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Baseball Dope Player Index - F
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Players Beginning with F

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Jay FaatzJayson S. Faatz1884 to 1889
Red FaberUrban Clarence Faber1914 to 1933
Jorge FabregasJorge Fabregas1994 to 2002
Bunny FabriqueAlbert LaVerne Fabrique1916 to 1917
Roy FaceElroy Leon Face1953 to 1969
Lenny FaedoLeonardo Lago Faedo1980 to 1984
Tony FaethAnthony Joseph Faeth1919 to 1920
Bill FaganWilliam A. Fagan1887 to 1888
Everett FaganEverett Joseph Fagan1943 to 1946
Joe FaginJoseph Fagin1895 to 1895
Bill FaheyWilliam Roger Fahey1971 to 1983
Brandon FaheyBrandon Wade Fahey2006 to 2008
Frank FaheyFrancis Raymond Fahey1918 to 1918
Howard FaheyHoward Simpson Fahey1912 to 1912
Jerry FahrGerald Warren Fahr1951 to 1951
Pete FahrerClarence Willie Fahrer1914 to 1914
Ferris FainFerris Roy Fain1947 to 1955
George FairGeorge T. Fair1876 to 1876
Jim FairbankJames Lee Fairbank1903 to 1904
Peter FairbanksPeter Anderson Fairbanks2019 to 2020
Rags FairclothJames Lamar Faircloth1919 to 1919
Jim FaireyJames Burke Fairey1968 to 1973
Ron FairlyRonald Ray Fairly1958 to 1978
Hector FajardoHector (Nabaratte) Fajardo1991 to 1995
Anton FalchAnton C. Falch1884 to 1884
Pete FalconePeter Falcone1975 to 1984
Bibb FalkBibb August Falk1920 to 1931
Chet FalkChester Emanuel Falk1925 to 1927
Cy FalkenbergFrederick Peter Falkenberg1903 to 1917
Brian FalkenborgBrian Thomas Falkenborg1999 to 2008
Ed FallensteinEdward Joseph Fallenstein1931 to 1933
Bob FallonRobert Joseph Fallon1984 to 1985
Charlie FallonCharles Augustus Fallon1905 to 1905
George FallonGeorge Decatur Fallon1937 to 1945
Pete FalseyPeter James Falsey1914 to 1914
Steve FalteisekSteven James Falteisek1997 to 1999
Irving FaluIrving Falu2012 to 2014
Jeurys FamiliaJeurys Familia2012 to 2020
Rikkert FaneyteRikkert Faneyte1993 to 1996
Cliff FanninClifford Bryson Fannin1945 to 1952
Jack FanningJohn Jacob Fanning1889 to 1894
Jim FanningWilliam James Fanning1954 to 1957
Harry FanokHarry Michael Fanok1963 to 1964
Frank FanovichFrank Joseph Fanovich1949 to 1953
Stan FanslerStanley Robert Fansler1986 to 1986
Harry FanwellHarry Clayton Fanwell1910 to 1910
Carmen FanzoneCarmen Donald Fanzone1970 to 1974
Jake FariaJacob Daniel Faria2017 to 2019
Paul FariesPaul Tyrrell Faries1990 to 1993
Monty FarissMonty Ted Fariss1991 to 1993
Bob FarleyRobert Jacob Farley1961 to 1962
Lawrence FarleyLawrence Farley1884 to 1884
Alex FarmerAlexander Johnson Farmer1908 to 1908
Bill FarmerWilliam Charles Farmer1888 to 1888
Buck FarmerGeorge Runie Farmer2014 to 2020
Ed FarmerEdward Joseph Farmer1971 to 1983
Howard FarmerHoward Earl Farmer1990 to 1990
Jack FarmerFloyd Haskell Farmer1916 to 1918
Kyle FarmerJames Kyle Farmer2017 to 2020
Mike FarmerMichael Anthony Farmer1996 to 1996
Jeff FarnsworthJeffrey Ellis Farnsworth2002 to 2002
Kyle FarnsworthKyle Lynn Farnsworth1999 to 2014
Danny FarquharDaniel Andres Farquhar2011 to 2018
Jim FarrJames Alfred Farr1982 to 1982
Steve FarrSteven Michael Farr1984 to 1994
Sid FarrarSidney Douglas Farrar1883 to 1889
Bill FarrellWilliam Farrell1882 to 1883
Doc FarrellEdward Stephen Farrell1925 to 1935
Duke FarrellCharles Andrew Farrell1888 to 1905
Jack FarrellJohn Farrell1874 to 1874
Jack FarrellJohn A. Farrell1879 to 1889
Jack FarrellJohn Joseph Farrell1914 to 1915
Joe FarrellJoseph F. Farrell1882 to 1886
John FarrellJohn Sebastian Farrell1901 to 1905
John FarrellJohn Edward Farrell1987 to 1996
Kerby FarrellMajor Kerby Farrell1943 to 1945
Luke FarrellLuke Thomas Farrell2017 to 2020
Turk FarrellRichard Joseph Farrell1956 to 1969
Eric FarrisEric Michael-Jay Farris2011 to 2012
John FarrowJohn Jacob Farrow1873 to 1884
Sal FasanoSalvatore Frank Fasano1996 to 2008
Frederick FassFrederick Peter Fass1887 to 1887
Jeff FasseroJeffrey Joseph Fassero1991 to 2006
Darcy FastDarcy Rae Fast1968 to 1968
Jack FaszholzJohn Edward Faszholz1953 to 1953
Bill FaulWilliam Alvan Faul1962 to 1970
Andrew FaulknerAndrew Michael Faulkner2015 to 2016
Jim FaulknerJames Leroy Faulkner1927 to 1930
Buck FausettRobert Shaw Fausett1944 to 1944
Charlie FaustCharles Victor Faust1911 to 1911
Joe FautschJoseph Roamon Fautsch1916 to 1916
Clay FauverClayton King Fauver1899 to 1899
Ernie FazioErnest Joseph Fazio1962 to 1966
Vern FearLuvern Carl Fear1952 to 1952
Taylor FeatherstonTaylor Joseph Featherston2015 to 2017
Carlos FeblesCarlos Manuel Febles1998 to 2003
Erick FeddeErick James Fedde2017 to 2020
Al FederoffAlfred Federoff1951 to 1952
Tim FederowiczTimothy Joseph Federowicz2011 to 2019
Jack FeeJohn Fee1889 to 1889
Dutch FehringWilliam Paul Fehring1934 to 1934
Ryan FeierabendRyan Robert Feierabend2006 to 2019
Eddie FeinbergEdward Isadore Feinberg1938 to 1939
Mike FelderMichael Otis Felder1985 to 1994
Marv FeldermanMarvin Wilfred Felderman1942 to 1942
Harry FeldmanHarry Feldman1941 to 1946
Scott FeldmanScott Wayne Feldman2005 to 2017
Jesus FelicianoJesus Feliciano2010 to 2010
Pedro FelicianoPedro Juan (Molina) Feliciano2002 to 2013
Gus FelixAugust Guenther Felix1923 to 1927
Harry FelixHarry Felix1901 to 1902
Junior FelixJunior Francisco (Sanchez) Felix1989 to 1994
Michael FelizMichael (Lemos) Feliz2015 to 2020
Neftali FelizNeftali Feliz2009 to 2017
Pedro FelizPedro Julio Feliz2000 to 2010
Bob FellerRobert William Andrew Feller1936 to 1956
Jack FellerJack Leland Feller1958 to 1958
Happy FelschOscar Emil Felsch1915 to 1920
John FelskeJohn Frederick Felske1968 to 1973
Terry FeltonTerry Lane Felton1979 to 1982
Frank FennellyFrancis John Fennelly1884 to 1890
Hod FennerHorace Alfred Fenner1921 to 1921
Bobby FenwickRobert Richard Fenwick1972 to 1973
Stan FerensStanley Ferens1942 to 1946
Alex FergusonJames Alexander Ferguson1918 to 1929
Bob FergusonRobert Lester Ferguson1944 to 1944
Bob FergusonRobert Vavasour Ferguson1871 to 1884
Caleb FergusonCaleb Paul Ferguson2018 to 2020
Cecil FergusonCecil B. Ferguson1906 to 1911
Charlie FergusonCharles Augustus Ferguson1901 to 1901
Charlie FergusonCharles J. Ferguson1884 to 1887
Joe FergusonJoseph Vance Ferguson1970 to 1983
Felix FerminFelix Jose (Minaya) Fermin1987 to 1996
Ramon FerminRamon Antonio (Ventura) Fermin1995 to 1995
Ed FernandesEdward Paul Fernandes1940 to 1946
Alex FernandezAlexander Fernandez1990 to 2000
Chico FernandezHumberto (Perez) Fernandez1956 to 1963
Chico FernandezLorenzo Marto (Mosquera) Fernandez1968 to 1968
Frank FernandezFrank Fernandez1967 to 1972
Jared FernandezJared Wade Fernandez2001 to 2006
Jose FernandezJose Mayobanex (Rojas) Fernandez1999 to 2001
Jose Manuel FernandezJose Manuel Fernandez2018 to 2019
Jose Miguel FernandezJose Miguel Fernandez2018 to 2018
Jose FernandezJose D. Fernandez2013 to 2016
Junior FernandezJunior Fabio Fernandez2019 to 2020
Nanny FernandezFroilan Fernandez1942 to 1950
Osvaldo FernandezOsvaldo Fernandez1996 to 2001
Sid FernandezCharles Sidney Fernandez1983 to 1997
Tony FernandezOctavio Antonio (Castro) Fernandez1983 to 2001
Al FerraraAlfred John Ferrara1963 to 1971
Don FerrareseDonald Hugh Ferrarese1955 to 1962
Anthony FerrariAnthony Michael Ferrari2003 to 2003
Mike FerraroMichael Dennis Ferraro1966 to 1972
Bill FerrazziWilliam Joseph Ferrazzi1935 to 1935
Tony FerreiraAnthony Ross Ferreira1985 to 1985
Jeff FerrellJeffrey Alan Ferrell2015 to 2017
Rick FerrellRichard Benjamin Ferrell1929 to 1947
Wes FerrellWesley Cheek Ferrell1927 to 1941
Sergio FerrerSergio (Marrero) Ferrer1974 to 1979
Tom FerrickThomas Jerome Ferrick1941 to 1952
Bob FerrisRobert Eugene Ferris1979 to 1980
Hobe FerrisAlbert Samuel Ferris1901 to 1909
Dave FerrissDavid Meadow Ferriss1945 to 1950
Cy FerryAlfred Joseph Ferry1904 to 1905
Jack FerryJohn Francis Ferry1910 to 1913
Alex FersonAlexander Ferson1889 to 1892
Matt FestaMatthew Festa2018 to 2019
Lou FetteLouis Henry William Fette1937 to 1945
Mike FettersMichael Lee Fetters1989 to 2004
Willy FetzerWilliam McKinnon Fetzer1906 to 1906
Chick FewsterWilson Lloyd Fewster1917 to 1927
J.P. FeyereisenJonathon Paul Feyereisen2020 to 2020
Neil FialaNeil Stephen Fiala1981 to 1981
Chuckie FickCharles Joseph Fick2012 to 2012
John FickJohn Ralph Fick1944 to 1944
Robert FickRobert Charles John Fick1998 to 2007
Mark FidrychMark Steven Fidrych1976 to 1980
Clarence FieberClarence Thomas Fieber1932 to 1932
Jim FieldJames C. Field1883 to 1898
Johnny FieldJohn David Field2018 to 2018
Nate FieldNathan Patrick Field2002 to 2007
Sam FieldSamuel Jay Field1875 to 1876
Tommy FieldThomas Samuel Field2011 to 2015
Cecil FielderCecil Grant Fielder1985 to 1998
Prince FielderPrince Semien Fielder2005 to 2016
Bruce FieldsBruce Alan Fields1986 to 1989
Daniel FieldsDaniel L. Fields2015 to 2015
George FieldsGeorge W. Fields1872 to 1872
Jocko FieldsJohn Joseph Fields1887 to 1892
Josh FieldsJoshua Dean Fields2006 to 2010
Josh FieldsJoshua David Fields2013 to 2018
Casey FienCasey M. Fien2009 to 2017
Lou FieneLouis Henry Fiene1906 to 1909
Michael FiersMichael Bruce Fiers2011 to 2020
Danny FifeDanny Wayne Fife1973 to 1974
Stephen FifeStephen J. Fife2012 to 2014
Jack FifieldJohn Proctor Fifield1897 to 1899
Alfredo FigaroAlfredo Figaro2009 to 2014
Mike FiggaMichael Anthony Figga1997 to 1999
Frank FiggemeierFrank Y. Figgemeier1894 to 1894
Chone FigginsDesmond DeChone Figgins2002 to 2014
Bien FigueroaBienvenido (DeLeon) Figueroa1992 to 1992
Cole FigueroaStephen Cole Figueroa2014 to 2016
Ed FigueroaEduardo (Padilla) Figueroa1974 to 1981
Jesus FigueroaJesus Maria (Figueroa) Figueroa1980 to 1980
Luis FigueroaLuis R. Figueroa2001 to 2007
Nelson FigueroaNelson Figueroa2000 to 2011
Pedro FigueroaPedro Jose (Vizcaino) Figueroa2012 to 2014
Jeremy FikacJeremy Joseph Fikac2001 to 2004
Bob FileRobert Michael File2001 to 2004
Sam FileSamuel Lawrence File1940 to 1940
Tom FilerThomas Carson Filer1982 to 1992
Eddie FilesCharles Edward Files1908 to 1908
Steve FilipowiczStephen Charles Filipowicz1944 to 1948
Mark FilleyMarcus Lucius Filley1934 to 1934
Dana FillingimDana Fillingim1915 to 1925
Heath FillmyerHeath Devon Fillmyer2018 to 2019
Pete FilsonWilliam Peter Filson1982 to 1990
Jack FimpleJohn Joseph Fimple1983 to 1987
Joel FinchJoel D Finch1979 to 1979
Bill FincherWilliam Allen Fincher1916 to 1916
Tommy FineThomas Morgan Fine1947 to 1950
Rollie FingersRoland Glen Fingers1968 to 1985
Jim FiniganJames Leroy Finigan1954 to 1959
Herman FinkHerman Adam Fink1935 to 1937
Pembroke FinlaysonPembroke Finlayson1908 to 1909
Bill FinleyWilliam James Finley1886 to 1886
Bob FinleyRobert Edward Finley1943 to 1944
Chuck FinleyCharles Edward Finley1986 to 2002
Steve FinleySteven Allen Finley1989 to 2007
Neal FinnCornelius Francis Finn1930 to 1933
Brandon FinneganBrandon Kyle Finnegan2014 to 2018
Kyle FinneganKyle Edward Finnegan2020 to 2020
Happy FinneranJoseph Ignatius Finneran1912 to 1918
Hal FinneyHarold Wilson Finney1931 to 1936
Lou FinneyLouis Klopsche Finney1931 to 1947
Gar FinnvoldAnders Gar Finnvold1994 to 1994
Mike FioreMichael Gary Joseph Fiore1968 to 1972
Tony FioreAnthony James Fiore2000 to 2003
Jeff FiorentinoJeffrey Philip Fiorentino2005 to 2009
Steve FireovidStephen John Fireovid1981 to 1992
Dan FirovaDaniel Michael Firova1981 to 1988
John FirthJohn E. Firth1884 to 1884
Bill FischerWilliam Charles Fischer1956 to 1964
Carl FischerCharles William Fischer1930 to 1937
Hank FischerHenry William Fischer1962 to 1967
Jeff FischerJeffrey Thomas Fischer1987 to 1989
Rube FischerReuben Walter Fischer1941 to 1946
Todd FischerTodd Richard Fischer1986 to 1986
William FischerWilliam Charles Fischer1913 to 1917
Mike FischlinMichael Thomas Fischlin1977 to 1987
Sam FishburnSamuel E. Fishburn1919 to 1919
John FishelJohn Alan Fishel1988 to 1988
Leo FishelLeo Fishel1899 to 1899
Bob FisherRobert Taylor Fisher1912 to 1919
Brian FisherBrian Kevin Fisher1985 to 1992
Carlos FisherCharles E. Fisher2009 to 2011
Charles FisherCharles Fisher1889 to 1889
Charlie FisherCharles G. Fisher1884 to 1884
Chauncey FisherChauncey Burr Fisher1893 to 1901
Cherokee FisherWilliam Charles Fisher1871 to 1878
Clarence FisherClarence Henry Fisher1919 to 1920
Derek FisherDerek Joseph Fisher2017 to 2020
Don FisherDonald Raymond Fisher1945 to 1945
Ed FisherEdward Fredrick Fisher1902 to 1902
Eddie FisherEddie Gene Fisher1959 to 1973
Fritz FisherFrederick Brown Fisher1964 to 1964
George FisherGeorge Cresse Fisher1884 to 1884
Gus FisherAugust Harris Fisher1911 to 1912
Harry FisherHarry Devereaux Fisher1951 to 1952
Ike FisherNewton Fisher1898 to 1898
J. FisherJ. Fisher1885 to 1885
Jack FisherJohn Howard Fisher1959 to 1969
Maurice FisherMaurice Wayne Fisher1955 to 1955
Ray FisherRay Lyle Fisher1910 to 1920
Red FisherJohn Gustave Fisher1910 to 1910
Showboat FisherGeorge Aloys Fisher1923 to 1932
Tom FisherThomas Chalmers Fisher1904 to 1904
Tom FisherThomas Gene Fisher1967 to 1967
Wilbur FisherWilbur McCullough Fisher1916 to 1916
Carlton FiskCarlton Ernest Fisk1969 to 1993
Max FiskeMaximilian Patrick Fiske1914 to 1914
Wes FislerWeston Dickson Fisler1871 to 1876
Doug FisterDouglas Wildes Fister2009 to 2018
Paul FitteryPaul Clarence Fittery1914 to 1917
Ed Fitz GeraldEdward Raymond Fitz Gerald1948 to 1959
Charlie FitzbergerCharles Caspar Fitzberger1928 to 1928
Brian FitzgeraldBrian Michael Fitzgerald2002 to 2002
Dennis FitzgeraldDennis S. Fitzgerald1890 to 1890
Howard FitzgeraldHoward Chumney Fitzgerald1922 to 1926
John FitzgeraldJohn J. Fitzgerald1890 to 1890
John FitzgeraldJohn H. Fitzgerald1891 to 1891
John FitzgeraldJohn Francis Fitzgerald1958 to 1958
Matty FitzgeraldMatthew William Fitzgerald1906 to 1907
Mike FitzgeraldJustin Howard Fitzgerald1911 to 1918
Mike FitzgeraldMichael Patrick Fitzgerald1988 to 1988
Mike FitzgeraldMichael Roy Fitzgerald1983 to 1992
Ray FitzgeraldRaymond Francis Fitzgerald1931 to 1931
Warren FitzgeraldWarren B. Fitzgerald1891 to 1892
Paul FitzkeRobert Paul Fitzke1924 to 1924
Shaun FitzmauriceShaun Earle Fitzmaurice1966 to 1966
Al FitzmorrisAlan James Fitzmorris1969 to 1978
Ed FitzpatrickEdward Henry Fitzpatrick1915 to 1917
Freddie FitzsimmonsFrederick Landis Fitzsimmons1925 to 1943
Tom FitzsimmonsThomas William Fitzsimmons1919 to 1919
Max FlackMax John Flack1916 to 1925
Wally FlagerWalter Leonard Flager1945 to 1945
Ira FlagsteadIra James Flagstead1917 to 1930
Jack FlahertyJack Rafe Flaherty2017 to 2020
John FlahertyJohn Timothy Flaherty1992 to 2005
Martin FlahertyMartin John Flaherty1881 to 1881
Pat FlahertyPatrick Henry Flaherty1894 to 1894
Patsy FlahertyPatrick Joseph Flaherty1899 to 1911
Ryan FlahertyRyan Edward Flaherty2012 to 2019
Al FlairAlbert Dell Flair1941 to 1941
Ed FlanaganEdward J. Flanagan1887 to 1889
Mike FlanaganMichael Kendall Flanagan1975 to 1992
Steamer FlanaganJames Paul Flanagan1905 to 1905
Yohan FlandeYohan Carlos (Concepcion) Flande2014 to 2016
Ray FlaniganRaymond Arthur Flanigan1946 to 1946
Tom FlaniganThomas Anthony Flanigan1954 to 1958
John FlanneryJohn Michael Flannery1977 to 1977
Tim FlanneryTimothy Earl Flannery1979 to 1989
Charlie FlanniganCharles Joseph Flannigan1913 to 1913
Roy FlaskamperRaymond Harold Flaskamper1927 to 1927
Jack FlaterJohn William Flater1908 to 1908
John FlavinJohn Thomas Flavin1964 to 1964
Frank FleetFrank H. Fleet1871 to 1875
Angel FleitasAngel Felix (Husta) Fleitas1948 to 1948
Bill FlemingLeslie Fletchard Fleming1940 to 1946
Dave FlemingDavid Anthony Fleming1991 to 1995
Josh FlemingJosh R. Fleming2020 to 2020
Les FlemingLeslie Harvey Fleming1939 to 1949
Tom FlemingThomas Vincent Fleming1899 to 1904
Huck FlenerGregory Alan Flener1993 to 1997
Aaron FletcherAaron Eugene Fletcher2020 to 2020
Art FletcherArthur Fletcher1909 to 1922
Darrin FletcherDarrin Glen Fletcher1989 to 2002
David FletcherDavid Owen Fletcher2018 to 2020
Elbie FletcherElburt Preston Fletcher1934 to 1949
Frank FletcherOliver Frank Fletcher1914 to 1914
George FletcherGeorge Horace Elliot Fletcher1872 to 1872
Paul FletcherEdward Paul Fletcher1993 to 1996
Sam FletcherSamuel Scott Fletcher1909 to 1912
Scott FletcherScott Brian Fletcher1981 to 1995
Tom FletcherThomas Wayne Fletcher1962 to 1962
Van FletcherAlfred Vanoide Fletcher1955 to 1955
Chris FlexenChristopher John Flexen2017 to 2019
Elmer FlickElmer Harrison Flick1898 to 1910
Lew FlickLewis Miller Flick1943 to 1944
Don FlinnDon Raphael Flinn1917 to 1917
John FlinnJohn Richard Flinn1978 to 1982
Silver FlintFrank Sylvester Flint1875 to 1889
Hilly FlitcraftHildreth Milton Flitcraft1942 to 1942
Mort FlohrMoritz Herman Flohr1934 to 1934
Curt FloodCurtis Charles Flood1956 to 1971
Tim FloodTimothy Thomas Flood1899 to 1903
Kevin FloraKevin Scot Flora1991 to 1995
Don FlorenceDonald Emery Florence1995 to 1995
Paul FlorencePaul Robert Florence1926 to 1926
Bernardo FloresBernardo Flores2020 to 2020
Gil FloresGilberto (Garcia) Flores1977 to 1979
Jesse FloresJesse Sandoval Flores1942 to 1950
Jesus FloresJesus Miguel Flores2007 to 2012
Jose FloresJose Carlos Flores2002 to 2004
Kendry FloresKendry (Mateo) Flores2015 to 2016
Ramon FloresRamon Flores2015 to 2017
Randy FloresRandy Alan Flores2002 to 2010
Ron FloresRonald Joel Flores2005 to 2007
Wilmer FloresWilmer Alejandro (Garcia) Flores2013 to 2020
Estevan FlorialEstevan Haniel Florial2020 to 2020
Bryce FlorieBryce Bettencourt Florie1994 to 2001
Pedro FlorimonPedro Alexander Florimon2011 to 2018
Dylan FloroDylan Lee Floro2016 to 2020
Ben FlowersBennett Flowers1951 to 1956
Dickie FlowersCharles Richard Flowers1871 to 1872
Jake FlowersD'Arcy Raymond Flowers1923 to 1934
Tyler FlowersCole Tyler Flowers2009 to 2020
Wes FlowersCharles Wesley Flowers1940 to 1944
Bobby FloydRobert Nathan Floyd1968 to 1974
Bubba FloydLeslie Roe Floyd1944 to 1944
Cliff FloydCornelius Clifford Floyd1993 to 2009
Gavin FloydGavin Christopher Floyd2004 to 2016
John FluhrerJohn Lester Fluhrer1915 to 1915
Brian FlynnBrian A. Flynn2013 to 2019
Carney FlynnCornelius Francis Xavier Flynn1894 to 1896
Clipper FlynnWilliam Flynn1871 to 1872
Doug FlynnRobert Douglas Flynn1975 to 1985
Ed FlynnEdward J. Flynn1887 to 1887
George FlynnGeorge Albert Flynn1896 to 1896
Jocko FlynnJohn A. Flynn1886 to 1887
Joe FlynnJoseph Nicholas Flynn1884 to 1884
John FlynnJohn Anthony Flynn1910 to 1912
Mike FlynnMichael J. Flynn1891 to 1891
Stu FlytheStuart McGuire Flythe1936 to 1936
Gene FodgeGene Arlan Fodge1958 to 1958
Jim FogartyJames G. Fogarty1884 to 1889
John FogartyJohn J. Fogarty1885 to 1885
Josh FoggJoshua Smith Fogg2001 to 2009
Lee FohlLeo Alexander Fohl1902 to 1903
Hank FoilesHenry Lee Foiles1953 to 1964
Curry FoleyCharles Joseph Foley1879 to 1883
John FoleyJohn J. Foley1885 to 1885
Marv FoleyMarvis Edwin Foley1978 to 1984
Ray FoleyRaymond Kirwin Foley1928 to 1928
Tom FoleyThomas Michael Foley1983 to 1995
Tom FoleyThomas J. Foley1871 to 1871
Will FoleyWilliam Brown Foley1875 to 1881
Tim FoliTimothy John Foli1970 to 1985
Rich FolkersRichard Nevin Folkers1970 to 1977
Michael FoltynewiczMichael G. Foltynewicz2014 to 2020
Dee FondyDee Virgil Fondy1951 to 1958
Lew FonsecaLewis Albert Fonseca1921 to 1933
Wilmer FontWilmer (Gomez) Font2012 to 2020
Nolan FontanaNolan David Fontana2017 to 2018
Joe FontenotJoseph Daniel Fontenot1998 to 1998
Mike FontenotMichael Eugene Fontenot2005 to 2012
Ray FontenotSilton Ray Fontenot1983 to 1986
Chad FonvilleChad Everette Fonville1995 to 1999
Jim FoorJames Emerson Foor1971 to 1973
Barry FooteBarry Clifton Foote1973 to 1982
Jesse FoppertJesse William Foppert2003 to 2005
Jim ForanJames H. Foran1871 to 1871
P.J. ForbesPatrick Joseph Forbes1998 to 2001
Davy ForceDavid W. Force1871 to 1886
Ben FordBenjamin Cooper Ford1998 to 2004
Curt FordCurtis Glenn Ford1985 to 1990
Dan FordDarnell Glenn Ford1975 to 1985
Darren FordDarren R. Ford2010 to 2011
Dave FordDavid Alan Ford1978 to 1981
Ed FordEdgar Lee Ford1884 to 1884
Gene FordEugene Wyman Ford1905 to 1905
Gene FordEugene Matthew Ford1936 to 1938
Hod FordHorace Hills Ford1919 to 1933
Lew FordJon Lewis Ford2003 to 2012
Matt FordMatthew Lee Ford2003 to 2003
Mike FordMichael Ford2019 to 2020
Russ FordRussell William Ford1909 to 1913
Ted FordTheodore Henry Ford1970 to 1973
Tom FordThomas Walter Ford1890 to 1890
Wenty FordPercival Edmund Wentworth Ford1973 to 1973
Whitey FordEdward Charles Ford1950 to 1967
William FordWilliam Brown Ford1936 to 1936
Tom FordhamThomas James Fordham1997 to 1998
Brook FordyceBrook Alexander Fordyce1995 to 2004
Brownie ForemanJohn Davis Foreman1895 to 1896
Frank ForemanFrancis Isaiah Foreman1885 to 1902
Happy ForemanAugust G. Foreman1924 to 1926
Bill FormanWilliam Orange Forman1909 to 1910
Eric FornataroEric Anthony Fornataro2014 to 2014
Mike FornielesJose Miguel (Torres) Fornieles1952 to 1963
Bob ForschRobert Herbert Forsch1974 to 1989
Ken ForschKenneth Roth Forsch1970 to 1986
Scott ForsterScott Christian Forster2000 to 2000
Terry ForsterTerry Jay Forster1971 to 1986
Tom ForsterThomas W. Forster1882 to 1886
Ed ForsythEdward James Forsyth1915 to 1915
Logan ForsytheJohn Logan Forsythe2011 to 2020
Tim FortugnoTimothy Shawn Fortugno1992 to 1995
Bartolome FortunatoBartolome (Araujo) Fortunato2004 to 2006
Gary FortuneGarrett Reese Fortune1916 to 1920
Jerry FosnowGerald Eugene Fosnow1964 to 1965
George FossGeorge Dueward Foss1921 to 1921
Larry FossLarry Curtis Foss1961 to 1962
Tony FossasEmilio Antonio (Morejon) Fossas1988 to 1999
Ray FosseRaymond Earl Fosse1967 to 1979
Casey FossumCasey Paul Fossum2001 to 2009
Alan FosterAlan Benton Foster1967 to 1976
Ed FosterEdward Lee Foster1908 to 1908
Eddie FosterEdward Cunningham Foster1910 to 1923
Elmer FosterElmer Ellsworth Foster1886 to 1891
George FosterGeorge Arthur Foster1969 to 1986
John FosterJohn Norman Foster2002 to 2005
Kevin FosterKevin Christopher Foster1993 to 2001
Kris FosterJohn Kristian Foster2001 to 2001
Larry FosterLarry Lynn Foster1963 to 1963
Leo FosterLeonard Norris Foster1971 to 1977
Matt FosterMatthew James Foster2020 to 2020
Pop FosterClarence Francis Foster1898 to 1901
Reddy FosterOscar E. Foster1896 to 1896
Robert FosterRobert G. Foster1884 to 1884
Roy FosterRoy Foster1970 to 1972
Rube FosterGeorge Foster1913 to 1917
Steve FosterSteven Eugene Foster1991 to 1993
Bob FothergillRobert Roy Fothergill1922 to 1933
Steve FoucaultSteven Raymond Foucault1973 to 1978
Keith FoulkeKeith Charles Foulke1997 to 2008
Henry FournierJulius Henry Fournier1894 to 1894
Jack FournierJohn Frank Fournier1912 to 1927
Bill FouserWilliam C. Fouser1876 to 1876
Dave FoutzDavid Luther Foutz1884 to 1896
Frank FoutzFrank Hayes Foutz1901 to 1901
Art FowlerJohn Arthur Fowler1954 to 1964
Boob FowlerJoseph Chester Fowler1923 to 1926
Dexter FowlerWilliam Dexter Fowler2008 to 2020
Dick FowlerRichard John Fowler1941 to 1952
Dustin FowlerDustin Ryan Fowler2017 to 2018
Jesse FowlerJesse Peter Fowler1924 to 1924
Alan FowlkesAlan Kim Fowlkes1982 to 1985
Andy FoxAndrew Junipero Fox1996 to 2004
Bill FoxWilliam Henry Fox1897 to 1901
Chad FoxChad Douglas Fox1997 to 2009
Charlie FoxCharles Francis Fox1942 to 1942
Eric FoxEric Hollis Fox1992 to 1995
Henry FoxHenry Fox1902 to 1902
Howie FoxHoward Francis Fox1944 to 1954
Jack FoxJohn Paul Fox1908 to 1908
Jake FoxJacob Quirin Fox2007 to 2011
John FoxJohn Joseph Fox1881 to 1886
Matt FoxMatthew Jacob Fox2010 to 2010
Nellie FoxJacob Nelson Fox1947 to 1965
Paddy FoxGeorge B. Fox1891 to 1899
Pete FoxErvin Fox1933 to 1945
Terry FoxTerrence Edward Fox1960 to 1966
Bill FoxenWilliam Aloysius Foxen1908 to 1911
Jimmie FoxxJames Emory Foxx1925 to 1945
Joe FoyJoseph Anthony Foy1966 to 1971
Paul FoytackPaul Eugene Foytack1953 to 1964
Ken FrailingKenneth Douglas Frailing1972 to 1976
Jake FraleyJake Arnold Fraley2019 to 2020
Ossie FranceOsman Beverly France1890 to 1890
Ty FranceTyler Lawrence France2019 to 2020
Earl FrancisEarl Coleman Francis1960 to 1965
Jeff FrancisJeffrey William Francis2004 to 2015
Ray FrancisRay James Francis1922 to 1925
Ben FranciscoLouis Ben Francisco2007 to 2013
Frank FranciscoFranklin Francisco2004 to 2014
Juan FranciscoJuan Ramon Francisco2009 to 2014
Enderson FrancoEnderson Daniel Franco2019 to 2019
John FrancoJohn Anthony Franco1984 to 2005
Julio FrancoJulio Cesar Robles Franco1982 to 2007
Maikel FrancoMaikel Antonio Franco2014 to 2020
Matt FrancoMatthew Neil Franco1995 to 2003
Jeff FrancoeurJeffrey Braden Francoeur2005 to 2016
Terry FranconaTerry Jon Francona1981 to 1990
Tito FranconaJohn Patsy Francona1956 to 1970
Kevin FrandsenKevin Vincent Frandsen2006 to 2015
Charlie FrankCharles Frank1893 to 1894
Fred FrankJohn Frederick Frank1898 to 1898
Mike FrankStephen Michael Frank1998 to 1998
Fred FrankhouseFrederick Meloy Frankhouse1927 to 1939
FranklinFranklin1884 to 1884
Jack FranklinJack Wilford Franklin1944 to 1944
Jay FranklinJohn William Franklin1971 to 1971
Micah FranklinMicah Ishanti Franklin1997 to 1997
Moe FranklinMurray Asher Franklin1941 to 1942
Nick FranklinNicholas Edward Franklin2013 to 2018
Ryan FranklinRyan Ray Franklin1999 to 2011
Wayne FranklinGary Wayne Franklin2000 to 2006
Seth FrankoffJames Seth Frankoff2017 to 2020
Herman FranksHerman Louis Franks1939 to 1949
Caleb FrareCaleb Michael Frare2018 to 2019
John FrascatoreJohn Vincent Frascatore1994 to 2001
Chick FraserCharles Carrolton Fraser1896 to 1909
Willie FraserWilliam Patrick Fraser1986 to 1995
Jason FrasorJason Andrew Frasor2004 to 2015
Adam FrazierAdam Timothy Frazier2016 to 2020
Clint FrazierClint Jackson Frazier2017 to 2020
George FrazierGeorge Allen Frazier1978 to 1987
Jeff FrazierJeffrey M. Frazier2010 to 2010
Joe FrazierJoseph Filmore Frazier1947 to 1956
Lou FrazierArthur Louis Frazier1993 to 1998
Todd FrazierTodd B. Frazier2011 to 2020
Vic FrazierVictor Patrick Frazier1931 to 1939
Johnny FrederickJohn Henry Frederick1929 to 1934
Kevin FrederickKevin Albert Francis Frederick2002 to 2004
Scott FredricksonScott Eric Fredrickson1993 to 1993
Ed FreedEdwin Charles Freed1942 to 1942
Roger FreedRoger Vernon Freed1970 to 1979
Bill FreehanWilliam Ashley Freehan1961 to 1976
Ryan FreelRyan Paul Freel2001 to 2009
Kyle FreelandKyle Richard Freeland2017 to 2020
Buck FreemanJohn Frank Freeman1891 to 1907
Buck FreemanAlexander Vernon Freeman1921 to 1922
Choo FreemanRaphael Freeman2004 to 2006
Freddie FreemanFrederick Charles Freeman2010 to 2020
Harvey FreemanHarvey Bayard Freeman1921 to 1921
Hersh FreemanHershell Baskin Freeman1952 to 1958
Jerry FreemanFrank Ellsworth Freeman1908 to 1909
Jimmy FreemanJimmy Lee Freeman1972 to 1973
John FreemanJohn Edward Freeman1927 to 1927
Julie FreemanJulius Benjamin Freeman1888 to 1888
Justin FreemanJustin Michael Freeman2013 to 2013
LaVel FreemanLaVel Maurice Freeman1989 to 1989
Mark FreemanMark Price Freeman1959 to 1960
Marvin FreemanMarvin Freeman1986 to 1996
Mike FreemanMichael Barrett Freeman2016 to 2020
Sam FreemanSamuel Douglas Freeman2012 to 2020
David FreeseDavid Richard Freese2009 to 2019
Gene FreeseEugene Lewis Freese1955 to 1966
George FreeseGeorge Walter Freese1953 to 1961
Jake FreezeCarl Alexander Freeze1925 to 1925
Jim FregosiJames Louis Fregosi1961 to 1978
Vern FreiburgerVern Donald Freiburger1941 to 1941
Howard FreigauHoward Earl Freigau1922 to 1928
Nate FreimanNathan Samuel Freiman2013 to 2014
Alejandro FreireAlejandro Freire2005 to 2005
Dave FreislebenDavid James Freisleben1974 to 1979
David FreitasDavid Joseph Freitas2017 to 2019
Tony FreitasAntonio Freitas1932 to 1936
Bill FrenchWilliam French1873 to 1873
Charlie FrenchCharles Calvin French1909 to 1910
Jim FrenchRichard James French1965 to 1971
Larry FrenchLawrence Herbert French1929 to 1942
Lucas FrenchLucas French2009 to 2010
Pat FrenchFrank Alexander French1917 to 1917
Ray FrenchRaymond Edward French1920 to 1924
Walt FrenchWalter Edward French1923 to 1929
Frank FreundLawrence Joseph Freund1896 to 1896
Benny FreyBenjamin Rudolph Frey1929 to 1936
Lonny FreyLinus Reinhard Frey1933 to 1948
Steve FreySteven Francis Frey1989 to 1996
Carlos FriasCarlos David Frias2014 to 2016
Hanley FriasHanley (Acevedo) Frias1997 to 2000
Pepe FriasJesus Maria (Andujar) Frias1973 to 1981
Bernie FribergBernard Albert Friberg1919 to 1933
Marion FricanoMarion John Fricano1952 to 1955
Skipper FridayGrier William Friday1923 to 1923
Jim FridleyJames Riley Fridley1952 to 1958
Cy FriedArthur Edwin Fried1920 to 1920
Max FriedMax Dorian Fried2017 to 2020
Christian FriedrichChristian Louis Patrick Friedrich2012 to 2016
Bob FriedrichsRobert George Friedrichs1932 to 1932
Bill FrielWilliam Edward Friel1901 to 1903
Pat FrielPatrick Henry Friel1890 to 1891
Bob FriendRobert Bartmess Friend1951 to 1966
Danny FriendDaniel Sebastian Friend1895 to 1898
Owen FriendOwen Lacey Friend1949 to 1956
Ernesto FrieriErnesto Frieri2009 to 2017
Buck FriersonRobert Lawrence Frierson1941 to 1941
Pete FriesPeter Martin Fries1883 to 1884
John FrillJohn Edmond Frill1910 to 1912
Fred FrinkFrederick Ferdinand Frink1934 to 1934
Charlie FrisbeeCharles Augustus Frisbee1899 to 1900
Frankie FrischFrank Francis Frisch1919 to 1937
Danny FrisellaDaniel Vincent Frisella1967 to 1976
Emil FriskJohn Emil Frisk1899 to 1907
Charlie FritzCharles Cornelius Fritz1907 to 1907
Harry FritzHarry Koch Fritz1913 to 1913
Larry FritzLawrence Joseph Fritz1975 to 1975
Bill FroatsWilliam John Froats1955 to 1955
Doug FrobelDouglas Steven Frobel1982 to 1987
Sam FrockSamuel William Frock1907 to 1911
Ben FroelichWilliam Palmer Froelich1909 to 1909
Todd FrohwirthTodd Gerard Frohwirth1987 to 1996
Art FrommeArthur Henry Fromme1906 to 1915
Dave FrostCarl David Frost1977 to 1982
Emiliano FrutoEmiliano Ricardo Fruto2006 to 2006
Jace FryJace Hayden Fry2017 to 2020
Jerry FryJerry Ray Fry1978 to 1978
Johnson FryJohnson Fry1923 to 1923
Paul FryPaul Raymond Fry2018 to 2020
Charlie FryeCharles Andrew Frye1940 to 1940
Jeff FryeJeffrey Dustin Frye1992 to 2001
Eric FryerEric Joseph Fryer2011 to 2017
Travis FrymanDavid Travis Fryman1990 to 2002
Woodie FrymanWoodrow Thompson Fryman1966 to 1983
Charlie FuchsCharles Thomas Fuchs1942 to 1944
Brian FuentesBrian Christopher Fuentes2001 to 2012
Josh FuentesJosh Fuentes2019 to 2020
Miguel FuentesMiguel (Pinet) Fuentes1969 to 1969
Mike FuentesMichael Jay Fuentes1983 to 1984
Reymond FuentesReymond L. Fuentes2013 to 2017
Tito FuentesRigoberto (Peat) Fuentes1965 to 1978
Oscar FuhrOscar Lawrence Fuhr1921 to 1925
Ollie FuhrmanAlfred George Fuhrman1922 to 1922
Kyuji FujikawaKyuji Fujikawa2013 to 2015
Kosuke FukudomeKosuke Fukudome2008 to 2012
Kazuo FukumoriKazuo Fukumori2008 to 2008
Jeff FulchinoJeffrey Joseph Fulchino2006 to 2011
Sam FuldSamuel Babson Fuld2007 to 2015
John FulghamJohn Thomas Fulgham1979 to 1980
Dot FulghumJames Lavoisier Fulghum1921 to 1921
Ed FullerEdward Aston White Fuller1886 to 1886
Frank FullerFrank Edward Fuller1915 to 1923
Harry FullerHenry W. Fuller1891 to 1891
Jim FullerJames Hardy Fuller1973 to 1977
John FullerJohn Edward Fuller1974 to 1974
Nig FullerCharles F. Fuller1902 to 1902
Shorty FullerWilliam Benjamin Fuller1888 to 1896
Vern FullerVernon Gordon Fuller1964 to 1970
Curt FullertonCurtis Hooper Fullerton1921 to 1933
Chick FullisCharles Philip Fullis1928 to 1936
Brad FullmerBradley Ryan Fullmer1997 to 2004
Carson FulmerCarson Springer Fulmer2016 to 2020
Chick FulmerCharles John Fulmer1871 to 1884
Chris FulmerChristopher Fulmer1886 to 1889
Michael FulmerMichael Joseph Fulmer2016 to 2020
Washington FulmerWashington Fayette Fulmer1875 to 1875
Bill FultonWilliam David Fulton1987 to 1987
Aaron FultzRichard Aaron Fultz2000 to 2007
Dave FultzDavid Lewis Fultz1898 to 1905
Mark FunderburkMark Clifford Funderburk1981 to 1985
Frank FunkFranklin Ray Funk1960 to 1963
Liz FunkElias Calvin Funk1929 to 1933
Tom FunkThomas James Funk1986 to 1986
Kyle FunkhouserKyle James Funkhouser2020 to 2020
Charlie FurbushCharles R. Furbush2011 to 2015
Rafael FurcalRafael Furcal2000 to 2014
Carl FurilloCarl Anthony Furillo1946 to 1960
J.J. FurmaniakJason Joseph Furmaniak2005 to 2007
Eddie FusselbackEdward L. Fusselback1882 to 1888
Chris FussellChristopher Wren Fussell1998 to 2000
Fred FussellFrederick Morris Fussell1922 to 1929
Les FusselmanLester Leroy Fusselman1952 to 1953
Mike FyhrieMichael Edwin Fyhrie1996 to 2002
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