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Baseball Dope Player Index - V
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Players Beginning with V

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NameGiven NameYears Played
Tex VacheErnest Lewis Vache1925 to 1925
Gene VadeboncoeurOnesime Eugene Vadeboncoeur1884 to 1884
Harry VahrenhorstHarry Henry Vahrenhorst1904 to 1904
Bob VailRobert Garfield Vail1908 to 1908
Mike VailMichael Lewis Vail1975 to 1984
Chris ValaikaChristopher A. Valaika2010 to 2014
Pat ValaikaPatrick Ryne Valaika2016 to 2020
Luis ValbuenaLuis Adan Valbuena2008 to 2018
Carlos ValderramaCarlos Alberto (Cordero) Valderrama2003 to 2003
Marc ValdesMarc Christopher Valdes1995 to 2001
Pedro ValdesPedro Jose (Manzo) Valdes1996 to 2000
Raul ValdesRaul Valdes2010 to 2014
Roy ValdesRogelio Lazaro (Rojas) Valdes1944 to 1944
Jordany ValdespinJordany V. (Guzman) Valdespin2012 to 2015
Sandy ValdespinoHilario (Borroto) Valdespino1965 to 1971
Carlos ValdezCarlos Luis (Lorenzo) Valdez1995 to 1998
Cesar ValdezCesar Miguel Valdez2010 to 2020
Efrain ValdezEfrain Antonio Valdez1990 to 1998
Framber ValdezFramber Valdez2018 to 2020
Ismael ValdezIsmael (Alvarez) Valdez1994 to 2005
Jose ValdezJose Guerrero Valdez2011 to 2012
Jose ValdezJose Alfredo Valdez2015 to 2018
Julio ValdezJulio Julian Castillo Valdez1980 to 1983
Luis ValdezLuis Manuel Valdez2009 to 2013
Mario ValdezMario A. Valdez1997 to 2001
Merkin ValdezMerkin R. (Mola) Valdez2004 to 2011
Phillips ValdezPhillips Valdez2019 to 2020
Rafael ValdezRafael Emilio (Diaz) Valdez1990 to 1990
Rene ValdezRene (Gutierrez) Valdez1957 to 1957
Sergio ValdezSergio Sanchez Valdez1986 to 1995
Wilson ValdezWilson Antonio Valdez2004 to 2012
Jose ValdivielsoJose Lopez Valdivielso1955 to 1961
Danny ValenciaDaniel Paul Valencia2010 to 2018
Eric ValentEric Christian Valent2001 to 2005
Javier ValentinJose Javier (Rosario) Valentin1997 to 2008
Jesmuel ValentinJesmuel Jose Valentin2018 to 2018
John ValentinJohn William Valentin1992 to 2002
Jose ValentinJose Antonio (Rosario) Valentin1992 to 2007
Bob ValentineRobert Valentine1876 to 1876
Bobby ValentineRobert John Valentine1969 to 1979
Corky ValentineHarold Lewis Valentine1954 to 1955
Ellis ValentineEllis Clarence Valentine1975 to 1985
Fred ValentineFred Lee Valentine1959 to 1968
Joe ValentineJoseph John Valentine2003 to 2005
John ValentineJohn Gill Valentine1883 to 1883
Vito ValentinettiVito John Valentinetti1954 to 1959
Benny ValenzuelaBenjamin Beltran Valenzuela1958 to 1958
Fernando ValenzuelaFernando (Anguamea) Valenzuela1980 to 1997
Breyvic ValeraBreyvic Jose (Henriquez) Valera2017 to 2019
Julio ValeraJulio Enrique (Torres) Valera1990 to 1996
Yohanny ValeraYohanny Valera2000 to 2000
Dave ValleDavid Valle1984 to 1996
Hector ValleHector Jose Valle1965 to 1965
Elmer ValoElmer William Valo1940 to 1961
Jose ValverdeJose Rafael Valverde2003 to 2014
Clay Van AlstyneClayton Emory Van Alstyne1927 to 1928
Russ Van AttaRussell Van Atta1933 to 1939
John Van BenschotenJohn Wesley Van Benschoten2004 to 2008
Ozzie Van BrabantCamille Oscar Van Brabant1954 to 1955
Deacon Van BurenEdward Eugene Van Buren1904 to 1904
Jermaine Van BurenJermaine Russell Van Buren2005 to 2006
Ty Van BurkleoTyler Lee Van Burkleo1993 to 1994
Al Van CampAlbert Joseph Van Camp1928 to 1932
Chris Van CuykChristian Gerald Van Cuyk1950 to 1952
Johnny Van CuykJohn Henry Van Cuyk1947 to 1949
Fred Van DusenFrederick William Van Dusen1955 to 1955
Ben Van DykeBenjamin Harrison Van Dyke1909 to 1912
Bill Van DykeWilliam Jennings Van Dyke1890 to 1893
Tim Van EgmondTimothy Layne Van Egmond1994 to 1996
Jonathan Van EveryJonathan Eugene Van Every2008 to 2010
Dave Van GorderDavid Thomas Van Gorder1982 to 1987
George Van HaltrenGeorge Edward Martin Van Haltren1887 to 1903
Andy Van HekkenAndrew William Van Hekken2002 to 2002
William Van LandinghamWilliam Joseph Van Landingham1994 to 1997
Jay Van NoyJay Lowell Van Noy1951 to 1951
Todd Van PoppelTodd Matthew Van Poppel1991 to 2004
Maurice Van RobaysMaurice Rene Van Robays1939 to 1946
Ben Van RynBenjamin Ashley Van Ryn1996 to 1998
Andy Van SlykeAndrew James Van Slyke1983 to 1995
Scott Van SlykeScott T. Van Slyke2012 to 2017
Ike Van ZandtCharles Isaac Van Zandt1901 to 1905
Dick Van ZantRichard Van Zant1888 to 1888
Cory VanceCory Wade Vance2002 to 2003
Dazzy VanceClarence Arthur Vance1915 to 1935
Joe VanceJoseph Albert Vance1935 to 1938
Sandy VanceGene Covington Vance1970 to 1971
Carl VandagriftCarl William Vandagrift1914 to 1914
Ed Vande BergEdward John Vande Berg1982 to 1988
Rick Vanden HurkHenricus Nicolas Vanden Hurk2007 to 2012
Hy VandenbergHarold Harris Vandenberg1935 to 1945
Johnny Vander MeerJohn Samuel Vander Meer1937 to 1951
John Vander WalJohn Henry Vander Wal1991 to 2004
Elam VangilderElam Russell Vangilder1919 to 1929
Josh VanMeterJosh Michael VanMeter2019 to 2020
John VannJohn Silas Vann1913 to 1913
Andy VargaAndrew William Varga1950 to 1951
Cesar VargasCesar Vargas2016 to 2016
Claudio VargasClaudio (Almonte) Vargas2003 to 2010
Eddie VargasHediberto (Rodriguez) Vargas1982 to 1984
Ildemaro VargasIldemaro Jose Vargas2017 to 2020
Jason VargasJason Matthew Vargas2005 to 2019
Kennys VargasKennys Vargas2014 to 2017
Roberto VargasRoberto Enrique (Velez) Vargas1955 to 1955
Bill VargusWilliam Fay Vargus1925 to 1926
Jason VaritekJason Andrew Varitek1997 to 2011
Buck VarnerGlen Gann Varner1952 to 1952
Dike VarneyLawrence Delano Varney1902 to 1902
Pete VarneyRichard Fred Varney1973 to 1976
Daulton VarshoDaulton Varsho2020 to 2020
Gary VarshoGary Andrew Varsho1988 to 1995
Anthony VarvaroAnthony Michael Varvaro2010 to 2015
Cal VasbinderMoses Calhoun Vasbinder1902 to 1902
Andrew VasquezAndrew Jude Vasquez2018 to 2019
Anthony VasquezAnthony Russell Vasquez2011 to 2011
Esmerling VasquezEsmerling Vasquez2009 to 2012
Jorge VasquezJorge Luis Vasquez2004 to 2005
Rafael VasquezRafael (Santiago) Vasquez1979 to 1979
Virgil VasquezVirgil Matthew Vasquez2007 to 2009
Jerry VastoGerard Joseph Vasto2018 to 2018
Jim VatcherJames Ernest Vatcher1990 to 1992
Arky VaughanJoseph Floyd Vaughan1932 to 1948
Charlie VaughanCharles Wayne Vaughan1966 to 1969
Glenn VaughanGlenn Edward Vaughan1963 to 1963
Porter VaughanCecil Porter Vaughan1940 to 1946
Bobby VaughnRobert Vaughn1909 to 1909
DeWayne VaughnDeWayne Mathew Vaughn1988 to 1988
Farmer VaughnHenry Francis Vaughn1886 to 1899
Fred VaughnFrederick Thomas Vaughn1944 to 1945
Greg VaughnGregory Lamont Vaughn1989 to 2003
Hippo VaughnJames Leslie Vaughn1908 to 1921
Mo VaughnMaurice Samuel Vaughn1991 to 2003
Roy VaughnClarence LeRoy Vaughn1934 to 1934
Christian VazquezChristian Rafael Vazquez2014 to 2020
Felipe VazquezFelipe Javier Vazquez2015 to 2019
Javier VazquezJavier Carlos Vazquez1998 to 2011
Ramon VazquezRamon Luis Vazquez2001 to 2009
Al VeachAlvis Lindel Veach1935 to 1935
Bobby VeachRobert Hayes Veach1912 to 1925
Peek-A-Boo VeachWilliam Walter Veach1887 to 1890
Coot VealOrville Inman Veal1958 to 1963
Donald VealDonald Tyrone Veal2009 to 2015
Bob VealeRobert Andrew Veale1962 to 1974
Lou VedderLouis Edward Vedder1920 to 1920
Jesus VegaJesus Anthony (Morales) Vega1979 to 1982
Al VeigelAllen Francis Veigel1939 to 1939
Bucky VeilFrederick William Veil1903 to 1904
Jorge VelandiaJorge Luis (Macias) Velandia1997 to 2008
Randy VelardeRandy Lee Velarde1987 to 2002
Guillermo VelasquezGuillermo (Burgara) Velasquez1992 to 1993
Vincent VelasquezVincent John Velasquez2015 to 2020
Andrew VelazquezAndrew Velazquez2018 to 2020
Carlos VelazquezCarlos (Quinones) Velazquez1973 to 1973
Freddie VelazquezFederico Antonio (Velasquez) Velazquez1969 to 1973
Gil VelazquezGilbert Arnulfo Velazquez2008 to 2013
Hector VelazquezHector (Aguilar) Velazquez2017 to 2019
Eugenio VelezEugenio (Vancomper) Velez2007 to 2011
Otto VelezOtoniel (Franceschi) Velez1973 to 1983
Pat VeltmanArthur Patrick Veltman1926 to 1934
Max VenableWilliam McKinley Venable1979 to 1991
Will VenableWilliam D. Venable2008 to 2016
Mike VenafroMichael Robert Venafro1999 to 2006
Pat VendittePatrick Michael Venditte2015 to 2020
Jonny VentersJonathan William Venters2010 to 2019
Mike VentoMichael Vento2005 to 2006
Robin VenturaRobin Mark Ventura1989 to 2004
Vince VenturaVincent Ventura1945 to 1945
Yordano VenturaYordano (Hernandez) Ventura2013 to 2016
Dario VerasDario Antonio Veras1996 to 1998
Jose VerasJose Enger Veras2006 to 2014
Quilvio VerasQuilvio Alberto (Perez) Veras1995 to 2001
Wilton VerasWilton Andres Veras1999 to 2000
Emil VerbanEmil Matthew Verban1944 to 1950
Joe VerbanicJoseph Michael Verbanic1966 to 1970
Gene VerbleGene Kermit Verble1951 to 1953
Al VerdelAlbert Alfred Verdel1944 to 1944
Frank VerdiFrank Michael Verdi1953 to 1953
Alex VerdugoAlex Brady Verdugo2017 to 2020
Ryan VerdugoRyan Louis Verdugo2012 to 2012
Tommy VerekerJohn James Vereker1915 to 1915
Dave VeresDavid Scott Veres1994 to 2003
Randy VeresRandolph Ruhland Veres1989 to 1997
Johnny VergezJean Louis Vergez1931 to 1936
Drew VerHagenDrew Edward VerHagen2014 to 2019
John VerhoevenJohn C. Verhoeven1976 to 1981
Justin VerlanderJustin Brooks Verlander2005 to 2020
Jamie VermilyeaJames Jordan Vermilyea2007 to 2007
Joe VernonJoseph Henry Vernon1912 to 1912
Mickey VernonJames Barton Vernon1939 to 1960
Logan VerrettScott Logan Verrett2015 to 2017
Zoilo VersallesZoilo Casanova (Rodriguez) Versalles1959 to 1971
Tom VeryzerThomas Martin Veryzer1973 to 1984
Bob VeselicRobert Mitchell Veselic1980 to 1981
Alex VesiaAlexander Victor Vesia2020 to 2020
Lee ViauLeon A. Viau1888 to 1892
Dayan ViciedoDayan Viciedo2010 to 2014
Ernie VickHenry Arthur Vick1922 to 1926
Sammy VickSamuel Bruce Vick1917 to 1921
Rube VickersHarry Porter Vickers1902 to 1909
Tom VickeryThomas Gill Vickery1890 to 1893
Sam VicoGeorge Steve Vico1948 to 1949
Shane VictorinoShane Patrick Victorino2003 to 2015
Jose VidalJose (Nicolas) Vidal1966 to 1969
Jose VidroJose Angel (Cetty) Vidro1997 to 2008
Thyago VieiraThyago da Silva (Lucio) Vieira2017 to 2019
Engelb VielmaEngelb Stalin Vielma2018 to 2018
Eduardo VillacisEduardo Enrique Villacis2004 to 2004
Brandon VillafuerteBrandon Paul Villafuerte2000 to 2004
Carlos VillanuevaCarlos Manuel (Paulino) Villanueva2006 to 2016
Christian VillanuevaChristian (Ivan) Villanueva2017 to 2018
Elih VillanuevaElih Christopher Villanueva2011 to 2011
Hector VillanuevaHector (Balasquide) Villanueva1990 to 1993
Henry VillarHenry Villar2010 to 2010
Jonathan VillarJonathan Rafael (Roque) Villar2013 to 2020
Brayan VillarrealBrayan Rene Villarreal2011 to 2013
Oscar VillarrealOscar Eduardo Villarreal2003 to 2008
Pedro VillarrealPedro A. Villarreal2012 to 2015
Ismael VillegasIsmael (Diaz) Villegas2000 to 2000
Ron VilloneRonald Thomas Villone1995 to 2009
Meibrys ViloriaMeibrys John Viloria2018 to 2020
Fernando VinaFernando Vina1993 to 2004
Zach VincejZachary Laine Vincej2017 to 2018
Nick VincentNicholas James Vincent2012 to 2020
Bob VinesRobert Earl Vines1924 to 1925
Dave VineyardDavid Kent Vineyard1964 to 1964
Ken ViningKenneth Edward Vining2001 to 2001
Charlie VinsonCharles Anthony Vinson1966 to 1966
Rube VinsonErnest Augustus Vinson1904 to 1906
Bill VintonWilliam Miller Vinton1884 to 1885
Frank ViolaFrank John Viola1982 to 1996
Pedro ViolaPedro Viola2009 to 2011
Jim VioxJames Harry Viox1912 to 1916
Bill VirdonWilliam Charles Virdon1955 to 1968
Ozzie VirgilOsvaldo Jose (Lopez) Virgil1980 to 1990
Ozzie VirgilOsvaldo Jose (Pichardo) Virgil1956 to 1969
Jake VirtueJacob Kitchline Virtue1890 to 1894
Joe VisnerJoseph Paul Visner1885 to 1891
Joe VitelliAntonio Joseph Vitelli1944 to 1945
Joe VitielloJoseph David Vitiello1995 to 2003
Joe VitkoJoseph John Vitko1992 to 1992
Ossie VittOscar Joseph Vitt1912 to 1921
Josh VittersJoshua Warren Vitters2012 to 2012
Arodys VizcainoArodys Vizcaino2011 to 2019
Jose VizcainoJose Luis (Pimental) Vizcaino1989 to 2006
Luis VizcainoLuis (Arias) Vizcaino1999 to 2009
Omar VizquelOmar Enrique (Gonzalez) Vizquel1989 to 2012
Otto VogelOtto Henry Vogel1923 to 1924
Dan VogelbachDaniel Vogelbach2016 to 2020
Ryan VogelsongRyan Andrew Vogelsong2000 to 2016
Stephen VogtStephen Guy Vogt2012 to 2020
Jack VoigtJohn David Voigt1992 to 1998
Ollie VoigtOlen Edward Voigt1924 to 1924
Bill VoiselleWilliam Symmes Voiselle1942 to 1950
Luke VoitLouis Linwood Voit2017 to 2020
Clyde VollmerClyde Frederick Vollmer1942 to 1954
Edinson VolquezEdinson Volquez2005 to 2020
Chris VolstadChristopher Kenneth Volstad2008 to 2018
Jake VolzJacob Phillip Volz1901 to 1908
Tony Von FrickenAnthony Von Fricken1890 to 1890
Bruce Von HoffBruce Frederick Von Hoff1965 to 1967
Fritz Von KolnitzAlfred Holmes Von Kolnitz1914 to 1916
Dave Von OhlenDavid Von Ohlen1983 to 1987
Cy VorheesHenry Bert Vorhees1902 to 1902
Ed VosbergEdward John Vosberg1986 to 2002
Joe VosmikJoseph Franklin Vosmik1930 to 1944
Alex VossAlexander Voss1884 to 1884
Bill VossWilliam Edward Voss1965 to 1972
Austin VothAustin Lee Voth2018 to 2020
Joey VottoJoseph Daniel Votto2007 to 2020
Rip VowinkelJohn Henry Vowinkel1905 to 1905
Brad VoylesBradley Roy Voyles2001 to 2003
Phil VoylesPhilip Vance Voyles1929 to 1929
Pete VuckovichPeter Dennis Vuckovich1975 to 1986
George VukovichGeorge Stephen Vukovich1980 to 1985
John VukovichJohn Christopher Vukovich1970 to 1981
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