasty1919 to 1924
Tom HatchThomas Hatch2020 to 2020
Billy HatcherWilliam Augustus Hatcher1984 to 1995
Chris HatcherChristopher Kenneth Hatcher1998 to 1998
Chris HatcherDavid Christopher Hatcher2010 to 2018
Mickey HatcherMichael Vaughn Hatcher1979 to 1990
Fred HatfieldFred James Hatfield1950 to 1958
Gil HatfieldGilbert Hatfield1885 to 1895
John HatfieldJohn Van Buskirk Hatfield1871 to 1876
Hilly HathawayHillary Houston Hathaway1992 to 1993
Ray HathawayRay Wilson Hathaway1945 to 1945
Steve HathawaySteven Ryland Hathaway2016 to 2016
Marcus HatleyMarcus Allen Hatley2015 to 2015
Scott HattebergScott Allen Hatteberg1995 to 2008
Joe HattenJoseph Hilarian Hatten1946 to 1952
Clyde HatterClyde Melno Hatter1935 to 1937
John HattigJohn Duane Hattig2006 to 2006
Grady HattonGrady Edgebert Hatton1946 to 1960
Arthur HaugerJohn Arthur Hauger1912 to 1912
Chris HaugheyChristopher Francis Haughey1943 to 1943
Gary HaughtGary Allen Haught1997 to 1997
Phil HaugstadPhilip Donald Haugstad1947 to 1952
Mike HauschildMichael Hauschild2017 to 2018
Arnold HauserArnold George Hauser1910 to 1913
Joe HauserJoseph John Hauser1922 to 1929
Tom HausmanThomas Matthew Hausman1975 to 1982
Clem HausmannClemens Raymond Hausmann1944 to 1949
George HausmannGeorge John Hausmann1944 to 1949
Charlie HautzCharles A. Hautz1875 to 1884
Brad HavensBradley David Havens1981 to 1989
Ryan HawblitzelRyan Wade Hawblitzel1996 to 1996
Bill HawesWilliam Hildreth Hawes1879 to 1879
Roy HawesRoy Lee Hawes1951 to 1951
Ed HawkEdward Hawk1911 to 1911
Bill HawkeWilliam Victor Hawke1892 to 1894
Thorny HawkesThorndike Proctor Hawkes1879 to 1884
Andy HawkinsMelton Andrew Hawkins1982 to 1991
LaTroy HawkinsLaTroy Hawkins1995 to 2015
Wynn HawkinsWynn Firth Hawkins1960 to 1962
Chicken HawksNelson Louis Hawks1921 to 1925
Blake HawksworthBlake Edward Hawksworth2009 to 2011
Pink HawleyEmerson Pink Hawley1892 to 1901
Scott HawleyMarvin Hiram Hawley1894 to 1894
Howie HaworthHomer Harold Haworth1915 to 1915
Brad HawpeBradley Bonte Hawpe2004 to 2013
Hal HaydelJohn Harold Haydel1970 to 1971
Jack HaydenJohn Francis Hayden1901 to 1908
Lefty HaydenEugene Franklin Hayden1958 to 1958
Ben HayesBen Joseph Hayes1982 to 1983
Bill HayesWilliam Ernest Hayes1980 to 1981
Brett HayesBrett Gregory Hayes2009 to 2015
Charlie HayesCharles Dewayne Hayes1988 to 2001
Drew HayesAndrew Trent Hayes2016 to 2016
Frankie HayesFrank Witman Hayes1933 to 1947
Jackie HayesJohn J. Hayes1882 to 1887
Jackie HayesMinter Carney Hayes1927 to 1940
Jim HayesJames Millard Hayes1935 to 1935
John HayesJohn Edward Hayes1876 to 1876
Ke'Bryan HayesKe'Bryan Kobe Hayes2020 to 2020
Von HayesVon Francis Hayes1981 to 1992
Dirk HayhurstDirk Von Hayhurst2008 to 2009
Fred HaynerFred Ames Hayner1890 to 1890
Heath HaynesHeath Burnett Haynes1994 to 1994
Jimmy HaynesJimmy Wayne Haynes1995 to 2004
Joe HaynesJoseph Walton Haynes1939 to 1952
Nathan HaynesNathan Raymond Quinn Haynes2007 to 2008
Austin HaysAustin Charles Brian Hays2017 to 2020
Ray HaywardRaymond Alton Hayward1986 to 1988
Bill HaywoodWilliam Kiernan Haywood1968 to 1968
Ray HayworthRaymond Hall Hayworth1926 to 1945
Red HayworthMyron Claude Hayworth1944 to 1945
Jeremy HazelbakerJeremy Philip Hazelbaker2016 to 2017
Drungo HazewoodDrungo LaRue Hazewood1980 to 1980
Bob HazleRobert Sidney Hazle1955 to 1958
Doc HazletonWillard Carpenter Hazleton1902 to 1902
Ed HeadEdward Marvin Head1940 to 1946
Jerad HeadJerad Lee Head2011 to 2011
Ralph HeadRalph Head1923 to 1923
Chase HeadleyChase Jordan Headley2007 to 2018
Tom HealeyThomas F. Healey1878 to 1878
Egyptian HealyJohn J. Healy1885 to 1892
Fran HealyFrancis Xavier Healy1969 to 1978
Francis HealyFrancis Xavier Paul Healy1930 to 1934
Ryon HealyRyon Christopher Healy2016 to 2020
Thomas HealyThomas Fitzgerald Healy1915 to 1916
Andrew HeaneyAndrew M. Heaney2014 to 2020
Charlie HeardCharles Heard1890 to 1890
Jay HeardJehosie Heard1954 to 1954
Bunny HearnElmer Lafayette Hearn1926 to 1929
Bunny HearnCharles Bunn Hearn1910 to 1920
Ed HearnEdward John Hearn1986 to 1988
Jim HearnJames Tolbert Hearn1947 to 1959
Taylor HearnTaylor Lynn Hearn2019 to 2020
Ed HearneEdmund Hearne1910 to 1910
Hughie HearneHugh Joseph Hearne1901 to 1903
Jeff HearronJeffrey Vernon Hearron1985 to 1986
Bill HeathWilliam Chris Heath1965 to 1969
Deunte HeathDeunte Raymon Heath2012 to 2013
Jeff HeathJohn Geoffrey Heath1936 to 1949
Kelly HeathKelly Mark Heath1982 to 1982
Mickey HeathMinor Wilson Heath1931 to 1932
Mike HeathMichael Thomas Heath1978 to 1991
Nick HeathNicholas Heath2020 to 2020
Spencer HeathSpencer Paul Heath1920 to 1920
Tommy HeathThomas George Heath1935 to 1938
Jeff HeathcockRonald Jeffrey Heathcock1983 to 1988
Cliff HeathcoteClifton Earl Heathcote1918 to 1932
Mike HeathcottMichael Joseph Heathcott1998 to 1998
Slade HeathcottZachary Slade Heathcott2015 to 2015
Neal HeatonNeal Heaton1982 to 1993
Dave HeaverloDavid Wallace Heaverlo1975 to 1981
Wally HebertWallace Andrew Hebert1931 to 1943
Richie HebnerRichard Joseph Hebner1968 to 1985
Bryan HebsonBryan McCall Hebson2003 to 2003
Adeiny HechavarriaAdeiny (Baretta) Hechavarria2012 to 2020
Mike HechingerMichael Vincent Hechinger1912 to 1913
Guy HeckerGuy Jackson Hecker1882 to 1890
Austin HedgesAustin Charles Hedges2015 to 2020
Harry HedgpethHarry Malcolm Hedgpeth1913 to 1913
Mike HedlundMichael David Hedlund1965 to 1972
Danny HeepDaniel William Heep1979 to 1991
Bert HeffernanBertram Alexander Heffernan1992 to 1992
Bob HeffnerRobert Frederic Heffner1963 to 1968
Don HeffnerDonald Henry Heffner1934 to 1944
Bronson HeflinBronson Wayne Heflin1996 to 1996
Randy HeflinRandolph Rutherford Heflin1945 to 1946
Jeremy HefnerJeremy Scott Hefner2012 to 2013
Jim HeganJames Edward Hegan1941 to 1960
Mike HeganJames Michael Hegan1964 to 1977
Bob HegmanRobert Hilmer Hegman1985 to 1985
Jake HehlHerman Charles Hehl1918 to 1918
Jack HeidemannJack Seale Heidemann1969 to 1977
Emmet HeidrickR Emmet Heidrick1898 to 1908
Frank HeiferFranklin Heifer1875 to 1875
Chink HeilemanJohn George Heileman1901 to 1901
Aaron HeilmanAaron Michael Heilman2003 to 2011
Harry HeilmannHarry Edwin Heilmann1914 to 1932
Jonah HeimJonah Nathan Heim2020 to 2020
Val HeimVal Raymond Heim1942 to 1942
Fred HeimachFrederick Amos Heimach1920 to 1933
Gorman HeimuellerGorman John Heimueller1983 to 1984
Bud HeineWilliam Henry Heine1921 to 1921
Scott HeinemanScott Matthew Heineman2019 to 2020
Tyler HeinemanTyler Andrew Heineman2019 to 2020
Don HeinkelDonald Elliott Heinkel1988 to 1989
Chris HeintzChristopher John Heintz2005 to 2007
Ken HeintzelmanKenneth Alphonse Heintzelman1937 to 1952
Tom HeintzelmanThomas Kenneth Heintzelman1973 to 1978
Jack HeinzmanJohn Peter Heinzman1886 to 1886
Bob HeiseRobert Lowell Heise1967 to 1977
Clarence HeiseClarence Edward Heise1934 to 1934
Jim HeiseJames Edward Heise1957 to 1957
Roy HeiserLeroy Barton Heiser1961 to 1961
Rick HeisermanRichard Michael Heiserman1999 to 1999
Chris HeiseyChris J. Heisey2010 to 2017
Crese HeismannChristian Ernest Heismann1901 to 1902
Al HeistAlfred Michael Heist1960 to 1962
Harry HeitmannHenry Anton Heitmann1918 to 1918
Heinie HeitmullerWilliam Frederick Heitmuller1909 to 1910
Mel HeldMelvin Nicholas Held1956 to 1956
Woodie HeldWoodson George Held1954 to 1969
Hank HelfHenry Hartz Helf1938 to 1946
Eric HelfandEric James Helfand1993 to 1995
Ty HelfrichEmory Wilbur Helfrich1915 to 1915
Ben HellerBenjamin Heller2016 to 2020
Jeremy HellicksonJeremy R. Hellickson2010 to 2019
Rick HellingRicky Allen Helling1994 to 2006
HellingsHellings1875 to 1875
Tony HellmanAnthony Joseph Hellman1886 to 1886
Johnny HellwegJohnny David Hellweg2013 to 2013
Horace HelmboldHorace Willing Helmbold1890 to 1890
Tommy HelmsTommy Vann Helms1964 to 1977
Wes HelmsWesley Ray Helms1998 to 2011
Ryan HelsleyRyan Dalton Helsley2019 to 2020
Todd HeltonTodd Lynn Helton1997 to 2013
Heinie HeltzelWilliam Wade Heltzel1943 to 1944
Russ HemanRussell Frederick Heman1961 to 1961
Heath HembreeRichard Heath Hembree2013 to 2020
Ed HemingwayEdson Marshall Hemingway1914 to 1918
George HemmingGeorge Earl Hemming1891 to 1897
Scott HemondScott Mathew Hemond1989 to 1995
Ducky HempWilliam H. Hemp1887 to 1890
Bret HemphillBret Ryan Hemphill1999 to 1999
Charlie HemphillCharles Judson Hemphill1899 to 1911
Frank HemphillFrank Vernon Hemphill1906 to 1909
Rollie HemsleyRalston Burdett Hemsley1928 to 1947
Solly HemusSolomon Joseph Hemus1949 to 1959
Bernie HendersonBernard Henderson1921 to 1921
Bill HendersonWilliam Maxwell Henderson1930 to 1930
Dave HendersonDavid Lee Henderson1981 to 1994
Ed HendersonEdward J. Henderson1914 to 1914
Hardie HendersonJames Harding Henderson1883 to 1888
Jim HendersonJames D. Henderson2012 to 2016
Joe HendersonJoseph Lee Henderson1974 to 1977
Ken HendersonKenneth Joseph Henderson1965 to 1980
Rickey HendersonRickey Henley Henderson1979 to 2003
Rod HendersonRodney Wood Henderson1994 to 1998
Steve HendersonSteven Curtis Henderson1977 to 1988
Bob HendleyCharles Robert Hendley1961 to 1967
George HendrickGeorge Andrew Hendrick1971 to 1988
Harvey HendrickHarvey Hendrick1923 to 1934
Ed HendricksEdward Hendricks1910 to 1910
Elrod HendricksElrod Jerome Hendricks1968 to 1979
Jack HendricksJohn Charles Hendricks1902 to 1903
Kyle HendricksKyle Christian Hendricks2014 to 2020
Ben HendricksonBenjamin John Hendrickson2004 to 2006
Don HendricksonDonald William Hendrickson1945 to 1946
Mark HendricksonMark Allan Hendrickson2002 to 2011
Liam HendriksLiam Johnson Hendriks2011 to 2020
Claude HendrixClaude Raymond Hendrix1911 to 1920
Tim HendryxTimothy Green Hendryx1911 to 1921
Dave HengelDavid Lee Hengel1986 to 1989
Moxie HengleEmery J. Hengle1885 to 1885
Lafayette HenionLafayette Marion Henion1919 to 1919
Tom HenkeThomas Anthony Henke1982 to 1995
Bob HenleyRobert Clifton Henley1998 to 1998
Gail HenleyGail Curtice Henley1954 to 1954
Weldon HenleyWeldon Henley1903 to 1907
Butch HenlineWalter John Henline1921 to 1931
Sean HennSean Michael Henn2005 to 2013
Mike HennemanMichael Alan Henneman1987 to 1996
Brad HennesseyBrad Martin Hennessey2004 to 2008
George HennesseyGeorge Hennessey1937 to 1945
Les HennessyLester Baker Hennessy1913 to 1913
Phil HenniganPhillip Winston Hennigan1969 to 1973
Pete HenningErnest Herman Henning1914 to 1915
Rick HenningerRichard Lee Henninger1973 to 1973
Randy HennisRandall Philip Hennis1990 to 1990
Bobby HenrichRobert Edward Henrich1957 to 1959
Fritz HenrichFrank Wilde Henrich1924 to 1924
Tommy HenrichThomas David Henrich1937 to 1950
Olaf HenriksenOlaf Henriksen1911 to 1917
Oscar HenriquezOscar Eduardo Henriquez1997 to 2002
Bill HenryWilliam Francis Henry1966 to 1966
Bill HenryWilliam Rodman Henry1952 to 1969
Butch HenryFloyd Bluford Henry1992 to 1999
Doug HenryRichard Douglas Henry1991 to 2001
Dutch HenryFrank John Henry1921 to 1930
Dwayne HenryDwayne Allen Henry1984 to 1995
Earl HenryEarl Clifford Henry1944 to 1945
George HenryGeorge Washington Henry1893 to 1893
Jim HenryJames Francis Henry1936 to 1939
John HenryJohn Park Henry1910 to 1918
John HenryJohn Michael Henry1884 to 1890
Ron HenryRonald Baxter Henry1961 to 1964
Snake HenryFrederick Marshall Henry1922 to 1923
Roy HenshawRoy Kniklebine Henshaw1933 to 1944
Phil HensiekPhilip Frank Hensiek1935 to 1935
Chuck HensleyCharles Floyd Hensley1986 to 1986
Clay HensleyClayton Allen Hensley2005 to 2012
Matt HensleyMatthew Davis Hensley2004 to 2004
Drew HensonDrew Daniel Henson2002 to 2003
Pat HentgenPatrick George Hentgen1991 to 2004
Bill HeplerWilliam Lewis Hepler1966 to 1966
Ron HerbelRonald Samuel Herbel1963 to 1971
Ernie HerbertEarn Albert Herbert1913 to 1913
Fred HerbertFrederick Herbert1915 to 1915
Ray HerbertRaymond Ernest Herbert1950 to 1966
Felix HerediaFelix (Perez) Heredia1996 to 2005
Gil HerediaGilbert Heredia1991 to 2001
Guillermo HerediaGuillermo (Molina) Heredia2016 to 2020
Ubaldo HerediaUbaldo Jose (Martinez) Heredia1987 to 1987
Wilson HerediaWilson Heredia1995 to 1997
Matt HergesMatthew Tyler Herges1999 to 2009
Jimmy HergetJimmy Matthew Herget2019 to 2020
Art HermanArthur Herman1896 to 1897
Babe HermanFloyd Caves Herman1926 to 1945
Billy HermanWilliam Jennings Bryan Herman1931 to 1947
Al HermannAlbert Bartel Hermann1923 to 1924
Chad HermansenChad Bruce Hermansen1999 to 2004
Gene HermanskiEugene Victor Hermanski1943 to 1953
Dustin HermansonDustin Michael Hermanson1995 to 2006
Jeremy HermidaJeremy Ryan Hermida2005 to 2012
Michael HermosilloMichael Hermosillo2018 to 2020
Remy HermosoAngel Remigio Hermoso1967 to 1974
Jesus HernaizJesus Rafael (Rodriguez) Hernaiz1974 to 1974
Adrian HernandezAdrian Hernandez2001 to 2004
Alex HernandezAlexander (Vargas) Hernandez2000 to 2001
Anderson HernandezAnderson Mejia Hernandez2005 to 2010
Ariel HernandezAriel Hernandez2017 to 2017
Carlos HernandezCarlos Eduardo Hernandez2020 to 2020
Carlos HernandezCarlos Alberto (Almeida) Hernandez1990 to 2000
Carlos HernandezCarlos Enrique Hernandez2001 to 2004
Carlos HernandezCarlos Eduardo Hernandez1999 to 2000
Cesar HernandezCesar Dario (Perez) Hernandez1992 to 1993
Cesar HernandezCesar Augusto Hernandez2013 to 2020
Chico HernandezSalvador Jose (Ramos) Hernandez1942 to 1943
Darwinzon HernandezDarwinzon David Hernandez2019 to 2020
David HernandezDavid Jose Hernandez2009 to 2019
Diory HernandezDiory Hernandez2009 to 2011
Elieser HernandezElieser Alexis Hernandez2018 to 2020
Enrique HernandezEnrique J. Hernandez2014 to 2020
Enzo HernandezEnzo Octavio Hernandez1971 to 1978
Evelio HernandezGregorio Evelio (Lopez) Hernandez1956 to 1957
Felix HernandezFelix Abraham Hernandez2005 to 2019
Fernando HernandezFernando Hernandez1997 to 1997
Fernando HernandezFernando Hernandez2008 to 2008
Gorkys HernandezGorkys Gustavo (Lugo) Hernandez2012 to 2019
Jackie HernandezJacinto (Zulueta) Hernandez1965 to 1973
Jeremy HernandezJeremy Stuart Hernandez1991 to 1995
Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez2019 to 2020
Jose HernandezJose Antonio (Figueroa) Hernandez1991 to 2006
Keith HernandezKeith Hernandez1974 to 1990
Leo HernandezLeonardo Jesus Hernandez1982 to 1986
Livan HernandezEisler Livan Hernandez1996 to 2012
Luis HernandezLuis A. (Mendoza) Hernandez2007 to 2012
Manny HernandezManuel Antonio (Montas) Hernandez1986 to 1989
Marco HernandezMarco Antonio Hernandez2016 to 2019
Michel HernandezMichel Hernandez2003 to 2009
Orlando HernandezOrlando P. Hernandez1998 to 2007
Oscar HernandezOscar Eduardo (Rios) Hernandez2015 to 2020
Pedro HernandezPedro Michel Hernandez2012 to 2014
Pedro HernandezPedro Julio Montas Hernandez1979 to 1982
Ramon HernandezRamon (Gonzalez) Hernandez1967 to 1977
Ramon HernandezRamon Jose (Marin) Hernandez1999 to 2013
Roberto HernandezRoberto Manuel (Rodriguez) Hernandez1991 to 2007
Roberto HernandezRoberto Hernandez2006 to 2016
Rudy HernandezRudolph Albert (Fuentes) Hernandez1960 to 1961
Rudy HernandezRodolfo (Acosta) Hernandez1972 to 1972
Runelvys HernandezRunelvys Antonio Hernandez2002 to 2008
Teoscar HernandezTeoscar Jose Hernandez2016 to 2020
Toby HernandezTobias Rafael (Alvarado) Hernandez1984 to 1984
Willie HernandezGuillermo (Villanueva) Hernandez1977 to 1989
Xavier HernandezFrancis Xavier Hernandez1989 to 1998
Yadiel HernandezYadiel Hernandez2020 to 2020
Yoel HernandezYoel Alejandro Hernandez2007 to 2007
David HerndonKenneth David Herndon2010 to 2012
Junior HerndonHarry Francis Herndon2001 to 2001
Larry HerndonLarry Darnell Herndon1974 to 1988
Tom HernonThomas H. Hernon1897 to 1897
Joseph HerrJoseph Herr1887 to 1890
Tom HerrThomas Mitchell Herr1979 to 1991
Walt HerrellWalter William Herrell1911 to 1911
Alex HerreraAlexander Jose Herrera2002 to 2003
Bobby HerreraProcopio (Rodriguez) Herrera1951 to 1951
Danny HerreraDaniel Ray Herrera2008 to 2011
Dilson HerreraDilson Jose (Garcia) Herrera2014 to 2020
Elian HerreraElian (Ramirez) Herrera2012 to 2015
Jonathan HerreraJonathan Alejandro Herrera2008 to 2015
Jose HerreraJose Concepcion (Ontiveros) Herrera1967 to 1970
Jose HerreraJose Ramon (Catalino) Herrera1995 to 1996
Kelvin HerreraKelvin DeJesus Herrera2011 to 2020
Mike HerreraRamon Herrera1925 to 1926
Odubel HerreraDavid Odubel Herrera2015 to 2019
Pancho HerreraJuan Francisco (Willavicencio) Herrera1958 to 1961
Ronald HerreraRonald Jose (Aular) Herrera2017 to 2017
Rosell HerreraRosell Amado Herrera2018 to 2019
Yoslan HerreraYoslan Herrera2008 to 2014
Troy HerriageWilliam Troy Herriage1956 to 1956
Tom HerrinThomas Edward Herrin1954 to 1954
Art HerringArthur L. Herring1929 to 1947
Bill HerringWilliam Francis Herring1915 to 1915
Herb HerringHerbert Lee Herring1912 to 1912
Lefty HerringSilas Clarke Herring1899 to 1904
Chris HerrmannChristopher Herrmann2012 to 2019
Ed HerrmannEdward Martin Herrmann1967 to 1978
Frank HerrmannFrank J. Herrmann2010 to 2016
Leroy HerrmannLeroy George Herrmann1932 to 1935
Marty HerrmannMartin John Herrmann1918 to 1918
John HerrnsteinJohn Ellett Herrnstein1962 to 1966
Rick HerrscherRichard Franklin Herrscher1962 to 1962
Earl HershEarl Walter Hersh1956 to 1956
Mike HershbergerNorman Michael Hershberger1961 to 1971
Willard HershbergerWillard McKee Hershberger1938 to 1940
Frank HersheyFrank Hershey1905 to 1905
Orel HershiserOrel Leonard Hershiser1983 to 2000
Neal HertweckNeal Charles Hertweck1952 to 1952
Steve HertzStephen Allan Hertz1964 to 1964
Buck HerzogCharles Lincoln Herzog1908 to 1920
Whitey HerzogDorrel Norman Elvert Herzog1956 to 1963
Joe HeskethJoseph Thomas Hesketh1984 to 1994
David HessDavid James Hess2018 to 2020
Otto HessOtto C. Hess1902 to 1915
Tom HessThomas Joseph Hess1892 to 1892
George HesselbacherGeorge Edward Hesselbacher1916 to 1916
Keith HesslerKeith Hessler2015 to 2016
Mike HessmanMichael Steven Hessman2003 to 2010
John HesterJohn G. Hester2009 to 2013
Larry HesterferLawrence Hesterfer1901 to 1901
Chris HestonChristopher L. Heston2014 to 2017
Johnny HetkiJohn Edward Hetki1945 to 1954
Gus HetlingAugust Julius Hetling1906 to 1906
Eric HetzelEric Paul Hetzel1989 to 1990
George HeubelGeorge A. Heubel1871 to 1876
Codi HeuerCodi Dalton Heuer2020 to 2020
Ed HeusserEdward Burlton Heusser1935 to 1948
Joe HevingJoseph William Heving1930 to 1945
Johnnie HevingJohn Aloysius Heving1920 to 1932
Jake HewittCharles Jacob Hewitt1895 to 1895
Greg HeydemanGregory George Heydeman1973 to 1973
Mike HeydonMichael Edward Heydon1898 to 1907
Jason HeywardJason A. Heyward2010 to 2020
Jack HiattJack E Hiatt1964 to 1972
Phil HiattPhilip Farrell Hiatt1993 to 2001
Greg HibbardJames Gregory Hibbard1989 to 1994
John HibbardJohn Denison Hibbard1884 to 1884
Jim HibbsJames Kerr Hibbs1967 to 1967
Bryan HickersonBryan David Hickerson1991 to 1995
Eddie HickeyEdward A. Hickey1901 to 1901
Jack HickeyJohn William Hickey1904 to 1904
Jim HickeyJames Robert Hickey1942 to 1944
Kevin HickeyKevin John Hickey1981 to 1991
Mike HickeyMichael Francis Hickey1899 to 1899
Charlie HickmanCharles Taylor Hickman1897 to 1908
Ernie HickmanErnest P. Hickman1884 to 1884
Jesse HickmanJesse Owens Hickman1965 to 1966
Jim HickmanJames Lucius Hickman1962 to 1974
Jim HickmanDavid James Hickman1916 to 1919
Aaron HicksAaron Michael Hicks2013 to 2020
Brandon HicksBrandon Ryan Hicks2010 to 2014
Buddy HicksClarence Walter Hicks1956 to 1956
Jim HicksJames Edward Hicks1964 to 1970
Joe HicksWilliam Joseph Hicks1959 to 1963
John HicksJohn Austin Hicks2015 to 2019
Jordan HicksJordan McKinley Hicks2018 to 2019
Nat HicksNathan Woodhull Hicks1872 to 1877
Richard HidalgoRichard Jose Hidalgo1997 to 2005
Joe HietpasJoseph Carl Hietpas2004 to 2004
Kyle HigashiokaKyle Harris Higashioka2017 to 2020
Kirby HigbeWalter Kirby Higbe1937 to 1950
Mahlon HigbeeMahlon Jesse Higbee1922 to 1922
HigbyHigby1872 to 1872
Bill HigdonWilliam Travis Higdon1949 to 1949
Irv HigginbothamIrving Clinton Higginbotham1906 to 1909
Bill HigginsWilliam Edward Higgins1888 to 1890
Bob HigginsRobert Stone Higgins1909 to 1912
Dennis HigginsDennis Dean Higgins1966 to 1972
Eddie HigginsThomas Edward Higgins1909 to 1910
Kevin HigginsKevin Wayne Higgins1993 to 1993
Mark HigginsMark Douglas Higgins1989 to 1989
Pinky HigginsMichael Franklin Higgins1930 to 1946
Bobby HigginsonRobert Leigh Higginson1995 to 2005
Andy HighAndrew Aird High1922 to 1934
Charlie HighCharles Edwin High1919 to 1920
Ed HighEdward Thomas High1901 to 1901
Hugh HighHugh Jenkin High1913 to 1918
Dick HighamRichard Higham1871 to 1880
Teddy HigueraTeodoro Valenzuela (Valenzuela) Higuera1985 to 1994
John HilandJohn William Hiland1885 to 1885
Whitey HilcherWalter Frank Hilcher1931 to 1936
George HildebrandGeorge Albert Hildebrand1902 to 1902
Oral HildebrandOral Clyde Hildebrand1931 to 1940
Palmer HildebrandPalmer Marion Hildebrand1913 to 1913
Trevor HildenbergerTrevor Sean Hildenberger2017 to 2019
Tom HilgendorfThomas Eugene Hilgendorf1969 to 1975
Erik HiljusErik Kristian Hiljus1999 to 2002
Aaron HillAaron Walter Hill2005 to 2017
Belden HillBelden L. Hill1890 to 1890
Bill HillWilliam Cicero Hill1896 to 1899
Bobby HillWilliam Robert Hill2002 to 2005
Cam HillCameron Price Hill2020 to 2020
Carmen HillCarmen Proctor Hill1915 to 1930
Dave HillDavid Burnham Hill1957 to 1957
Derek HillDerek Jerome Hill2020 to 2020
Donnie HillDonald Earl Hill1983 to 1992
Garry HillGarry Alton Hill1969 to 1969
Glenallen HillGlenallen Hill1989 to 2001
Herbert HillHerbert Lee Hill1915 to 1915
Herman HillHerman Alexander Hill1969 to 1970
Hugh HillHugh Ellis Hill1903 to 1904
Hunter HillHunter Benjamin Hill1903 to 1905
Jeremy HillJeremy Dee Hill2002 to 2003
Jesse HillJesse Terrill Hill1935 to 1937
Ken HillKenneth Wade Hill1988 to 2001
Koyie HillKoyie Dolan Hill2003 to 2014
Marc HillMarc Kevin Hill1973 to 1986
Milt HillMilton Giles Hill1991 to 1994
Oliver HillOliver Clinton Hill1939 to 1939
Red HillClifford Joseph Hill1917 to 1917
Rich HillRichard Joseph Hill2005 to 2020
Shawn HillShawn Richard Hill2004 to 2012
Steve HillSteven Douglas Hill2010 to 2012
Taylor HillDavid Taylor Hill2014 to 2015
Tim HillTimothy Hill2018 to 2020
Homer HillebrandHomer Hiller Henry Hillebrand1905 to 1908
R.E. HillebrandR. E. Hillebrand1902 to 1902
Shawn HillegasShawn Patrick Hillegas1987 to 1993
Shea HillenbrandShea Matthew Hillenbrand2001 to 2007
Chuck HillerCharles Joseph Hiller1961 to 1968
Frank HillerFrank Walter Hiller1946 to 1953
Hob HillerHarvey Max Hiller1920 to 1921
John HillerJohn Frederick Hiller1965 to 1980
Ed HilleyEdward Garfield Hilley1903 to 1903
Sam HilliardSamuel Beauman Hilliard2019 to 2020
Mack HillisMalcolm David Hillis1924 to 1928
Dave HillmanDarius Dutton Hillman1955 to 1962
Eric HillmanJohn Eric Hillman1992 to 1994
Pat HillyWilliam Edward Hilly1914 to 1914
Charlie HilseyCharles T. Hilsey1883 to 1884
Dave HiltonJohn David Hilton1972 to 1975
Howard HiltonHoward James Hilton1990 to 1990
Jack HimesJohn Herby Himes1905 to 1906
A.J. HinchAndrew Jay Hinch1998 to 2004
Brett HinchliffeBrett Hinchliffe1999 to 2001
Bill HinchmanWilliam White Hinchman1905 to 1920
Harry HinchmanHarry Sibley Hinchman1907 to 1907
Mike HinckleyMichael David Hinckley2008 to 2009
Sam HindsSamuel Russell Hinds1977 to 1977
Hunkey HinesHenry Fred Hines1895 to 1895
Mike HinesMichael P. Hines1883 to 1888
Paul HinesPaul Aloysius Hines1872 to 1891
Gordie HinkleDaniel Gordon Hinkle1934 to 1934
Dalier HinojosaDalier (Hernandez) Hinojosa2015 to 2016
Dutch HinrichsWilliam Louis Hinrichs1910 to 1910
Paul HinrichsPaul Edwin Hinrichs1951 to 1951
Alex HinshawAlexander Omar Hinshaw2008 to 2012
George HinshawGeorge Addison Hinshaw1982 to 1983
Eric HinskeEric Scott Hinske2002 to 2013
Jerry HinsleyJerry Dean Hinsley1964 to 1967
Paul HinsonJames Paul Hinson1928 to 1928
Chuck HintonCharles Edward Hinton1961 to 1971
John HintonJohn Robert Hinton1901 to 1901
Rich HintonRichard Michael Hinton1971 to 1979
Tommy HinzoThomas Lee Hinzo1987 to 1989
Herb HippaufHerbert August Hippauf1966 to 1966
Yoshihisa HiranoYoshihisa Hirano2018 to 2020
Jason HirshJason Michael Hirsh2006 to 2008
Gene HiserGene Taylor Hiser1971 to 1975
Larry HisleLarry Eugene Hisle1968 to 1982
Harley HisnerHarley Parnell Hisner1951 to 1951
Billy HitchcockWilliam Clyde Hitchcock1942 to 1953
Jim HitchcockJames Franklin Hitchcock1938 to 1938
Sterling HitchcockSterling Alex Hitchcock1992 to 2004
Bruce HittBruce Smith Hitt1917 to 1917
Roy HittRoy Wesley Hitt1907 to 1907
Lloyd HittleLloyd Eldon Hittle1949 to 1950
Keston HiuraKeston Wee Hing Natsuo Hiura2019 to 2020
Jin Ho ChoJin Ho Ho Cho1998 to 1999
Myril HoagMyrill Oliver Hoag1931 to 1945
Don HoakDonald Albert Hoak1954 to 1964
Ed HobaughEdward Russell Hobaugh1961 to 1963
Glen HobbieGlen Frederick Hobbie1957 to 1964
Bill HobbsWilliam Lee Hobbs1913 to 1916
John HobbsJohn Douglas Hobbs1981 to 1981
Dick HoblitzellRichard Carleton Hoblitzell1908 to 1918
Butch HobsonClell Lavern Hobson1975 to 1982
Harry HochHarry Keller Hoch1908 to 1915
Luke HochevarLuke Anthony Hochevar2007 to 2016
Ed HockEdward Francis Hock1920 to 1924
Chuck HockenberyCharles Marion Hockenbery1975 to 1975
Oris HockettOris Leon Hockett1938 to 1945
George HocketteGeorge Edward Hockette1934 to 1935
Denny HockingDennis Lee Hocking1993 to 2005
Johnny HodappUrban John Hodapp1925 to 1933
Mel HoderleinMelvin Anthony Hoderlein1951 to 1954
Charlie HodesCharles Hodes1871 to 1874
Ed HodgeEd Oliver Hodge1984 to 1984
Gomer HodgeHarold Morris Hodge1971 to 1971
Shovel HodgeClarence Clement Hodge1920 to 1922
Bert HodgesEdward Burton Hodges1942 to 1942
Gil HodgesGilbert Raymond Hodges1943 to 1963
Kevin HodgesKevin Jon Hodges2000 to 2000
Ron HodgesRonald Wray Hodges1973 to 1984
Trey HodgesTrey Alan Hodges2002 to 2003
Ralph HodginElmer Ralph Hodgin1939 to 1948
Paul HodgsonPaul Joseph Denis Hodgson1980 to 1980
Eli HodkeyAloysius Joseph Hodkey1946 to 1946
Charlie HodnettCharles Hodnett1883 to 1883
George HodsonGeorge S. Hodson1894 to 1895
Billy HoeftWilliam Frederick Hoeft1952 to 1966
Art HoelskoetterArthur William Hoelskoetter1905 to 1908
Joe HoernerJoseph Walter Hoerner1963 to 1977
Nico HoernerNicholas Mackie Hoerner2019 to 2020
Lefty HoerstFrank Joseph Hoerst1940 to 1947
L.J. HoesJerome O'Bryan Hoes2012 to 2015
Jack HoeyJohn Bernard Hoey1906 to 1908
Jim HoeyJames Urban Hoey2006 to 2011
Red HoffChester Cornelius Hoff1911 to 1915
Bill HofferWilliam Leopold Hoffer1895 to 1901
Stew HofferthStewart Edward Hofferth1944 to 1946
Bill HoffmanWilliam Joseph Hoffman1939 to 1939
Danny HoffmanDaniel John Hoffman1903 to 1911
Dutch HoffmanClarence Casper Hoffman1929 to 1929
Frank HoffmanFrank J. Hoffman1888 to 1888
Glenn HoffmanGlenn Edward Hoffman1980 to 1989
Guy HoffmanGuy Alan Hoffman1979 to 1988
Izzy HoffmanHarry C. Hoffman1904 to 1907
Jeff HoffmanJeffrey Robert Hoffman2016 to 2020
John HoffmanJohn Edward Hoffman1964 to 1965
Larry HoffmanLawrence Charles Hoffman1901 to 1901
Ray HoffmanRaymond Lamont Hoffman1942 to 1942
Sonny HoffmanWilliam A. Hoffman1879 to 1879
Tex HoffmanEdward Adolph Hoffman1915 to 1915
Trevor HoffmanTrevor William Hoffman1993 to 2010
Jamie HoffmannJamie Richard Hoffmann2009 to 2011
Jesse HoffmeisterJesse H. Hoffmeister1897 to 1897
John HoffordJohn William Hofford1885 to 1886
Jarrett HoffpauirJarrett Lee Hoffpauir2009 to 2010
Micah HoffpauirJames Micah Hoffpauir2008 to 2010
Bobby HofmanRobert George Hofman1949 to 1957
Solly HofmanArthur Frederick Hofman1903 to 1916
Fred HofmannFred Hofmann1919 to 1928
Eddie HoganRobert Edward Hogan1882 to 1882
George HoganGeorge Augustine Hogan1914 to 1914
Harry HoganHarry S. Hogan1901 to 1901
Kenny HoganKenneth Timothy Hogan1921 to 1924
Marty HoganMartin F. Hogan1894 to 1895
Mortimer HoganMortimer Edward Hogan1887 to 1888
Shanty HoganJames Francis Hogan1925 to 1937
Willie HoganWilliam Henry Hogan1911 to 1912
Bert HoggWilbert George Hogg1934 to 1934
Bill HoggWilliam Johnston Hogg1905 to 1908
Brad HoggCarter Bradley Hogg1911 to 1919
George HogrieverGeorge C. Hogriever1895 to 1901
Chief HogsettElon Chester Hogsett1929 to 1944
Bobby HogueRobert Clinton Hogue1948 to 1952
Cal HogueCalvin Grey Hogue1952 to 1954
Bill HohmanWilliam Henry Hohman1927 to 1927
Eddie HohnhorstEdward Hicks Hohnhorst1910 to 1912
Chris HoilesChristopher Allen Hoiles1989 to 1998
Bryan HoladayJohn Bryan Holaday2012 to 2020
Aaron HolbertAaron Keith Holbert1996 to 2005
Bill HolbertWilliam Henry Holbert1876 to 1888
Ray HolbertRay Arthur Holbert1994 to 2000
Wally HolborowWalter Albert Holborow1944 to 1948
Sammy HolbrookJames Marbury Holbrook1935 to 1935
Ken HolcombeKenneth Edward Holcombe1945 to 1953
Bill HoldenWilliam Paul Holden1913 to 1914
Joe HoldenJoseph Francis Holden1934 to 1936
Jonathan HolderJonathan Blake Holder2016 to 2020
David HoldridgeDavid Allen Holdridge1998 to 1998
Fred HoldsworthFrederick William Holdsworth1972 to 1980
Jim HoldsworthJames Holdsworth1872 to 1884
John HoldzkomJohn Stephen Holdzkom2014 to 2014
Walter HolkeWalter Henry Holke1914 to 1925
Bill HollahanWilliam James Hollahan1920 to 1920
Al HollandAlfred Willis Holland1977 to 1987
Bill HollandWilliam David Holland1939 to 1939
Derek HollandDerek Lane Holland2009 to 2020
Dutch HollandRobert Clyde Holland1932 to 1934
Greg HollandGregory Scott Holland2010 to 2020
Mul HollandHoward Arthur Holland1926 to 1929
Will HollandWillard A. Holland1889 to 1889
Mario HollandsMario Eduardo Lemus Hollands2014 to 2014
Todd HollandsworthTodd Mathew Hollandsworth1995 to 2006
Gary HolleGary Charles Holle1979 to 1979
Ed HolleyEdward Edgar Holley1928 to 1934
Bug HollidayJames Wear Holliday1889 to 1898
Matt HollidayMatthew Thomas Holliday2004 to 2018
Mike HollimonMichael T. Hollimon2008 to 2008
Carl HollingCarl Theodore Holling1921 to 1922
Holly HollingsheadJohn Samuel Hollingshead1872 to 1875
Al HollingsworthAlbert Wayne Hollingsworth1935 to 1946
Bonnie HollingsworthJohn Burnette Hollingsworth1922 to 1928
Damon HollinsDamon Jamall Hollins1998 to 2006
Dave HollinsDavid Michael Hollins1990 to 2002
Jessie HollinsJessie Edward Hollins1992 to 1992
John HollisonJohn Henry Hollison1892 to 1892
Stan HollmigStanley Ernest Hollmig1949 to 1951
Charlie HollocherCharles Jacob Hollocher1918 to 1924
Bobo HollomanAlva Lee Holloman1953 to 1953
Jim HollowayJames Madison Holloway1929 to 1929
Jordan HollowayJordan Lee Holloway2020 to 2020
Ken HollowayKenneth Eugene Holloway1922 to 1930
Ed HollyEdward William Holly1906 to 1907
Jeff HollyJeffrey Owen Holly1977 to 1979
Billy HolmWilliam Frederick Holm1943 to 1945
Steve HolmStephen Robert Holm2008 to 2011
Wattie HolmRoscoe Albert Holm1924 to 1932
Brad HolmanBradley Thomas Holman1993 to 1993
Brian HolmanBrian Scott Holman1988 to 1991
Gary HolmanGary Richard Holman1968 to 1969
Scott HolmanRandy Scott Holman1980 to 1983
Shawn HolmanShawn Leroy Holman1989 to 1989
David HolmbergDavid A. Holmberg2013 to 2017
Chick HolmesElwood Marter Holmes1918 to 1918
Clay HolmesClayton Walter Holmes2018 to 2020
Darren HolmesDarren Lee Holmes1990 to 2003
Ducky HolmesHoward Elbert Holmes1906 to 1906
Ducky HolmesJames William Holmes1895 to 1905
Fred HolmesFrederick Clarence Holmes1903 to 1904
Jim HolmesJames Scott Holmes1906 to 1908
Tommy HolmesThomas Francis Holmes1942 to 1952
Herm HolshouserHerman Alexander Holshouser1930 to 1930
Brock HoltBrock Wyatt Holt2012 to 2020
Chris HoltChristopher Michael Holt1996 to 2001
Jim HoltJames William Holt1968 to 1976
Red HoltJames Emmett Madison Holt1925 to 1925
Roger HoltRoger Boyd Holt1980 to 1980
Tyler HoltTyler Andrew Holt2014 to 2016
Vern HoltgraveLavern George Holtgrave1965 to 1965
Brian HoltonBrian John Holton1985 to 1990
Mike HoltzMichael James Holtz1996 to 2006
Ken HoltzmanKenneth Dale Holtzman1965 to 1979
Mark HolzemerMark Harold Holzemer1993 to 2000
Marty HonanMartin Weldon Honan1890 to 1891
Rick HoneycuttFrederick Wayne Honeycutt1977 to 1997
Abie HoodAlbie Larrison Hood1925 to 1925
Destin HoodDestin Dwane Hood2016 to 2016
Don HoodDonald Harris Hood1973 to 1983
Wally HoodWallace James Hood Jr.1949 to 1949
Wally HoodWallace James Hood Sr.1920 to 1922
Chris HookChristopher Wayne Hook1995 to 1996
Jay HookJames Wesley Hook1957 to 1964
Buck HookerWilliam Edward Hooker1902 to 1903
Alex HooksAlexander Marcus Hooks1935 to 1935
Bob HooperRobert Nelson Hooper1950 to 1955
Harry HooperHarry Bartholomew Hooper1909 to 1925
Kevin HooperKevin James Hooper2005 to 2006
Mike HooperMichael H. Hooper1873 to 1873
Leon HootenMichael Leon Hooten1974 to 1974
Burt HootonBurt Carlton Hooton1971 to 1985
Buster HooverWilliam James Hoover1884 to 1892
Charlie HooverCharles E. Hoover1888 to 1889
Dick HooverRichard Lloyd Hoover1952 to 1952
J.J. HooverJames Allen Hoover2012 to 2018
Joe HooverRobert Joseph Hoover1943 to 1945
John HooverJohn Nicklaus Hoover1990 to 1990
Paul HooverPaul Chester Hoover2001 to 2010
John HopeJohn Alan Hope1993 to 1996
Sam HopeSamuel Hope1907 to 1907
Buck HopkinsJohn Winton Hopkins1907 to 1907
Don HopkinsDonald Hopkins1975 to 1976
Gail HopkinsGail Eason Hopkins1968 to 1974
Marty HopkinsMeredith Hilliard Hopkins1934 to 1935
Mike HopkinsMichael Joseph Hopkins1902 to 1902
Paul HopkinsPaul Henry Hopkins1927 to 1929
Johnny HoppJohn Leonard Hopp1939 to 1952
Bill HopperWilliam Booth Hopper1913 to 1915
Jim HopperJames McDaniel Hopper1946 to 1946
Lefty HopperClarence Franklin Hopper1898 to 1898
Norris HopperNorris Stephen Hopper2006 to 2008
John HoranPatrick J. Horan1884 to 1884
Shags HoranJoseph Patrick Horan1924 to 1924
Joe HorganJoseph Paul Horgan2004 to 2005
Joe HorlenJoel Edward Horlen1961 to 1972
Sam HornSamuel Lee Horn1987 to 1995
Trader HorneBerlyn Dale Horne1929 to 1929
Bob HornerJames Robert Horner1978 to 1988
Jack HornerWilliam Frank Horner1894 to 1894
Rogers HornsbyRogers Hornsby1915 to 1937
Mike HornungMichael Joseph Hornung1879 to 1890
Hanson HorseyHanson Horsey1912 to 1912
Vince HorsmanVincent Stanley Joseph Horsman1991 to 1995
Jeremy HorstJeremy M. Horst2011 to 2013
Oscar HorstmannOscar Theodore Horstmann1917 to 1919
Elmer HortonElmer Edward Horton1896 to 1898
Ricky HortonRicky Neal Horton1984 to 1990
Tony HortonAnthony Darrin Horton1964 to 1970
Willie HortonWilliam Wattison Horton1963 to 1980
Brian HorwitzBrian Jeffery Horwitz2008 to 2008
Dwayne HoseyDwayne Samuel Hosey1995 to 1996
Steve HoseySteven Bernard Hosey1992 to 1993
Dave HoskinsDavid Taylor Hoskins1953 to 1954
Rhys HoskinsRhys Dean Hoskins2017 to 2020
Tim HosleyTimothy Kenneth Hosley1970 to 1981
Eric HosmerEric John Hosmer2011 to 2020
Gene HostEugene Earl Host1956 to 1957
Chuck HostetlerCharles Cloyd Hostetler1944 to 1945
Dave HostetlerDavid Alan Hostetler1981 to 1988
Pete HotalingPeter James Hotaling1879 to 1888
Ken HottmanKenneth Roger Hottman1971 to 1971
Tommy HottovyThomas L. Hottovy2011 to 2012
Byron HouckByron Simon Houck1912 to 1918
Sadie HouckSargent Perry Houck1879 to 1887
Tanner HouckTanner Lee Houck2020 to 2020
Charlie HoughCharles Oliver Hough1970 to 1994
Ralph HoukRalph George Houk1947 to 1954
D.J. HoultonDennis Sean Houlton2005 to 2007
Craig HouseCraig Michael House2000 to 2000
Frank HouseHenry Franklin House1950 to 1961
Fred HouseWillard Edwin House1913 to 1913
J.R. HouseJames Rodger House2003 to 2008
Pat HousePatrick Lory House1967 to 1968
T.J. HouseGlenn Anthony House2014 to 2017
Tom HouseThomas Ross House1971 to 1978
Charlie HouseholderCharles F. Householder1882 to 1884
Charlie HouseholderCharles W. Householder1882 to 1884
Ed HouseholderEdward H. Householder1903 to 1903
Paul HouseholderPaul Wesley Householder1980 to 1987
John HousemanJohn Franklin Houseman1894 to 1897
William HousemanWilliam H. Houseman1886 to 1886
Adrian HouserAdrian D. Houser2015 to 2020
Ben HouserBenjamin Franklin Houser1910 to 1912
James HouserJames Robert Houser2010 to 2010
Joe HouserJoseph William Houser1914 to 1914
Wayne HousieWayne Tyrone Housie1991 to 1993
Tyler HoustonTyler Sam Houston1996 to 2003
Art HouttemanArthur Joseph Houtteman1945 to 1957
Lefty HoutzFred Fritz Houtz1899 to 1899
Steve HovleyStephen Eugene Hovley1969 to 1973
Ed HovlikEdward Charles Hovlik1918 to 1919
Joe HovlikJoseph Hovlik1909 to 1911
Ben HowardBenjamin Richard Howard2002 to 2004
Bruce HowardBruce Ernest Howard1963 to 1968
Chris HowardChristopher Hugh Howard1991 to 1994
Chris HowardChristian Howard1993 to 1995
Dave HowardDavid Austin Howard1912 to 1912
David HowardDavid Wayne Howard1991 to 1999
Del HowardGeorge Elmer Howard1905 to 1909
Doug HowardDouglas Lynn Howard1972 to 1976
Earl HowardEarl Nycum Howard1918 to 1918
Elston HowardElston Gene Howard1955 to 1968
Frank HowardFrank Oliver Howard1958 to 1973
Fred HowardFred Irving Howard1979 to 1979
Ivan HowardIvan Chester Howard1914 to 1917
Larry HowardLawrence Rayford Howard1970 to 1973
Lee HowardLee Vincent Howard1946 to 1947
Matt HowardMatthew Christopher Howard1996 to 1996
Mike HowardMichael Frederic Howard1981 to 1983
Paul HowardPaul Joseph Howard1909 to 1909
Ryan HowardRyan James Howard2004 to 2016
Sam HowardSam James Howard2018 to 2020
Spencer HowardSpencer Lee Howard2020 to 2020
Steve HowardSteven Bernard Howard1990 to 1990
Thomas HowardThomas Sylvester Howard1990 to 2000
Wilbur HowardWilbur Leon Howard1973 to 1978
Jim HowarthJames Eugene Howarth1971 to 1974
Art HoweArthur Henry Howe1974 to 1985
Cal HoweCalvin Earl Howe1952 to 1952
Les HoweLester Curtis Howe1923 to 1924
Shorty HoweJohn Howe1890 to 1893
Steve HoweSteven Roy Howe1980 to 1996
Dixie HowellHomer Elliott Howell1947 to 1956
Dixie HowellMillard Howell1940 to 1958
Harry HowellHarry Taylor Howell1898 to 1910
J.P. HowellJames Phillip Howell2005 to 2017
Jack HowellJack Robert Howell1985 to 1999
Jay HowellJay Canfield Howell1980 to 1994
Ken HowellKenneth Howell1984 to 1990
Pat HowellPatrick O'Neal Howell1992 to 1992
Red HowellMurray Donald Howell1941 to 1941
Roland HowellRoland Boatner Howell1912 to 1912
Roy HowellRoy Lee Howell1974 to 1984
Bill HowertonWilliam Ray Howerton1949 to 1952
Dann HowittDann Paul John Howitt1989 to 1994
Dan HowleyDaniel Philip Howley1913 to 1913
Bob HowryBobby Dean Howry1998 to 2010
Dick HowserRichard Dalton Howser1961 to 1968
Dummy HoyWilliam Ellsworth Hoy1888 to 1902
Peter HoyPeter Alexander Hoy1992 to 1992
Jared HoyingJared William Hoying2016 to 2017
Tex HoyleRoland Edison Hoyle1952 to 1952
James HoytJames Allen Hoyt2016 to 2020
LaMarr HoytDewey LaMarr Hoyt1979 to 1986
Waite HoytWaite Charles Hoyt1918 to 1938
Al HraboskyAlan Thomas Hrabosky1970 to 1982
Kent HrbekKent Allen Hrbek1981 to 1994
Walt HriniakWalter John Hriniak1968 to 1969
Chih-Wei HuChih-Wei Hu2017 to 2018
Chin-Lung HuChin-Lung Hu2007 to 2011
Wei-Chieh HuangWei-Chieh Huang2019 to 2019
Al HubbardAllen Hubbard1883 to 1883
Glenn HubbardGlenn Dee Hubbard1978 to 1989
Mike HubbardMichael Wayne Hubbard1995 to 2001
Trent HubbardTrenidad Aviel Hubbard1994 to 2003
Bill HubbellWilbert William Hubbell1919 to 1925
Carl HubbellCarl Owen Hubbell1928 to 1943
Ken HubbsKenneth Douglass Hubbs1961 to 1963
Clarence HuberClarence Bill Huber1920 to 1926
Jon HuberJonathon Lloyd Huber2006 to 2007
Justin HuberJustin Patrick Huber2005 to 2009
Otto HuberOtto Huber1939 to 1939
Ken HuckabyKenneth Paul Huckaby2001 to 2006
Earl HuckleberryEarl Eugene Huckleberry1935 to 1935
John HudekJohn Raymond Hudek1994 to 1999
Dave HudgensDavid Mark Hudgens1983 to 1983
Jimmy HudgensJames Price Hudgens1923 to 1926
Rex HudlerRex Allen Hudler1984 to 1998
Willis HudlinGeorge Willis Hudlin1926 to 1944
Charles HudsonCharles Lynn Hudson1983 to 1989
Charlie HudsonCharles Hudson1972 to 1975
Dakota HudsonDakota Ryan Hudson2018 to 2020
Daniel HudsonDaniel Clairborne Hudson2009 to 2020
Hal HudsonHal Campbell Hudson1952 to 1953
Jesse HudsonJesse James Hudson1969 to 1969
Joe HudsonJoseph Paul Hudson1995 to 1998
Joe HudsonJoseph Thaddeus Hudson2018 to 2020
Johnny HudsonJohn Wilson Hudson1936 to 1945
Kyle HudsonKyle Jordan Hudson2011 to 2011
Luke HudsonLuke Stephen Hudson2002 to 2007
Nat HudsonNathaniel P. Hudson1886 to 1889
Orlando HudsonOrlando Thill Hudson2002 to 2012
Rex HudsonRex Haughton Hudson1974 to 1974
Sid HudsonSidney Charles Hudson1940 to 1954
Tim HudsonTimothy Adam Hudson1999 to 2015
Frank HuelsmanFrank Elmer Huelsman1897 to 1905
Al HuenkeAlbert Alfred Huenke1914 to 1914
Aubrey HuffAubrey Lewis Huff2000 to 2012
David HuffDavid Gregory Huff2009 to 2016
Mike HuffMichael Kale Huff1989 to 1996
Sam HuffSamuel Nicholas Huff2020 to 2020
Bennie HuffmanBenjamin Franklin Huffman1937 to 1937
Chad HuffmanChad Daniel Huffman2010 to 2017
Phil HuffmanPhillip Lee Huffman1979 to 1985
Ed HugEdward Ambrose Hug1903 to 1903
Miller HugginsMiller James Huggins1904 to 1916
Bill HughesWilliam Nesbert Hughes1921 to 1921
Bill HughesWilliam R. Hughes1885 to 1885
Bobby HughesRobert E. Hughes1998 to 1999
Dick HughesRichard Henry Hughes1966 to 1968
Dusty HughesDustin Robert Hughes2009 to 2011
Ed HughesEdward J. Hughes1902 to 1906
Jared HughesWilliam Jared Hughes2011 to 2020
Jim HughesJames Jay Hughes1898 to 1902
Jim HughesJames Michael Hughes1974 to 1977
Jim HughesJames Robert Hughes1952 to 1957
Joe HughesJoseph Thompson Hughes1902 to 1902
Keith HughesKeith Wills Hughes1987 to 1993
Luke HughesLuke Trevor Hughes2010 to 2012
Mickey HughesMichael F. Hughes1888 to 1890
Phil HughesPhilip Joseph Hughes2007 to 2018
Rhyne HughesJohn Rhyne Hughes2010 to 2010
Roy HughesRoy John Hughes1935 to 1946
Terry HughesTerry Wayne Hughes1970 to 1974
Tom HughesThomas L. Hughes1906 to 1918
Tom HughesThomas James Hughes1900 to 1913
Tom HughesThomas Franklin Hughes1930 to 1930
Tom HughesThomas Edward Hughes1959 to 1959
Tommy HughesThomas Owen Hughes1941 to 1948
Travis HughesTravis Wade Hughes2004 to 2006
Vern HughesVernon Alexander Hughes1914 to 1914
Jim HugheyJames Ulysses Hughey1891 to 1900
Tex HughsonCecil Carlton Hughson1941 to 1949
Emil HuhnEmil Hugo Huhn1916 to 1917
Justin HuismanJustin Ray Huisman2004 to 2004
Rick HuismanRichard Allen Huisman1995 to 1996
Mark HuismannMark Lawrence Huismann1983 to 1991
Billy HulenWilliam Franklin Hulen1896 to 1899
Tim HulettTimothy Craig Hulett1983 to 1995
Tug HulettTimothy Craig Hulett2008 to 2009
Harry HulihanHarry Joseph Hulihan1922 to 1922
Eric HullEric Eugene Hull2007 to 2007
David HulseDavid Lindsey Hulse1992 to 1996
Rudy HulswittRudolph Edward Hulswitt1899 to 1910
Danny HultzenDaniel Alexander Hultzen2019 to 2019
Hank HulveyJames Hensel Hulvey1923 to 1923
Philip HumberPhilip Gregory Humber2006 to 2013
Tom HumeThomas Hubert Hume1977 to 1987
John HummelJohn Edwin Hummel1905 to 1918
Tim HummelTimothy Robert Hummel2003 to 2004
Al HumphreyAlbert Humphrey1911 to 1911
Byron HumphreyByron William Humphrey1938 to 1938
Terry HumphreyTerryal Gene Humphrey1971 to 1979
Bob HumphreysRobert William Humphreys1962 to 1970
Mike HumphreysMichael Butler Humphreys1991 to 1993
Bert HumphriesAlbert Humphries1910 to 1915
John HumphriesJohn Henry Humphries1883 to 1884
Johnny HumphriesJohn William Humphries1938 to 1946
Nick HundleyNicholas John Hundley2008 to 2019
Randy HundleyCecil Randolph Hundley1964 to 1977
Todd HundleyTodd Randolph Hundley1990 to 2003
Bernie HunglingBernard Herman Hungling1922 to 1930
Bill HunnefieldWilliam Fenton Hunnefield1926 to 1931
Ben HuntBenjamin Franklin Hunt1910 to 1913
Dick HuntRichard M. Hunt1872 to 1872
Joel HuntOliver Joel Hunt1931 to 1932
Ken HuntKenneth Raymond Hunt1961 to 1961
Ken HuntKenneth Lawrence Hunt1959 to 1964
Randy HuntJames Randall Hunt1985 to 1986
Ron HuntRonald Kenneth Hunt1963 to 1974
Bill HunterWilliam Ellsworth Hunter1912 to 1912
Bill HunterWilliam F. Hunter1884 to 1884
Billy HunterGordon William Hunter1953 to 1958
Brian HunterBrian Lee Hunter1994 to 2003
Brian HunterBrian Raynold Hunter1991 to 2000
Buddy HunterHarold James Hunter1971 to 1975
Catfish HunterJames Augustus Hunter1965 to 1979
Cedric HunterCedric Scott Hunter2011 to 2016
Eddie HunterEdison Franklin Hunter1933 to 1933
George HunterGeorge Henry Hunter1909 to 1910
Herb HunterHerbert Harrison Hunter1916 to 1921
Jim HunterJames MacGregor Hunter1991 to 1991
Lem HunterRobert Lemuel Hunter1883 to 1883
Newt HunterFrederick Creighton Hunter1911 to 1911
Rich HunterRichard Thomas Hunter1996 to 1996
Tommy HunterRaymond Thomas Hunter2008 to 2020
Torii HunterTorii Kedar Hunter1997 to 2015
Willard HunterWillard Mitchell Hunter1962 to 1964
Steve HuntzStephen Michael Huntz1967 to 1975
Walt HuntzingerWalter Henry Huntzinger1923 to 1926
Dave HuppertDavid Blain Huppert1983 to 1985
Tom HurdThomas Carr Hurd1954 to 1956
Clint HurdleClinton Merrick Hurdle1977 to 1987
Dick HurleyWilliam H. Hurley1872 to 1872
Eric HurleyEric William Hurley2008 to 2008
Jerry HurleyJeremiah Joseph Hurley1889 to 1891
Jerry HurleyJeremiah Hurley1901 to 1907
Jason HurshJason Brewster Hursh2016 to 2017
Bill HurstWilliam Hansel Hurst1996 to 1996
Bruce HurstBruce Vee Hurst1980 to 1994
Don HurstFrank O'Donnell Hurst1928 to 1934
James HurstJames Lavon Hurst1994 to 1994
Jimmy HurstJimmy O'Neal Hurst1997 to 1997
Jonathan HurstJonathan Hurst1992 to 1994
Edwin HurtadoEdwin Amilgar Hurtado1995 to 1997
Butch HuskeyRobert Leon Huskey1993 to 2000
Jeff HusonJeffrey Kent Huson1988 to 2000
Carl HustaCarl Lawrence Husta1925 to 1925
Bill HustedWilliam J. Husted1890 to 1890
Bert HustingBerthold Juneau Husting1900 to 1902
Harry HustonHarry Emanuel Kress Huston1906 to 1906
Warren HustonWarren Llewellyn Huston1937 to 1944
Joe HutchesonJoseph Johnson Hutcheson1933 to 1933
Johnny HutchingsJohn Richard Joseph Hutchings1940 to 1946
Chad HutchinsonChad Martin Hutchinson2001 to 2001
Ed HutchinsonEdwin Forrest Hutchinson1890 to 1890
Fred HutchinsonFrederick Charles Hutchinson1939 to 1953
Ira HutchinsonIra Kendall Hutchinson1933 to 1945
Bill HutchisonWilliam Forrest Hutchison1889 to 1897
Drew HutchisonAndrew S. Hutchison2012 to 2018
Herb HutsonGeorge Herbert Hutson1974 to 1974
Roy HutsonRoy Lee Hutson1925 to 1925
Jim HuttoJames Neamon Hutto1970 to 1975
Mark HuttonMark Steven Hutton1993 to 1998
Tom HuttonThomas George Hutton1966 to 1981
Jae-gyun HwangJae-gyun Hwang2017 to 2017
Ham HyattRobert Hamilton Hyatt1909 to 1918
Dick HydeRichard Elde Hyde1955 to 1961
Tim HyersTimothy James Hyers1994 to 1999
Jim HyndmanJames Harvey Hyndman1886 to 1886
Colt HynesJoshua Hynes2013 to 2015
Pat HynesPatrick J. Hynes1903 to 1904
Adam HyzduAdam Davis Hyzdu2000 to 2006
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