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Baseball Dope Player Index - D
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Players Beginning with D

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NameGiven NameYears Played
John D'AcquistoJohn Francis D'Acquisto1973 to 1982
Jeff D'AmicoJeffrey Charles D'Amico1996 to 2004
Jeff D'AmicoJeffrey Michael D'Amico2000 to 2000
Jamie D'AntonaJames Joseph D'Antona2008 to 2008
Chase d'ArnaudChase Jonathan d'Arnaud2011 to 2018
Travis d'ArnaudTravis E. d'Arnaud2013 to 2023
Omar DaalOmar Jesus (Cordero) Daal1993 to 2003
Paul DadeLonnie Paul Dade1975 to 1980
John DagenhardJohn Douglas Dagenhard1943 to 1943
Pete DagliaPeter George Daglia1932 to 1932
Angelo DagresAngelo George Dagres1955 to 1955
David DahlDavid Martin Dahl2016 to 2023
Jay DahlJay Steven Dahl1963 to 1963
Bill DahlenWilliam Frederick Dahlen1891 to 1911
Babe DahlgrenEllsworth Tenney Dahlgren1935 to 1946
Jerry DahlkeJerome Alexander Dahlke1956 to 1956
Casey DaigleSean Casey Daigle2004 to 2010
Bill DaileyWilliam Garland Dailey1961 to 1964
John DaileyJohn J. Dailey1875 to 1875
Sam DaileySamuel Lawrence Dailey1929 to 1929
Vince DaileyVincent Perry Dailey1890 to 1890
Con DailyCornelius F. Daily1885 to 1896
Ed DailyEdward M. Daily1885 to 1891
Hugh DailyHugh Ignatius Daily1882 to 1887
George DaisyGeorge R. Daisy1884 to 1884
Bruce Dal CantonJohn Bruce Dal Canton1967 to 1977
Bobby DalbecRobert Vernon Dalbec2020 to 2023
Carl DaleJames Carl Dale1999 to 1999
Gene DaleEmmett Eugene Dale1911 to 1916
Pete DalenaPeter Martin Dalena1989 to 1989
Mark DalesandroMark Anthony Dalesandro1994 to 2001
Bill DaleyWilliam Daley1889 to 1891
Bud DaleyLeavitt Leo Daley1955 to 1964
John DaleyJohn Francis Daley1912 to 1912
Jud DaleyJudson Lawrence Daley1911 to 1912
Matt DaleyMatthew Thomas Daley2009 to 2014
Pete DaleyPeter Harvey Daley1955 to 1961
Tom DaleyThomas Francis Daley1908 to 1915
Dom DallessandroNicholas Dominic Dallessandro1937 to 1947
Brian DallimoreBrian Scott Dallimore2004 to 2005
Abner DalrympleAbner Frank Dalrymple1878 to 1891
Bill DalrympleWilliam Dunn Dalrymple1915 to 1915
Clay DalrympleClayton Errol Dalrymple1960 to 1971
Jack DaltonTolbot Percy Dalton1910 to 1916
Mike DaltonMichael Edward Dalton1991 to 1991
Bert DalyAlbert Joseph Daly1903 to 1903
George DalyGeorge Josephs Daly1909 to 1909
Joe DalyJoseph John Daly1890 to 1892
Sun DalyJames J. Daly1892 to 1892
Tom DalyThomas Daniel Daly1913 to 1921
Tom DalyThomas Peter Daly1887 to 1903
Bill DamElbridge Rust Dam1909 to 1909
Jack DamaskaJack Lloyd Damaska1963 to 1963
Bill DammannWilliam Henry Dammann1897 to 1899
Johnny DamonJohnny David Damon1995 to 2012
Harry DamrauHarry Robert Damrau1915 to 1915
Pat DanekerPatrick Rees Daneker1999 to 1999
Art DaneyArthur Lee Daney1928 to 1928
Dave DanforthDavid Charles Danforth1911 to 1925
Chuck DanielCharles Edward Daniel1957 to 1957
Davis DanielRobert Davis Daniel2023 to 2023
Jake DanielHandley Jacob Daniel1937 to 1937
Bennie DanielsBennie Daniels1957 to 1965
Bert DanielsBernard Elmer Daniels1910 to 1914
Charlie DanielsCharles L. Daniels1884 to 1884
Jack DanielsHarold Jack Daniels1952 to 1952
Kal DanielsKalvoski Daniels1986 to 1992
Law DanielsLawrence Long Daniels1887 to 1888
Pete DanielsPeter J. Daniels1890 to 1898
Tony DanielsFrederick Clinton Daniels1945 to 1945
Tyler DanishTyler Michael Danish2016 to 2022
John DanksJohn William Danks2007 to 2016
Jordan DanksJordan Cooper Danks2012 to 2015
Buck DannerHenry Frederick Danner1915 to 1915
Hagen DannerHagen Jarrell Danner2023 to 2023
Harry DanningHarry Danning1933 to 1942
Ike DanningIsaac Danning1928 to 1928
Fats DantonioJohn James Dantonio1944 to 1945
Babe DanzigHarold Paul Danzig1909 to 1909
Cliff DapperClifford Roland Dapper1942 to 1942
George DarbyGeorge William Darby1893 to 1893
Pat DarcyPatrick Leonard Darcy1974 to 1976
Vic DarensbourgVictor Anthony Darensbourg1998 to 2005
Cliff DaringerClifford Clarence Daringer1914 to 1914
Rolla DaringerRolla Harrison Daringer1914 to 1915
Al DarkAlvin Ralph Dark1946 to 1960
Dell DarlingConrad Darling1883 to 1891
Ron DarlingRonald Maurice Darling1983 to 1995
Bob DarnellRobert Jack Darnell1954 to 1956
James DarnellJames Thomas Darnell2011 to 2012
Logan DarnellLogan Reece Darnell2014 to 2014
Mike DarrMichael Curtis Darr1999 to 2001
Mike DarrMichael Edward Darr1977 to 1977
Jack DarraghJames S. Darragh1891 to 1891
George DarrowGeorge Oliver Darrow1934 to 1934
Yu DarvishYu Darvish2012 to 2023
Bobby DarwinArthur Bobby Lee Darwin1962 to 1977
Danny DarwinDaniel Wayne Darwin1978 to 1998
Jeff DarwinJeffrey Scott Darwin1994 to 1997
Doug DascenzoDouglas Craig Dascenzo1988 to 1996
Wally DashiellJohn Wallace Dashiell1924 to 1924
Lee DashnerLee Claire Dashner1913 to 1913
Frank DassoFrank Joseph Nicholas Dasso1945 to 1946
Jeff DatzJeffrey William Datz1989 to 1989
Dan DaubDaniel William Daub1892 to 1897
Brian DaubachBrian Michael Daubach1998 to 2005
Harry DaubertHarry J. Daubert1915 to 1915
Jake DaubertJacob Ellsworth Daubert1910 to 1924
Rich DauerRichard Fremont Dauer1976 to 1985
Doc DaughertyHarold Ray Daugherty1951 to 1951
Jack DaughertyJohn Michael Daugherty1987 to 1993
Bob DaughtersRobert Francis Daughters1937 to 1937
Darren DaultonDarren Arthur Daulton1983 to 1997
Hooks DaussGeorge August Dauss1912 to 1926
Vic DavalilloVictor Jose (Romero) Davalillo1963 to 1980
Yo-Yo DavalilloPompeyo Antonio (Romero) Davalillo1953 to 1953
Jeff DaVanonJeffrey Graham DaVanon1999 to 2007
Jerry DaVanonFrank Gerald DaVanon1969 to 1977
Claude DavenportClaude Edwin Davenport1920 to 1920
Dave DavenportDavid W. Davenport1914 to 1919
Jim DavenportJames Houston Davenport1958 to 1970
Joe DavenportJoseph Jonathan Davenport1999 to 2001
Lum DavenportJoubert Lum Davenport1921 to 1924
Mike DaveyMichael Gerard Davey1977 to 1978
Tom DaveyThomas Joseph Davey1999 to 2002
Ray DaviaultRaymond Joseph Robert Daviault1962 to 1962
Andre DavidAndre Anter David1984 to 1986
Bill DavidsonWilliam Simpson Davidson1909 to 1911
Bob DavidsonRobert Banks Davidson1989 to 1989
Claude DavidsonClaude Boucher Davidson1918 to 1919
Cleatus DavidsonCleatus Lavon Davidson1999 to 1999
Daniel DavidsonDaniel Gerome Davidson2009 to 2009
Dave DavidsonDavid Lawrence Davidson2007 to 2009
Homer DavidsonHomer Hurd Davidson1908 to 1908
Mark DavidsonJohn Mark Davidson1986 to 1991
Matt DavidsonMatthew Glen Davidson2013 to 2022
Ted DavidsonThomas Eugene Davidson1965 to 1968
Tucker DavidsonJoseph Tucker Davidson2020 to 2023
Jerry DavieGerald Lee Davie1959 to 1959
Chick DaviesLloyd Garrison Davies1914 to 1926
George DaviesGeorge Washington Davies1891 to 1893
Kyle DaviesHiram Kyle Davies2005 to 2015
Zach DaviesZachary Ryan Davies2015 to 2023
Alvin DavisAlvin Glenn Davis1984 to 1992
Austin DavisAustin Richard Davis2018 to 2022
Ben DavisMark Christopher Davis1998 to 2004
Bill DavisArthur Willard Davis1965 to 1969
Blake DavisBlake Jonathan Davis2011 to 2011
Bob DavisRobert Edward Davis1958 to 1960
Bob DavisRobert John Eugene Davis1973 to 1981
Brad DavisBradley Edward Davis2010 to 2010
Brandy DavisRobert Brandon Davis1952 to 1953
Brendon DavisBrendon Davis2022 to 2022
Brock DavisBryshear Bennett Davis1963 to 1972
Bud DavisJohn Wilbur Davis1915 to 1915
Butch DavisWallace McArthur Davis1983 to 1994
Chili DavisCharles Theodore Davis1981 to 1999
Chris DavisChristopher Lyn Davis2008 to 2020
Crash DavisLawrence Columbus Davis1940 to 1942
Curt DavisCurtis Benton Davis1934 to 1946
Daisy DavisJohn Henry Albert Davis1884 to 1885
Dick DavisRichard Earl Davis1977 to 1982
Dixie DavisFrank Talmadge Davis1912 to 1926
Doug DavisDouglas P. Davis1999 to 2011
Doug DavisDouglas Raymond Davis1988 to 1992
Eric DavisEric Keith Davis1984 to 2001
Erik DavisErik Randall Davis2013 to 2013
George DavisGeorge Stacey Davis1890 to 1909
Gerry DavisGerald Edward Davis1983 to 1985
Glenn DavisGlenn Earle Davis1984 to 1993
Harry DavisHarry Albert Davis1932 to 1937
Harry DavisHarry H Davis1895 to 1917
Henry DavisHenry Davis2023 to 2023
Ike DavisIsaac Benjamin Davis2010 to 2016
Ike DavisIsaac Marion Davis1919 to 1925
Ira DavisJ. Ira Davis1899 to 1899
Iron DavisGeorge Allen Davis1912 to 1915
J.D. DavisJonathan Gregory Davis2017 to 2023
J.J. DavisJerry C. Davis2002 to 2005
Jacke DavisJacke Sylvesta Davis1962 to 1962
Jason DavisJason Thomas Davis2002 to 2008
Jaylin DavisJaylin Malik Davis2019 to 2022
Jim DavisJames Bennett Davis1954 to 1957
Jody DavisJody Richard Davis1981 to 1990
Joel DavisJoel Clark Davis1985 to 1988
John DavisJohn Kirk Davis1987 to 1990
John DavisJohn Humphrey Davis1941 to 1941
Johnny DavisJohnathan Lewis Davis2019 to 2019
Jonathan DavisJonathan R. Davis2018 to 2023
Jumbo DavisJames J. Davis1886 to 1891
Kane DavisKane Thomas Davis2000 to 2007
Khris DavisKhristopher Adrian Davis2013 to 2021
Kiddo DavisGeorge Willis Davis1926 to 1938
Lance DavisJohnny Lance Davis2001 to 2001
Lefty DavisAlfonzo DeFord Davis1901 to 1907
Mark DavisMark Anthony Davis1991 to 1991
Mark DavisMark William Davis1980 to 1997
Mike DavisMichael Dwayne Davis1980 to 1989
Noah DavisNoah D. Davis2022 to 2023
Odie DavisOdie Ernest Davis1980 to 1980
Otis DavisOtis Allen Davis1946 to 1946
Peaches DavisRoy Thomas Davis1936 to 1939
Rajai DavisRajai Lavae Davis2006 to 2019
Ron DavisRonald Everette Davis1962 to 1969
Ron DavisRonald Gene Davis1978 to 1988
Rookie DavisWilliam Theron Davis2017 to 2019
Russ DavisRussell Stuart Davis1994 to 2001
Spud DavisVirgil Lawrence Davis1928 to 1945
Steve DavisSteven Kennon Davis1985 to 1989
Steve DavisSteven Michael Davis1979 to 1979
Storm DavisGeorge Earl Davis1982 to 1994
Taylor DavisTaylor M. Davis2017 to 2021
Tim DavisTimothy Howard Davis1994 to 1997
Tod DavisThomas Oscar Davis1949 to 1951
Tommy J. DavisThomas James Davis1999 to 1999
Tommy DavisHerman Thomas Davis1959 to 1976
Trench DavisTrench Neal Davis1985 to 1987
Wade DavisWade Allen Davis2009 to 2021
Wiley DavisWiley Anderson Davis1896 to 1896
Willie DavisWilliam Henry Davis1960 to 1979
Woody DavisWoodrow Wilson Davis1938 to 1938
Mike DavisonMichael Lynn Davison1969 to 1970
Scott DavisonScotty Ray Davison1995 to 1996
Travis DawkinsTravis Sentell Dawkins1999 to 2003
Bill DawleyWilliam Chester Dawley1983 to 1989
Joey DawleyJoseph Thomas Dawley2002 to 2004
Andre DawsonAndre Nolan Dawson1976 to 1996
Joe DawsonRalph Fenton Dawson1924 to 1929
Rex DawsonRexford Paul Dawson1913 to 1913
Ronnie DawsonRonnie Silas Dawson2021 to 2022
Bill DayWilliam M. Day1889 to 1890
Boots DayCharles Frederick Day1969 to 1974
Clyde DayHenry Clyde Day1924 to 1931
Dewon DayAmos Dewon Day2007 to 2007
Zach DayStephen Zachary Day2002 to 2006
Brian DayettBrian Kelly Dayett1983 to 1987
Ken DayleyKenneth Grant Dayley1982 to 1993
Grant DaytonGrant A. Dayton2016 to 2021
Yonathan DazaYonathan Daza2019 to 2023
Alejandro de AzaAlejandro Alberto (Ceda) de Aza2007 to 2017
Yurendell de CasterYurendell Eithel de Caster2006 to 2006
Justin De FratusJustin Andrew De Fratus2011 to 2015
Brett de GeusBrett de Geus2021 to 2021
Alex De GotiAlexander De Goti2021 to 2021
Angel De JesusAngel De Jesus2022 to 2022
Enmanuel De JesusEnmanuel Jose De Jesus2023 to 2023
Chase De JongChase Louis De Jong2017 to 2023
Jordan De JongJordan Jay De Jong2007 to 2007
Bryan De La CruzBryan Starling De La Cruz2021 to 2023
Elly De La CruzElly Antonio De La Cruz2023 to 2023
Eulogio de la CruzEulogio (Martinez) de la Cruz2007 to 2011
Joel De La CruzJoel (Santos) De La Cruz2016 to 2016
Tommy de la CruzTomas (Rivero) de la Cruz1944 to 1944
Mike de la HozMiguel Angel (Piloto) de la Hoz1960 to 1969
Roland de la MazaRoland Robert de la Maza1997 to 1997
Dane de la RosaDane David de la Rosa2011 to 2014
Eury De La RosaEury De La Rosa2013 to 2014
Francisco de la RosaFrancisco (Jimenez) de la Rosa1991 to 1991
Jesus de la RosaJesus de la Rosa1975 to 1975
Jorge de la RosaJorge Alberto (Gonzalez) de la Rosa2004 to 2018
Rubby de la RosaRubby Carlos de la Rosa2011 to 2017
Tomas de la RosaTomas Agramonte de la Rosa2000 to 2006
Jose De La TorreJose De La Torre2013 to 2013
Jorge De LeonJorge Luis De Leon2013 to 2014
Jose De LeonJose Eugenio De Leon2016 to 2023
Abel De Los SantosAbel (Mejia) De Los Santos2015 to 2016
Enyel De Los SantosEnyel De Los Santos2018 to 2023
Fautino de los SantosFautino de los Santos2011 to 2012
Luis de los SantosLuis de los Santos2002 to 2002
Luis de los SantosLuis Manuel (Martinez) de los Santos1988 to 1991
Ramon de los SantosRamon (Genero) de los Santos1974 to 1974
Valerio de los SantosValerio Lorenzo de los Santos1998 to 2008
Yerry De Los SantosYerry Paulino De Los Santos2022 to 2023
Jorge de PaulaJorge de Paula2003 to 2005
Jose De PaulaJose Alberto De Paula2015 to 2015
Cole De VriesCole William De Vries2012 to 2013
Ren DeagleLorenzo Burroughs Deagle1883 to 1884
Roger DeagoRoger I. (Villarreal) Deago2003 to 2003
Charlie DealCharles Albert Deal1912 to 1921
Cot DealEllis Ferguson Deal1947 to 1954
Lindsay DealFred Lindsay Deal1939 to 1939
Snake DealJohn Wesley Deal1906 to 1906
Pat DealyPatrick E. Dealy1885 to 1890
Austin DeanAustin James Dean2018 to 2022
Chubby DeanAlfred Lovell Dean1936 to 1943
Dizzy DeanJay Hanna Dean1930 to 1947
Dory DeanCharles Wilson Dean1876 to 1876
Harry DeanJames Harry Dean1941 to 1941
Pat DeanPatrick Michael Dean2016 to 2016
Paul DeanPaul Dee Dean1934 to 1943
Tommy DeanTommy Douglas Dean1967 to 1971
Wayland DeanWayland Ogden Dean1924 to 1927
Harry DeaneJohn Henry Deane1871 to 1874
Buddy DearPaul Stanford Dear1927 to 1927
Charlie DeArmondCharles Hommer DeArmond1903 to 1903
John DeasleyJohn Deasley1884 to 1884
Pat DeasleyThomas H. Deasley1881 to 1888
Dennis DeBarrDennis Lee DeBarr1977 to 1977
Hank DeBerryJohn Herman DeBerry1916 to 1930
Joe DeBerryJoseph Gaddy DeBerry1920 to 1921
Adam DeBusAdam Joseph DeBus1917 to 1917
Dave DeBusschereDavid Albert DeBusschere1962 to 1963
Art DecaturArthur Rue Decatur1922 to 1927
Doug DeCincesDouglas Vernon DeCinces1973 to 1987
Cody DeckerCody Marshall Decker2015 to 2015
Frank DeckerFrank Decker1879 to 1882
George DeckerGeorge A. Decker1892 to 1899
Harry DeckerEarle Harry Decker1884 to 1890
Jaff DeckerJaff Kyle Decker2013 to 2017
Joe DeckerGeorge Henry Decker1969 to 1979
Marty DeckerDee Martin Decker1983 to 1983
Steve DeckerSteven Michael Decker1990 to 1999
Artie DedeArthur Richard Dede1916 to 1916
Rod DedeauxRaoul Martial Dedeaux1935 to 1935
Jeff DedmonJeffrey Linden Dedmon1983 to 1988
Jim DedrickJames Michael Dedrick1995 to 1995
Samuel DedunoSamuel Lake Deduno2010 to 2015
Jim DeeJames D. Dee1884 to 1884
Shorty DeeMaurice Leo Dee1915 to 1915
Dummy DeeganWilliam Joseph Deegan1901 to 1901
Rob DeerRobert George Deer1984 to 1996
John DeeringJohn Thomas Deering1903 to 1903
Charlie DeesCharles Henry Dees1963 to 1965
Dean DeetzDean A. Deetz2018 to 2018
Tony DeFateClyde Herbert DeFate1917 to 1917
Arturo DeFreitesArturo Marcelino (Simon) DeFreites1978 to 1979
Mike DeGerickMichael Arthur DeGerick1961 to 1962
Rube DeGroffEdward Arthur DeGroff1905 to 1906
Jacob deGromJacob Anthony deGrom2014 to 2023
Kory DeHaanKorwin Jay DeHaan2000 to 2002
Rick DeHartRichard Allen DeHart1997 to 2003
Herman DehlmanHerman J. Dehlman1872 to 1877
Greg DeichmannGregory Arthur Deichmann2021 to 2021
Jim DeidelJames Lawrence Deidel1974 to 1974
Pep DeiningerOtto Charles Deininger1902 to 1909
Pat DeiselEdward Deisel1902 to 1903
Bill DeitrickWilliam Alexander Deitrick1927 to 1928
Mike DejanMichael Dan Dejan1940 to 1940
Mike DeJeanMichel Dwain DeJean1997 to 2006
David DeJesusDavid Christopher DeJesus2003 to 2015
Ivan De JesusIvan (Alvarez) De Jesus1974 to 1988
Ivan DeJesus Jr.Ivan DeJesus Jr.2011 to 2016
Jose DeJesusJose Luis DeJesus1988 to 1994
Mark DeJohnMark Stephen DeJohn1982 to 1982
Paul DeJongPaul Sterling DeJong2017 to 2023
Bill DeKoningWilliam Callahan DeKoning1945 to 1945
Bobby Del GrecoRobert George Del Greco1952 to 1965
Miguel Del PozoMiguel Eduardo Del Pozo2019 to 2021
Enerio Del RosarioEnerio Del Rosario2010 to 2012
Garton Del SavioGarton Orville Del Savio1943 to 1943
Miguel Del ToroMiguel Del Toro1999 to 2000
Steve DelabarSteven Edward Delabar2011 to 2016
Ed DelahantyEdward James Delahanty1888 to 1903
Frank DelahantyFrank George Delahanty1905 to 1908
Jim DelahantyJames Christopher Delahanty1901 to 1912
Joe DelahantyJoseph Nicholas Delahanty1907 to 1909
Tom DelahantyThomas James Delahanty1894 to 1897
Bill DeLanceyWilliam Pinkney DeLancey1932 to 1940
Art DelaneyArthur Dewey Delaney1924 to 1929
Bill DelaneyWilliam L. Delaney1890 to 1890
Rob DelaneyRobert James Delaney2010 to 2011
Jason DelayJason Thomas Delay2022 to 2023
Manny DelcarmenManuel Delcarmen2005 to 2010
Jose DeLeonJose (Chestaro) DeLeon1983 to 1995
Luis DeLeonLuis Antonio (Tricoche) DeLeon1981 to 1989
Alex DelgadoAlexander Delgado1996 to 1996
Carlos DelgadoCarlos Juan (Hernandez) Delgado1993 to 2009
Jesus DelgadoJesus Andres Delgado2008 to 2008
Puchy DelgadoLuis Felipe (Robles) Delgado1977 to 1977
Randall DelgadoRandall Enrique Delgado2011 to 2018
Wilson DelgadoWilson (Duran) Delgado1996 to 2004
Flame DelhiLee William Delhi1912 to 1912
Juan DelisJuan Francisco Delis1955 to 1955
Eddie DelkerEdward Alberts Delker1929 to 1933
Wheezer DellWilliam George Dell1912 to 1917
Jason DellaeroJason Christopher Dellaero1999 to 1999
David DellucciDavid Michael Dellucci1997 to 2009
Bert DelmasAlbert Charles Delmas1933 to 1933
Nick DelmonicoNicholas John Delmonico2017 to 2020
Ike DelockIvan Martin Delock1952 to 1963
Jim DelsingJames Henry Delsing1948 to 1960
Jonny DelucaJonathan Davis Deluca2023 to 2023
Rich DeLuciaRichard Anthony DeLucia1990 to 1999
Ben DeLuzioBenjamin Amadeo DeLuzio2022 to 2022
Joe DeMaestriJoseph Paul DeMaestri1951 to 1961
Fred DemaraisFrederick Demarais1890 to 1890
Al DemareeAlbert Wentworth Demaree1912 to 1919
Frank DemareeJoseph Franklin Demaree1932 to 1944
Chris DemariaChristopher Neil Demaria2005 to 2006
Billy DeMarsWilliam Lester DeMars1948 to 1951
Sam DemelSamuel Vicente Demel2010 to 2012
John DeMeritJohn Stephen DeMerit1957 to 1962
Travis DemeritteTravis Timothy Demeritte2019 to 2022
Larry DemeryLawrence Calvin Demery1974 to 1977
Don DemeterDonald Lee Demeter1956 to 1967
Steve DemeterStephen Demeter1959 to 1960
Harry DeMillerHarry DeMiller1892 to 1892
Ray DemmittCharles Raymond Demmitt1909 to 1919
Don DeMolaDonald John DeMola1974 to 1975
Gene DeMontrevilleEugene Napoleon DeMontreville1894 to 1904
Lee DeMontrevilleLeon DeMontreville1903 to 1903
Ben DeMottBenyew Harrison DeMott1910 to 1911
Con DempseyCornelius Francis Dempsey1951 to 1951
Mark DempseyMark Steven Dempsey1982 to 1982
Rick DempseyJohn Rikard Dempsey1969 to 1992
Ryan DempsterRyan Scott Dempster1998 to 2013
Matt den DekkerMatthew G. den Dekker2013 to 2018
Bill DenehyWilliam Francis Denehy1967 to 1971
Travis DenkerTravis Norton Denker2008 to 2008
Brian DenmanBrian John Denman1982 to 1982
Tod DenneheyThomas Francis Dennehey1923 to 1923
Kyle DenneyKyle Dean Denney2004 to 2004
Ryan DennickRyan David Dennick2014 to 2014
Otto DenningOtto George Denning1942 to 1943
Don DennisDonald Ray Dennis1965 to 1966
Jerry DennyJeremiah Dennis Denny1881 to 1894
John DennyJohn Allen Denny1974 to 1986
Chris DenorfiaChristopher Anthony Denorfia2005 to 2015
Drew DensonAndrew Denson1989 to 1993
Bucky DentRussell Earl Dent1973 to 1984
Eddie DentElliott Estill Dent1909 to 1912
Sam DenteSamuel Joseph Dente1947 to 1955
Roger DenzerRoger Denzer1897 to 1901
Mike DePangherMichael Anthony DePangher1884 to 1884
Joe DepastinoJoseph Bernard Depastino2003 to 2003
Julio DePaulaJulio Cesar DePaula2007 to 2007
Sean DePaulaSean Michael DePaula1999 to 2002
Tony DePhillipsAnthony Andrew DePhillips1943 to 1943
Gene DerbyEugene A. Derby1885 to 1885
George DerbyGeorge H. Derby1881 to 1883
Matt DermodyMatthew Phillip Dermody2016 to 2023
Bob DernierRobert Eugene Dernier1980 to 1989
Mark DeRosaMark Thomas DeRosa1998 to 2013
Claud DerrickClaud Lester Derrick1910 to 1914
Mike DerrickJames Michael Derrick1970 to 1970
Paul DerringerSamuel Paul Derringer1931 to 1945
Jim DerringtonCharles James Derrington1956 to 1957
Russ DerryAlva Russell Derry1944 to 1949
Shorty Des JardienPaul Raymond Des Jardien1916 to 1916
Joe DeSaJoseph DeSa1980 to 1985
Matt DeSalvoMatthew Thomas DeSalvo2007 to 2008
Gene DesautelsEugene Abraham Desautels1930 to 1946
Daniel DescalsoDaniel W. Descalso2010 to 2019
Anthony DeSclafaniAnthony James DeSclafani2014 to 2023
Jim DeshaiesJames Joseph Deshaies1984 to 1995
Delino DeShieldsDelino Lamont DeShields1990 to 2002
Delino Deshields Jr.Delino Diaab DeShields2015 to 2021
Jimmie DeShongJames Brooklyn DeShong1932 to 1939
John DeSilvaJohn Reed DeSilva1993 to 1995
Ian DesmondIan M. Desmond2009 to 2019
Odrisamer DespaigneOdrisamer (Orue) Despaigne2014 to 2019
Rube DessauFrank Rolland Dessau1907 to 1910
Elmer DessensElmer (Jusaino) Dessens1996 to 2010
Orestes DestradeOrestes (Cucuas) Destrade1987 to 1994
Bob DetherageRobert Wayne Detherage1980 to 1980
Reid DetmersReid Kristien Detmers2021 to 2023
George DetoreGeorge Francis Detore1930 to 1931
John DettmerJohn Franklin Dettmer1994 to 1995
Tom DettoreThomas Anthony Dettore1973 to 1976
Ducky DetweilerRobert Sterling Detweiler1942 to 1946
Ross DetwilerRoss Emery Detwiler2007 to 2022
Mel DeutschMelvin Elliott Deutsch1946 to 1946
Cesar DevarezCesar Salvatore (Santana) Devarez1995 to 1996
Charlie DevensCharles Devens1932 to 1934
Chris DevenskiChristopher Michael Devenski2016 to 2023
Mike DevereauxMichael Devereaux1987 to 1998
Jose DeversJose Rodolfo Devers2021 to 2021
Rafael DeversRafael Calcano Devers2017 to 2023
Adrian DevinePaul Adrian Devine1973 to 1980
Joey DevineJoseph Neal Devine2005 to 2011
Mickey DevineWilliam Patrick Devine1918 to 1925
Hal DevineyHarold John Deviney1920 to 1920
Bernie DeViveirosBernard John DeViveiros1924 to 1927
Art DevlinArthur McArthur Devlin1904 to 1913
Jim DevlinJames Raymond Devlin1944 to 1944
Jim DevlinJames H. Devlin1886 to 1889
Jim DevlinJames Alexander Devlin1873 to 1877
Rex DeVogtRex Eugene DeVogt1913 to 1913
Doug DeVoreDoug Rinehart DeVore2004 to 2004
Josh DevoreJoshua M. Devore1908 to 1914
Al DeVormerAlbert E. DeVormer1918 to 1927
Walt DevoyWalter Joseph Devoy1909 to 1909
Charlie DewaldCharles H. Dewald1890 to 1890
Mark DeweyMark Alan Dewey1990 to 1996
Jeff DeWillisJeffrey Allen DeWillis1987 to 1987
Blake DeWittBlake Robert DeWitt2008 to 2013
Matt DeWittMatthew Brian DeWitt2000 to 2002
Charlie DexterCharles Dana Dexter1896 to 1903
Scott DiamondScott Michael Diamond2011 to 2016
Thomas DiamondThomas Nicklaus Diamond2010 to 2010
Aledmys DiazAledmys (Serrano) Diaz2016 to 2023
Alex DiazAlexis Diaz1992 to 1999
Alexis DiazAlexis Omar Diaz2022 to 2023
Argenis DiazArgenis Jose Diaz2010 to 2010
Bo DiazBaudilio Jose (Seijas) Diaz1977 to 1989
Carlos DiazCarlos Antonio Diaz1982 to 1986
Carlos DiazCarlos Francisco Diaz1990 to 1990
Dayan DiazDayan Enrique Diaz2016 to 2017
Eddy DiazEddy Javier Diaz1997 to 1997
Edgar DiazEdgar (Serrano) Diaz1986 to 1990
Edwin DiazEdwin (Rosario) Diaz1998 to 1999
Edwin DiazEdwin Orlando Diaz2016 to 2022
Einar DiazEinar Antonio Diaz1996 to 2006
Elias DiazElias David (Soto) Diaz2015 to 2023
Felix DiazFelix Antonio Diaz2004 to 2004
Isan DiazIsan Xavier Diaz2019 to 2023
Jairo DiazJairo Jose (Hernandez) Diaz2014 to 2020
Jhonathan DiazJhonathan Alexander Diaz2021 to 2023
Jonathan DiazJonathan Diaz2013 to 2015
Jordan DiazJordan David Diaz2022 to 2023
Jose DiazJoselo Soriano Diaz2006 to 2008
Juan DiazJuan Carlos Diaz2002 to 2002
Juan DiazJuan Habisail Diaz2012 to 2012
Jumbo DiazJose Rafael Diaz2014 to 2017
Lewin DiazLewin Jose Diaz2020 to 2022
Mario DiazMario Rafael (Torres) Diaz1987 to 1995
Matt DiazMatthew Edward Diaz2003 to 2013
Miguel DiazMiguel Angel Diaz2017 to 2023
Mike DiazMichael Anthony Diaz1983 to 1988
Robinzon DiazRobinzon Diaz2008 to 2009
Victor DiazVictor Israel Diaz2004 to 2007
Yainer DiazYainer Radhames Diaz2022 to 2023
Yandy DiazYandy (Fernandez) Diaz2017 to 2023
Yennsy DiazYennsy Manuel Diaz2019 to 2021
Yusniel DiazYusniel Efrain Diaz2022 to 2022
Rob DibbleRobert Keith Dibble1988 to 1995
Pedro DibutPedro (Villafana) Dibut1924 to 1925
Paul DickenPaul Franklin Dicken1964 to 1966
Leo DickermanLeo Louis Dickerman1923 to 1925
Alex DickersonAlexander Ross Dickerson2015 to 2022
Buttercup DickersonLewis Pessano Dickerson1878 to 1885
Chris DickersonChristopher Charles Dickerson2008 to 2014
Corey DickersonMcKenzie Corey Dickerson2013 to 2023
George DickersonGeorge Clark Dickerson1917 to 1917
Bill DickeyWilliam Malcolm Dickey1928 to 1946
George DickeyGeorge Willard Dickey1935 to 1947
R.A. DickeyRobert Alan Dickey2001 to 2017
Emerson DickmanGeorge Emerson Dickman1936 to 1941
Johnny DickshotJohn Oscar Dickshot1936 to 1945
Brandon DicksonBrandon Lee Dickson2011 to 2021
Jason DicksonJason Royce Dickson1996 to 2000
Jim DicksonJames Edward Dickson1963 to 1966
Lance DicksonLance Michael Dickson1990 to 1990
Murry DicksonMurry Monroe Dickson1939 to 1959
O'Koyea DicksonO'Koyea Rishaard Dickson2017 to 2017
Walt DicksonWalter Raleigh Dickson1910 to 1913
Bob DidierRobert Daniel Didier1969 to 1974
Ernie DiehlErnest Guy Diehl1903 to 1909
George DiehlGeorge Krause Diehl1942 to 1943
Phillip DiehlPhillip Stewart Diehl2019 to 2022
Jake DiekmanJacob Tanner Diekman2012 to 2023
Chuck DieringCharles Edward Allen Diering1947 to 1956
Larry DierkerLawrence Edward Dierker1964 to 1977
Bill DietrichWilliam John Dietrich1933 to 1948
Derek DietrichDerek Richard Dietrich2013 to 2020
Dick DietzRichard Allen Dietz1966 to 1973
Dutch DietzLloyd Arthur Dietz1940 to 1943
Roy DietzelLeroy Louis Dietzel1954 to 1954
Jay DifaniClarence Joseph Difani1948 to 1949
Mark DiFeliceMark Andrew DiFelice2008 to 2011
Mike DiFeliceMichael William DiFelice1996 to 2008
Wilmer DifoWilmer Francisco (Santos) Difo2015 to 2022
Ben DigginsBenjamin Howard Diggins2002 to 2002
Reese DiggsReese Wilson Diggs1934 to 1934
Steve DignanStephen E. Dignan1880 to 1880
Jack DiLauroJack Edward DiLauro1969 to 1970
Don DillardDavid Donald Dillard1959 to 1965
Gordon DillardGordon Lee Dillard1988 to 1989
Pat DillardRobert Lee Dillard1900 to 1900
Steve DillardStephen Bradley Dillard1975 to 1982
Tim DillardTimothy Charles Dillard2008 to 2012
Pickles DillhoeferWilliam Martin Dillhoefer1917 to 1921
Bob DillingerRobert Bernard Dillinger1946 to 1951
Harley DillingerHarley Hugh Dillinger1914 to 1914
Bill DillmanWilliam Howard Dillman1967 to 1970
Joe DillonJoseph William Dillon2005 to 2009
John DillonJohn Dillon1875 to 1875
Packy DillonPatrick Dillon1875 to 1875
Pop DillonFrank Edward Dillon1899 to 1904
Steve DillonStephen Edward Dillon1963 to 1964
Miguel DiloneMiguel Angel (Reyes) Dilone1974 to 1985
Dom DiMaggioDominic Paul DiMaggio1940 to 1953
Joe DiMaggioJoseph Paul DiMaggio1936 to 1951
Vince DiMaggioVincent Paul DiMaggio1937 to 1946
Frank DiMicheleFrank Lawrence DiMichele1988 to 1988
Mike DimmelMichael Wayne Dimmel1977 to 1979
Lenny DiNardoLeonard Edward DiNardo2004 to 2009
Kerry DineenKerry Michael Dineen1975 to 1978
Vance DingesVance George Dinges1945 to 1946
Craig DingmanCraig Allen Dingman2000 to 2005
Nick DiniNicholas Carl Dini2019 to 2019
Brian DinkelmanBrian Adam Dinkelman2011 to 2011
Bill DinneenWilliam Henry Dinneen1898 to 1909
Ron DiorioRonald Michael Diorio1973 to 1974
Bob DiPietroRobert Louis Paul DiPietro1951 to 1951
Frank DiPinoFrank Michael DiPino1981 to 1993
Marcos DiplanMarcos Antonio Diplan2021 to 2022
Jerry DiPotoGerard Peter DiPoto1993 to 2000
Andy DirksAndrew Lee Dirks2011 to 2013
Gary DisarcinaGary Thomas Disarcina1989 to 2000
George DischGeorge Charles Disch1905 to 1905
Glenn DishmanGlenelg Edward Dishman1995 to 1997
Alec DistasoAlec John Distaso1969 to 1969
Benny DistefanoBenito James Distefano1984 to 1992
Dutch DistelGeorge Adam Distel1918 to 1918
Art DitmarArthur John Ditmar1954 to 1962
Jack DittmerJohn Douglas Dittmer1952 to 1957
Frank DivenFrank Robert Diven1883 to 1886
Moxie DivisEdward George Divis1916 to 1916
Brandon DixonBrandon Allen Dixon2018 to 2023
Ken DixonKenneth John Dixon1984 to 1987
Leo DixonLeo Moses Dixon1925 to 1929
Sonny DixonJohn Craig Dixon1953 to 1956
Steve DixonSteven Ross Dixon1993 to 1994
Tom DixonThomas Earl Dixon1977 to 1983
Brent DlugachBrent P. Dlugach2009 to 2009
Bill DoakWilliam Leopold Doak1912 to 1929
Walt DoanWalter Rudolph Doan1909 to 1910
John DobbJohn Kenneth Dobb1924 to 1924
Dan DobbekDaniel John Dobbek1959 to 1961
Greg DobbsGregory Stuart Dobbs2004 to 2014
John DobbsJohn Gordon Dobbs1901 to 1905
Ray DobensRaymond Joseph Dobens1929 to 1929
Jess DobernicAndrew Joseph Dobernic1939 to 1949
Randy DobnakRandy Dobnak2019 to 2021
Chuck DobsonCharles Thomas Dobson1966 to 1975
Joe DobsonJoseph Gordon Dobson1939 to 1954
Pat DobsonPatrick Edward Dobson1967 to 1977
Larry DobyLawrence Eugene Doby1947 to 1959
George DockinsGeorge Woodrow Dockins1945 to 1947
Dylan DoddDylan Martin Dodd2023 to 2023
Ona DoddOna Melvin Dodd1912 to 1912
Robert DoddRobert Wayne Dodd1998 to 1998
Tom DoddThomas Marion Dodd1986 to 1986
John DodgeJohn Lewis Dodge1912 to 1913
Sam DodgeSamuel Edward Dodge1921 to 1922
Pat DodsonPatrick Neal Dodson1986 to 1988
Fred DoeAlfred George Doe1890 to 1890
Bobby DoerrRobert Pershing Doerr1937 to 1951
Ed DohenyEdwin Richard Doheny1895 to 1903
John DohertyJohn Harold Doherty1992 to 1996
John DohertyJohn Michael Doherty1974 to 1975
Scott DohmannChristopher Scott Dohmann2004 to 2008
Kyle DohyKyle Kent Dohy2021 to 2021
Biddy DolanLeon Mark Dolan1914 to 1914
Cozy DolanAlbert James Dolan1909 to 1922
Cozy DolanPatrick Henry Dolan1895 to 1906
Joe DolanJoseph Dolan1896 to 1901
John DolanJohn Dolan1890 to 1895
Tom DolanThomas J. Dolan1879 to 1888
Lester DoleLester Carrington Dole1875 to 1875
Rafael DolisRafael Jose Dolis2011 to 2021
Frank DoljackFrank Joseph Doljack1930 to 1943
Art DollArthur James Doll1935 to 1938
Freddy DolsiFreddy Dolsi2008 to 2009
Chris DominguezChristopher Omar Dominguez2014 to 2015
Jasson DomínguezJasson Domínguez2023 to 2023
Jose DominguezJose Alfredo Dominguez2013 to 2016
Juan DominguezJuan Ramon Dominguez2003 to 2005
Matt DominguezMatthew Scott Dominguez2011 to 2016
Seranthony DominguezSeranthony Ambioris Dominguez2018 to 2023
Andy DominiqueAndrew John Dominique2004 to 2005
Deacon DonahueJohn Stephen Michael Donahue1943 to 1944
Jiggs DonahueJohn Augustus Donahue1900 to 1909
Jim DonahueJames Augustus Donahue1886 to 1891
John DonahueJohn Frederick Donahue1923 to 1923
Pat DonahuePatrick William Donahue1908 to 1910
Red DonahueFrancis Rostell Donahue1893 to 1906
She DonahueCharles Michael Donahue1904 to 1904
Tim DonahueTimothy Cornelius Donahue1891 to 1902
Atley DonaldRichard Atley Donald1938 to 1945
Jason DonaldJason Thomas Donald2010 to 2012
Ed DonaldsEdward Alexander Donalds1912 to 1912
John DonaldsonJohn David Donaldson1966 to 1974
Josh DonaldsonJoshua Adam Donaldson2010 to 2023
Len DonderoLeonard Peter Dondero1929 to 1929
Mike DonlinMichael Joseph Donlin1899 to 1914
Blix DonnellySylvester Urban Donnelly1944 to 1951
Brendan DonnellyBrendan Kevin Donnelly2002 to 2010
Ed DonnellyEdward Vincent Donnelly1959 to 1959
Ed DonnellyEdward Donnelly1911 to 1912
Frank DonnellyFranklin Marion Donnelly1893 to 1893
Jim DonnellyJames B. Donnelly1884 to 1898
Jim DonnellyJames Henry Donnelly1884 to 1884
Pete DonnellyPeter J. Donnelly1871 to 1874
Chris DonnelsChris Barton Donnels1991 to 2002
Alexander DonohueAlexander Donohue1891 to 1891
Jim DonohueJames Thomas Donohue1961 to 1962
Pete DonohuePeter Joseph Donohue1921 to 1932
Tom DonohueThomas James Donohue1979 to 1980
Lino DonosoLino (Galata) Donoso1955 to 1956
Bill DonovanWillard Earl Donovan1942 to 1943
Bill DonovanWilliam Edward Donovan1898 to 1918
Brendan DonovanBrendan Michael Donovan2022 to 2023
Dick DonovanRichard Edward Donovan1950 to 1965
Fred DonovanFrederick Maurice Donovan1895 to 1895
Jerry DonovanJeremiah Francis Donovan1906 to 1906
Mike DonovanMichael Berchman Donovan1904 to 1908
Patsy DonovanPatrick Joseph Donovan1890 to 1907
Tom DonovanThomas Joseph Donovan1901 to 1901
Red DooinCharles Sebastian Dooin1902 to 1916
Mickey DoolanMichael Joseph Doolan1905 to 1918
Sean DoolittleSean Robert Doolittle2012 to 2022
Harry DoomsHenry E. Dooms1892 to 1892
John DopsonJohn Robert Dopson1985 to 1994
Bill DoranWilliam Donald Doran1982 to 1993
Bill DoranWilliam James Doran1922 to 1922
John DoranJohn F. Doran1891 to 1891
Tom DoranThomas J. Doran1904 to 1906
Jerry DorganJeremiah F. Dorgan1880 to 1885
Mike DorganMichael Cornelius Dorgan1877 to 1890
Fritz DorishHarry Dorish1947 to 1956
Charlie DormanCharles William Dorman1923 to 1923
Red DormanCharles Dwight Dorman1928 to 1928
Danny DornDaniel Casey Dorn2015 to 2015
Gus DornerAugustus Dorner1902 to 1909
Ryan DorowRyan Dorow2021 to 2021
Bert DorrCharles Albert Dorr1882 to 1882
Brian DorsettBrian Richard Dorsett1987 to 1996
Cal DorsettCalvin Leavelle Dorsett1940 to 1947
Jerry DorseyMichael Jeremiah Dorsey1884 to 1884
Jerry DorseyJeremiah Dorsey1911 to 1911
Jim DorseyJames Edward Dorsey1980 to 1985
Melvin DortaMelvin A. Dorta2006 to 2006
Herm DoscherJohn Henry Doscher Sr.1872 to 1882
Jack DoscherJohn Henry Doscher Jr.1903 to 1908
David DosterDavid Eric Doster1996 to 1999
Octavio DotelOctavio Eduardo (Diaz) Dotel1999 to 2013
Richard DotsonRichard Elliott Dotson1979 to 1990
Gary DotterGary Richard Dotter1961 to 1964
Dutch DottererHenry John Dotterer1957 to 1961
Babe DotyElmer L. Doty1890 to 1890
Felix DoubrontFelix Antonio Doubront2010 to 2015
Charlie DoughertyCharles William Dougherty1884 to 1884
Jim DoughertyJames E. Dougherty1995 to 1999
Patsy DoughertyPatrick Henry Dougherty1902 to 1911
Tom DoughertyThomas James Dougherty1904 to 1904
John DouglasJohn Franklin Douglas1945 to 1945
Larry DouglasLawrence Howard Douglas1915 to 1915
Phil DouglasPhillip Brooks Douglas1912 to 1922
Whammy DouglasCharles William Douglas1957 to 1957
Astyanax DouglassAstyanax Saunders Douglass1921 to 1925
Klondike DouglassWilliam Bingham Douglass1896 to 1904
Sean DouglassSean Reed Douglass2001 to 2005
Ryan DoumitRyan Matthew Doumit2005 to 2014
Taylor DouthitTaylor Lee Douthit1923 to 1933
Camilo DovalCamilo Doval2021 to 2023
Dennis DoveDennis Anthony Dove2007 to 2007
Clarence DowClarence G. Dow1884 to 1884
John DowdJohn Leo Dowd1912 to 1912
Skip DowdJames Joseph Dowd1910 to 1910
Snooks DowdRaymond Bernard Dowd1919 to 1926
Tommy DowdThomas Jefferson Dowd1891 to 1901
Kyle DowdyKyle Alexander Dowdy2019 to 2022
Ken DowellKenneth Allen Dowell1987 to 1987
Joe DowieJoseph E. Dowie1889 to 1889
Dave DowlingDavid Barclay Dowling1964 to 1966
Pete DowlingHenry Peter Dowling1897 to 1901
Red DowneyAlexander Cummings Downey1909 to 1909
Tom DowneyThomas Edward Downey1909 to 1912
Al DowningAlphonso Erwin Downing1961 to 1977
Brian DowningBrian Jay Downing1973 to 1992
Darin DownsDarin Burton Downs2012 to 2014
Dave DownsDavid Ralph Downs1972 to 1972
Jeter DownsJeter Deion Downs2022 to 2023
Kelly DownsKelly Robert Downs1986 to 1993
Matt DownsRussell Matt Downs2009 to 2012
Red DownsJerome Willis Downs1907 to 1912
Scott DownsScott Jeremy Downs2000 to 2014
Tom DowseThomas Joseph Dowse1890 to 1892
Brenton DoyleBrenton Edward Doyle2023 to 2023
Brian DoyleBrian Reed Doyle1978 to 1981
Carl DoyleWilliam Carl Doyle1935 to 1940
Conny DoyleCornelius J. Doyle1883 to 1884
Danny DoyleHoward James Doyle1943 to 1943
Denny DoyleRobert Dennis Doyle1970 to 1977
Jack DoyleJohn Joseph Doyle1889 to 1905
Jacob DoyleJacob Dixon Doyle1872 to 1872
Jeff DoyleJeffrey Donald Doyle1983 to 1983
Jess DoyleJesse Herbert Doyle1925 to 1931
Jim DoyleJames Francis Doyle1910 to 1911
John DoyleJohn Aloysius Doyle1882 to 1882
Larry DoyleLawrence Joseph Doyle1907 to 1920
Paul DoylePaul Sinnott Doyle1969 to 1972
Slow Joe DoyleJudd Bruce Doyle1906 to 1910
Tommy DoyleThomas Nelson Doyle2020 to 2023
Cory DoyneMichael Cory Doyne2007 to 2007
Brian DozierJames Brian Dozier2012 to 2020
Buzz DozierWilliam Joseph Dozier1947 to 1949
D.J. DozierWilliam Henry Dozier1992 to 1992
Hunter DozierHunter William Dozier2016 to 2023
Tom DozierThomas Dean Dozier1986 to 1986
Doug DrabekDouglas Dean Drabek1986 to 1998
Kyle DrabekKyle Jordan Drabek2010 to 2016
Moe DrabowskyMyron Walter Drabowsky1956 to 1972
Dick DragoRichard Anthony Drago1969 to 1981
Brian DrahmanBrian Stacy Drahman1991 to 1994
Delos DrakeDelos Daniel Drake1911 to 1911
Larry DrakeLarry Francis Drake1945 to 1948
Logan DrakeLogan Gaffney Drake1922 to 1924
Lyman DrakeLyman Daniel Drake1884 to 1884
Oliver DrakeOliver Gardner Drake2015 to 2020
Sammy DrakeSamuel Harrison Drake1960 to 1962
Solly DrakeSolomon Louis Drake1956 to 1959
Tom DrakeThomas Kendall Drake1939 to 1941
Kelly DransfeldtKelly Daniel Dransfeldt1999 to 2004
Mike DraperMichael Anthony Draper1993 to 1993
Jake DraubyJacob C. Drauby1892 to 1892
Dave DraveckyDavid Francis Dravecky1982 to 1989
Tom DreesThomas Kent Drees1991 to 1991
Bill DreesenWilliam Richard Dreesen1931 to 1931
Darren DreifortDarren James Dreifort1994 to 2004
Clem DreisewerdClemens Johann Dreisewerd1944 to 1948
Bill DrescherWilliam Clayton Drescher1944 to 1946
Ryan DreseRyan Thomas Drese2001 to 2006
Chuck DressenCharles Walter Dressen1925 to 1933
Lee DressenLee August Dressen1914 to 1918
Kirk DressendorferKirk Richard Dressendorfer1991 to 1991
Bob DresserRobert Nicholson Dresser1902 to 1902
Rob DresslerRobert Alan Dressler1975 to 1980
Cameron DrewCameron Steward Drew1988 to 1988
Dave DrewDavid Drew1884 to 1884
J.D. DrewDavid Jonathan Drew1998 to 2011
Stephen DrewStephen Oris Drew2006 to 2017
Tim DrewTimothy Andrew Drew2000 to 2004
Frank DrewsFrank John Drews1944 to 1945
Karl DrewsKarl August Drews1946 to 1954
Steve DreyerSteven William Dreyer1993 to 1994
Dan DriessenDaniel Driessen1973 to 1987
Lew DrillLewis L. Drill1902 to 1905
Dennis DriscollDennis F. Driscoll1885 to 1885
Denny DriscollJohn F. Driscoll1880 to 1884
Jim DriscollJames Bernard Driscoll1970 to 1972
Michael DriscollMichael Columbus Driscoll1916 to 1916
Paddy DriscollJohn Leo Driscoll1917 to 1917
Travis DriskillTravis Corey Driskill2002 to 2007
Mike DrisselMichael F. Drissel1885 to 1885
Tom DrohanThomas F. Drohan1913 to 1913
Walt DropoWalter Dropo1949 to 1961
Dick DrottRichard Fred Drott1957 to 1963
Louis DruckeLouis Frank Drucke1909 to 1912
Carl DruhotCarl A. Druhot1906 to 1907
Tim DrummondTimothy Darnell Drummond1987 to 1990
Keith DrumrightKeith Alan Drumright1978 to 1981
Brandon DruryBrandon S. Drury2015 to 2023
Don DrysdaleDonald Scott Drysdale1956 to 1969
Daniel DuarteDaniel Francisco Duarte2022 to 2023
Monk DubielWalter John Dubiel1944 to 1952
Shawn DubinShawn Anthony Dubin2023 to 2023
Brian DuboisBrian Andrew Dubois1989 to 1990
Jason DuboisJason Bradford Dubois2004 to 2005
Mauricio DubonMauricio Andre Dubon2019 to 2023
Eric DuBoseEric Ladell DuBose2002 to 2006
Jean DubucJean Joseph Octave Dubuc1908 to 1919
Rob DuceyRobert Thomas Ducey1987 to 2001
Justin DuchschererJustin Craig Duchscherer2001 to 2010
Brandon DuckworthBrandon J. Duckworth2001 to 2008
Jim DuckworthJames Raymond Duckworth1963 to 1966
Lucas DudaLucas Christopher Duda2010 to 2019
Clise DudleyElzie Clise Dudley1929 to 1933
John DudraJohn Joseph Dudra1941 to 1941
Brian DuensingBrian Matthew Duensing2009 to 2018
Hal DuesHal Joseph Dues1977 to 1980
Larry DuffCecil Elba Duff1922 to 1922
Matt DuffMatthew Clark Duff2002 to 2002
Pat DuffPatrick Henry Duff1906 to 1906
Jim DuffaloJames Francis Duffalo1961 to 1965
Charlie DuffeeCharles Edward Duffee1889 to 1893
Tyler DuffeyTyler Blinn Duffey2015 to 2023
John DuffieJohn Brown Duffie1967 to 1967
Bernie DuffyBernard Allen Duffy1913 to 1913
Chris DuffyChristopher Ellis Duffy2005 to 2009
Danny DuffyDaniel Richard Duffy2011 to 2021
Ed DuffyEdward Charles Duffy1871 to 1871
Frank DuffyFrank Thomas Duffy1970 to 1979
Hugh DuffyHugh Duffy1888 to 1906
Matt DuffyMatthew Michael Duffy2014 to 2023
Matt DuffyMatthew Edward Duffy2015 to 2016
Bill DuganWilliam H. Dugan1884 to 1884
Dan DuganDaniel Phillip Dugan1928 to 1929
Ed DuganEdward John Dugan1884 to 1884
Joe DuganJoseph Anthony Dugan1917 to 1931
Gus DugasAugustin Joseph Dugas1930 to 1934
Dan DugdaleDaniel Edward Dugdale1886 to 1894
Oscar DugeyOscar Joseph Dugey1913 to 1920
Jim DugganJames Elmer Duggan1911 to 1911
Steven DuggarSteven Michael Duggar2018 to 2022
Robert DuggerRobert Lee Dugger2019 to 2022
Bill DugglebyWilliam James Duggleby1898 to 1907
Martin DukeMartin F. Duke1891 to 1891
Zach DukeZachary Thomas Duke2005 to 2019
Elijah DukesElijah David Dukes2007 to 2009
Jan DukesNoble Jan Dukes1969 to 1972
Tom DukesThomas Earl Dukes1967 to 1972
Bob DulibaRobert John Duliba1959 to 1967
Ryan DullRyan Christopher Dull2015 to 2019
Phil DumatraitPhillip Anthony Dumatrait2007 to 2011
George DumontGeorge Henry Dumont1915 to 1919
Dan DumoulinDaniel Lynn Dumoulin1977 to 1978
Nick DumovichNicholas Dumovich1923 to 1923
Joe DunandJoseph Alexander Dunand2022 to 2022
Matt DunbarMatthew Marshall Dunbar1995 to 1995
Tom DunbarThomas Jerome Dunbar1983 to 1985
Chris DuncanChristopher Edward Duncan2005 to 2009
Courtney DuncanCourtney Demond Duncan2001 to 2002
Dave DuncanDavid Edwin Duncan1964 to 1976
Jeff DuncanJeffrey Matthew Duncan2003 to 2004
Jim DuncanJames William Duncan1899 to 1899
Mariano DuncanMariano (Nalasco) Duncan1985 to 1997
Pat DuncanLouis Baird Duncan1915 to 1924
Shelley DuncanDavid Shelley Duncan2007 to 2013
Taylor DuncanTaylor McDowell Duncan1977 to 1978
Vern DuncanVernon Van Duke Duncan1913 to 1913
Ed DundonEdward Joseph Dundon1883 to 1884
Gus DundonAugustus Joseph Dundon1904 to 1906
Jim DuneganJames William Dunegan1970 to 1970
Sam DunganSamuel Morrison Dungan1892 to 1901
Lee DunhamLeland Huffield Dunham1926 to 1926
Wiley DunhamHarry Houston Dunham1902 to 1902
Davey DunkleEdward Perks Dunkle1897 to 1904
Bill DunlapWilliam James Dunlap1929 to 1930
Fred DunlapFrederick C. Dunlap1880 to 1891
Grant DunlapGrant Lester Dunlap1953 to 1953
Jack DunleavyJohn Francis Dunleavy1903 to 1905
George DunlopGeorge Henry Dunlop1913 to 1914
Adam DunnAdam Troy Dunn2001 to 2014
Jack DunnJohn Joseph Dunn1897 to 1904
Jim DunnJames William Dunn1952 to 1952
Joe DunnJoseph Edward Dunn1908 to 1909
Justin DunnJustin Warren Dunn2019 to 2022
Michael DunnMichael G. Dunn2009 to 2019
Ron DunnRonald Ray Dunn1974 to 1975
Scott DunnScott Allen Dunn2004 to 2006
Steve DunnStephen B. Dunn1884 to 1884
Steve DunnSteven Robert Dunn1994 to 1995
Todd DunnTodd Kent Dunn1996 to 1997
Mike DunneMichael Dennis Dunne1987 to 1992
Andy DunningAndrew Jackson Dunning1889 to 1891
Dane DunningDane Anthony Dunning2020 to 2023
Jake DunningJake Austin Dunning2013 to 2014
Steve DunningSteven John Dunning1970 to 1977
Shawon DunstonShawon Donnell Dunston1985 to 2002
Todd DunwoodyTodd Franklin Dunwoody1997 to 2002
Frank DupeeFrank Oliver Dupee1901 to 1901
Jon DuplantierJon Christopher Duplantier2019 to 2021
Mike DupreeMichael Dennis Dupree1976 to 1976
Dan DuranDaniel James Duran1981 to 1981
Ezequiel DuranEzequiel Alberto Duran2022 to 2023
German DuranGerman Duran2008 to 2008
Jarren DuranJarren William Duran2021 to 2023
Jhoan DuranJhoan Manuel Duran2022 to 2023
Roberto DuranRoberto Alejandro Duran1997 to 1998
Luis DurangoLuis A. Durango2009 to 2011
Mike DurantMichael Joseph Durant1996 to 1996
Montana DuRapauMontana Robert DuRapau2019 to 2019
Erubiel DurazoErubiel (Cardenas) Durazo1999 to 2005
Chad DurbinChad Griffin Durbin1999 to 2013
J.D. DurbinJoseph Adam Durbin2004 to 2007
Kid DurbinBlaine Alphonsus Durbin1907 to 1909
Ryne DurenRinold George Duren1954 to 1965
Bull DurhamLouis Staub Durham1904 to 1909
Don DurhamDonald Gary Durham1972 to 1973
Ed DurhamEdward Fant Durham1929 to 1933
James DurhamJames Garfield Durham1902 to 1902
Joe DurhamJoseph Vann Durham1954 to 1959
Leon DurhamLeon Durham1980 to 1989
Ray DurhamRay Durham1995 to 2008
Bobby DurnbaughRobert Eugene Durnbaugh1957 to 1957
George DurningGeorge Dewey Durning1925 to 1925
Rich DurningRichard Knott Durning1917 to 1918
Jayson DurocherJayson Paul Durocher2002 to 2003
Leo DurocherLeo Ernest Durocher1925 to 1945
Nick DuronNicholas Gregory Duron2022 to 2022
Red DurrettElmer Cable Durrett1944 to 1945
Trent DurringtonTrent John Durrington1999 to 2005
Cedric DurstCedric Montgomery Durst1922 to 1930
Jesse DuryeaJames Newton Duryea1889 to 1893
Erv DusakErvin Frank Dusak1941 to 1952
Carl DuserCarl Robert Duser1956 to 1958
Bob DustalRobert Andrew Dustal1963 to 1963
Adam DuvallAdam Lynn Duvall2014 to 2023
Mike DuvallMichael Alan Duvall1998 to 2001
Bill DuzenWilliam George Duzen1890 to 1890
Al DwightAlbert Ward Dwight1884 to 1884
Chris DwyerChristopher Paul Dwyer2013 to 2013
Frank DwyerJohn Francis Dwyer1888 to 1899
Jim DwyerJames Edward Dwyer1973 to 1990
Joe DwyerJoseph Michael Dwyer1937 to 1937
John DwyerJohn E. Dwyer1882 to 1882
Jerry DybzinskiJerome Mathew Dybzinski1980 to 1985
Jim DyckJames Robert Dyck1951 to 1956
Jermaine DyeJermaine Terrell Dye1996 to 2009
Ben DyerBenjamin Franklin Dyer1914 to 1919
Duffy DyerDon Robert Dyer1968 to 1981
Eddie DyerEdwin Hawley Dyer1922 to 1927
Mike DyerMichael Lawrence Dyer1989 to 1996
Jimmy DygertJames Henry Dygert1905 to 1910
Jimmy DykesJames Joseph Dykes1918 to 1939
Radhames DykhoffRadhames Alviro Dykhoff1998 to 1998
Allan DykstraAllan Christopher Dykstra2015 to 2015
Lenny DykstraLeonard Kyle Dykstra1985 to 1996
John DylerJohn F. Dyler1882 to 1882
Jarrod DysonJarrod Martel Dyson2010 to 2021
Sam DysonSamuel I. Dyson2012 to 2019
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