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If you wish to place your sponsorship message or advertisement on specific player and/or team pages, most pages cost between $2 and $10 per year, with some costing more. The price of each page is displayed in its sponsorship message area. You can specify a different message or advertisement for each page if you wish. Your message(s) will remain on the pages you choose for one year.

If you wish to have your sponsorship message or advertisement randomly placed onto unsponsored pages, the cost is $0.10 per page per year, with a minimum of 50 pages. Whenever the player pages are updated, at least once per month, your message/ad will be randomly assigned to new unsponsored pages. With this plan, you do not choose which pages your message will appear on.

Please provide the following information below:
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After you submit the form, we will send you instructions for making payment by PayPal or by check. If you are only sponsoring free pages, no payment is required. Your sponsorship will appear on the site within a day or two.

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